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Libra 5 on 4.5″ B.C. Hub Drum Kits w/10″x2-1/4″ Electric Brakes for 3500 lbs Axle 22001-4K

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In stock

In stock


  • 2 x trailer 5 on 4.5″ hub drum kits + 2 x 10″x2-1/4″ electric brakes for Dexter and other brands 3,500 lbs trailer axle
  • Drum Bolt pattern: 5 on 4.5″,
  • Bearing races and 1/2″-20 studs installed
  • Kits also include:
  • 2x L68149 inner cone bearings and 2x L44649 outer cone bearings
  • 2x Grease seals 1.719″ x 2.565″
  • 2x E Z lube grease caps with rubber plugs
  • 10 cone wheel nuts 1/2″-20 thread
  • Ref part #. 008-247-05, 84546

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Trailer Hub & Drum

5 on 4.5", brake drum



75 reviews for Libra 5 on 4.5″ B.C. Hub Drum Kits w/10″x2-1/4″ Electric Brakes for 3500 lbs Axle 22001-4K

  1. Bradley D.

    Easy to install: Very easy to install, just wish it had the 7/16-20 nuts for the backing plate

  2. thomas arnold

    Great quality, Did not fit, My fault..: Even though this didn’t fit my trailer, I could tell its quality.. They accepted the return with out any issue, Thanks for the great service.

  3. WilliamEks

    Electric brakes!!!: Not much to say except get these if you need to add electric brakes to your trailer.. I coupled these with a Reese Towpower 8508211 brake controller and my 7.5k landscape trailer made my 2005 Chrysler Town and Country stop a lot easier. I have 2 axles on the trailer and installed these on the front axle for support. If i installed these on both axles, i could easily lock up the wheels empty on setting 6.0.

    Bolts fit, drums spin true, no major vibrations at 90mph, it’s a great set!

  4. mrfixit

    Good value and Quality: Only reason for 4 not 5 star is the lack of the 7/16-20 nuts needed to mount the brake assembly to the axle. A very inexpensive add to this kit that would be worthwhile. I had a bit of adventure with a different seller and that kept sending the wrong 7/16 nuts. Would have been unnecessary if the kit included them.

  5. Edward

    No parts included: Received 2 boxes with the left and right brake kit, however they did not come with any advertised parts:
    Kits also include: 2x L68149 inner cone bearings and 2x L44649 outer cone bearings, 2x Grease seals 1.719″ x 2.565″, 2x E Z lube grease caps with rubber plug; 10 cone wheel nuts 1/2″-20 thread

    How do I contact for help?

    Customer support helped and sent the missing parts. Was able to install and so far so good.

  6. Harry Dunning

    Need studs: Easy install

  7. Steve

    Great products: Only thing I wish they kit had was the 4 nuts to mount it.. half my old ones worked and the other half I had to cut off. Otherwise great easy to install

  8. JRM

    Everything you need in an affordable kit.: I used this set to replace the hydraulic surge brake system on my boat. Easy bolt up kit. Great improvement.

  9. Theresa allen

    Oddball thread size, MANUFACTURER (not seller) must provide mounting nuts.: Nice brake kit. Problem is this modern day, design it as difficult as possible so that no-one other than a dealer can work on it, mandate is bs. If you’re gonna use bs thread sizes that aren’t readily availanle at hardware or auto parts stores, then supply the nuts to fit that thread size. Designing prodicts that aggrivate customers does not improve or promote sales.

    We took out the threaded mounting studs and replaced them w/ grade 8 bolts in a thread size that can be found everywhere. Wasted a lot of time due to this.l

  10. Michael large

    Exact fit: There were the exact original style and model of my original brakes. Great value for the cost. Very easy to install.

  11. brett curl

    Good complete kit: Looks like a nice kit. Ended up buying another brand brake kit for the other axle and the other kit had cooling fins on the brake drums where these did not. Other than that they seem to bolt on and adjust easily. Shipped fast and came with every I needed.

  12. James

    Works great: Went from having no brakes ,to brakes ,works great .glad I got it

  13. Robby M

    Good kit: Only thing I would change about this ki is it did not come with the fine thread 7/16 nuts for backing plate to axle

  14. Linda


  15. liz davis

    Be prepaired: There not anywere as nice as a Dexter set but for the money not bad 2 day and having to go to a specialty bolt shop to fine 8 10 x1.75 metric nuts Grrrr! why don’t they just send the mounting bolts with it or make the a standard 10 x1.5 what I saved was more than eaten up in gas driving around trying to find the nuts and 10 dollars for 8 #8 nuts then you need to adjust the drums not self adjuster

  16. Todd from pa

    So far so good: Not knowing anything about how brakes work, I installed the brakes on my own. I did watch a video on how to install them and learned not to drop bearing or you will have to replace it. Dented the race a little didn’t want to chance it. Buddy show me how to adjust and brakes and they work great. Read reviews took a chance so far very pleased. Just an extra tid bit went with Kurt Echo Smart blue tooth brake controller the 2 work well together. Very Pleased

  17. Jared aiken

    Brakes fit and work great also best deal I found: Great product, I bought this set to add breaks to the second axel on my 20ft carhauler. The trailer stops so much better when dragging my jeep down the highway. Some things you need to know before buying this product, to add breaks to a axel it must have a backing plate mounting bracket (the backingplate holds the shoes, springs, and the magnet) (mounting bracket is a square plate with four holes welded behind the spindle on the axel). The hubs come with the bearing races already pressed in so you won’t need a bearing race driver or have to take them somewhere to get them pressed in. This set does NOT come with the nuts or washers needed to mound the backing plate to the axel (8 7/16×20 nuts, 8 lock washers, and 8 plain washers).

  18. Ben B.

    Great for the price: These are some pretty cheap brakes and the build quality somewhat shows that, but these brakes work just fine after some fiddling with the studs which fall out and after you buy the missing nuts 5/16 – 24. They have good stopping power on my tandem trailer with 6000lbs on board. Despite the other negative reviews, I’ve had no major issues yet (fingers crossed) will update my review if I have a failure. Only real gripe I had was the dust/grease caps did not fit onto the hubs, they were far too tight. I tossed them and just reused my old ones. So just beware of that.

  19. Shawn H.

    Needs some nuts.: Had to buy 8 7/16 fine thread nuts and washers to mount to axle.

  20. Francognlz

    Brake system: I added this on my trailer and fit perfectly the work good easy to install but I wish there was a set of installation bolts with it.

  21. F. Boyer

    They bolted up.: The dust caps were for a different type of oil seal. They had large holes for a grease/oil system

  22. Country Kid

    Good quality: Great brakes my only problem was my mistake I thought I had 3500k axles but they were 2500k. So I changed axles because I needed the 3500lb

  23. Leopotemus

    You just need nuts to take this on: Good quality for the money,easy install.
    Everything was included except the nuts to attach backing plates to the axle.
    Attach backing plate,pack bearings,install seals,wire up,adjust brakes and you are good to go.

  24. Matthew Baygents

    Easy install..needed some extra hardware than what was included: Pretty straight forward install. Only complaint is that it did not come with nuts to attach it to the axle flange. Had to make a hardware store run. They were 7/16-20 if you find yours does not come with them as well.

  25. John Boatman

    Great item: Great item

  26. KEITH

    fast shipping!: shipped same day I placed the order, well packaged and easy to install

  27. John M.

    These are great. Easy to install: These are great. Easy to install. Fast delivery. Two things though…First I wish the wires were longer as I had to make a splice from my trailer wires to the drums…not quite plug and play. Second, I wish they provided the nuts & bolts to mount to your axle flange. Don’t toss any of your old stuff or you’ll be digging to find the needed bolts to mount. Other than that, very nice.

  28. Scott H.

    Easy install: Super easy to install just beware, they tell you that it’s a complete kit, it is not. It lacks the 4 nuts to attach the assembly to the axle flange, so if your doing both sides it lacks 8 nuts

  29. owesty

    Need your trailer to stop, buy these things. They will make it stop.: Awesome! I had a trailer. It had the 4-hole square tabs on both ends of the axle. I needed brakes on my trailer because I was sick of warping the rotors on my truck from the extra trailer weight. Added a trailer brake to my wiring harness. Upgraded my trailer to a 7-pin connecter. Got these brakes. Exactly what I needed. I’d buy them again.

  30. Rimmel

    Perfect Replacement: Installed these on my 1970’s Tandum Travel Trailer. These assemblies worked perfectly. My old assemblies were all rusted, so were the mounting nuts and lock washers. These assemblies did not come with new mounting nuts and lock washers. I purchased some high-grade nuts and washers from the supply house, they cost about a $1 each. These assemblies come with installed stems.

  31. Travis

    Good product for the money: The only thing I have complaint about is they do not come with the 4 nuts to bolt to axle flange

  32. Bill

    Great: Works great Good product

  33. Leonard

    Nearly complete kit: Seems to be very good stuff. Comes with axle nut and washer but not the lock washer. Good grief why?? Still worth the money. DO NOT buy the lock washers on LIBRA as you will be raped. I bought a package of 4 for five bucks elsewhere on line.

  34. Rushell

    Replaced my Dexter 8-247 brakes: These were a direct replacement for my “vintage” 1991 Jayco trailer. The original drum and backing plate were Dexter 8-247. Everything bolted directly into my axle and stops the trailer as they should. Keep the four nuts that are on your current backing plate, these don’t come with them.

  35. Rock Jock

    Good value for the price: When I received them, there were two of the same side! The seller very cheerfully and quickly sent the correct part. They fit fine and work fine.

  36. BenThinkin

    Brake Revival: It all bolted up very nicely. Because of the design of my axles I did have to do some minor grinding to get the backing plate to fit flush. My first trial run with my boat trailer indicates that these electric brakes work much better than that old surge brakes that I removed.

  37. philip sharman

    Great value: Bolted up good.

  38. Matthew M.

    No mounting hardware: Should come with nuts and washers to attach to my axles. Only thing I was disappointed in.

  39. Range

    Best Deal: Looked at several online sources for hubs and these were nearly half the price! Excellent quality that rolled very smooth compared to the stock worn out hubs. I added a set of bearing buddies to keep them happy for thousands of miles.

  40. Greg528

    Four Stars: I had to go buy 8, 7/16″ nuts to attach to the backing plates.

  41. Jesse Denning

    Awesome value: I usually don’t rate places…
    But this was a awesome deal
    And really needed when the money was tight

  42. Shopping for gifts

    Works great… the only things was the attachment hardware was missing.: Brakes work great. Needed to take a long road trip with loaded trailer on hilly roads and brakes worked just fine.

  43. matthew ramsay

    Four Stars: I would have given a five star but does not come with nuts to mount

  44. Marissadad

    Good product, good value: I bought a used trailer and upon inspecting the brakes, found they were at end of life, so I found this replacement kit that had everything at a great price.

  45. Mike F.

    Just buy it: East to install ….but you might have to adjust them a bit ….i had to.

  46. jeff

    fit: works as advertised

  47. Mark Allen

    Good value!!: Bought two sets to redo my car trailer. Went on easily, work great!

  48. Ryan Brolin

    Five Stars: Perfect fit, excellent price, only drawback is would be nice if kit included the nut retaining washer.

  49. Eric

    Perfect fit: Great fit and quality. Downfall is does not include the backing plate mounting nuts.

  50. Vincent C. Russo

    Installed on my Venture boat trailer Replaced surge brakes on …: Installed on my Venture boat trailer
    Replaced surge brakes on one axel and added to second axel
    They work greatl

  51. Ladimerk

    excellent value: very easy to install

  52. Bryan Pope

    Hub size: Fit just right.

  53. Stacey L.

    I like them: Work great!

  54. Brian Neal

    Enclosed trailer: Works well on my 16 foot homesteader hurcules trailer

  55. casper

    Five Stars: good products, all parts included, will last a long time.

  56. Giovanni

    Fit perfectly: Easy to install and came with all parts to install

  57. Justin

    Brakes grab good.: Gave me everything I needed. Brakes grab good.

  58. Bill Guevremont

    As Advertised and on time: Quality

  59. Debbie & Jon

    Just what I needed.: Good quality for the price.

  60. Nick

    Five Stars: Great bang for your buck

  61. Jean

    Five Stars: doing a good job

  62. Danica

    Great set. But does not come with the nuts …: Great set. But does not come with the nuts and washers to mount the brake kit to the axle flange… otherwise would give 5 stars.

  63. KimberlyClark

    You get what they say you get: It came all together in 2 boxes one for left side one for right side

  64. Pete

    Great to do business: Easy install

  65. Charlie

    Quick shipping: Great value. Used to get brakes on a dolly

  66. Jason L. Ryan

    Complete kit expect backing plae nuts: Just make sure you get some backing plate nuts from the hardware store before you begin your installation

  67. A. Armstrong

    Not easy to return…: Ordered these in error. I actually needed 5 X 5 lug pattern, so had to return. Getting processed for return was not easy. Had to contact Libra directly for proper paperwork. 20% restocking fee applied also. They required that I de-box hubs and take pictures of them to submit in order to get RMA form. Then had to re-package items up and take to shipper. Bottom line, they took them back and I ordered replacements in correct configuration. So all is well that ended well… But I took a star off because of the PIA to return…

  68. Munzie

    Stopping it: My other electric brakes I had on my boat trailer for 4 years got to the point that they were so badly rusted I had to replace them. Granted I never took the Brakes off to clean and flush them. If I had I probably wouldn’t of had to order new ones. I figured they lasted me 4 years so I purchased them again. I just might clean them up this year when I winterize the boat.

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