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Trailer Triple Axle Hanger Kit AP Kit for 2″ Wide Slipper Springs 23002-014

(440 customer reviews)


In stock

In stock


Kit includes:

  • 4 x 12″ equalizers
  • 2 x front hangers
  • 4 x center hangers
  • 2 x rear hangers4 x 7/8″-9 x 4.69″ bolts with grease zerk
  • 4 x 7/8″-9 lock nuts
  • 12 x 9/16″-18 x 3.5″ shackle bolts
  • 12 x 9/16″-18 lock nuts
  • Complete 2″ wide slipper spring hanger kit for triple trailer axles
  • The hanger kit need to be welded onto trailer frame.
  • These hanger kits are from our warehouse stock, which supplying to US trailer manufactures

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440 reviews for Trailer Triple Axle Hanger Kit AP Kit for 2″ Wide Slipper Springs 23002-014

  1. Bret – Resurrected Trucks-

    Heavy Duty: Great heavy duty kit. Very clean steel brackets for easy welding. All bear steel for painting any color you want. Good price for the complete kit!!!

  2. Bill Mullen

    good: good

  3. Rob

    Good Quality: Just upgraded from some homemade (not by myself) axles on the trailer project I bought years ago since those original ones went u-shaped, and so I decided to put proper slipper springs on since those came with the replacement axles I had bought used as replacements. Needed the shackles though, so I went with these. I wish they had included some paperwork on the proper spacing with different spring types, but after some extensive research online I was able to get that info. Good fit and finish and they work well lightly loaded. Haven’t loaded them heavy yet but so far they work well. Will update if I have any issues once I run this setup through its paces. I’m sure I’ll be dragging something home soon, so won’t be long before I know.

  4. Kade

    Beefy Leafspring: Just installed this product on my 6×10 utility and I’m impressed with the size difference from the original stock 3000lbs leaf springs. Be sure to buy longer U-Bolts to fit around this bad boy.

  5. ghorgan

    Fix tired and leaning trailer suspension: Replaced the leaf springs on my 2020 Jayco travel trailer. AT 37,000 miles they were a little flattened and uneven. Distinct list to the right.

    Replacement was not difficult, you need a level work site, a good floor jack, stands and hand tools. Took me about four hours. Recommend new bolts in case the anti-rotation splines are worn.

    That was still easier than dealing with a warranty claim. My dealer is 80 miles away.

  6. leonard wychelewski sr.

    Perfect fit: Perfect fit. Works well

  7. Claudia Aguilar

    Qasr: Todo

  8. gary l.

    Exact fit: Arrived on time and matched the spring I was replacing

  9. Jayavarman

    Better than the original: Had the original spring break on my trailer and this one fit perfectly and looks to be of superior construction and quality than the original. Very prompt delivery as well which is an added bonus. They are my go to if I ever need any other parts.

  10. Sue Barefoot

    Just what I needed: Just what I needed

  11. mike berry

    Company went out of their way for a 40.00 sale. I was impressed.: #1

  12. Justin E Faith

    Easy replacement for dual axle 20 foot utility trailer: I ordered two of this leaf spring to replace one i had on my dual axle utility trailer. One of my leaf spring snapped in half rendering my trailer useless. i bought two of them to replace the back two. These were perfect fit and went on pretty easy.

    I will be ordering two more for my front axle.

    Fast shipment, mine went through UPS

    FYI i have bought several items from this company, all of them are perfect

  13. Zanzibar Dihedral

    Leafs Work great on single axle rated at 1750#: Changed out rusty and thicker leaf springs on a trailmaster single axle 3500 rated boat trailer. Kicker is the old springs were too thick and now these flex and ride way better. Buy with confidence these will likely fit.

  14. Max powers!

    Works I guess(in a good way): I dunno if my trailer is the oddball or if the springs are, but I had to alter the distance between the hangers to regain the proper ride height. Other than that, they hold weight well. They are cheap, so they are a no-brainer for my 40-tear old motorcycle trailer.

  15. marshall murph

    Great price.: Nice as others u buy local. I would buy again.

  16. Don E.McLargin

    good value: Built a light duty trailer. Worked very well

  17. Jess H.

    Correct size L X W and eye. Looks like Ok steel: Perfect match for the original 1750lb rated springs other than made in China. It’s become more difficult to source any USA made parts. The original springs lasted exactly 20 years. Haven’t put these to use yet but for the price if they last a few years I’ll be satisfied.

  18. Brian Dalton

    Very well made: The value was spot on. I could not have made them myself for the price. For me the install was easy.

  19. Nancy Iverson

    Just what I needed.: Was exactly what I needed to replace a broken leaf spring on my trailer.

  20. vhram

    Easy replacement ubolts: Very easy replacement set of u-bolts for my spring swap. Its always a safe idea to replace u-bolts anytime they are removed. They loose a percentage of strength anytime they are used and torqued down.. Cheap and safe to just replace.

  21. James Polson

    Good for price: Perfect

  22. Jeffrey Nazario

    Good quality: This 6K lbs springs came perfect, equally tension, installed in my aluminum boat trailer. Perfectly even.

  23. Brian Murray

    No hardwares nuts and bolts: I love how they send you 2 a set very good price. If you are upgrading to thicker leafs or more like I did you will need a half inch longer U Bolts to thread wish they offered those with new hardware and bolts as well

  24. Pablo Tovar

    Buen precio:

  25. Willie I.

    Absolutely great buy!: Doing our own work most of the time on our boats and trailers we don’t “cheap out” on parts we purchase but do not needlessly overspend when a better price is available. These springs are identical to the ones sold just up the street at a Trailer Parts Store that will go unnamed. They charge 50% more per spring. We now have new springs with years of life ahead on our flats boat trailer while saving a BUNCH of $$! Rock on!

  26. Abraham bloomer

    Perfect fit for my trailer: Perfect fit for my trailer. I already had the universal extension brackets so the install was nice and smooth. If you’re worried about how to install them. Just get a decent suv style jack and I used 2×4 blocks to hold the axle up after using the jack to elevate entire frame. Then I took the wheel off and lowered the jack to sit axle on the blocks. Then I loosened leaf springs and installed new ones. Repeated for other side. Took about an hour to do both with no power tools.

  27. Victor

    Check measurements.: Not bad at all, good price.

  28. SMG Contractor

    Great kit: This is the 2nd time I have purchased this item and I will continue as long as I have trailers. The kit price is unbeatable and great quality. I initially wanted the hanger straps and bolts but decided to use it all since the bushings were already installed and it made sense to replace it all together. I highly recommend this product and also the seller as they are quick to get your product out.

  29. Whitmer

    It’s a dirty, grease job w/ wet bushings: Takes several jacks and jackstands, and you must remove rims to allow springs to relax when U bolts are removed. At least 1hr per spring

  30. Erik Lane

    Fixed my utility trailer perfect: Easy to install good quality

  31. Debbie & Jon

    Excellent supplier.: Good quality and received early. I strongly recommend Libra Trailer parts. Not happy with UPS as they damaged the package and lost some of the parts

  32. lgo

    Good bargain: Just what the description says…put some new bounce in an old trailer..quick shipping also

  33. Doug H.

    Good quality and fit perfect but didn’t include enough bushings to do the entire rebuild.: Good quality and fit perfect but didn’t include enough bushings to do the entire rebuild. 5 star if all the bushings were included. Car hauler pulls great now. No more sway.

  34. Floyd Harris

    Came with everything needed to install: Good product for the money

  35. J2Catfish

    As advertised.: They worked as advertised but I really thought they were “made in the USA”. I do not like to buy Chinese made items.

  36. S Howell

    Great springs: Great leaf springs I wont say they will be easy to install for just anyone my friend owns a welding shop so he put the on my adding new bolt on points but they are very sturdy springs and holding up well

  37. Chuck P.

    Nice hangers: Nice heavy hangers shipped out fast the only bad part is the box they shipped them in broke open during shipping and was missing some of the nuts

  38. Faisal

    Great product.: The describe the hangers incorrectly the wrong size I was only able to use the side plate and bolts everything else I could not because it’s the wrong size.

  39. wesley parker

    fits: fit good

  40. Motorhead

    Works as advertised: Fits, works, good so far. 1500 miles no issues. Be aware. Cones with cheap nylon bushings. Swap out for bronze or other material.

  41. Nick Johnson

    Hood quality: Bolted right up dont forget to order bushings

  42. Sir Frank

    Great kit but most of the time you do not …: Great kit but most of the time you do not need the hangers. Hangers are needed for a new build. If you DIY repair needs them , it’s best to let a shop do the removal and re-weld. Remember, other people’s lives are following your trailer on the road. Great price and quality even if you do get extra parts.

  43. Cody

    Made in China: Seems to be good quality, just wish they were not made in China.

  44. Qt

    Libra leaf spring: Great product and straight forward to install.

  45. Randy Aldridge

    Just what I needed: Came early easy to install if you have any common sense

  46. Venita C.

    Excellent product: U bolts are well made and great price. will order more

  47. Nate

    Takes awhile to arrive but good product: Very good springs, needed a pair and did not order a pair.. first came (from china directly) and took a couple of weeks, then realized I only had one, repeated order and shipping again a couple weeks. If u r in a hurry to get them, try another source. Both were consistent in every way and now installed and nice improvement

  48. William Baudoin

    easy install: Worked very well liked the fast service

  49. John

    Good for the money: I upgraded from 2500lb springs to these, installed the metal bushing/wetbolt kit. Trailer rides way better and smoother. The packing arrived damaged , but no damage to the springs fortunately.

  50. Jan Brown

    Great replacement springs: We needed to replace a broken spring on a trailer with which we haul 350-400 gallons of water. this is an upgrade of original springs, as one was already replaced. Could not find another exactly like the first spring replacement so went online and found these. The new springs now give us better hauling capacity.

  51. Russ

    Excellent product!: Excellent kit for the price, if your starting from scratch or rebuilding a trailer. I bought one to build a dump trailer from scratch, was happy that I bought another one to rebuild my car trailer. A++ people to buy from!!

  52. mostly harmless

    Worked well: It fit my trailer perfectly even though it was a chore to install. It was tough getting the bolts out of the old springs but I had a gear puller that I was able to use for that. I needed a little extra clearance between the tire and fender when loaded, and this did the trick.

  53. Doug Aue

    They are springs: They were springs

  54. MSgt of Marines

    Perfect fit: These springs were just what I needed. Fast shipping and worked great!

  55. michael kilbourn

    will order more: everything I could ask for Service was great

  56. Sprout

    Nice Spring: Perfect replacement for my 6×12… Exactly like OEM!

  57. Alejandro Bravo

    Perfect: Great

  58. Hollywood 1

    Great company to do business with: The parts were just like the original and worked great doing a rebuild on 24 foot cattle trailer and the delivery response was quicker than expected

  59. thomas jackson

    make sure you get the right length: using them on a small feed trailer


    Fits great: Great product

  61. Alvin M.

    Good product: Good product. Replace on my camper

  62. Pablo Alcantar

    Perfect fit: Perfect fit

  63. Skip

    Fantastic kit: I used this kit of an equipment trailer. Everything went together perfectly. Couldn’t have asked for a better kit for the money. Buying parts individually would have cost 3 times the amount! Good job on this product guys!

  64. Gerardo

    Perfect item and excellent price: This item fits perfectly on my 14000lb trailer it is for 8000lb axle spring leaf but fit my trailer 7000lb axle

  65. John

    Great quality even for being China made: The springs I ordered for my tandem axle trailer that I was rebuilding ,was exactly what I was looking for. Great quality even for being China made. Deff will order again if I rebuild or build another utility trailer.

  66. Lisa Curtis

    Good product: Good value

  67. Daniel Bowie

    Shipped quickly. Less expensive than the local trailer shop!: Just what I was expecting.

  68. John Soost

    Good value for price: Received product earlier than expected. Fit perfectly on application. Seems to be of high quality even though it’s made in China.

  69. smernoff#1

    Quality: Didn’t know my trailer could ride so smoothly. Great purchase by me.

  70. Kimberly J Lough

    good: So far so good!

  71. Bob

    Nice quality steel and exact match for my trailer: Just what i needed to replace on my trailer no local trailer shop had them in stock

  72. John Carr

    Perfect fit: Perfect replacement. Needed to rebuild my utility trailer, this did the trick!

  73. Jay Johns

    Good buy: Excellent set of springs thicker than the ones they replaced. Very pleased with them. Perfect fit.

  74. Kindle Customer

    Replacement / upgrade: Used to rebuild the suspension on our 5th wheel, everything was a perfect fit.

  75. Robert Dye

    Excellent quality: Very fast delivery and accurate

  76. Jerry ironman

    Trailer Hanger Kit: Good service. Shipped in a timely manner. Quality as described. Well satisfied with purchase.

  77. James

    .: Work well

  78. Kindle Customer

    Perfect upgrade over stock.: Rebuilt the suspension on our 5th wheel. These did the trick.

  79. Shirley J

    Worked great, fit perfect.: We used this on an old two horse, horse trailer. They worked great and were easy to install.

  80. Adolfo Ayvar

    Price and OEM fit. Higly recomended.: Very good price, not available on LIBRA prime but arrived on time, OEM fit.

  81. david

    Great product.: Great product I ordered wrong size having g issues getting RMA no email not on the order status like the process says

  82. Bradley Henley

    Item as described: Package came with all parts as described. Received with box damaged, but I believe this is due to weight and items being contained.

  83. Don H.

    Four Stars: looks good

  84. Oceanside welding

    Great: Great value and delivery came 2 days earlier…

  85. cisco

    easy to install: on time and great fit

  86. John C. Fardos

    Four Stars: Ok!

  87. Rating

    Four Stars: The part didn’t fit, but the seller allowed a return.

  88. scott B.

    Just all around good parts and fair prices: Fast service great fitting parts

  89. blake

    Great company to buy from: Perfect fit to my trailer and quick shipping

  90. Dale Meadows

    Great value: Good quality and value

  91. leamon Graves

    item shipped was correct and good quality: product info was clear good detail

  92. Joe T.

    Hangers: It works fine for me

  93. Brett Greene

    Great fit: Perfect fit and worked great.

  94. Adam B.

    Great lil kit: This is a simple kit for a trailer easy to install

  95. Adam

    Direct fit and all inclusive kit: Direct fit for 3500 Lb axles, all inclusive kit to rebuild the suspension

  96. duneatic

    Geat: Camper replacement springs. Just as described.

  97. Mr. K

    good: good

  98. Mary Stewart

    Springs: Fit good and works good

  99. R. Byrd

    exact fit, works perfectly: product arrived swiftly, faster than expected

  100. Nick

    Great replacement.: Perfect part swap.

  101. Jennifer Drake

    Perfect Fit: Great seller and parts fit perfect. Thank you!!!

  102. Dennis w.

    Very good product.: The ease of installation

  103. John Brown

    Good fit: They fit like the OEM

  104. robert

    thank you: thank you

  105. Travis T Crane

    Just as advertised… put on an old …: Just as advertised… put on an old trailer, so I can haul 275 water tote to water plants an trees..

  106. Lena

    Well made!!: Well made, just what I needed to repair my boat trailer

  107. Joe T.

    Springs: Springs work fine

  108. douglas vincent

    Four Stars: thank you

  109. walquiria tavares

    A: A

  110. michael p

    Don’t drop it on your tow: Making a power hammer with spring works great 👍

  111. M. Zinn

    LIBRA saves the day.: Cracked one of these and thought I’d be spending a fortune to get it fixed. Bought these and all the hardware for under $100. Went together just great. Thank goodness for LIBRA.

  112. ari

    Works: Works

  113. Kevin j Rich

    Great Item: Great Item

  114. GHatch

    Thanks Seller/LIBRA for the great price on these springs: Thanks Seller/LIBRA for the great price on these springs…I chose this spring as an upgrade and it looks to be as advertised and arrived on time.

  115. lance

    springs: just what i needed

  116. stephen reed

    Steve: Works good

  117. Anthony

    Four Stars: a good replacement

  118. Matt the catt

    Party: Works good for my tandem 3500lbs axles.

  119. Derek

    Four Stars: Perfect fit

  120. Tannerbob

    Quality: Great quality products

  121. Aguirre

    Oh right parts for my trailer: Work perfect with my new lift

  122. t man

    Easy to install and work great: Very nice

  123. Adam

    Exactly as described: Same as factory springs and fit perfectly

  124. james sinema

    Works: Excellent

  125. Don L

    Great Product: Exactly as advertized

  126. vern

    worked: good springs

  127. Ronny Mebane

    Yes: Great product and I will recommen

  128. Alejo H.

    Nicely made: Good quality, didn’t work for my use but that’s my own fault

  129. ISAAC…….G

    Good: Good for the price

  130. Frank Coates

    Five Stars: Excellent price, quick delivery, fit perfectly and is working great. Thanks,

  131. Awesome app

    Five Stars: Very good quality and affordable and fast service I really recommend this seller

  132. DON

    worth the price: 800 mile trip, Eastern Mo. lots of bumps—no problems. Great product

  133. William Lindsey

    Five Stars: Perfect fit. These springs and the other mounting hardware that I purchased together matched right up nicely.

  134. Frank J. Horak

    Five Stars: worked good

  135. Crofish35

    Five Stars: Good Spring for good price!

  136. Andy

    Very cheap compared to other buyin alternatives. The product …: Very cheap compared to other buyin alternatives. The product is essentially the same as other replacement springs but much more cost effective.

  137. Jay C Johnson

    Five Stars: Good price and quality

  138. Michael W. Ferguson

    Five Stars: Just as expected and much cheaper than from etrailer .

  139. Newly L.

    Five Stars: Fast shipping nice product

  140. Masco45

    Five Stars: I replaced my old springs with these heavier ones and the way the trailer tows is a major improvement.

  141. Arthur Baca

    Good product: Exactly what I expected. Already installed and working again. Ready to buy the other side to have it all the same!

  142. Gary Lauri

    Five Stars: Works great

  143. Briggs

    Five Stars: great price went on easy

  144. MJG

    Kaufman: Good parts

  145. Adam

    Five Stars: Worked great

  146. Renovator

    Five Stars: Good quality parts.

  147. miguel

    Five Stars: good

  148. Smileys

    Five Stars: Fit good on my Carson 16′ car trailer. Thank you.

  149. william vasbinder

    Five Stars: Quick shipping, it was exactly as described,

  150. Steven John Ramsey Sr.

    Five Stars: worked out great

  151. Will Rozell

    Five Stars: great very well made

  152. Charles Shorkey

    Five Stars: Exact fit.

  153. Anthony

    Toy hauler repaired: Worked perfect on my 18′ toy hauler. Got all 4 done with all new hardware.

  154. Dee Cramer Inc

    OEM: Brand new and exact fit. Need to purchase the correct brackets for your installation for it does not come with them.

  155. ridge747

    Five Stars: Now, I have a new trailer.

  156. Grandmas Attic

    18′ trailer safe to haul again: Complete kit to redo my 18′ trailer. Great price

  157. John S.

    Five Stars: Great fit…great price….very happy!

  158. william towry

    Five Stars: good

  159. Roy J.

    Five Stars: Great quality and Strong very nice springs just have not use the trailer yet

  160. Tracy campbell

    Five Stars: It’s all good

  161. cherry hardy

    Five Stars: these are great easy to change

  162. Paul thompson

    Five Stars: Perfect fit, and shipped in the time stated.

  163. Forrest Porter

    Easy to install: Fast shipping. Easy to install.

  164. irishjbs

    Five Stars: worked just fine

  165. Linda L

    As expected: Good product

  166. Mike Hall

    and fit perfect. Easy to replace: This shipped quickly, and fit perfect. Easy to replace.

  167. pscorvette76

    Five Stars: Good quality, good fit!

  168. L. Bastian

    works great!: One in each order, works great!

  169. Terry Duncan

    Five Stars: Good spring, Good price, Fair shipping rate

  170. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars: It worked

  171. tkh

    great price!: Received parts promptly, great price!

  172. CHIEF

    Five Stars: These springs worked very well for my application

  173. Jon stogbauer

    Would buy again: Good fit, product was as described.

  174. David

    love the price and fast shipping: awesome deal fast shipping worked out great

  175. charles shoemaker

    Five Stars: Great

  176. Mark J. Swihart

    Five Stars: Arrived as promised, quality A+

  177. Hebert`s Caboose

    Five Stars: Great as all ways

  178. Mario DeLaGarza

    Five Stars: Work just fine.

  179. Bateman

    Five Stars: Exactly as agreed!

  180. John H Scammey

    Five Stars: great

  181. ralph bonner

    Five Stars: Good price

  182. Rodcopter

    Five Stars: as advertised

  183. Jimmy D.

    Don’t worry about the packaging!: Who is worried about the quality of the cardboard box these come in? Are you collecting boxes to move with or something? But as far as the springs are concerned, their what to be expected. Yes they are made with Chinese steel, not American, but is still decent quality steel. If you’re installing these on a 2000-3500lbs trailer they’ll do what their supposed to. You weight them down with 6000lbs they’re not made to handle that and if you’re trailers empty they’ll hop a lot. Buy the right size and don’t worry about the cardboard box they come in and you’ll be just fine.

  184. Rob W

    Easy to install got amazing came with everything: Had a trailer break on the road got this kit the next day and had every part plus some to get me back on the road and rolling. Everything fit amazing had no issues ordered another set to do the other one. Would buy again

  185. t

    Great Product.: Great Product. Fair Price. Amazing, Quick, Delivery!
    Very Pleased All the Way Around. t.

  186. Rick

    They work: Used for a boat trailer. They work well

  187. pop

    everything worked perfect: liked these springs , very strong .

  188. Anita Stockwell

    arrived on time looks like it should do the job: fit vary well welded it on in a hour much thicker steel then the OEM that rotted off the trailer in 4 years of intermittent use

  189. Stefan Vanroy

    Great value for disassembling into cutlery.: I bought this product to use as scrap metal for large bladesmithing projects. Half of the largest spring could easily make a gladius style short sword with plenty of material to spare. Thickness is pretty close to half an inch for all pieces.

  190. LIG

    Works well. Would buy again: I replaced leaf springs on 16′ utility trailer. If your springs are worn out, then these parts probably are too. Fast shipping. There were two lock nuts missing from box. I wrote to Libra. They were very friendly & they mailed them promptly. (The post office took a while to deliver. But that was not sellers’ fault.
    I would do business with them again.

  191. aj

    worth buying: great price easy to install worth buying

  192. Toesmack

    Looks good, fit properly.: Arrived quickly, fit well and appear to carry the load as intended. Could stand a packaging upgrade. Box arrived destroyed. Fortunately, leaf spring are pretty hard to damage in shipping. Would buy again.

  193. tb23498

    this is a complete kit: i rebuilt both axies on my friends 7000lb trailer it worked great

  194. Jim

    What I needed for my 12’ trailer. Good suspension now.: Everything came with springs. So just had to clean my rust from mounts and was good to go.

  195. pop

    value: good deal worked great

  196. Michael

    Worked perfectly: Worked perfectly.

  197. Duy Nguyen

    Surprisingly good: I was unsure about using such a cheap leaf spring, but so far so good. Installed them in my boat trailer for my 17′ proline. Spayed down with heavy duty silicone to prevent rust. 2 trips so far and holding up well. Just wash down and reapply silicone after every trip.

  198. Steve McDaniel

    Fit great: Easy to install fit great

  199. Jerry B. Cobb

    Good: Good replacement part

  200. dan

    Definitely worth the price: Bought these to replace my factory 4 leaf springs on my 6×12 enclosed trailer. I had broken one of them and I wanted a stronger suspension. These fit perfectly and lifted the trailer over an inch also. Just towed it from Florida to Massachusetts and back with no issues and the trailer towed straight. For the price its a cheap way to increase your payload or just piece of mind.

  201. Kindle Customer

    Great product: Exactly what I needed to put my new axles under my trailer.

  202. luis

    Perfect: Good

  203. Réjean Tremblay

    null: Fabrication d’une petite remorque…

  204. john

    null: Parfait

  205. cathystut

    good: all good

  206. Charles Whittier

    Excellent product for the price.: Used this for a wesco boat trailer. Great direct bolt in. Ended up ordering new spring bolts/shackle bolts, and new axle u-bolts. Everything on my original spring was so heavily rusted everything had to be cut out to remove. Replaced as a matched pair.

  207. Charles Whittier

    Working good: It fit good

  208. clarence haas

    Great spring: Great spring, box was damaged when arrived but excellent product fit perfect

  209. clarence haas

    Exact fit: Bolted right up to my existing mounts only took me about an hour to swap out leaf springs

  210. Cody Egnor

    What I was looking for: Was exactly what I needed for my welding trailer

  211. Chris D

    spring: fit on the trailer and now my trailer is working agin

  212. Charles Whittier

    good: Fits Google

  213. chad Schumaker

    Quality & Price: Quality and Price

  214. cathystut

    Nice and heavy duty: Worked perfect for the trailer I put them on and real heavy duty.

  215. Chris D

    Five Stars: Very nice

  216. chad Schumaker

    Five Stars: Installed easily

  217. Charles Whittier

    Five Stars: Worked great.

  218. Charles Whittier

    Five Stars: Perfect

  219. cathystut

    First set were too short.: First set were too short. LIBRA add was incorrect. Ordered the correct item after speaking with seller. They covered shipping and gave a full refund for the first set. Best place for trailer parts.

  220. chad Schumaker

    Perfect fit: One leaf spring broke and this one fit like a glove… no problem to intalls…

  221. clarence haas

    Good replacement will buy again: Good replacement good price I will buy again

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