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Set 4 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires ST185/80R13 8PR LR D w/Scuff Guard 11135

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In stock

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  • Full nylon cap ply ( nylon overlay cross entire tread area), significant upgrade from most other products on the market have nylon strips on shoulder area only, add the critical safety feature!
  • Featured “Scuff Guard” ring on tire wall for better tire side and rim protection
  • Designed for trailer use only, no rims included

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: ST185/80R13
  • Brand: Free Country
  • Ply Rated: 8
  • Load Range: D
  • Rim Width: 5″
  • Speed rating: M
  • Tread Depth: 10/32″
  • Max Load: 1710lbs@65psi

Additional information


Free Country

Tire Size


Rim Dia

13" Tire

Ply Rated


Tread Depth


Rim Width




Load Range


Speed Rating


Section Width




24 reviews for Set 4 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires ST185/80R13 8PR LR D w/Scuff Guard 11135

  1. adam piel

    Great Tires, Great Value: Bought these after reading reviews. Replaced tires on a 16×7 enclosed trailer before a 800 mile trip and these worked flawlessly. If you have 3500lbs axles, these tires will be rated for more weight than your axles are so you should not have to worry about overloading your tires. Easy to mount, easy to balance, pull straight. No complaints!

  2. jeff scott

    Excellent value: Good tires

  3. RLC

    Better quality than expected: Perfect fit and look for trailers. Only towed a few miles so far but seemed smooth. Would buy agaaian

  4. Leah S

    Fast shipping!!: Ordered these tires on a Wednesday and all four arrived the next Thursday. Date stamps all match and they were manufactured four months prior to when I received them which is completely fine considering these tires come from China on a slow boat. Time will tell how they do on my dual 3500# axle open trailer I haul my S2000 track car on to-and-from the track.

  5. pete

    Hopefully they are good tires: Installed all four tires on to the rims of my RV will be on the road by the end of the month. Hopefully I will see the improvement on the freeway with these tires.

  6. Robert Kohrs

    Free Country tires: These tires are on a 7000 pound camper. We just got back from a 1800 mile trip and the tires performed better than the original tires. They are showing no wear and I would buy them again. Very pleased!


    Nice so far!: Arrived on time. Better than other camper tires. Seems to ride better.

  8. Jonny

    Good tires: Put these on a boat trailer and they have been working great

  9. david p

    Tires: Good tires for the money

  10. rayne bergschneider

    Good value: These tires performed well on a 550 mile trip so far. As good as you can expect from china rubber. Im sure they will crack in a few years as our politicians gave our tire industry to communist china via nafta and the ccp doesnt make tires as good as we had to when we made them in the USA.

  11. susan d cermak

    They came earlier than expected.: They look very strong and perfect for road and dirt.

  12. l c

    Most were good: Haven’t put any mules on them yet. 3/4 mounted up ok. The fourth had a big bulge when the bead seated. Broke it down, cleaned and lubed, seated again and same bulge was still there. This will be moved as a spare. Ordered another to throw on a main rim. Can’t trust it with a lot of weight. They also feel pretty thin for ten ply load e tires. Time will tell.

  13. Voinche, H

    Great Purchase: Good quality tires. Worth the money.

  14. Mark

    Seems to be well built: Don’t know yet but they seem well built

  15. john gorman

    Good price: Good price for weight rating

  16. B. Keith

    Great tires for the price: Great tires for the price

  17. Michael Cooper

    Great tires: Tires came on time I put on my 16’ landscape trailer they ride smooth and seem to be handling the weight great. Awesome tires would definitely buy again

  18. CM

    Better than expected: Nice construction 10 ply and the scuff guard on the side wall is a nice feature

  19. scott

    Great!: I was a little worried after reading some reviews on here but at the end of the day the tires were GREAT! traveled about 150 miles with my 20 ft travel trailer with no issues at all. It saved me allot of money getting them. I wanna say they had a small issue mounting the tires at the shop but other then that they’ve been great so far. A huge thank you to the sellers and to Libra for these. And I’d advise people to buy them for travel trailers for sure 👍🏻

  20. jean

    This comes on two deliveries even though only one is on the tracking number: Bought these tires for my travel trailer. The ride smooth as far I can tell however I haven’t taken them out very far. I am very satisfied with the purchase, but keep in mind that these came on two different deliveries even though all four were on one tracking number. So when the first two tire came in Libra stated they were all delivered, but only two were. The other two came in the next day, so I spent the first day trying to contact the seller to find out where the other two tires were. I never heard from them so that wasn’t good but the other tires came the next day and I am satisfied with them so far.

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