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2 WANDA 13×5.00-6 Lawn Mower Utility Cart Turf Tires /4PR 13106

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In stock

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  • Multipurpose turf friendly design for lawn & garden utility vehicle
  • Wide shoulders design for maximum traction and weight disbursement
  • Heavy duty 4 ply rated tubeless tire

Tire Specifications

  • Tire size: 13×5.00-6
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Tread depth: 0.20″
  • Rim Width: 4.5″
  • Max Load: 440lbs@40psi

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528 reviews for 2 WANDA 13×5.00-6 Lawn Mower Utility Cart Turf Tires /4PR 13106

  1. gary johnston

    Good 4 ply tire: I had a little trouble mounting them, But most small 4 ply tires are like that. I used inner tubes so I wouldn’t have trouble seating them and them having a bead leak over winter. I mounted them on a 1982 Wheel Horse lawn tractor. Kenda is a company that makes tires for alot of things, There not cheap quality.

  2. Richard S.

    Tires: They look good, will see how they hold up.

  3. Robert Little

    Great value , fit perfectly: These tires were an excellent fit for the rear axel on my Gator. The price was right.

  4. Jacob & Ashleigh Chisem

    worked great: these worked great for our go kart

  5. shihab

    ddifficult to put it in: difficult

  6. Mark Gainey

    Lawn Tires: Absolutely great! 40 year old mower and these tire’s freshened it right up. Good product Fast shipping!

  7. C4Gigi

    Nice sturdy tires: These tires were ordered to replace the tires I got from a local store (T.S.) for my zero turn mower last year. I didn’t think about the ply I originally had or even with what I replaced them with, just saw a good deal…..or what It thought was a good deal. What I had, after research, was a 4ply tire. Last year I replaced the originals with a 2ply tire. Big mistake I found out, those failed prematurely and they never really held ground, always sliding around. I was a little leery of ordering these tires because of some of the shipping problems being reported. Mine came wrapped in shrink wrap and not smoothed down in a box. I installed then by hand with tire tools I have had for years, no machine. It took me about an hour for both. They were difficult to put on but no more than I expected (that is the reason I gave 5 stars). Now some people said they couldn’t get them to bead and I can see this if you don’t have a wide ratchet strap. A chain come-along didn’t work so I switched to a strap 2″ wide. They took right off and beaded up with really no effort after utilizing the strap. I inflated to 20 LB and installed. I immediately started mowing the front yard that has a steep ditch line. With my other tires I would slip on the ditch line, not these. They held firm and didn’t even want to give up any ground.

  8. Tony

    looks nice: be careful , these tires can rip grass


    Look the same thread as original.: 1 tire was a pain to mount, shipped like a pancake, had to stretch out for several hours.

  10. Luke Huggins

    Ordered in June 2018, So Far So Good: Ordered these because Wheel Horse tires were just plain worn out. Quick delivery and so far, so good.

  11. LINDA S.

    Would purchase again: Shipped quickly and installed with no problem


    Good tires. Delivered before due date.: Could not feel the difference from other tires. Works and fits well.

  13. max

    Good for the value: Very stiff to put on the rims had trouble seating and now leaking slowly

  14. Claire Bates

    Size if off from sidewall: These are narrower and slightly shorter than the size of 18×9.5×8

  15. LINDA

    Good tires for the price. ++++: Nice tread on the tire, used on older model JD riding mower.

  16. larry lomonte

    round and hold air: work like a tire should

  17. larry lomonte

    good value: fit cub RZT50, good traction, reasonably easy to mount and seat bead. shipped quickly & good value for quality tires.

  18. larry lomonte

    Great Tires: Nice units delivered fast, well packed and at a great price. Recommend product and seller

  19. Lloyd Russell

    Exactly as described, great quality!: Exactly as described! Bought for my mom! Fit perfectly on her mower! Honestly about $40 cheaper than buying locally and with free shipping! Absolutely recommend these!

  20. Howard Bednarek

    Great tires for the price: Great tires for the price

  21. Howard Bednarek

    First Impression is 5 Stars. An opinion on durability takes time.: Shipped fast. From a guy who has bought a lot of tires — good looking tire. Installed without a hitch. Can’t speak to durability. That takes observing over time but all signs are very positive.

  22. Howard Bednarek

    Good tires…so far 😏: Good tires for my golf cart. Working out great so far. I see no reason to think anything will be bad about them.

  23. Nathan

    Purchased for a walk behind: These have a nice tread pattern and are a good value for the money. Put on a walk behind gravely and it can really cling to those steep hillsides now .

  24. Nathan

    was a good deail: was fast and good qualty

  25. Madmac8005

    Great product for the Money!: A+

  26. Nathan

    Fit standard EZGo TXT: Needed tires on my stock EZGO TXT. They work and give me decent traction compared to stock tires.

  27. Madmac8005

    Five Stars: They are just right

  28. Mandy Mcdaniel

    Good: Works good for a go kart

  29. mark stuhl

    Great tires!: These tries are great and saved a bunch of money! Two thumbs up!

  30. Mark Cooper

    Great tires.: Just like factory tires. Came in great condition, not misshapen.

  31. Madmac8005

    Didn’t fit: They didn’t fit hubby’s lawn mower. He sold them to someone who had a mower they do fit. Nice tires and looked durable.

  32. Martha

    Great value!: Exactly as advertised. Fit perfect.

  33. Ms Sheila

    Good tires: Good tires no problems getting tires to seal on rim . tires were distorted from bundling but this is normal I worked for tire distributor all our trailer and motorcycle tires came 10 tires bundled from factory they were so tight when we cut open the bundle it expanded 4 times the size tires looked awful but always mounted and performed well. No reason for complaint if you’re too cheep to have them mounted with correct equipment not screwdriver and crowbar.

  34. BDK

    Five Stars: Nice tires!

  35. Brancajd

    Easy to inflate: Item was of the most excellent quality. Optimal delivery. The packaging was exceptionally admirable.

  36. Tony B.

    Nice tires for the ZTR: Tires look great for the price. Can’t wait to use them.

  37. Tom

    Lawn mower boots: Too many smokey burn outs with that lawn mower? or even taking the corners a little too fast, always takes the life right out of your tires. Great traction control and a smooth ride. Mike in Spokane

  38. p.j.

    Great for John Deere d130: Great product! Put four new tires on a John deers d130. Paid $40 to a tire place to swap out the tires. Great purchase

  39. Mark Gainey

    Great: Fast delivery and super easy to install.

  40. Angela Dickerson

    Better than original: Nicer and tougher than regular turf tires that come on cub cadet LT46″ I put all 4 on mine.

  41. Gerald Moyers

    Five Stars: impressed!

  42. C4Gigi

    Tires: Tires fit the Troybuilt super bronco front great

  43. Tony B.

    Five Stars: Great

  44. Tom

    Cheap But Good Quality: Perfect replacement for my trailer which required a surface Mount tail/brake light. I drove to a handful of parts stores and hardware stores and only found one surface mount light like this at one parts store but was one single light, they only had one of them, and the one light was $20 by itself.

    This is perfect for what I needed and is a great value.

  45. p.j.

    Is that you know how to treat clients: I just want my amber light the other one is already installed n working nice

  46. Mark Gainey

    Well made.: Well made and exactly like the picture

  47. Angela Dickerson

    Excellent Turf tires: A+++ Will buy again

  48. Gerald Moyers

    Five Stars: Like these so well I bought another set for my trailer

  49. C4Gigi

    Decent price: Seem to be good quality. Much better traction than my old tires. A pain to get mounted but I knew it would be.

  50. Diane Chaplin

    Five Stars: Received item as described no issues

  51. Steve

    Exactly what it is.: Perfect

  52. Tony

    Five Stars: Look great, work great, add a touch of class to our trailer. Thanks!

  53. gary johnston


  54. Alaine Fritzinger

    Five Stars: I used them as extra backup lights mounted to my bumper

  55. mark stuhl

    Great product: I have used these quite a bit with great results. Sometimes being a good bit over the safe W.L.L. with no failures or deformations. They are pretty much identical to the ones at the local trailer supply or at northern tool

  56. Richard S.

    Five Stars: Works great

  57. max

    Five Stars: Very nice

  58. Robert Little

    Five Stars: cool work as they should

  59. Deb

    Five Stars: great lights

  60. TRR

    fast shipping, great price: Great price for this set of tires. Had a hard time installing but I got them on. No complaints, fast shipping. Saw some reviews about tires being deformed, mine were perfectly fine. Had trouble getting them to seat on the rim. 2 of them did fine with just air, other 2 I had to use throttle body cleaner and light it to get them to seat properly (don’t recommend doing that unless you’ve done it before). Hardest part was getting them on the rim, but then again I haven’t installed lawnmower tires before. Probably would have been worth it taking them somewhere and having them mounted. I’ll definitely recommend these to anyone that’s looking for tires at a good price.

  61. shihab

    Good taillights.: Good tail/turn/brake light replacements on my trailer.

  62. Thomas Harris

    Love the tread: Great prices very durable

  63. Ben Williams

    Great replacement light.: These worked great to replace a damaged light on the utility trailer.

  64. Chris Miller

    Replacement parts for construction trailers: Received exactly what I ordered

  65. Bobby M

    Surprising quality: I bought these expecting a get what you pay for quality but I was surprised when I opened the box. They worked perfectly for what I needed them for. I welded them to my trailer and it worked perfectly. The last setup I had for my lights kept getting ripped off(I’m not easy on my trailers either). These have taken the abuse and stayed put and havent even gotten damaged

  66. Eric A.

    Good deal.: Please read this…. These are a great product if you know what your getting and have to means to install them properly. If used for there intended purpose and installed correctly they will give you no issues. Best if welded on and make sure to paint your welds, works great being bolted on just seal your holes where you drilled. Ask questions always if unsure about a product.

  67. Richard Green

    Ok: I liked that they were well built and easily welded on

  68. Popsie

    Ideal for trailer light installation: These are sturdy and will protect your trailer light much better than the usual “L” bracket. I welded them to the trailer, but it would have been just as easy to bolt them on. I have destroyed many trailer lights when the mounting brackets were struck. I am confident that it would take much more to destroy these, and if they were damaged you probably would have bigger problems than just the lights.

  69. Sharon T.

    Great product! – Poor packaging.: These light housings are welded steel, and much more sturdy than was expected. They arrived lightly oiled to prevent rust, as they are bare hot-rolled metal. Just wipe them down with some mineral spirits and they’ll be ready for primer and paint.

    Rather than a box, they were shipped in an envelope which had been torn wide open during shipping. I received both, so no worries. But to prevent loss, I’d request they be shipped in a box, as they’re too heavy for the thin plastic envelope mine were shipped in.

    In the end, I received what I ordered, and the items are of a much higher quality than I had expected. I’m a happy camper!

  70. Markymotors

    Installation tip: Welded it on with my MIG. Used the Kenway lights sold at Harbor Freight for both the tail and end markers. Installation tip: take the lights out of the rubber/vinyl grommets. Push the grommets into the holes fully to the outer grommet flange, butt connect the wires, attach the ground wire with a self-tapping screw, then push the plastic lights into the grommet starting with one end and then working to the other side unit about a 1/4 inch of the plastic light extends beyond the grommet.

  71. Kerry

    Nice tires: Nice tires good price but very hard to put on by hand.

  72. Angela D. Ford

    Highly recommend: These housings come spot welded and raw steel. I’m sure they are good enough to clean up and paint after install but I ran a full weld bead all along the entire seam. Then welded it to my trailer. They are sturdy enough to use a step after fully welded. The shroud is proud to keep the LED lights I installed safe. I highly recommend.

  73. Tracy Tanner

    Good price fast shipping: Good thick ply material

  74. Stacy Bailey

    Perfect fit well-made happy with all of it: Use them on an equipment trailer and they were perfect for what I needed

  75. 1911A1

    Get y’all some of these rigs I’m a tellin ya: Bought these for my 30ft triple axle, built great for the money and they work perfect for me to mount a 6” light bar on top of each one for reverse and working lights.

  76. Doug Wilson

    Tire review: The tires arrived held together by clear plastic film-rather than other reviewers who said the tires arrived nearly in a large box. The larger tires were shaped like triangles. I left them in hot sunlight before mounting them. They appear to be good tires.

  77. Randy baldwin

    Tail light box: This was a perfect fit for my trailer. Thank you!

  78. Brenda L. Ethier

    Very good: Very good

  79. Chris Compton

    Well made: Great product. Very well made. Would buy again if I needed more of them. But I’m not building any more trailers!

  80. Lacey Walker

    Good quality: Good quality

  81. Bret

    Simple Fab part already made: Completely made of mild steel easy to weld or bolt. Could have gone a little thicker on the steel to work as well as a more sturdier step but it holds ok.


    Great product: Really great product. Saved me building my own. Just weld or bolt em on.

  83. Chase Bell

    Good price for two: This product met what I needed them for. They are sturdy and a good price. I installed LED lights in them.

  84. Tim Fox

    Very Good Quality: They fit on My Trailer pretty light and sturdy

  85. J. Sterling

    Great product: Perfect light boxes to weld onto my car trailer. Worth every penny

  86. Russell Cowles

    Nice: Look great

  87. Michael K.

    nice clean welds good work wish they would come at …: nice clean welds good work wish they would come at least primed but for the price they worked great and should hold up for years to come

  88. robert a kinsey

    The tires are a lot better than the original tires that were on the machine.: good tires for the money could not beat it .because the tires are a higher ply mower rides a little harder .But no more flat tires any more.Thanks

  89. Grandma Carol

    Great fit: Hello, delivered ahead of schedule.. installed the units today Sunday and they work very well. Thanks

  90. handy_mora

    Great value: Excellent value

  91. Ory

    Item was as described.: Item was as described.

  92. Isaiah

    great price.: works great on my custom tube bed on my truck and jeep

  93. AFCVcrafty

    Quality: Very well built box very nice box.

  94. jason propst

    The metal is nice quality and the welds are pretty nice: You can’t build these for this price. The metal is nice quality and the welds are pretty nice.

  95. Gayle L.

    Good product: Good quality

  96. zoot

    They showed up quick and are well worth the price …: They showed up quick and are well worth the price paid. Will find a way to use another pair on the next trailer that gets its lights torn off.

  97. Steve P

    Lights fit nice and snug.: Works good!

  98. tommy r.

    Well built: Well built

  99. zach

    Fast shipping: Heavy steel fit great

  100. TNKEN

    Yes buy em: Fit and finish great, Brake Clean and primer and paint

  101. Julie

    solid: strong

  102. diane

    Happy so far: As described

  103. Matt

    grate product: grate product

  104. Archie barham

    very poor shipping packaging,tires compressed together, made installation harder.: good product for the price. Paid a little extra for the shipping but still took 5 days.

  105. Randy S

    Five Stars: Great value and plenty heavy duty for a very fair price

  106. Lee

    Heavy Duty: Heavy Duty

  107. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Five Stars: Damn sturdy. If I decide to take them off the trailer Ill use them as wheel chocks.

  108. George Mirich

    Five Stars: I perfect just what I needed!

  109. br3400

    Five Stars: worked great

  110. Arthur L. Florer

    Five Stars: Good quality, heavy duty.

  111. BKeepT67

    Arived on time: Ok

  112. Mark Wearn

    Great price: Very fast service

  113. photo dude

    Five Stars: Great product. I welded it to the side of my equipment trailer.

  114. Kim

    Five Stars: saved tail lights on trailer

  115. Thomas Hoffman


  116. Glenn_T.

    Built well, couldn’t build these myself for what they …: Built well, couldn’t build these myself for what they sell for.

  117. Steven J O’Brien

    Five Stars: These are awesome. Wish they had s powder coat option though

  118. Gwilder

    Five Stars: now just to get the trailor finished

  119. mkelley

    Quality product: Good product

  120. Gary Gunnels

    Great housings and cheap too!: Awesome heavily built tail light housings

  121. Joseph Anthony

    They look good: Very cool. They look good.

  122. jc

    Delivered very fast: Better than the originals 4ply instead of 2

  123. Glenn_T.

    Five Stars: Great item

  124. Dawson

    Five Stars: Fast shipping great product

  125. Gary Baker

    Five Stars: Very necessary for protecting the lights from being popped out from the rack contents.

  126. Greg’s Guitar Studio

    Five Stars: Worked good

  127. NorthWoodsGrandpa

    Five Stars: Very nice set of replacement tires for my lawn tractor. 4 ply with turf tread and a good price.

  128. Patti

    Five Stars: Just what I needed. Price was just right and they were shiped quick.

  129. Tommy

    Five Stars: Very good product

  130. Pattie D Kidd

    Five Stars: Quality product. Shipped fast.

  131. Tom

    Five Stars: worked great

  132. bpt

    Wanda lown mower tires: Perfect fit…. good quality tires.

  133. Gary Gunnels

    I wish I would have known about these years ago: Love the look and design of these. I welded them on my trailer. Best way yet. These look awesome on my trailer and save my lights and they look awesome

  134. Vladimir Averin

    Buy it.: Second set. Work great. Saved my lenses more than a dozen times.

  135. jeff

    Oval & 2″ round pans: these are great already installed. Every time l cut grass sometimes I hit the trailer and bust lights. Not no more.

  136. Paul Miller

    Perfect: excellent build, perfect fit for the lights

  137. R. Wiggins

    Good product: Nice

  138. J Reedy

    Good fit!: Tires look like they are as good as the Carlisle tire that I replaced. Only time will tell if they stand the test of time!

  139. Robert F. Barger

    Great: Great tires, 4 ply better than two. Did come crushed as others stated but they will go into shape when air is added. Really well made tires, very happy with them and saved money.

  140. Kindle Customer

    Great value great replacement tires: Fast shipping. Tires are exactly the same size as originals and 4 ply vice original 2 ply. Fit perfectly on my rims

  141. Devin

    Great product for the price. VERY competitively priced.: I bought these tires for go on my John Deere Zero Turn. Originally, the mower had smooth turf tires on it. After seeing my father-in-law swap to the 6-rib tires and seeing how well they held up, I decided to swap over myself. The price was the best I found on the Internet and the ease of installation was remarkable. Both tires were removed from the wheels, the new tires mounted and the wheels put back on the mower in about 20 minutes. They look great, are seemingly sturdier and ride good.


    Fast delivery:

  143. Brian Holland

    good quality tires: tires seem to be of very good quality and arrived very quickly

  144. John E.

    Lawn Tires: Absolutely great! 40 year old mower and these tire’s freshened it right up. Good product Fast shipping!

  145. Hoyt


  146. Allen Brown

    good description: seems to be a good tire for the money

  147. Barb

    Nice sturdy tires: These tires were ordered to replace the tires I got from a local store (T.S.) for my zero turn mower last year. I didn’t think about the ply I originally had or even with what I replaced them with, just saw a good deal…..or what It thought was a good deal. What I had, after research, was a 4ply tire. Last year I replaced the originals with a 2ply tire. Big mistake I found out, those failed prematurely and they never really held ground, always sliding around.
    I was a little leery of ordering these tires because of some of the shipping problems being reported. Mine came wrapped in shrink wrap and not smoothed down in a box. I installed then by hand with tire tools I have had for years, no machine. It took me about an hour for both. They were difficult to put on but no more than I expected (that is the reason I gave 5 stars). Now some people said they couldn’t get them to bead and I can see this if you don’t have a wide ratchet strap. A chain come-along didn’t work so I switched to a strap 2″ wide. They took right off and beaded up with really no effort after utilizing the strap. I inflated to 20 LB and installed. I immediately started mowing the front yard that has a steep ditch line. With my other tires I would slip on the ditch line, not these. They held firm and didn’t even want to give up any ground.

  148. TAC71

    Fit good.: Came in on time. Worked great

  149. Earl

    Great value: Exactly as described, very good price, will order again

  150. Steve H.

    Good 4 ply tire: I had a little trouble mounting them, But most small 4 ply tires are like that. I used inner tubes so I wouldn’t have trouble seating them and them having a bead leak over winter. I mounted them on a 1982 Wheel Horse lawn tractor. Kenda is a company that makes tires for alot of things, There not cheap quality.

  151. Rusty

    recommend: Easy to mount and I have a cheap Harbor Freight tire changer. This was the best price I could find for my mower, which I think is crazy that a lawn mowe tire is almost the price of a car tire.

  152. Paul DeArmond

    Value: Well worth the price

  153. Scot

    Great product for the money: Does the job

  154. Rick Perkins

    Husband is happy: Bought a replacement for mower tires. Husband is happy with them!

  155. Ernie Maroon

    Fit my Husqvarna mower: I bought these to replace the now-bald original tires that came with my mower. These new tires aren’t the same tread pattern as the originals – but I like these better. The tread is actually deeper than the originals so will hopefully wear longer. Mower sure does steer better with new tires on the front.

    I removed the old tires and installed the new ones on my existing rims using just 3 large flat-blade screwdrivers and a lot of grunting. It wasn’t easy, and I thought I was licked a couple of times, but I finally managed. I think I roughed up the bead a little but I had put tubes in my original tires and I kept the tubes in my new ones so there’s no leakage.

    I could have bought other tires pre-mounted on new rims, but I really wanted these tires with their tread-pattern and deeper tread-depth instead of the OEM-type tires that come pre-mounted. It was worth it to do the work to mount them. I could have taken them to a tire shop and had them mounted for a few bucks if I hadn’t been able to do it. Still would have been worth it.

  156. The Alonzo’s

    worked great: these worked great for our go kart

  157. Kristie Klaus

    Good tires at a good price: Nice tread. Good price.

  158. Jeff Rosenberger

    arrived on time and in good shape: Great overall tire for my golf cart. Good traction , soft ride, fairly durable.

  159. Loren

    Ordered 2 got one: Didn’t get the 2 tires together. Only got one then after going through the company to get the other one. Looked like one was taken, looks like they were wrapped together because the wraps was unraveled when the one tire arrived. The other tire that arrived today was wrapped with the same plastic wrap and was not messed with. Otherwise it’s tires and are hard to install, not much tires to choose from.


    Great product: Fair price good fit, does what it’s expected I’ll buy it again

  161. Lloyd Russell

    very good…: very good…

  162. Dina Williams

    Good product from a good seller.: I ordered the set of two tires. A few days later only one tire arrived. So, I messaged the seller and they were very quick to send me the second tire. I’ve got the tires on my Scags Cheeta, they fit perfectly and so far they seem durable.

  163. Tommy McRae

    Great Buy!: I’m very happy with these tires. They are far better than what came stock on my mower. A local tire shop installed them for me and gave me new valve stems all for $10.

  164. Lynn Self

    Good quality tires: Good tires and recommend them as replacements

  165. Troy

    Size is correct.: I read many reviews here that said the sizes are a couple inches short. I ordered the 18×8.5×8. When I received them and stood one up next to the mounted tires on my mower they appeared to be 2” shorter. After I mounted one and aired it up they were exactly the same height. They were not deformed when I received them and they were very easy to mount and work very well.

  166. toney eaton

    Good set off tires.: Perfect fit for my mower. Great price compared to dealers.

  167. Philemon Lagat

    Good buy: Ease of installation is relative to your tools and experience. Not the most fun task but these are good tires and and the grip is better without leaving marks all over my yard.

  168. SFC USA, Ret

    Smooth ride: I bought this product to replace worn out tires for a mower I am giving my coworker.

  169. Guy Wehr

    Delivery time was very very fast like one day!: American made

  170. ronett finnell

    Easy to install: Fit mower perfect. Good tread!

  171. John Hughes

    Great tire, exact fit, good price. Libra Trailer was great: The tire is a direct replacement from original tires. There was an issue in shipping with the carrier. Once realized, the seller followed up and turned around quickly. It happens.

  172. Jamie Pushard

    Great value: Put these on my zero turn mower. Great price and seem to work well

  173. Kelly P Dakin

    Worth the $!: Great price and great quality!

  174. 8 SEC.

    As descibed: Good tires

  175. George paquette

    Looks to be as same quality as titan brand that come on mower. See how last long term: Very nice looking tire. Looks to be as same quality as the oem titan tire that came on the John Deere mower. We’ll see how they last long term

  176. Jennifer M.

    Very nice will worth it saved me a lot of money 👍: I us on my John Deere d 140 love them easy to install , working out very well thanks👍

  177. E J

    Perfect fit and value: Used for replacement rear tires on a Hustler Raptor zero turn mower. Easy to replace. Quality tire for the money.

  178. walterwmcmahan

    Unlike OJ’s glove these tires fit very well: They fit came fast and was shipped fedex

  179. charles frieda

    Fit great and seem durable.: Fit great and seem durable

  180. Bee

    Tires may be smaller in height overall but the rim size is correct.: Great value!! By far the best price I had found. Admittedly I was skeptical but my pocketbook said the price was right. They looked a little smaller in height than the original tires on my mower but they fit the rims perfectly. Putting them on wasn’t difficult ( for my grandson) He did that manually.My yard is not level by any means which is why I was skeptical about them being able to handle well in my yard . They rode very well. Handled my wild mowing inabilities with ease! I recommend these tires and also recommend that if you have to replace one replace the pair. I was so glad that I did.

  181. John M

    great: how easy too get the right ones

  182. Pancho

    Quality tire at a good price: Tires are soft / easy to stretch which made installing myself with just tire spoons fairly easy. I get much better traction mowing steep hillsides in my yard.

  183. Cancerman

    mower tires: The Wanda brand of tires we ordered are exact fit for our Bobcat zero turn mower. They appear to be well made and a good value for the cost. We will purchase them again next time !

  184. Janie Jo

    Fast delivery and tire looks just like my Grassmaster tires.: Damaged a tire on my Scag Zero turn. The dealer wanted $150 for one rear tire. Local tire store wanted $95 for one tire and both said I would need two tires because the replacements were 2 ply and the OEM was 4 ply which would result in different diameters when inflated if not mounted in pairs. I ordered two of these for less than $90, they arrived in two days instead of the promised 5 days. they are 4 ply rated and when mounted I can’t tell the difference with the Grassmaster that came on my Scag, except the sidewall doesn’t appear to be as stiff. Tread pattern is identical with the Grassmaster. Will keep the other new tire as an extra if the other OEM is damaged.

  185. Henry f. Pychevicz

    Great value for the price: Worked great

  186. Buddy

    USE FOR AN OFF ROAD MOBILITY SCOOTER: these are an exact replacement for the tires on my pride wrangler off road electric mobility scooter except the scooter tires are labeled wanda for the brand but they seem to be same manufacturer and exact tire – only got as backups as i had a flat (which i fixed with a plug) in case i need emergency repair – should work as original – (flats are probably going to be a fact of life with an off road scooter that goes way off road)

  187. 1947 Pontiac

    Fit: Great tires!

  188. David R.

    great price: Great price! My husband had a hard time with one of the tires trying to mount it, couldn’t get air to push out the sides, but finally put the tire in the sun for awhile and it worked.

  189. garry a lowry

    Well worth the money!: The media could not be loaded.

     I simply have to say wow !
    Great value for the money on these set of tires. Made from 4 ply construction and they hold air on an old beat up rims like a champ. Installing them wasn’t that bad if you use some soapy water and some extra hands and a couple of pry bars to assist in the process. I’m very satisfied with these two tires and will recommend them to anyone looking to replace theirs ( 20×10.00×8)

  190. George M

    appears well made: mounted tires on snowblower tractor. I like the looks of the tread, am using chains on them so traction should be no problem.

  191. Dennis

    Wanda 20.00×10.00-8 [x2]: Tires were a great price. Very fast shipping, said it would arrive within a week but it was delivered in 2 days. Tires arrived together wrapped in plastic wrap, which is better than being tied together as some reviews have stated. Due to the wrap being so tight, it deformed the tires a bit. But I placed them in the sun for an hour and they went back to the original form. Got the tires put on the next day and they sealed perfectly fine. All in all, great tires and especially for the price you can’t go wrong. Tread is very decent and it seems to have great traction in wet conditions.

  192. Paul

    OVERALL great purchase minus the bee: Happy with the product. It arrived on time. The only thing that I have to say about the packaging was the tires were too big for the box so they took some plastic straps and put it around the box twice. It clearly left some holes up top where bugs could get in. And well when my fiance got home, he opened the box and there was a BIG bee! It flew out and scared the both of us because the bee was freaking out. Flying all over the place. Luckily neither one of us is allergic. But just suggesting maybe invest into some bigger boxes. I know it was probably one of those freak accidents.

  193. Ruben A.

    Good for the money: Arrived in two days as said they would. I’ve never ran this brand but for the money wS worth a try. They seem well made very easy to put on by hand. Believe ill get a good life out of them. Only thing I didn’t like is when delivered they where only rapped in plastic and left sitting on my porch where everyone going by could see what it was. They atleast could have been in a box. Luckily I was home when they where dropped off. Driver didn’t ring doorbell or knock my cameras notified me someone was in my driveway.

  194. Anthony D.

    Great for a large yard cart: Hired tire company to install

  195. Dave

    Great: Really nice tires for the money perfect match

  196. Frederick Koehler

    WOW: These made my zero turn feel like new again and it is 10 years old. They really improved my traction over my old tires and I only replaced them because I punctured one, they had good tread or so I thought. I replaced the in my shop with no tire changers, with just a few hand tools .

  197. D Burton

    I will buy this tire again: Love the price and product

  198. Kevin burke

    Perfect fit: Fit perfect on ryobi electric riding mower rm480e

  199. allen crowell

    Five Stars: Awesome price, Hold air nicely.

  200. Kindle Customer

    Great value: Fast delivery great fit

  201. Ken Fordham

    good tough Tire: Deep tread good for mowing Banks

  202. LINDA

    Better quality than I thought they would be.: These tires are better quality than I thought they would be. Rather expensive though.

  203. Andrew Via

    Great tires: Great product.

  204. Jutta Gebauer

    Very nice: Easy to install, look great


    Perfect fit: Perfect fit for LT 1000. My original tires were dry rotting.

  206. David

    Worked fine.: I bought these for a Kubota B6200 tractor. The rims are in two parts. I took the rims apart with the intent to slip the tire off. It wasn’t as easy as I had hoped, but a screw driver and WD-40 soon had them off. The tires fit tight and aired up quickly.

  207. Kenzie

    Very happy with product and delivery: Bought these after ordering another pair that didn’t work out. The delivery time estimated the arrival time to be a week to 10 days…I was frantic because I needed to mow….it took 2 days to arrive. So awesome. The tires are nothing special but I felt like the tread was better than other tires I have had. Very happy with the tires, timing and value of this purchase.

  208. Luke Huggins

    Five Stars: Very satisfied

  209. Gary R. Walker

    I was ready to Re Tire: Needed tires for my John Deere Z Turn mower. Nobody had my size, locally, so as much as I hated to do it, I went to the net. I was very surprised by the price and how fast they got them to me!

  210. Ecrossh95

    Made a big difference in my mowing: I will add a photo of my mower after I clean it up. I do the mowing and it takes me 2 hours to get it all mowed. And these tires made a big difference in the mowing. I even installed it myself. And I am 59 lol

  211. Claude

    I like that they arrived stacked and they were IN A …: I bought these tires to replace both rear Original Armstrong tires on my “84 Dynamark” riding tractor mower tires. I like that they arrived stacked and they were IN A GOOD SEALED BOX got to love that new tire smell & in EXCELLENT CONDITION perfectly round not out of shape and it makes mounting the tire so much easier on the rim,,,, I WOULD DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN !!!!

    P.S. I have seen others that posted pics how they bought tires from other sellers and received them and when they unboxed them the tire were all bent out of shape and they LOOKED like if a Gorilla used them as teething ring !!

  212. Garry J. Iman

    Awesome: Good product

  213. Tina S.

    great so far: These came banded, tied together with a band. This caused the tires to be miss-shaped. I cut the band and put them in our guest bedroom and left them there for a week, they got a little better and I was able to mount them and get them aired up. Yes they were a bear to get onto the wheels but I found the mini tire machine that Harbor Freight sells made the job a lot easier. I will not be able to use the mower until spring, but now it has new tires and will be ready to go. Shipping was fast and price great.

  214. Bob from Harrisburg

    Great value: I put these on my Toro 54” zero turn and they don’t tear up the grass any more or less than the expensive name brand ones that were on there but wore out.

  215. Robin Ann Johnson

    awsome tires: all was fine

  216. John D.

    Awesome, These tires come stacked in perfectly round shape and don’t look all bent out of shape like a gorilla teething ring !: I bought these tires to replace both front original armstrong tires on my 84 dynamark riding tractor mower tires. i like that they arrived stacked and they were wrapped in plastic wrap and were in excellent condition and round not out of shape so it makes mounting the tire so much easier on the rim,,,, I WOULD DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN !!!!

    P.S. I have seen others that posted pics how they bought tires from other sellers and received them and when they unboxed them the tire were all bent out of shape and all like if a Gorilla used them as teething ring !!

  217. matt

    for zero turn: Put on my Ferris zero turn

  218. RM

    Rear lawnmower tires.: I had to have them mounted by a dealer but they look good. Haven’t used them enough to rate durability.
    I think they will work well.

  219. Unknown

    Availability is key for change outs on lawn care mowers: Excellent product !!!

  220. Kimberly

    Shipped quick!: Exactly as described, shipped product quickly. If you’re looking to mount these tires yourself make sure you have an extra set of hands. I succeeded it mounting them but was physically drained afterwards.

  221. jane wilkens

    Great product: Ordered to replace tires on our golf cart. Perfect fit. Shipping is exceptional. Ordered late on Wednesday had the tires here on Friday. Took them to a tire shop to have mounted.

  222. Chuck G

    Excellent service!: Tires were perfect! Received them a week before they should have been delivered which was amazing! The quality is great!

  223. Greg Weliver

    Great tires for my Kubota B1750 HST 2 wheel drive: Got the tires and had to take them to a tire shop to have them mounted. Shop said my rims were leaking and I had to put tubes inside, which I wanted to do anyways. 2 tubes, $20. Each. Mounting tires on rims with tubes, $10. Each.
    Total for two front tires for my 1990 Kubota B1750 E HST, about $130. Worth it? Absolutely!!! I’d do it again if I have to, but I think I’d think twice about buying the tires and rims as one together.

  224. George Stoltz

    Last do it yourself small tires I’m gonna mount!: Tires seem to be well made and will probably last as long as my old mower. Hard to get on the rim. Not sure if they just are so small there isn’t enough elasticity available or what, but it took a lot of effort and skinned knuckles to get these things on. A lot easier than 5″ tires I bought, though. And a whole lot easier than 4″ tires I put on another mower last year.

  225. Gene

    great tires: Shipping was very fast and the tires came in a box and were not massed at all. I was able to get them mounted with the aid of a mini tire changer, they aired up without any trouble, and look great. It will be spring before I get to use the mower, but now it has new tires so I hope the mower does well this spring. I had to buy new tires because my old ones were 20 years old and were leaking air from sidewall cracks.

  226. E.C.

    They are smaller than pointed.: They seem to be of good quality but much smaller size.
    Despite it is written “13×5″ on them, the real size is about 12″x4.5″.
    They do serve for my porposes but not perfectly.

    Changing my rate from 2 to 5.
    After using them a bit and measuring again inflated tires, the difference between my old and new tires are just about 1/2”. It might be because old tires are PLY2, they must be softer, and might be expanded because of wear. Or maybe with time the new tires wil be also more stretched.
    Yes, the size of not inflated tires out of the box was 12″x4.5″, but it might be normal.

  227. Daryl

    excellent Tires: These are perfect! Purchased these tires to replace worn out ones. Took them to local lawnmower repair shop to have installed. An hour later i was good to go! Lawnmower rims are so small to attempt the install, just pay someone with the equipment to install them, save yourself the time and hassle!!

  228. Kerry Lewis

    Great product , super value: Great value for the money, I love the tread on these tires compared to others that I’ve looked at. I like the durability of the sidewalls yet they were still easy to install.

  229. Brenda cuddahee

    Awesome: These tires showed up on time and work perfect on our lawn mower. They even seem to make the ride a little smoother.

  230. Tony R.

    Working great on my Scag Liberty.: Works great on my Scag Liberty. Good traction while on incline in ditches

  231. Jess

    Perfect!!!: Put on my riding mower great value and super fast shipping installed myself a bit difficult but fun to set the bead with either!!!

  232. doubleD

    Larger size looks great: I bought these as a replacement for 18-inch tires. I was replacing the axel and one thing led to another. These are wider and I was able to order the axel 2 inches longer and everything fit. These are big for a go-kart and look great. The larger diameter means a little faster too.

  233. Paul M.

    Vroom: Better than factory and cheaper, kenda has always been the safe bet when it comes to bias ply.
    Easy to install. Very durable.

  234. grumpy grandpa

    easy to mount and bead up: so far great lawn tire will still need chains for slope though but expected tires were not squashed from shipping made east to mount and bead up / inflate. Tires seem well made and heavier than the stock tires on my Husqvarna YTF 48. went up from 20×8.00×8.00 to these 20×10.00×8.00 fit great no rubbing issues.

  235. Nathanael Ariel

    mounting is tricky: Because tire is so small and stiff I had have it mounted at a garage but otherwise I am happy with it.

  236. Mike

    Heavy duty tire: Perfect replacement for some dry rotted lawnmower tires much better than original

  237. ron palmer

    Mower tires: Easy to put on and so far working good just haven’t used them long enough to see how they wear .

  238. John J

    Nice grip: These are nice tires and have a pretty sticky grip which is nice on hills.

  239. robert kennedy

    Great tire: Perfect fit

  240. A

    Great value: reasonable price keep spare tire side great option

  241. Richard

    Great tires?: Great price, great pricing. As I live in Florida, typically mow twice a week

  242. Kindle Customer

    Good mower tires: Good price, well made, look good and do the job

  243. Michael

    Great deal: Awesome job

  244. John L George

    new 4 wheeler tires: i liked the rough cleats on the tire design and was surprised by the thickness of the tread cleats. Very Good Product

  245. richard newbern

    Good tires: To replace tires on mower. I took tiers to have them put on the rims

  246. Gregory Baird

    Great tire for trail riding.: Tire did great in the mud and on rocks

  247. Michael getz

    Great value.: Arrived on time. Great quality. Worth the price. Most challenging part was finding someone to install them.

  248. William D.

    Awesome: Tires are wicked I’m not a huge atv guy I just got a Honda and I put the Wanda’s on it. The tire are go-getters.

  249. Bender

    Good tires and good shipping: Worked very well on my mower. Shipping was very good.

  250. Remarkable1

    Best deal: These are exact same tires that came on a utility trailer. I shopped around and the best deal was on LIBRA.

  251. Jeremiah Burrell

    Great bargain and tires.: Great tires..look good and tough at camp.

  252. john smith

    Decent for the price: If you know what your doing it’s not too hard to install. If your a beginner and never done it before you might have issues. I Watched a few YouTube videos and figured it out, only took me a few hours to do both.

  253. Dante Gibby

    Great price perfect fit: Great price! Perfect fit on my Bad Boy Zero turn! Way cheaper too!

  254. David

    Excellent tires at a great price.: Quality product at an affordable price.

  255. Wesley Russell

    Good price Great service: Identical match. Better price than mower shop. Great service.

  256. Paul D350

    Great: Great value. Worked awesome on our John Deere zero turn

  257. Consuelo


  258. Barry Meservier

    Utv tires: These thing’s work great for me Thanks

  259. Jennifer Cook

    GREAT TRACTION: These are great tires. I get much better traction than the tires they replaced. I have seen comments about difficulties mounting them but that is true for all small tires. If that is important you should have someone else do it. If I need more tires in the future these will be the ones I by.

  260. Tim Roth

    Perfect for Cub Cadet RZ Zero turn 50″ deck: Perfect for Cub Cadet RZ Zero turn 50″ deck fit like the original

  261. Steve

    Fit: Good stuff

  262. Jason S

    Buy these if your looking: Came in just fine. Not flat like I’ve seen numerous reports of. Exactly what I expected.

  263. christopher w cobb

    I haven’t mounted them yet: Replace old tires

  264. Tinkeringon1

    Easy to install: With few tools and diy knowledge,,, anyone can install

  265. BG

    These were in perfect shape and my local car shop mounted them with …: These tires arrived very quickly and weren’t tied tightly together as some reviews mentioned. These were in perfect shape and my local car shop mounted them with no trouble. I like this close and small tread design and feel it gives me better traction than the Craftsman OEM tires which look similar to many I see on new machines. I like these very much and the seller sent them very quickly. I recommend these tires and this seller, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  266. Bob R.

    Came on time: Mower tires

  267. Harleysjw

    Put them on myself and they are awesome. Had 18×9: Got these a day earlier than the scheduled delivery date. Put them on myself and they are awesome. Had 18×9.5-8 and wanted larger tires for a little smoother ride on my ZRT bad boy mz Magnum. The 20×10-8 fit well. If I ever need to buy tires again I’ll probably get these in a 22 ID. They don’t tear up my yard on turn arounds.

  268. TM Warren

    Easy to use: Great value for the money

  269. Cesar Alvarez

    As advertised!: Perfect! Right size, great quality, right price!

  270. Mike Balko

    Best bang for your buck: Good price and better traction than the stock tires

  271. Adam

    G: They were great

  272. A. Hall

    great tire: looks good on mower took them to a used tire guy to have them put on the rims. SO much easier when you don’t have the tools at home 🙂

  273. Jerald A Verplaetse

    Looks great, tons of: On time delivery. Looks great,
    tons of traction

  274. Daytona

    Product delivered on time and as described.: These are a new set of tires for my Cub Cadet riding lawnmower and I am very happy with them. My friend had no problem putting them on the rims and I was mowing my lawn when I got home from work. Happy with my purchase and the price was great.

  275. Jim

    Price and service: Easy to install

  276. Viper

    Five Stars: awesome tires

  277. Matt Searles

    Good and convenient: Product was as described

  278. pjhippiechick

    Good tread tires: On my extra mower/ tractor.

  279. Chris Tidwell

    Great quality tire for an excellent price! Easy to install: Great tire, very pleased with the high quality for the value pricing. Easy to install. Happy with the shipping as they were neatly stacked rather then just strapped tightly to conserve space. Will buy from seller again if the need arises! Arrived two days earlier then promised!

  280. Dean Hopkins

    good tires: Once I got Superman to come over and get the old tires off these went on fine. Been on a month with no problems.

  281. Elliott K.

    Good quality and value.: The product is very good, excellent quality, and a great replacement for the original tires. The mounting of the tires was more of a challenge than I hoped, but to no fault of the tire design. I am very pleased with the end result.

  282. Aqila Mian

    used two tie down straps around tire to force on to bead. not terribly difficult to inflate.: good traction on my hilly property

  283. LINDA S.

    Zero turn mower back in business: Very durable product, and excellent fit on our Husqvarna EZ4822 zero turn mower. Good quality and value for the price!

  284. John Hardester

    Wondering: Everything perfectly

  285. Kindle Customer

    Great tires: Less puncture prone than 2-ply

  286. Woody

    Great tread for yard.doesn’t leave marks in grass: Just put them on my cub cadet zero turn and do they ever work well on it.yes they do and am i ever happy.great product.

  287. asdf

    Arrives round…not squashed: Mounted on an 15 year old craftsman. I liked the fact that the tires were not squashed in transit. It’s hard enough to mount without that issue. They mounted fine…hold air…do the job. Feel like good quality.

  288. todd mcculley

    Super happy. Ez to install and bead.: These are great the price is so good. Installed in 45 mins used starter fluid to bead turned out great. Was surprised at how easy to install they were.. way better than the 2ply that came with the mower.

  289. Cajundude

    Would purchase again: Easy to install

  290. Larry snipes

    heavy duty trailer tires: well built trailer/ implement tire. only reason for 4 stars on ease of installation is they require some skill to install them yourself. if you have not mounted tires before, have a tire shop do it.

  291. Samuel creel

    Great tires at a great price!: Perfect fit, fast shipping at a great price. I will definitely buy from this place again.

  292. J Cast

    Great tires: Bought these for our Craftsman rider mower…work great!

  293. asdf

    Value for the money: Two more wheels exchanged on my lawnmower. Makes now 3 replaced. Wish they would make a complete interchangeable wheel, the middle part included. My friend changed it for me it seems it took some effort.

  294. Fatboy

    Good Value: As described

  295. richard tipton

    good quality: easy to install

  296. todd

    Good product.: Satisfied with product, good value, fast shipping.

  297. Joseph Boyd

    Quick response: Quick delivery. Nice tires

  298. Nancy Bennett

    what it would cost to put on rim.: It cost me more money to have some one to put it on the rim then I payed for the tire.

  299. Bob

    Better than original, great replacement: Let pros mount on rims, good value upgrade for worn out mower tires.

  300. John M Kennamer

    works: hardest part was getting bead to seat had to leave in sunlight all day to warm up, and help with flexibility once on and inflated, work great

  301. Kirk K.

    Great value!: Worked fine on my zero turn Gravely mower. As others mentioned, they are narrower than what came off, but mores plies and thicker too so they will stand up to punctures better than the Carlisle tires they replaced.

  302. dean g

    Quality of product: Husqvarna 2654 riding mower

  303. Rodney Franklin

    Looks good: Not the best price but fast shipping and great quality. I bought two sets of this tire.

  304. Fixtrite Phil

    Perfect size and price: My husband was having a hard time finding a replacement tire for his John Deere mower, now we have a back up tire, he has two acres to mow so we can not go without.

  305. David h. Lofthus

    Good price & value: Good replacement tires for my riding mower

  306. Donald Delagrosse

    Nice 4 price: Nice for price

  307. C Edmonds

    Perfect product: Nice tires for a good price. Went to my local WalMart and had them mounted on my mower wheels for $5 each. Very happy with this purchase

  308. Robm

    2 years and going strong: These were very difficult to get on the rim, but they have lasted for 2 seasons of mowing 1/2 acre with little tread wear and only need air added every 2 months or so.

  309. TJ

    Great Ttires: These are great replacement tires. Our mower had Carlisle’s and I replaced them with these and am very pleased so far. Traction is improved and they don’t tear up the grass when turning with a zero-turn mower.

  310. Tracy nicole

    Perfect: Worked great

  311. Wayne Bratcher

    Good heavy duty tire.: Good heavy duty tire and load capacity.

  312. george stubbs

    Highly recommended: Great product for money

  313. Just Me

    just wonderful.. and right on time: just wonderful..and right on time…we needed it so bad..thanks for a quick delivery

  314. Tracey Robert Matula

    Quick delivery: Great product an arrived 3 days early

  315. Charles r Bailey

    Best tire value I have found,: I replaced old dry rotted tires on my 2001 JD lawn tractor. I went a little wider than OEM. The extra floatation is easier on the turf and has improved the ride. The fit was perfect and are performing as expected. Nice tire for the price!

  316. Victor

    Good deal for the money.: Shipped quick, are round, and hold air.

  317. Jason Black

    These tires do not need a tube: I used this product for my Craftsman Riding lawnmower. This was a great price for these tires. They look marvelous on my mower!

  318. brandon martin

    I’m very happy with these: They’re inexpensive, but they’re built like tanks. They’re easy on the grass, hold air well, and the lugs don’t seem to get too impacted with mud/grass. I like them a lot.

  319. William LaPLant

    nice set of tires worked great: these are great tires for the rider. easy to install I also installed inter tubes.

  320. Dan Morrow

    Great value: Works great and for a good price.

  321. Tmerc

    Exactly what I ordered: Perfect replacement for the rotten tires I had

  322. Gary D Dreyer

    Work fine, worth the money: They are fine so far.Good as the Carlisles that were on it.

  323. todd

    Rotates like no other tire.: Perfect fit and a good deal since I happened to need two. Of course I had to take it to a tire place to have it put on the rim, but other than that the product was here pretty quick.

  324. Linda Allen

    Perfect fit: Great tire for the money

  325. Terry G.

    Good tires, good value: Good tires. Remember that installing any tires is not for the inexperienced.
    Have it done by knowledgeable people.

  326. Gramps21

    good: all good

  327. Andrew J. Thompson

    Very good tire.: Tire is solid, looks better than picture.

  328. brian

    It is a tire: Working great no problem.

  329. Desirea Walker

    They work just fine: Tires came shipped just fine. We mounted them; aired them up; and started mowing! Thank you for a good product!

  330. Ron B.

    Excellent product for the price.: Used this for a wesco boat trailer. Great direct bolt in. Ended up ordering new spring bolts/shackle bolts, and new axle u-bolts. Everything on my original spring was so heavily rusted everything had to be cut out to remove. Replaced as a matched pair.

  331. JalZ28

    two tires for the price of one: the price..the parts store wanted $80 per tire. 20 minutes to install, so yes I am happy with them…

  332. Charles S.

    Great product: Very Great product ….at the shop your pay more than double for these tires really well made and look Great !!!!

  333. Kevin stewart

    Quick ship: Nice

  334. Matthew

    Working good: It fit good

  335. Alan Smithee

    Would buy again: Exactly as expected. Good tires.

  336. ricky kerrigan

    Nice tire, great price: Nice replacement.
    Had to take it to a car place to install them.

  337. E

    Good tires for a good price: They showed up on time

  338. Dawn Karas

    Exactly what I expected. Shipping was on time. …: Exactly what I expected. Shipping was on time. It was harder getting original tires off the rims than installing these. I would buy these again if needed.

  339. April F

    Excelent quality: Good quality good tread pattern great price.

  340. Donato Rios Jr

    Just what I was looking for!: Just as advertised!

  341. tory cox

    Nice tires!: These are really nice tires! Very happy with this purchase!

  342. inhughman

    Great spring: Great spring, box was damaged when arrived but excellent product fit perfect

  343. David

    Exact fit: Bolted right up to my existing mounts only took me about an hour to swap out leaf springs

  344. Mark

    Great tires for my riding lawn mower: Shipment was fast. The tires work great with our old craftsman riding lawn mower.

  345. Greg

    Awesome Product: These tires are great value for the price.

  346. K Joos

    Fit and snug: Perfect fit and early. She looks good with new shoes on the back.

  347. Steven Arnett

    Description was awesome picture looked cool but they look even better on my mower: Description was awesome picture looked cool but they look even better on my mower

  348. Ronnie Hebert

    Quality, well performing tires: Replaced the rear tires on a smaller zero turn mower with these. The tires have performed well, very little slippage and have held air all season.

  349. Amy

    They are tires: Put them on a Club Car I use on the farm

  350. Jean Schatz

    Good value: Always hard to mount small tires to rims.

  351. Mary Champion

    Did not arrive flattened: Tires were great . some people mention they are shipped and flattened these were fine to mount.

  352. J. Mcclary

    Wanda tires: Put on and worked great!

  353. Bubba

    What I was looking for: Was exactly what I needed for my welding trailer

  354. buck

    spring: fit on the trailer and now my trailer is working agin

  355. allmostheaven

    Hold up well for karting: These are holding up very well on the front of a two-seat go kart. I fitted these and tubes on split rims, so I can’t comment on one-piece rim installation.

  356. Central Florida Guy

    The best: Good price and good quality

  357. Madmac8005

    Great deal: Nice tires

  358. John

    Good tires: Great traction vs standard lawnmower tires. But, pricey if I may say so

  359. John Atkins

    cheaper to up size!: These were cheaper than the 22×9.5 by alot. I have ran them and you can not tell the difference. So far it has been a great value.

  360. jose Trevino

    Value and quality: Shipped fast and installed easily

  361. Ron B.

    good: Fits Google

  362. Geoffrey G Evans

    Nice tire: These look great and are very sturdy

  363. Randy Welsh

    Five Stars: Fit my Husqvarna Z246i just perfectly fine. Actually better then the stock ones it came with!

  364. jeremiah heaps

    excellent: the tires look great. came fast and great price.

  365. G&L

    Tires work well: What can I say… they just work!

  366. reebok

    Good for lawnmower.: I bought these for my neighbor who is computer illiterate. She loves them. she says they have better traction than her old ones.

  367. dariopicasso

    Great tires & Great price !: Arrived when expected, good quality tires, very fair price!

  368. Jason Potter

    i got right items and good thank you I returned back wrong items but still …: i got right items and good thank you

    I returned back wrong items but still waiting money back

  369. AV Universal

    great tires: Fast service good tires easy to put on

  370. Susanne Huntington

    Size matters: Great little tires for my mower.

  371. william h box jr

    Work great: They are great ! they’re the correct size which was hard to find. very happy my purchase.

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