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Set of Steel Trailer Square Tail Light Mounting Boxes 24017-018

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  • One right and one left (with opening for license plate light)
  • Fits standard square trailer tail lights for over or under 80″ wide trailers
  • Made by 13 ga heavy duty steel
  • Light box dimensions: 5-1/4″L X 5-1/4″H X 3″D, side open: 3-5/8″, rear bolt slot space 1-1/2″ apart

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114 reviews for Set of Steel Trailer Square Tail Light Mounting Boxes 24017-018

  1. Amanda

    Worked great: I got tired of replacing my parent’s trailer lights when my brother or his son busted them. So I bought these and had them welded on the trailer. The lights fit inside the bracket perfectly. These lights have lasted the longest so far. So glad I found these. Saved me time and money.

  2. Brian Davis

    Save those brakelights!: After welding them on and painting them, they look awesome and protected the taillights as they should!!! Recommend!

  3. Dennis

    Modest protection at a great price: Yes, I wish it was heavier gauge. No, it is not painted. Yes, you will have to 1.) clean off the protective coat 2.) prime it and 3.) paint it. Not a very big deal. I gave this a 5 star because I could not have purchased the raw materials for what I paid. The joints are only welded in spots (not “spot” welded) but are substantial enough to last many years…provide you clean, prime and paint prior to installation.

  4. Bobbert

    Protect the lights: They do a good job of protecting the trailer lights but you will need to drill a hole in the center so the wires can pass through. I tried with out drilling and it just doesn’t wor the wires are pinched.

  5. Dennis G.

    Great product: I item was just as described & was just like the photo. Product was shipped promptly & packaged well. Great product at a great cost. Easy to install & looks great ! Thank you, Happy customer.

  6. Jerry Bingham

    Good deal: Works great

  7. DMVictum

    Personally I like a little more weld: I could not have made these myself for this price, but the tack welds that held them together conserned me, so I added a little scrap metal so to make it stronger (I like to weld) and the side light lens was even with the bracket so I just bent the part to make it stick out more than the lens. Overall I think this was an inexpensive way to protect the lights from a minor touch which is why I had to replace the lights .

  8. rosco

    will need to modiy to fit cac auto 12v led lights: bolt slits needed o fit had to modiified

  9. Wayne

    Quality at fair price: Trailer tail light protective metal box is sturdy and easy to install.

  10. Kirk Y

    Got tired of busting trailer lights: I have a 5×8 utility trailer where the lights stick out far enough they’re easy to break. Since training all the trailer backers in proper reversing wasn’t practical I added these when upgrading to LED trailer lights. The lights I used had a license plate illuminator that was slightly too big for the opening and required some grinding of the protector to fit, only took a few minutes. Painted them satin black to match the trailer.

    As others have noted the welds are small globs, I was planning to reweld them but on inspection they looked like they’re just strong enough (design for manufacturing at it’s finest), and if necessary I’ll reweld them if they break. Took off a star for that, would it really have been too hard to do proper welds?

  11. Chad mckamey

    Great to protect lights.: Fit standard square lights perfectly. I welded them on to a kayak trailer I built. Metal is thick enough to offer plenty of protection for almost anything that could ever happen. Love they way they look and am sure I’ll use them again on any trailers that I add or replace lights on.

  12. John Garcia

    Received as advertised and as scheduled: Received as advertised and as scheduled

  13. mary worth

    Needs a few more welds: These were what I need to protect the lights on my utility trailer, especially since it goes off road a bit. However, I would have gladly paid a few dollars more to have the pieces welded completely (a full bead) instead of two spot welds. I took them to a shop and paid a guy 10 buck to weld them completely.

  14. Kindle Customer

    Trailer tail light guards: Not sure why but there is only a cut out on one of them for the side of the tail light! Going to have cut the spot out myself with my angle grinder.

  15. Hard to please

    solid and perfect fit: these fit perfectly around the standard square trailer lights and provide good protection. I haven’t run into anything yet, but I’m sure I will soon and I expect them to hold up. thick metal and a good finish. should pay for themselves in not replacing lights

  16. Alex

    Nice add to your folding trailer: So, I added this to everyone’s favorite budget HF trailer. Putting this over the tail lights was a great add, not only does it protect the tail lights a bit, but it also give me a place to briefly place my feet. Since this mounts to the frame, it makes a fairly solid place to step and help balance while on the trailer. It wont hold a great amount of weight, but enough to help you up on the trailer to step on while moving cargo.

  17. D. H. Nathan

    You’ll have to paint them: STURDY, heavy gauge steel, they fit, they protect your tail lights! BUT You’ll have to paint or powder coat them; they are bare steel and will corrode. Need more stars to rate how sturdy they are and the value for the money. If you don’t buy these you’ll be buying more tail lights for sure.

  18. Grumpy Steve

    Nice guards for my trailer lights – May need to be painted though: I installed these with my MAXXHAUL 70205 lights which I just had to replace because I kept walking into them and broke both the tail lights. These provide good protection from basic damage for your lights. They are raw metal and I will assume rust over time if not painted.

  19. Chris Thorn

    Cheap protection for your lights: Light weight for home trailer use, can be bolted through using the light itself so no welding required. Made from folded steel but only tack welded together which may be an issue over time if used as a step. Comes bare oiled steel,, no primer or paint.

  20. Indio

    1-2, 3 fix: I got tired of replacing harbor freight lights it’s works great and now I’m saving money no more breaking lights.

  21. Lupo

    Well made parts: These do show up as bare metal, so be prepared to add a couple of coats of Rustoleum, etc. But heavy gauge steel that may outlast your traailer.

  22. Ian

    They are plenty strong to protect the lights: After the reading the reviews I was a bit scared they would be weak but they don’t seem to be at all. I probably wouldn’t use them as a step but for just protecting the lights I think they’re more than capable. You will need to paint them but that not an issue. Overall a good buy

  23. Handyman247 LLC

    Have trailer lites GAURD them: If you own any size trailer like me and your tail lights are just bolted to a holder or the frame of the trailer, they will at some point be broken. these guards add a second layer of protection to the lights remaining in place and not get broken. these metal guards will need to be welded in place for best performance and look.

  24. Labrandis Baxter

    Great look: Quick install and great price

  25. Henry Cook

    Light saver: Saves me a ton on light repairs. I weld them on for express strength then paint to match.

  26. MVB1

    This product comes as bare metal.: I used this product to protect the tail lights on my utility trailer. I applied a coat of primer and a couple coats of black paint prior to installation. Installation was easy. I am pleased with this product.

  27. Hal

    No more replacing lights: Wish this was an option when the trailer was bought. Thanks to kids and people who barrow and then having lens break or backed into something. I’m hoping this will be the set of lens that I replace. 🙂

  28. Bruce V.

    Great mounting brackets: These were great mounting brackets and easy to weld to the frame of my utility trailer. I would have liked them a little thicker metal, but worked fine for my utility trailer.

  29. Manxman

    Well made, robust: The lights and these housing didn’t work well together which resulted in quite a bit of drilling and grinding. Not the fault of the product at all. The brackets are unfinished, but impressed with the quality. Regardless how you mount the brackets to your trailer, some drilling will be required.

  30. Elizabeth H Olsen

    Great protector for your trailer lights: These easily affixed to the trailer and we put new trailer lights up as well. It seems that every time we use the trailer, some kind of damage happens to the lights. These has helped protect them! These boxes are very solid, easy to install and you can still see the lights that need to be seen as you drive for safety.

  31. John S.

    Heavy duty and well built. Fits standard trailer lights pefect!: These are very high quality trailer light protectors. They are well built and standard trailer lights fit perfect. The steel is nice and thick which makes them very sturdy. I needed something to protect my lights as well a better way to attach them to my trailer. This set is perfect. They come unpainted which I liked as I am refurbishing my trailer and wanted the paint to match.

  32. Edward Mozee

    This is what you need to protect your lights: Like most reviews say, I had to spray them so that they wouldn’t rust but that was easy enough to do. They were perfect for my new rewired homemade trailer lights. Before these I’ve had to replace two sets of lights from them breaking from impact. I no longer have that worry and I’m sure they will save me in the future as well.

  33. Nicholas J. DeMatteo

    Paint them before installing: They came unpainted so get some spray paint. Well made. My set came with two left side light protectors so I had to flip one over to fit to the right side. As a result the right side is exposed on top.

  34. CS

    Perfect for HF trailers: Just needed some rattle can and I was good to go, thank ya!

  35. Josh

    Great for the price: Haven’t installed the lights yet but them seem pretty sturdy. Should do a great job protecting the tail lights. I welded them on so hopefully they hold up lol

  36. Frost-nc

    Worked well with standard square style lights.: I just had to clean up a few welds, drill a hole in the center for the wiring to pass thru, wiped them down and sent them to be ceramic coated. Perfect fit for the led lights I bought on LIBRA. Would recommend.

  37. Irais Jimenez

    👍👍👍: I got for my husband and he said it was just what he looking for

  38. Alan Williams

    solid: my lights used to get broken often- this looks light it will protect the lights nicely. I even used 1 as a step and it felt very solid. attaches with existing bolts on the light.

  39. Scott

    Works good: Works good on my HF trailer. Comes unfinished but that allows me to paint to match the raised location where I mounted them.

  40. Gerardo Aleman

    Sturdy and heavy duty.: Worked great for my lights and trailer. Painted, drilled some holes, and installed. Ready to roll!

  41. Justinas

    Fits the standard square trailer lights.: Really liked this guard and haven’t had to replace my tail lights since. Will require a coat of paint when you get it though, so plan your project accordingly. 🙂

  42. Kyle Cross

    Nice housing: I like that they fit the lights. I do not like how thin they are but I knew that when buying them. Worked great on my Tar kettle trailers and should protect the lights for a while.


    WELL DONE: Fit like a glove! I have the worst luck with breaking trailer lights, from moving trailer around in or out of the garage I break one at least every year. Hopefully this will help with that.

  44. blaze2200

    these are good but could be made out of a little heavier …: Was going to make my own but didn’t have time. these are good but could be made out of a little heavier gauge steel. They are certainly better than nothing and will protect the lights in most cases.

  45. Rebecca G. Nelms

    Good quality: Very sturdy, easy installation and good price.

  46. Corey burnette 76

    Brake light guard: East to install

  47. RonGriffin

    Great product for the price: Lights on my utility trailer

  48. Donald R. Keeslar

    prime and paint.: Good product, just keep in mind you need to prime and paint if you want them to last. good protection for your lights.

  49. Diana Weiland

    Me! More busted lights on my trailer: No more busted lights for me!

  50. Barb

    Great Product: Great Product

  51. Ben McKinnon

    Solid Steel: Excellent product. Protects the plastic lights with heavy duty steel. Looks good too, giving my utility trailer a professional, attractive look.

  52. Rebecca Smith

    Four Stars: Would be much nicer if powder coated or at least painted. Strong enough.

  53. C Butler

    Perfect fit. Solid construction: Perfect fit. Solid construction. They came unpainted which worked perfect for me since my trailer is a specialty color. Just make sure you prep them first.

  54. RobbC.

    Great protection for the taillights.: Nice heavy duty product. Looks good and fit perfectly in my Harbor Freight trailer.

  55. Don Stephenson

    Very nice for mounting lights if you’re limited by what you can do in your: Alot better than having to fashion something yourself if you don’t already have brackets

  56. jeffreysbrudigan

    Great design for any trailer: Worked great on my jet ski trailer

  57. Jerry J Livingston

    Great Taillight Protection: Easy to install. Fit perfectly. I was tired of knocking off my taillights without protection.

  58. Adan

    Protection of lights is a must: A must have for your lights will save you money in long run

  59. Peter Klein

    Perfect fitment.: Perfect fit. Look great too.

  60. SuperSnips

    great: Could use a little more welding, but will still keep me from breaking any more lights.

  61. Michael Johnson

    Great fit.: Well made. Fit very good. Easy to install.

  62. jennifer j.

    Very thick and durable: The thickest material that I have found

  63. Jon Judge

    Primered only.: Fits perfect. Paint before you install or it will rust

  64. Ovie

    Very good: Like it. It fits perfect on the trailer lights

  65. steve mcelroy

    none: Excellent quality very pleased with the purchase

  66. Mel

    Fit perfectly: Protected light from getting damaged

  67. gary l Shrader

    Easy to use: Great product fast shipping

  68. John Wright

    Light brackets: Good quality and does its job

  69. Barbara Stone

    Good quality for little money.: Very good quality

  70. bscottwv

    Get these before your lights get broken: I should have gotten these way before. Nice heavy metal. You do need to paint them.

  71. Daniel Warren

    Bare metal: Add a little paint and they are ready to go.

  72. john david abt

    Great items: Awesome product

  73. Ricky S.

    Protect Light…: Strong protective taillight cover

  74. vjp710

    Save your lights: Good product

  75. Rusty Morgan

    Great: Works great for my lawn care trailer

  76. alpha pup

    Worth every penny: Great product keep ur lights safe

  77. Ryan

    Works perfect: Very sturdy looks great

  78. stephanie barr

    Good: Good

  79. JR

    Great Product: Great Product, I had to take off all the sharp edges and add paint myself but it’s a great fit. My tail lights will be well protected now. .

  80. terry wood

    Fast shipping: Heavy steel

  81. Derek

    Trailer light protectors: Works great just needs paint

  82. G.Krause

    Awesome product arrived in great condition: Wow!! Shipped so fast!! Awesome product arrived in great condition! Very Happy! THANKS!!!

  83. Kindle Customer

    Worth the money!: Thick steel and precise bends. Fits perfect.

  84. David Scott Streeter

    Five Stars: fit perfict

  85. Clancy

    Five Stars: well made

  86. Linn N. Corbin

    Five Stars: They really save your trailer lights from damage!

  87. Everett Sedwick

    Five Stars: Nice item works well

  88. Getrollin

    Five Stars: Easy to weld on and provides protection. Very good quality.

  89. wonggie

    Trailer light uard: Works great good price and seller. Thanks

  90. Gary L. Wasson

    Five Stars: very good

  91. Jr

    Five Stars: Made very well.

  92. Dean Powell

    Five Stars: works well

  93. oxbox

    Well made-need to be primed and painted.: Well made,prompt ship, fair price. Need to be painted as they are un – primed or painted.

  94. Jack

    Trailer light protection: Works well, had to file off sharp burrs and repainted filed area

  95. JPJ

    Worked Great: Work great for what thier designed for, accidental bumping. If you run it into a wall or a tree the light is more than likely going to break.

  96. KThom

    These will save me LOTS of money in replacement lights and lenses in the future!: Great price on some fairly solid steel light guards. I didn’t even know anyone made these, but I did an LIBRA search and came up with these! Most trailer lights are SO wimpy…and all you have to do is lightly come in contact as you move a trailer around to either break them at the mounting plate, crack the lenses or Completely destroy them! I’ve done all 3 over the years, even as I was being as careful as possible. So, do yourself a favor and add them to your trailer, BEFORE the trash the lamps! One note, I just couldn’t wait to install these, so I put the lights on my new trailer and wired ’em up. Duh, when these guards arrived, I had to disconnect the wiring and fish it thru the guards and remount the lights. My impatience gets me again. I DID wipe them down with a rag sprayed with Brake Cleaner and then sprayed them with Rustoleum red primer and then shot them with Rusto rust preventing Black. They look pretty durn good and in no way block the normal visibility of the lights, themselves

  97. Ian McDonald

    Great, high strength product: So, first I will admit that I am an experienced custom truck builder and have had to repair many trailers. I don’t have access to much metal working equipment to do my own projects. I bought these for a car hauler I am overhauling, it’s lived an interesting life, and getting it back to legal. These are well built light protectors/boxes. I cut my old bent ones off and welded these on, although I had enough room that they could be bolted I guess. The fact that these are bare metal made everything easier. Once I was done I just sprayed them black. I only wish they had a few extra welds to hold them together, but since I was welding them on anyways, not a problem. Great buy for the money, probably going to get another set for my lawnmower trailer that could also use some attention.

  98. CJ Trucker

    Just what I was looking for.: Great item. Delivery fast. Very pleased.

  99. jamey

    thanks: thanks

  100. Lumpyrlr

    Good: Thier’s nothing wrong with the sturdiness of these. They are solid and should keep lens from breaking if I bump them backing up. I did have to file burrs off the edges and paint them, but for price you can’t beat these.

  101. Joe L

    Great for protection of lights: They need to be welded on. No problem if you weld.

  102. Howdy

    A solid little extra security shield around your trailer lights: For anyone that has ever towed utility trailers before, you know how delicate unprotected trailer tail lights can be. They are the proverbial anchor that are guaranteed to catch, hook, hang and snag on anything within a square mile of you while you back up your trailer. It’s one of those sick Murphy’s Law’s of Trailer towing…if you don’t bend or bust a tail light at least once, you aren’t really using your trailer.

    With these steel boxes, at the very least, your lights are more protected from overflowing cargo as well. The boxes can take a hit and add a layer of protection to keep your fragile lights from bending and breaking. They come unpainted, so you will need to degrease and acetone or alcohol to clean them up. A good coat of self-etching primer followed by some rattle-can spray paint will keep your security shield shiny and rust free.

    inexpensive way to toughen up your trailer.

  103. A.J.

    Top notch quality: These are must for me with my utility trailer and boat trailer. I had these on a smaller utility trailer that I sold a year ago and they protected the lights perfectly. I only wish they offered these with either a powder coating or coated with a liner like what’s in the bed a truck. The last set I had, I coated them with Rhino liner and they looked awesome!

  104. Carlos A.

    Look nice: When they said are easy to install, did you require welding. To not exactly easy to install, but I knew that when I purchase them. They look nice in the trailer. Did find a cheaper somewhere else later on.

  105. Tommy Chenault

    Does what it’s supposed to.: It fit fine around my lights. Strong, sturdy steel with solid construction.

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