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Jack Drop Leg Foot Pad for 2″ Standard Trailer Camper Jacks 26026

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In stock


  • 1-3/4″ tube dia, insert to standard 2″ trailer camper jack, give your jack extra height!
  • Foot pad dia.:5-1/4″, Overall height 12-1/4″
  • 2″ intervals between 4-16″ holes
  • Zinc plated, can be used on boat trailers
  • Lock pin included

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72 reviews for Jack Drop Leg Foot Pad for 2″ Standard Trailer Camper Jacks 26026

  1. William Beyer

    Drop leg didn’t fit: I bought this for my Imagine travel trailer, but would not slide into the jack. It was close, but the drop leg just wouldn’t fit. It is well made, would have been nice to have.

  2. Mark zilla

    Fits good on a newer jack: This worked really well for me. Only problem I found was the jack that I was putting it on had an inside bur on it where they welded it together. Ended up having to grind the new leg down some to make it fit. Other then that really nicely built and makes using the jack way faster. Would buy it again for sure.

  3. Robert M. Acosta

    Does no fit Leppert Power Tongue jacks: Bought the jack to add a little more extension to my tongue jack, but it was disappointing to find out that it does not fit Lippert Power Tongue jack part number 285318. The specifications I found said that the Lippert Power Tongue Jacks have a 2″ I.D., but it really had a 1.71″ I.D. So just a bit of buyer beware.

    Gave it a good rating because it is well built and my only issue had nothing to do with the part itself.

  4. Kurt H.

    Fit and works great: 2021 East to West Della Terra 26RB fit perfectly and works great.

  5. ronnie

    Definitely worth it ! No more having to carry all this wood around!: Very excited we always had to use pieces wood & sometimes we would loose the wood ! And this all we gotta do pull down and we are SET! LIFE SAVER ! If you haul trailers everyday

  6. Rick

    Perfect fit for my BS HQ15: Fit exactly as specified for my Black Series HQ15 off-road camper. Fit and function with the Ark wheel it spot on.

  7. Paul M. Sterley

    Very important: 2 inch INSIDE diameter jacks only!: I misread the details. My jack’s leg is 2″ outside diameter and this leg does not fit.
    Minus one star because the description could be more clear and the packaging was terrible.

  8. Paul

    Works: This fit fine into the jack of my 2016 Casita trailer hitch. The holes did not line up with the holes on the jack, so I had to file one hole on one side of the jack into an oval, so that the cotter pin would go through. But it slid into the jack tube nicely without needing additional lubrication, and it seems to hold the trailer well. I bought it to replace the wheel that came with the trailer.

  9. Patricia Gatherer

    Great.: Very sturdy.

  10. Guadalupe Mello

    Convenient: Easy to use

  11. C.

    Sturdy and functional: It works for my 18ft aframe. I have no complaints. I would buy again if I needed another one.

  12. DHarcrow

    Excellent!: This Jack extender fits perfectly and is very stable. I’m glad it came with the pin so there’s nothing more to buy.

  13. Charles

    Seems pretty stout.: Seems well built. I haven’t installed yet due to either the camper jacket leg slightly to small or this foot slightly too big. I think it’s all the years of crud getting inside the leg of my camper Jack. I need to ream the inside out a little more. It tries to fit but I think my leg might be a little tweaked also.

  14. P

    CONVENIENT: Much better than blocks of wood, and it saves a lot of elbow grease. I should have bought one of these a long time ago. My jack has had a foot on it since new so it slid right in. Others that have had fitment issues is probably due more to the condition of their jack than the drop leg. Also, make sure you grease it ,to prevent it from seizing, BEFORE installing.

  15. Denny Hayden

    Gotta have one: Looks like it’ll work !

  16. Nhyde

    Easily adjust: We pull the same trailer with different vehicles and there is a major height difference. The jack makes it convenient to switch heights quick.

  17. R. Douglas

    Simply Great: This is what SHOULD have come with the trailer. At first it didn’t seem that it was going to go in the jack pipe but a little grease and it slides wonderfully. A+ for functional.

  18. Bill G.

    Good solution: Bulldog Jack was too short for my generator.extension cured the problem. Was exactly as described.

  19. j

    Works Great, now…: The leg fit too tightly into the trailer jack, so I had a little grinding to do. It worked great after the modification. Saves a lot of time.

  20. E.

    Sturdy and convenient: Makes jacking up the trailer a lot faster and easier than with a fixed wheel/foot. Make sure to grease it properly before installing to avoid issues in the future!

  21. Justin Seeger

    Fits Ram trailer jack: it fit a economy Ram trailer jack from Etrailer. Just what i wanted.

  22. Eric Bailey

    Good & Tight fit: Work really well after I got the dirt/ rust broke free inside of my jack. The pin that came with didn’t line up, but a very easy fix. I just used my tongue pin in place of the one that was sent with it. Smaller diameter was the fix. I may put some grease on the foot later on to help Movement up & down.

  23. Ashley


  24. Ezcapizm

    Works: The description is correct, fits standard 2″ trailer jack, solid

  25. Latina Lori

    Sturdy easy to install.: I bought this for my Jayco 154BH. I needed something other than the little wheel it came with. My trailer is the Baja edition so it sits really high. The adjustable height of this works perfect and allows for flexibility and stability

  26. Az Basecamp

    Tight but solid: This stand went into a different brand jack stand which was very tight. Lithium grease helped a bit. The holes were off and a quick drilling fixed that. Overall, tight and solid is better than loose and wobbly.

  27. Susan D.

    Does not fit: Unable to use , does not fit standard jack stand

  28. Will B

    Perfect fit!: I used this as a direct replacement to the original foot which got damaged.

  29. Ronald E Messman Jr

    Fits perfectly, no modification needed: I have a bully 4000 lb power tongue jack this fits perfectly inside no modification needed literally just slide it in and put the pin in. Extremely happy with this purchase!

  30. Ron G. of Image Reflex

    Better than the Wheel Supplied: You can get rid of using wood blocks. Trailer is less likely to roll. Still should use wheel chocks.

  31. WaltSharpIdea

    well made of heavy gauge steel: Nice that you don’t have to have it attached to the outside of the jack post, it goes inside and is protected from the weather, I have it extended to the 4th hole and it hold steady

  32. sherri Lokken

    great product if you’re looking for an adjustable leg: Well made, great product if you’re looking for an adjustable leg.

  33. Deborah Adams

    Ordered a Bully jack did not realize it did not have foot pad: very adjustable and easy to install

  34. C. L. Smith

    Easy Install: Worked as expected. Easy install

  35. Reviewer

    Works as it should: Works perfectly on 2019 Jayco Jay Flight SLX. This part should have been standard equipment from the factory.

  36. jason green

    Four Stars: Works well. Tight fit

  37. Laurie Wilson

    Works Great: Easy to use and really helps if you have a hand crank on your tongue jack.

  38. Curt C.

    Works great: Solid product

  39. Mike Coppock

    Works well: Worked well for me.

  40. Jaybbird29

    Wonderful good.: It fit quite well. Liked it so much I bought another.

  41. Thomas E McGovern

    Easy Peasy: Worked as advertised

  42. Richard Dickson

    A little snug, but I like it.: Worked exactly for what I needed it for

  43. Jarrod Moore sr

    Trial adapter: Very sturdy good looking product A+++

  44. steve nodges

    I would recommend this item to others: It fit well to my trailer working great so far

  45. Redneck75

    Camper stable: Works great on my camper

  46. Vegas Jarrod

    works well: good fit

  47. Susan Smallwood

    Landing gear.: Very good item.

  48. Debbie L

    Quality item.: Works perfect, quick delivery

  49. Bob Reid

    Good price: Worked for my landscape trailer

  50. Zach Anderson

    Good product!: Heavy duty!

  51. john dunning

    Works great: Works great

  52. Thomas Smith

    Excellent service: Works well

  53. jim t

    As advertised: Works perfectly. Gives the extra adjustment of needed

  54. Tammy

    Great addition to the jack: Worked perfectly

  55. J

    time saver!!: This will help in saving time and battery power running the jack up and down.

  56. Melissa Davis

    Great: Fit perfect

  57. Kasey

    Good for trailer: Works well on our landscape trailer.

  58. Tara Graham

    Five Stars: Works great

  59. JC

    Save time from jacking: Works perfect with Fulton Sidewind 14 Travel A-Frame Jack.

  60. Garry Stoner

    Five Stars: Very Good Product

  61. bobsh

    Taller than Claimed: I was looking for a shorter drop leg. They claim it is 12″ tall, but it is over 13″ and I have to use a jack to get it in the jack tube. LIBRA product information has gotten worse and worse over the years. Here is another example.

  62. Thomas

    Good product, good seller, wrong application for me: Product was solid, no issues with delivery. It did not fit my Rockwood pop up camper tongue jack. Full refund was honored, including prepaid shipping after direct email to seller for prepaid label. No complaints, just wish jack manufacturers all used the same tube size so this accessory could be more plug and play.

  63. baker

    Worked great for my charmac cargo trailer: Worked as expected

  64. JC

    Exactly what we needed: Seems like solid construction and it fit in the pipe of the jack with no problem. We’re happy with it.

  65. Vann Campbell

    The best addition to your trailer jack.: Why crank down your jack all the way? Drop the leg down, then level up.

  66. Gerry

    GREAT JACK FOOT: Needed a little extra reach because my travel trailer wheels are on 5″ concrete pads. This foot worked perfectly with my A frame mount Reese Side Winder Jack. It just slipped right in, no problem what so ever. I was a little worried about the fit because of some of the reviews talking about it. No worries, this thing fits great and is very stable and sturdy has a nice weight to it. I would highly recommend

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