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Set 2 LIBRA HD Quick-Lift RV Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks 5000lbs Adjust 21″-37″ 26046

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In stock


  • Unique Quick lift by power drill, save huge amount of time by traditional hand winding
  • Great for providing support and stabilize to RV slide outs when extended
  • Capacity: 5,000 lbs per jack, included 2 jacks,one crank handle, one 3/4″ socket, Powder/zinc coated to prevent rusting, top support plate dimension: 5-1/8″ x 3″, Foot plate dia: 5″.
  • Adjust from 21″-37″ on height quickly and easily by power drill or hand crank handle
  • 3 sizes (by different listings) to choose, better stability than universal one-for-all jacks on market!

WARING: For RV slide-out part stabilizing and supporting purpose only, NEVER use for lifting, changing tires or supporting weight of any vehicles,

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39 reviews for Set 2 LIBRA HD Quick-Lift RV Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks 5000lbs Adjust 21″-37″ 26046

  1. Jennifer

    Work well – as expected: Work well and as expected. Sturdy. Glad we didn’t go with cheaper quality ones.

  2. Daryl

    Could be good if all of the parts were there: One of the pins was missing so on one stand I couldn’t use it.

  3. Katmandoo

    Exactly what I needed: This item is easy to install and gives me comfort knowing that my slide out on my camper is fully stabilized.

  4. Erika

    Great item very sturdy: These were super easy to set up and seem to be good and sturdy and help my trailer not rock so much lol and gives me comfort knowing my tip out wont start sagging since i live in my trailer.

  5. Steel Wheels Club Inc

    Very sturdy: These are very sturdy. They keep your slide outs from bouncing 💯 pleased with my purchase.

  6. Jerry Stirewalt

    Great value, quality made: Same quality as my local rv supplier, but a third of the cost

  7. jeff walstrom

    Does what they say it does.: Works as advisertise

  8. gordon ballensky

    Great product: Work great and easy to use

  9. Julee Houlton

    Sturdy and leveled our slide: These worked great to stabilize and level the large slide on our old 1996 fifth wheel. Our neighbor liked them too and ordered a set for himself.

  10. MIKE

    Support: Relay nice and easy to use

  11. Robert Clark

    I like using my battery power impact gun to set these up.: These sure beat the other ones I have that I have to fight to raise by turning a nut with a short par on it. Whit these jacks it is just a simple hold in place and zzz … zzz … zzz, and you are done. Bad/dead battery, just use a socket wrench.

  12. Pat Gilliam

    Good quality: These are great jacks for your slide-out on your travel trailer. Very sturdy and well made. I added a small 2×4 to the top saddle to protect the lining on my slide-out. They work great and support the weight to prevent sagging of the slide-out.

  13. Peter

    Adaptable, works well: Used under two camper slide outs

  14. Robert

    Easy to use and sturdy: Great product

  15. Scott

    Built like a tank with top notch customer support!: Let me start by saying nobody likes to purchase an item and find it’s missing a part as soon as you open the box, but mistakes happen so you deal with it and contact customer support. It happened to me and I did just that and figured it would be a day or two before I heard anything back, I was pleasantly surprised to get a reply within an hour. The small drill socket adapter had been left out of the box at the factory and when I told them that I opened the box, pulled everything out and no adapter, they replied with a TRACKING NUMBER for the replacement…these guys are top notch. I can’t say enough good about good customer service and these guys are on point! The supports themselves are heavy duty, have a great fit and finish and I’m certain these will far outlast our camper ownership. They crank up and down very smoothly. Just a really nice product! I highly recommend these and the company! Much like a 1982 Honda Civic, don’t think about it…buy it!

  16. CP

    Sizes are wrong.: They look very sturdy. Unfortunately the large size states 26-49 inches, the minimum height for the large size is 28 inches. I had to return and reorder.

  17. ponyxpress79

    camper: Use these under the slideout. Makes the camper sturdy and the slide doesn’t bounce.

  18. JGPG

    as others have said: As other reviews have stated no socket in the box. Could be the carriers fault it looked like it had been dropped off the truck a few times then taped up so maybe the socket fell out. Other than that will do the job.

  19. Jason Robinson

    Great product very easy to use: Great product and fast shipping

  20. KJ Brown

    Sizes listed are definitely wrong: Looks like the 16-28 will work for my project but just barely. Minimum size on the 16-28 is 17 3/4. Jfyi. Quality is good but this needs to be fixed. Read another review stating the same thing for another size.

  21. Eric

    They work: Good product. Does what it’s intended to do. Supports the slide out on my Rv. No issues whatsoever

  22. Julie N.

    Easy to use.: Use to stabilize slide out on camper. Works well, easy to use.

  23. Ted E Hinkle

    Nice jacks, inaccurate description.: These are nice jacks. I especially like the ease of use with Quick Lift feature. The only negative so far is in the description as the 21 inch to 37 inch jacks are really 22-1/2 inches x 37 inches and the 26 inch to 49 inch jacks are really 28 inch to 50-1/2 inches.

  24. David G

    Fast: They work great with a drill motor Easy to operate

  25. David G

    Overall height description is ambiguous.: Well made and crank style ease is great. Better height description would help due to differences in RV/trailers slide out styles. Measure carefully first before ordering.

  26. zach

    Good: Good

  27. Gjeni

    Stability and easy to use: Easy to use

  28. Loren Pierce

    Strong and Easy to use.: Easy to use with the socket and my cordless drill. Really helped stabilize our 12 foot slide. UPS lost or damaged the original package. Seller sent out a replacement quick, easy, with no hassle.

  29. Jeff and Samantha Galvez

    Good Product: These work great. I would give them 5 stars but I got a small amount of dirt on the threads and they had trouble moving up and down. Got them to work manually then cleaned the threads and it works perfect again. Just seemed a little too easy to get jammed up.

  30. Scott R.

    They look ok, sturdy and easy to use.: Got a new camper so never used these, still new but seem like a good quality, anyone want to buy them?

  31. Jim

    Super Easy and Longer Than Most: I love these things. The same socket/cordless-drill you use for your stab jacks runs these up and down in seconds. Bear in mind that they are intended to apply as little “pressure” as possible to the slide frame, and “sturdy” doesn’t really come into play, BUT… they are rock solid. I have an RV with the king-bed rear slide – Jayco Jay Feather X-213. The slide projects at least 5 feet out of the camper, and it’s shallow top to bottom. In short, the slide applies one hell of a lot of leverage on the back wall of my rig. These slide stab jacks provide peace of mind when I plunk my 260 pounds into that bed Just remember that the goal is to have them just snug enough to not fall over…not to apply any real pressure. With that in mind, they are also remarkably solidly in place when you can still push against the cradle under the slide frame, and you can move them…yet they never fall down. Very good design. I highly recommend them.

  32. dtinman

    Easy to install and helps with stability: The stabilizer jacks are easy to install and helped reduce the RV wobble.

  33. CM

    Super Slide Bracing: These jacks/supports worked great. We have a 24′ super slide and one side and sometimes it feels like it had a little give to it when our grandsons are with us and run and jump on the sofa. Took the shake out of our dining table that is in the same slide. Comes with a crank handle and drill chuck to run them up and down. Buy a cheap corded drill to leave in your camper and run them up/down slow. You will need a short piece of 2×6 to put into the “U” shape at top if you want to lift/support the slide where there is no gear drive. I didn’t want to take a chance on bending/damaging the gears on the slide. Would purchase again. Wish I had bought them a year ago. Happy Camping!

  34. Jonny

    Love them: Works as they are described zero complaints

  35. Suzie Honeywell

    Sturdy and easy to use: These are sturdy and easy to use

  36. TomB

    Excellent product!!!: This product is a back saver! I am able to install these stabilizer jacks in a matter of minutes using a 3/4″ socket and a powered screw driver type tool. My old stabilizers are history. I must heartedly endorse these excellent jacks!

  37. Shawn Boley

    Very nice: These things work great for my camper

  38. glider08

    Might need some blocks under them: Just a little short for my application but very user friendly compared to what I had

  39. Tina Gilbert

    Works well: Easy to use with our camper slide out.

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