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Set 4 LIBRA 24″ 6000lbs RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks w/Power Drill socket & Full Install kit 26088

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In stock



  • Stabilizing and leveling your RV/Trailer
  • Remains steady on soft surfaces because of wide bow-tie base
  • Includes 4 heavy gauge steel jacks
  • Also include a 3/4″ hex magnetic socket to raise/lower jack faster by power drill!
  • Also include 16 pcs 3/8″ mounting screws & matching 9/16″ socket,
  • Also include a 11/36″ mounting hole drill bit, one set of drilling guide sticker, everything you need for install!
  • Extended height: 24″, Retracted height: 4″, retracted length: 26-1/2″, width: 7.5″
  • Capacity: 6,000 lbs per jack, built by same material as other brand’s 7500lbs jacks

Warning: These stabilizer jacks are for RV stabilizing and leveling purpose only. NEVER use for lifting, changing tires or supporting weight of any vehicles. Improper use can result in property damage, serious injury or death and will void the warranty!

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331 reviews for Set 4 LIBRA 24″ 6000lbs RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks w/Power Drill socket & Full Install kit 26088

  1. Marlon A.

    Sturdy: You can also used as a jack stand, and make your rv more stabilized

  2. Rv-Road

    Sexy: 6,000 lb stabilizer Jacks for less than $200 includes templates drivers and drill bit. Heck of a deal

  3. Brian

    Nice jacks: Replaced my old rusted jacks on a camper recently purchased with these libra stabilizers. They made set up and break down of camper so much easier with the drill chuck. It did take a good amount of time and the drill bit they sent isn’t the best for drilling through angle iron. Additionally the screws themselves are just that, screws with no locknut or washer. I added them just for ease of mind.

  4. Kayla

    Good product but couldn’t install: They work well to stabilize however I was not able to install them because the metal was so thick on my motorhome and it is almost impossible to drill the screws provided threw the metal so not sure if that is common since these are for my motorhome not an rv. Overall happy with product

  5. lllDaslll

    Much more heavy duty than the OEM on my Jayco: These are much more sturdy than my originals. I bought a 3 year old used Jayco, and one of the jacks no longer functioned, and the other 3 were pretty rusty. I figured if I had to replace one, I may as well replace them all (easier said than done lol!). My first hiccup was that only 2 were shipped even though I bought 4. I sent the manufacturer a message through LIBRA, and they had shipped out the other 2 by that afternoon. Very good CS.

    When it came time to install, all the required hardware was included, even the massive drill bit. Sadly, only one side of the bracket lined up with the much smaller existing holes from the dinky original jacks. Using those as pilot holes, I was able to make pretty quick work of that side of the bracket. However, drilling through a strong steel frame from scratch with a massive drill bit was a different beast altogether, especially while lying on a gravel lot at storage. (Mental note: bring something to lay on next time). After the first one, I ended up drilling small pilot holes which helped speed up the install on the other 3 corners of the trailer.

    Once extended, they are very sturdy and limit movement much better than the previous jacks. However, people really need to realize that even though these have a high weight capacity, they ARE NOT leveling jacks, and are simply stabilizers. I’m not sure LIBRA should allow 1 star reviews when people are not using the product correctly.

  6. Shawna

    Works as of now: Seems to work for now. Easy to install and comes with a drill adapter. It also has a manual tool. My only concern is longevity of main screw and rivets. Great product for price though.

  7. Mike Costello

    Good stabilizer but better when modified: Let me start by saying these are good stabilizers… probably great for the weekend RVer. However, our disaster relief trailers get used hard and we cycle the stabilizers nearly every week during the spring and summer. We’ve had a problem with the threaded rod coming out of the stabilizer when stowing the jacks for travel. It seems the collar that is supposed to prevent that is merely clamped onto the rod. When using the provided 3/4″ drill/impact bit, it can cause the clamped collar can break loose and travel down the rod, causing the rod to back out of the far side of the stabilizer. Our fix was to void the warranty and tack weld the collar to the threaded rod. We have about 80 stabilizer jacks on our trailers and welded all of them with no further issues.

  8. Lee

    Better Quality Than Original Equipment: The stabilizers were sturdier than the original equipment on my travel trailer. The installation was straightforward. Simply had to remove four bolts on each and bolt the new stabilizers to the frame. They appear to have a better finish than the original equipment. I would recommend them.

  9. Tipo

    Way better than the stock units: In my case the install was quite extensive since I had to remove the old rusted cheap ones. I don’t get it. Only a year old trailer and those things were ruined. Photo shows them. I also had to sand and paint the rust that transferred to the frame from those old junkets. These new units are significantly heavier and high quality. Even the screws were 2 sizes larger than what was on there.

  10. Jaylind

    Great for Camper stabilization: We use these along with the stabilizers that came with out 36 foot camper. Added these to the four corners and it significantly reduces the shaking when folks walk around and from the wind.

  11. Deborah Z.

    Sturdy!!!: These jacks are overkill for what I needed but I wanted a sturdy product I could trust. These are just that!
    They provide everything you need for install. I recommend having 2 extra drill bits on hand as the one supplied gets dull after a few holes. Other than that, they are perfect and very well made!

  12. J. Williams

    bought for a cargo trailer being used as a camper. it works for me.: no issues yet. came in one piece. no broken parts. my trailer does not go up to 5000 pounds but these work for it. trailer is rated for 3500 pounds on the axle and dont try to lift the trailer just like the instructions say. saw lots of reviews saying these failed. not sure what they were using them for or how they were using them but for a small cargo trailer they seem to work. only use two of the 4. i dont know what a rv weighs but if you buy these for anything bigger than a small cargo size trailer or tear drop trailer then it might be to heavy for these. 4 of them will not hold 20000 pounds.
    I like that this comes with the socket for drills to raise and lower the stabilizers, makes it easy. i did not mount them just set them and raise them when the trailer sits to keep it from falling when walking around in the trailer. make sure your trailer is not more than rated weight, and i would suggest buying something that is rated over the trailer weight for safety, and you should be good. cannot speak to the reviews that said they came broken or broke when they tried using them. mine have not broken yet.

  13. Craig Beisker

    Top notch stabilizers: Very heavy duty. Super stable and easy to install.

  14. peter gevinski

    Good: Good

  15. Philiboy

    Great Quality and Versatility of Use. Crystal clear instructions.: I have just received them and haven’t installed them on my RV. Comments and the listing itself are a bit ambigous about whether they are “leveling” jack, or just for stabilizing. My RV has no leveling jacks and I bought these to use for that purpose.
    Well the instructions that come with it make it clear that they ARE leveling jacks as well as stabilizing jacks.
    The quality seems to be there, I am quite impressed at the quality for the price. They look good, moved smoothly in my garage and look like I’ll be able to permanently mount them when I can. In the interim you could use a block (Or possibly nothing) on the top and another on he bottom if the soil is wet or not solid and as long as your RV doesn’t move I don’t think you’ll have any problem.
    The instructions are refreshingly clear. There are a lot of cautions but liability is the reason, you’ve been warned. No you should not use as a tire jack. Otherwise they will be great.
    I was especially pleased that they included a socket to allow you to use your drill to expand or collapse the jack. It only save a few bucks but it’s thoughtful. And a socket for the screws and a template to drill holes for the screws when you do mount it.

  16. daniel

    Great stabilizing Jacks: Welded these to a Tiny House (frame) Im building. Great Quality and they came with all hardware and socket tools. Everything is included!

  17. Theodore Gray

    made good.: Good price .

  18. Scott Ingraham

    Much better than the original jacks: Had to drill some new holes in the frame but these are much better than the factory ones. Well worth the money and I wish I had done it earlier

  19. Nancy Brantley

    Stability and looks like new from factory: Stability, we have a 28 ft camper we have completely redone. Easy to install

  20. John Paul Vaughn

    Strong, durable and look good.: I liked the looks, the ease of installing and the proper tools and bolts that were included. Hassle free installation.

  21. The Nurse

    Much better than originals: I purchased this set of jacks to replace the ones on my travel trailer which were damaged during Hurricane Zeta. These seem to be much better quality than the original ones I replaced. They operate very easily. I can’t speak yet to the longevity since they were recently installed. The set included everything I needed for installation. My only negative comment is regarding the condition of the shipping box. It was very mangled and partially open when it was delivered. Fortunately, all the contents were still inside. I realize this is a very heavy item, but there needs to be some type of reinforcement to the packaging to prevent the possible loss of the contents. Looking forward to trying these out on a soon upcoming trip. As of now, they deserve a perfect 5 stars. I’ll update if this changes after actually using them.

  22. Chuck Wager

    Works but I wouldn’t go with their mounting instructions: They seem to be stronger than what I am replacing. Their mounting instructions tell you to use an 11/32″ drill bit which they supplied. But that drill bit is too big. It makes it easy screw in the mounting bolts but they strip really easy. I stripped the second bolt I put in with a very weak battery powered drill. I ended up using a 5/16″ drill, the mounting bolts were much harder to install but I would rather have that than have them strip out. I would honestly prefer to mount them with lock nuts and bolts which I am going to switch them over to. The old ones I pulled off were mounted that way but with much smaller bolts. I am worried about these things coming loose and cause a tire blow out if a bolt falls out or accident if the whole thing falls off.

  23. Rick Robinson

    Excellent set of scissor stabilizers. Love that they included two wrench heads for the drill!: Easy to install, and I like the sturdy metal screws that came with it. They were twice the diameter of the original screws, and since a few had snapped off I decided to drill out the old holes and install the supplied heavy duty screws.

  24. Jeff LaGrone

    As advertised, great product and timely shipping.: Replaced the leveling jacks on RV. Easy to install and work great!!

  25. Mark weaver

    great stabilizing jacks: easy to install

  26. Bigbuckslayer

    Very strong: Used to replace on my rv 2013 model

  27. Zack Giles

    Great Value & Easy to Install!: These jacks did everything I expected. It helps to pre-drill the holes using a smaller bit first. The magnet popped out of the 3/4″ driver bit but that wasn’t a big deal. I had all four jacks installed in about an hour.

  28. travis

    Great product: Easy installation made camper more stable then old ones that came on the camper.

  29. Bob Baughman

    Wow better than expected: Easy insulation and use. Now camper is stable and quickly set up

  30. Steve Duncan

    Second time I purchased: This is the second time I purchased this product. The first time was a pair and they installed very easily in the middle of my RV to help with the stability. The other ones on the ends of the RV were the original and one of them was bent. They came with the RV and were not very sturdy. These are awesom. Very sturdy and a good value for the money. Easy to install in place of the old stabilizers. Even though the Libra stabilizers came with several pre-drilled holes, they did not match my old ones. Not surprising based on how the old ones were installed, very poorly. Instructions are provided and a drill bit and new lag bolts were provided. I recommend them with no reservations.

  31. BETH

    Missing Pieces — Waiting over a Week for anyone to send a tracking number: The description notes — 1 crank handle, Also include a 3/4″ hex magnetic socket to raise/lower jack faster by power drill! Aslo include 16 pcs 3/8″ mounting screws & matching 9/16″ socket, a 11/36″ mounting hole drill bit, one set of drilling guide sticker, everything you need for install! — But they were not in the box. Reached out to the seller and received a generic email but never heard anything about when we will receive the parts to actually install or operate the jacks. No instructions included in the packaging either (but it is pretty obvious on how to install these).

  32. Danelle S Bolinger

    Everything you need to install and use: Very pleased with purchase. The usual fast shipping I expect as a Prime member. Stabilizes camper as I expected. It comes with all the hardware needed for install–self-tapping screws, a bit for the screws, a bit for extending/retracting the jacks with an impact wrench, and a regular wobble crank. Here’s some installation tips:
    –Use a drill with a bit for drilling pilot holes, and an impact wrench for twisting in the included self-tapping screws
    –Extend the jack so it’s juuuust touching the frame while still sitting on the ground to make marking holes very easy, or re-positioning. (There’s multiple holes on the jacks to install them just right.)
    –MAKE SURE JACK IS STILL IN VEHICLE WIDTH WHEN FULLY RETRACTED. After marking holes retract jack completely, making sure it stays in the same spot on the floor. Then look down the side of your camper to make sure the jack does not extend past the side of your vehicle.

  33. Jasimmo

    Stabilizer jacks: These work great. Installation was difficult as we had to have a corded drill to put in the pilot holes and the drill bit wasn’t too helpful. The screws that hold them on are short and I think that bolts would be more trustworthy. We ended up welding them on instead after using the screws for the first one.

    The jacks raise and lower very quickly with a drill and still easily with the hand crank if necessary. Sure beats crawling under the camper to put in manual jacks.

  34. Chickenfoot Leather

    Better than power stabs!: I took the power stabilizers off my camper and replace them with these. I am very happy with the result. Multiple pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Camper is much easier to level and very stable.

  35. Suzie Ayres-jones

    Very nice. Relatively easy to install.: Product was as described. Appear very sturdy. Relatively easy to install. I was able to match up two holes on my camper Rockwood Roo two holes on the Jack. Then use the provided self tapping screw to open the other holes slightly. I used my original hardware to install jacks as they were still good and had the nuts to go with it. Everything you need to install is included in the box! So far great value!

  36. Larry P

    Luv Em!: Sturdy construction. Works well. easy up and down, especially using my cordless drill and the adaptor that cam with them at no additional charge. The holes didn’t line up with the holes from the old jacks, but they included the drill bit I needed.
    Note I didnt use the screws that came with it, I used the nut and bolts from the old jacks. May just be my opinion, but I think they provide a much stronger connection.

  37. oldsysops

    take your time and have many drill bitts. ain’t no easy job!: takes time.

  38. John_P

    Great Aftermarket Experience, and Sturdy Too: Very sturdy. Package contains two sockets for powered drivers; one for installing the screws and one for raising and lowering the jacks. Also came with drill bit for drilling pilot holes. You will need to supply an 1/8 inch bit to predrill the pilot holes. The supplied bit broke while 3/4 into the job. Had to go get another one to finish the job. Probably operator error. Getting the screws into the chassis took some work, but they held up and are snug. Jacks are low profile to where I can hardly tell they are there. Strong and sturdy once installed. I am very impressed with the package and the jacks themselves.

  39. Tim The Toolman

    Sure Beats using jack stands!: Put these on my 24 foot R.V. trailer. Makes set up much easier and quicker. REMEMBER theses are NOT LEVELING JACKS. Theses are for stabilization only. (You will need to use other methods to level your R.V.). I use a 2 X 8 board under each and bring them down to contact, then 1 more crank only to firm them up. My R.V. is older and is at least 6000 lbs plus loaded. Went camping for 4 days and one day it got very windy, had to re- track the awning, but had no problems with these. Installation was a lot of works. the so called self tapping screws were useless. Had to drill 3/8 inch holes,4 for each. I then bought (16) 3/8 course thread X 1 inch long bolts and 16 locking nuts.

  40. Jeremie Williams

    Good product although a but shorter than stock: Good product. Works as intended. But they are a bit short when extended than stock. But they work good

  41. Ray Quiles

    Strong and sturdy Jacks 5K lbs. KIT: Wow! Super sturdy 5,000 lbs jacks to replace my worn rusted jacks, very easy to install using existing bolts or use the included bolts. The kit has everything you need to install and it even includes the drill bit, power tool adapter for the drill, manual jack tool, and drill bit to use on the jacks. It’s a great kit!!!

  42. Beckie W

    Heavy Duty: Just installed these to replace the old stabilizers on my camper. They are double the strength of the ones that I had and operate smooth as butter. If your existing stabilizers are smaller like mine were the bolt pattern may not line up. I drilled all new holes with the provided drill bit and installed all new bolts which were also provided. If you are remotely handy this is an easy install.

  43. aussiejb

    Heavy is right: Bought four of these to replace four vertical screw jacks for our 1968 Aristocrat Camper. These seem overkill as they are large compared to the weight and size of the 16ft camper. Didn’t fit them to the Camper, concerned about ground clearance even though only 4″ deep when contracted. They are however, really worth the investment for the stability they brought compared with the spindly and inadequate units supplied as aftermarket from the shysters’ we bought the trailer from 🙂

  44. John McKeon

    Easy set up: Right for the job

  45. KK

    Complete order: The jacks are fabulous. Both boxes were cut open when I received them. It appears everything was shipped, the diagrams for drilling holes were missing in the first box. Of course that is the first one we looked in, we were able to get the correct placement and install the jacks.

  46. Tony S

    look strong: Haven’t mounted on trailer yet! It snowed . But they look too be really well built better then expected to be . I believed that they will work like I need them too do. Will let you know if they don’t. As of now I would say they are worth it!

  47. Deb Wigner

    Fit perfectly in place of old one: Stability for camper. Works perfectly

  48. kristie

    Thanks: Thanks

  49. Shep

    Fabulous Stabilizers: The original stabilizers that came on my Gulfstream were very lightweight and thin even though they were rated at 3000 lb. These new stabilizers are much thicker, heavier, and do a fabulous job for my trailer. Very easy install. So glad I have these.

  50. victor ward

    well made: well made, all necessary attachments to fit any trailer. Fast delivery.

  51. Norman

    Highly recommend this product, for the price: Quick delivery, excellent quality for the price
    Much better than OEM.
    Had to drill a couple of new holes but they are easy to install.

  52. Girouard Family

    Good for the price.: The travel trailer stabilizers are good quality. A lot heavier than the original ones my travel trailer came with.
    The original ones were being held on with 1 bolt and 1 self tapping sheet metal screw. Very flimsy.
    I did make 4 plates that the new stabilizers bolt to.
    Otherwise they wouldn’t fit.
    Overall a good product.
    Unless your willing to take your travel trailer to a dealer and have them weld them to your frame. Your going to need some kind of mounting plate to bolt to.

  53. Laura Ingram

    Very good Quality: Bought for a camper we had gotten and had to replace jacks due to the others being old and bent. other than the holes not lining up, which we made work, these were very sturdy and well made. they held up on a 32ft. camper and did their job. definitely a good purchase! and a perk is they come with a drill bit to make setup extremely easy!

  54. Jesse C.

    4 mounted on Casita 17’ trailer: Welded up some mounting brackets and since I cut the steel to size they undoubtedly fit. Jacks are stable and sturdy just what my trailer needed!

  55. Dan R.

    Way more than I needed to stabilize my trailer: I bought these to stabilize my travel trailer after getting it level. I know they are designed to be leveling jacks, but they are quick to set up and take down. They do hold the trailer from moving. The manual handle is great for tweaking the stabilization, and the socket provided works great with a cordless drill to quickly raise and lower the jacks.

  56. M C. Krause

    Grsat jacks…: Great product. Very sturdy. These Are not leveling jacks they are stabilizing jacks if you tried to lift your rig with these and it fell down it is not the fault of these jacks. That being said I can actually do a little bit of leveling with these though like I said I would not attempt to lift the rig with them even though they probably could. Great product great price. The only negative is they shipped fedex, boooooo.

  57. DarylScience

    Almost perfect!: Exactly what the proverbial doctor ordered. Very easy to install other than one minor issue with the drilling template; it didn’t match hole spacing well. Suggest checking the template spacings before drilling. Otherwise, I couldn’t be happier.

  58. kelly buck

    Nice jacks IF you keep them.: These are really nice jacks. High quality and heavy duty. HOWEVER, make sure you want these because if you return you will have to pay shipping and a 20% restocking fee – likely $100 total. Buyer beware. But really nice jacks.

  59. Dan W.

    Work well: These are just as described. The drill bit that came with it broke while drilling the first hole, but I didn’t expect it to be great. When drilling steel you should start with a smaller bit, and work your way up to the final hole size drill bit. Jacks work well, seem better than the factory jacks that were on my keystone hornet.

  60. T Schmidt

    Huge improvement over original jacks: Jacks arrived in a timely manner. I appreciated the tools and bolts that were included in the order. The drill bit is junk, broke on the first hole. Everything else is good quality, pretty easy to install as I bolted mine on the frame. Very easy to crank up and down using the included socket and my own impact drill. Hand crank also included. Good value.

  61. transfixer

    Well made ! heavy duty !: I didn’t need any this heavy duty, my camper only weighs around 3500lbs, but I wanted it to be as solidly supported as possible, they work great !

  62. Gary

    Easy to use and work great: Lift well . I use them to support logs being cut in my sawmill

  63. LSU fan 12

    Added to front of our travel trailer: These are the perfect addition to our new camper. The drill bit provided is not the best for drilling through the steel frame, but everything else is great. We purchased the four pack and will plan on adding to the rear camper to replace the original stabilizer jacks to make leveling easier

  64. Nicholas B.

    Very sturdy: These are easily 4x as sturdy as the junk that came on my Springdale. They were easy to install and they operate smoothly. I installed them in about an hour this morning and they are holding my trailer still at the lake this evening. I’d highly recommend these.

  65. Lacey Pietro

    STURDY!: this product is excellent! very well made. easy to install. it even came with the drill bit needed to bolt them on! they don’t hang down low to the ground either!

  66. Kindle Customer

    Nice Stabilizers: I replaced the stabilizers that came with my RPod. They were cheap and not sturdy at all. These are strong and easy to use.

  67. Ricky

    Fast: Very fast shipping will totally buy again if needed also very sturdy

  68. Joshua

    Very nice: Use these to replace the swing out stabilizers on my 96 Coleman Yukon pop up camper, they seem much more robust than what I had, and I like the fact that you can easily crank them up with the included socket for a cordless power drill what’s in your wallet, hardest part of the install was just drilling through steel, to bolt them to the frame, I would definitely recommend a good titanium speed drill bit with a pilot hole tip

  69. Jordan Overshiner

    Very sturdy: Love that these will attach to our motor home and only have to drop them when needed. They were very easy to install and they have helped keep our rv sturdy when our kids are up moving around.

  70. Jason E

    Great product: I use these with my enclosed trailer that I turned into a camper. Immediately made the trailer more stable. Great product!

  71. J. Gravitt

    Super sturdy for leveling and stabilizing: We purchased a used camper that was only a couple years old. We could already see that the original stabilizers were bent and looking pretty flimsy. We bought these and installed them. They didn’t line up exactly with the holes for the bolts, but we installed anyway and got 2 of the 3 bolts in each one. They have been amazing and I feel so much better being able to use these to level and stabilize our camper!!

  72. Andrew Tate

    Great replacement Jacks: Installed these jacks on my 2005 Fleetwood Prowler. Very sturdy, and look great on the trailer. The install required a little work, as I have to cut off my old brackets. I also had to buy a couple drill bits, as the one that came with the kit didn’t last long. Overall very happy with the product, and ease of use.

  73. Sam Martinez

    Great fir the money: Great Jack’s a little bigger than I thought but they will work

  74. JayDg55

    The best: These things work great. Love that you have the choice to use the drill attachment and the manual rod too.
    Drill is insanely easier

  75. Christopher Jones

    Tough jacks: Liked them because I did not want to attach them to a frame and you don’t need to. Good well made product.

  76. Carlos Sanchez

    Nice Jacks: I replaced the OEM flimsy ones with these. They are nice and work great. Install was a little tricky just because the holes didnt line up exactly with what is on my trailer. I had to drill some holes but I was able to get them attached.

  77. Rockin’ Reviewer

    Perfect and easy to install: These are great! Easy to install and took less than 30 minutes to place on our 20′ car hauler.

  78. Wayne Wirth

    extremly well constructed, far exceeding expectations. stable and powerful: to simply say these 4 jacks are a” great value” would be a understatement…buy them,you won’t regret the purchase!

  79. Josh s

    good deal!: Real good deal for what you get! install went ok DRILL HOLES FIRST! Don’t think the screws will just screw in like regular self tapping screws! can lift my trailer off the ground! but i do not suggest it. very easy crank up/down operation. screw gun bit included makes it a breeze!

  80. Frilleon

    Replacement for Jayco stock stabilizers on 2017 17RK17: Our stock stabilizers were damaged and we bought these as replacements, they’re great. Very robust, installation was easy, we were able to line them up
    And only had to drill one new hole for each one, the others matched up. Great for our Jayco!

  81. NortonsCustoms

    Outstanding deal!: Outstanding deal! These were a direct replacement for the existing 2500# jacks on my KZ travel trailer, except being twice as robust. Bent a jack when I accidentally backed into a curb and the local dealer wanted $65 for just one replacement! Had to drill the holes a little larger as the hardware provided was bigger than the original screws. Very happy with my purchase, simple cost-effective upgrade to my camper

  82. Wm. Jennings

    RV feels a lot more stable: They are easy to install and support our RV without any issues.

  83. Becky

    Just what we needed: Perfect replacement for the factory ones. RV feels more stable.

  84. Chris H.

    Great Deal: I wast sure what I was getting for the price, but honestly they are pretty strong. I love that it comes with both sockets (one to install them and one to raise them up and down. The only down side was that out of the 4 holes they didn’t all line up, but I assume thats on the camper manufacture. I just drilled a new hole in the frame mount and it worked good. Also I liked that it does come with the Screws

  85. J. wills

    Check your frame: They looked great heavy duty but I was unable to get the top bolt holes to aline and bolt to my frame.without having part of the jack extending beyond the side of the trailer. Before you make the purchase crawl under the trailer and measure to see if the jack will set completely under the trailer. I was so sure they would fit and they would If I purchased 4 steel plates $38 to bolt the stabilizer to then then drill and bolt to the frame

  86. Christopher Putnam

    Well built leveling jacks: Solid leveling Jack’s with very smooth action. The ones on my camper trailer rusted out so I got these as replacements. Seem to be very solidly built and easily lift my little camper clear off the ground! But dont do that…

    Easy install, nice powder coated finish. We’ll see how that last I the elements in the long run.

  87. DC

    Great product and price.: Great product. My husband did not install them. He just puts the jacks under camper where they would go and jacks camper up. We have done this twice already and they work great. Reason for not installing permanently is our camper is low to ground and drags very easily and has torn up jacks we have had in the past. These are a great deal.

  88. Kyle and Laura

    Amazed: We were amazed at how quickly these shipped and arrived. The product was packaged carefully and in a very sturdy box with supports. It includes literally EVERYTHING you will need to install and use these jacks, even a drill bit to drill the holes!

  89. Preston Justice

    Twice as strong as OEM jacks: Excellent replacement product so much better than the factory Jack’s that came on my camping trailer my only disappointment is that the advertisement Susie can use an impact drill the actual product has a sticker that says don’t use an impact drill First set lost in shipping seller reshipped.

  90. Cody rice

    Great great great: So far so good. They were easy to install. The product came with everything needed … however a set of cobalt steel drill bits helped me make it a little easier.

  91. My2iluvu

    Worth the money.: These made my camper setup so much easier. Best thing I have spent money on in a long time. Well worth the price!

  92. Liz Jorgensen

    Working great: This is working great they are much stronger then factory ones

  93. David Adams

    Value in product: Used on 20 ft food trailer, factory supports less than desirable

  94. springsmermaid

    RV upgrade very happy.: Installation was very quick. Very happy over the factory ones that I had. They seem a lot smoother when setting him up. Would recommend this upgrade to anybody who’s thinking about upgrading their jacks.

  95. Robert

    Very sturdy. Great price.: These jacks were replacements for my previous arms. These are of the highest quality and are much sturdier than the previous ones and were relatively easy to install. I love that they include the drill bit used to install them and to operate them. In comparison, they’re a great product for a great price. I do highly recommend them.

  96. Christopher wolfe

    All good but drill bit wouldn’t cut: Drill bit is trash but every thing else worked well

  97. Frank Hehl

    Stability: Something to remember about these they are not made for lifting or leveling only to keep your camper from rocking when you are in the camper

  98. BrewBar

    Great value and price: Better than the ones that were on my brand new forest river spirit ultra light camper and rusted within 6 months of driving of the dealers lot. Great value and great price!

  99. Diane L.

    Sturdy stabilizers: Did not line up, needed a little customizing, but work great now.

  100. Michael A.

    Excellent value: I can’t attest to how they’ll work as a replacement for an RV, but we put four of these on a small homebuilt teardrop style camper. The trailer is rock solid with these stabilizer jacks. I have already bought my father a set for his Scamper and I will absolutely buy another set for myself for a future project.

  101. Robert J.

    Awesome jacks/leveling system!: Bought a 2002 26ft travel trailer that had ZERO jacks under it. Have no clue how previous owner leveled it. These things fit on the frame perfectly and very easy to use with drill adaptor! Definitely recommend!

  102. Jaime J.

    Heavy Duty: The top mount plate is not a large platform. If trailer moves much it will bend at the mount.

  103. Franramechev

    Light duty.: They do the job for my application but they are not heavy duty. I’m using them on a utility trailer just for level and support on the table but thinking on a heavy camper, I dont think they’ll hold.

  104. BDude

    Fasteners and drive nuts included!: The packaging was laughable, a huge box with the stabilizers randomly tossed in the box, BUT, they are really good stabilizers, and I was very happy that they included fasteners, two drive nuts – one for raising and lowering and one for mounting the fasteners as well as a hand crank! Sweet!

  105. Bronson

    Good service!: Bought the 4 pack but only received 2 box was destroyed I called them and they were more than happy to make it right… I now have 2 more jacks on the way!

  106. jarrod martin

    Don’t buy adapter separate. It comes with the jacks.: Awesome! What a great value! Four jacks for 90 bucks? Heck, that’s what everyone charges for two!
    I must note, LIBRA tricked me into buying the socket adapter. It said, “buyers who bought this, also bought this.” You don’t need to buy the adapter… If you buy the jacks, it includes TWO adapters. Wow, now it’s an incredible value!

  107. MrsH

    Game changer: These are a game changer for our pop up
    Makes it so much easier to set up. Very sturdy. Easy to install, just a little time consuming.

  108. EV

    Exceeded my expectations!: Sturdy, simple installation with the correct tools, they work well, I like that they include a driver but for the cordless impact drill.

  109. Jamaica Bergstrom

    Holy Mother!: I got these for my 1500 lb trailer. They are way more than I needed but so amazing. They are super easy to put on and once I did the trailer didn’t move an inch. Will definitely help keep my tires in good shape!

  110. Jonathan Capps

    Highly Recommended: Very easy to install, sturdy and not made cheap. They were very easy to use and smooth. If you are looking for new jacks for your camper I would highly recommend these.

  111. Erik K.

    Makes leveling a breeze.: I installed these on my 16ft. Replica 1967 Shasta and I LOVE them!…..SO much easier and faster than a jack and jack stands. It comes with a nut driver for your cordless drill and rolls the support down in an instant. Folds way up tight under your R.V. when not in use.

  112. Raoul305-Bosque Viajero Vlog

    Worth the money.!: Great set. Great presentation and durability .

  113. Mike S.

    Very nice stabilizers.: Twice as heavy and a lot tougher than what was supplied standard on my Palamino. Really nice jacks and hardware. Package comes with two really nice magnetized sockets, one for the stabilizers and one for the heavy duty self tapping screws to mount the stabilizers. Also comes with a jack wrench. Very impressed with the quality of these, would give six stars if possible.

  114. M K Rogers

    Perfect: Excellent quality. Would buy again.

  115. alvarez

    1984 terry Taurus trailer: Work good for our trailer 1984 terry Taurus trailer 25 foot. They work good. Love them make leveling the trailer easier.

  116. Michael bush

    Great fit: The Jacks are really good quality. Only negative I would post is the bolts a send with the kit should be bolts with lock nut washers. So that you could secure them better too the camper

  117. Andre L Piernot

    Great support Jacks!: Easy to install and smooth operation. These work really well on my car hauler to stabilize it when loading and unloading my vehicles.

  118. Joe casillo

    Reasonable price,sound product: They worked great,just what I nreded

  119. william j miller 4th

    Yes they work great. As long as you know how to weld: Yes they work great. As long as you know how to weld ,grind and put a little spray paint on it. attaching them was a little difficult other than that, they work very good. I am very happy with my purchase.

  120. doug fillmon

    Works Great !!: Worked good stabilizing my 36’ 5th.-wheel RV… it will be permanently parked in a Central Fl. R.V. Resort, so attachment to the Frame wasn’t necessary. Product value is great… unfortunately Fedex was late delivering them, & the Box was toast, but at least no damage or missing parts….

  121. Christy B

    So much better: No more rocking

  122. CMA

    As advertized: All I had to do was take off the old ones, the provided bolts did not fit existing holes, but what is another $5 in hardware. These are better than the oem on my camper. I am happy with mu purchase.

  123. Hollie Buff

    EASY TO INSTALL AND VERY STURDY: I have a Coleman Dutchman. I did not have to weld or secure the brackets as they fit perfectly on the frame.
    stabilizing was easy! heavy duty product. I have my camper on a Perm site and I put block underneath the jacks.

  124. kathy

    Durable: I bought this cause of google and my fifth wheeler needed extra support because it would shake a bit. They are durable and easy to use. Comes with tools to tighten and lock. Easy to read instructions.

  125. Linda De Leon

    Amazingly easy and sturdy: Our trailer came with power jacks that didn’t self level. So difficult to try and level. Using these our trailer is now level and sturdier that ever. It literally took 5 mins or less to have leveled in all directions.

  126. Gordon Andersen

    Quality product at a fair price: These scissor jacks are excellent quality, the package included the mounting hardware, a hand crank for raising & lowering the jacks. Also included were drill sockets for both installation and operation of the jacks. Installation time was under 2 hours.

  127. Dan

    Great seller: Super fast shipping, very happy with product. If you need stabilizing jacks don’t hesitate to order from this seller. Came with everything you need to install.

  128. michael lunday

    Looks very well built….. only time will tell though: Very sturdy…. installed on an older trailer that never had leveling jacks on it before so was a little more challenging but work awesome

  129. michelle

    Love these: Replaced the factory ones with these for our travel trailer camper. Setting up and leveling trailer takes less than 10 minutes now. My husband says best LIBRA purchase to date that i have made.


    Solid foundation when they are down: Solid foundation when down

  131. KTK14

    Great Jacks: Great jacks only used them once but they were smooth, quiet, and easy to use. My only complaint was they didn’t bolt right up with where I took the old ones off so it took a little work to put them on.

  132. Catskhiker

    Trailer Jacks: My wife loves these jacks (after ripping off her old jacks) on her camping trailer. Got her a Dewalt battery drill & bit to operaste. Much easier for her then a crank.

  133. MRF

    GREAT JACKS..: Work great on my Puma 29qbs camper.. These wrre beefier than the originals.. Better stability after installing them.

  134. Betucan

    Stable jacks: Best purchase for what was needed

  135. The Waterman

    Easy peazy leveling: Very pleased with my purchase – a bit of overkill for my lil camper but i mounted them easily with the supplied 3/8th self tapping screws – was concerned they would protrude out too far but they mounted perfectly- love using my cordless drill to raise and lower them –

  136. Placeholder

    Good product: What I expected.

  137. boom2950

    Super strong: Way better than stick. Easy to install. No worries about an extra bit of torque on these!

  138. Jessica

    Great for tiny home: We have two set on our 30ft by 9.5 ft tiny home until we get to our permanent location and I have loved them. They are holding up to the weight and us.

  139. john

    Heavy duty stabilizers: I originally thought these where to big… But I’ve decided to try them and they are exactly what i needed. They are easy to install if you have a cordless impact. They extend up and down with ease.

  140. Melissa C.

    Good product, weak packing-be careful: These are a better quality than previous owners had installed. However, I am still getting quite a bit of “bounce” in the RV.
    They arrived in a pretty beaten up cardboard box, with holes, poking out. Surprised it didn’t fall apart.

  141. Spring

    Perfect for what we needed for: Got these to help to stop from feeling every movement someone makes at the other end of camper at night and they are working good (still have main camper weight on original jacks so can’t attest to weight bearing ability). Set up on blocks and had them installed in 15 minutes.

  142. Almon G Anderson

    Is as Ad: Would buy again

  143. Barbara Reynolds

    Good and sturdy: They are doing their job.

  144. Cory

    Solid Product!: My only complaint is that the bolts aren’t actually self tapping. Not a huge deal, just pre-drill. Otherwise the jacks are sturdy and everything works great!

  145. Kindle Customer

    Sturdy: Liked the replacements.

  146. Jim

    Good jacks at a fair price.: Good quality product, and does what the vendor promised. A bit cumbersome to install, but very doable.

  147. jhud

    best ones yet: i replaced the ones on our 30′ toy hauler travel trailer which is a low rider. this is the best kit we have had. the little socket fits my
    milwaukee m12 screw driver and works great j

  148. Don

    Sturdy on a 4500lb GVW travel trailer: Installation was simple enough. Much sturdier than my stock jacks on an 18′ TT. These raise and lower smoothly and even include a drill attachment to speed up the process of raising and lowering. Good quality, good price.

  149. D

    easy install!: These are everything in the description.
    I would recommend these jacks and buy again

  150. Antonio Z.

    Pretty heavy duty: I used this to level my trailer. Works great for me. The only drawback is that the jack handle if pretty thin and would bend easy if your not careful.

  151. Erica

    Great product! Easy install!!: These are great stabilizing jacks! Super easy install. I wish I would have installed these earlier.

  152. J Kooy

    Good buy: Jacks work great. I didn’t like the screws they sent so I bought bolts nuts and washers from my local hardware store. Installation was easy

  153. Shelley Marevka

    Sturdy and Strong: Seem much more heavy duty than what we had originally on our travel camper. Two of them had the screw holes line up perfectly and two did not. My husband just drilled out where they needed to go and voila! No problems. Very sturdy

  154. Gary Campbell

    Screw jacks.: Popup camper I bought was a 1996 coleman and original jacks do not adjust. I installed these with impact gun after removing original jacks and these new ones are great for leveling campers sufficiently.

  155. Tony

    Lifts your enclosed trailer: Prevent trailer tire flat stops during long-term parking. lifts double-axle trailer no problems.

  156. JAS

    Easy to use: These work well for stabilizing a travel trailer. I will eventually have them permanently mounted. Easy to use and with using a drill they’re in place in minutes. You just need something to put underneath them if you are on softer ground

  157. Charlie

    They’re real sturdy: Fit great put on a camper

  158. MC

    Works like add said: Easy to install comes with everything you need except the drill.

  159. Jake the real snake

    Awesome: Very heavy duty. 5000lbs each. I’m using as levelers and stabilizer for my Jayco pop up trailer. I broke a stock stabilizer trying to use it as a leveler. These will do the job of both.

  160. JT

    Exactly as advertised: Quick reasonable and just what the ad said. I used them to level a trailer w a water tank.

  161. gary s.

    Not: This is not what I want

  162. Steve

    Good value.: Bolt holes did not match old ones. A hassle to install.

  163. Motroutmo

    Heavy duty!!: Bigger and heavier than I expected but they work great. I don’t have them mounted yet but they work well in the driveway and should work with my load spreaders.

  164. Jeff Kurzontkowski

    Good product: Performed as expected.

  165. Kindle Customer

    Great product: Love the jacks-we use them on our camper. My husband uses a cordless drill to raise and lower them. Would highly recommend!

  166. Jeremy Albers

    Good price, arrived quickly and as advertised: Good price, arrived quickly and as advertised. Packaging was good, in a nice heavy duty box. These are much more heavy duty than the factory units that came on our pop up. Would definitely recommend these.

  167. Joseph

    they seem pretty strong, alot heavier duty than my old ones: they seem pretty strong, alot heavier duty than my old ones. they crank easily. the only thing that i see is sometimes when you crank one up it slowly lowers by itself. not sure if this is common on new ones, im sure it will stop doing that when it gets some wear on it. Hoping.

  168. joe klobas

    Great: Great product

  169. wallygator

    Well worth the money. You can’t go wrong.: They work great. But I put them on my pop up camper. In place of the factory cheap ones. Way better and easier to level the camper now.

  170. Reinardo Diaz

    Great replacements: They were very easy to install. They matched up to my old ones and they operate smoothly

  171. jeremy

    worked great for stabilizing our 34 foot airstream: easy to use, raise and lower. Nice set and very sturdy

  172. Toole’s shed

    You can find it on LIBRA: They worked great on our camper

  173. Jodiesel

    As advertised: I took a chance and purchased these import jacks. So far they work great. Very heavy duty feeling and easy to install.

  174. Randy

    Sturdy RV: I liked they worked

  175. Logger11

    Jacks were exactly as advertised: Delivered really fast, jacks were exactly as advertised 🤙

  176. Jillie

    Easy to use & Would buy again: I’m SO glad I bought these! I don’t have any luck with regular jacks; these were a breeze to use. A+

  177. RJD

    Works as advertised: Stabilizing my 5th wheel

  178. Kindle Customer

    Awesome 7×14 cargo trailer: Awesome product used it on my diamond cargo 7×14 cargo trailer conversion. No more shaking and swaying when moving around. So happy with my purchase l

  179. dee johnson

    It is exactly as stated: This is used to stabilize our tiny house that we are currently building. Product is great

  180. Len

    Hardware: Needed to purchase bolts and nuts rather than supplies screw hardware

  181. J. Scoles

    Good price, nice jacks.: We put these on the corners of a 20’ tiny house we’re building. They work well and we’re easy to install.

  182. Gary L Whitaker

    Great Buy: Work great. Had to relocate securing bolt holes in trailer mount but well worth it. Have used on two camping trips so far plus laying up at home

  183. Norm

    Items are heavy/ awkward so the shipping box was destroyed but the items we’re in good shape. in: Used on a 16 foot Hauling cargo trailer.

  184. TeacherChris

    Great and easy: Just great! Saves so much time! Easy to use. We had them permanently attached to the trailer, and they snug up great. Nice!

  185. Russell

    Excellent product!!: This product is well worth the price!! Much stronger than the original stabilizers on my camper!!

  186. Ron Pearson

    Very stable: Work very well. Packaging was horrible but product is great. Put these 9n my toy hauler.

  187. jeff denney

    Great product: Works great!

  188. Bob S.

    Great for our RV.: Needed Jack’s to stabilize our class C RV. These work great. They come with bits to use with a cordless drill.

  189. Jessica

    Does the job: Good price for the product and so far the quality has lasted. Using to stabilize my 10,000 lb tiny home

  190. Bonnie

    Well made and heavy duty: These are a well made jacks. Super easy to use with the included socket for your drill.

  191. Vince

    Good product: Lifts my pop up off the ground for super stable camping experience


    Good buy: Good buy

  193. Suez

    Travel trailer manual jacks/stabilizers: Much better than the original Jack’s twice as heavy and very sturdy.

  194. king

    They arrived early, they work as they should, …: They arrived early, they work as they should, except they arrived in one big box all bouncing around each other, they were all scratched up

  195. Ann

    Better than factory installed: Works great on my older travel trailer. Great upgrade from factory stabilizers

  196. Debbie Albracht

    Perfect for my needs: So easy to use and good quality ! Great price too !

  197. C Mc

    Great product!: Second set we have bought for different trailer! Great product for the price!

  198. Judy Watson

    It is not easy to install.: We need to send it back. It is the wrong product for our camper.

  199. Walter R Arnold

    Much better than expected. installed in minutes can be operated with Battery powered drill: We mounted these jacks on a concession trailer and expect to be using it very soon.

  200. Curt

    Good material and workmanship: Put on a 2019 34 ft cougar they worked good very sturdy

  201. TBear4517

    Great: Just as described and great to have socket and handle included!

  202. Dee Crowe

    Fast shipping: Great quality

  203. 303 Women

    Hi: Had friend do and it was great.

  204. doctor_D

    Work well: Just what I needed to make my travel trailer feel more solid.

  205. Sharon Brooks

    Exactly what I needed them to be..: Easy installation

  206. Brian B

    great product: put all 6 on my 33′ camper, can lift tires off the ground no problem

  207. Pawblo & Keke

    Four Stars: work perfect, great price

  208. Jerry

    Very Good: To sturdy my 36 ft travel trailer

  209. Jan

    Good product!: Very easy yo install. They look good and perform the way they should.

  210. Shaylee Christensen

    Very sturdy: Much better than the ones that originally came on our trailer.

  211. charles jones

    Great product great to do business with: Use them to stabilize our camper do an excellent job great product

  212. m davis

    Steady as a rock: These are great. No more rock and rolling in my rv!!!

  213. Mike O

    Great Product: Very good Jack’s, installed on my 36 ft 5th wheel to help stabilize it, worked great!!!

  214. Richard R

    Level: Took a old trailor to the current way og levling

  215. Ijonpoolguy

    Great product: Worked great for added support for my rv

  216. Crystal

    They work really smooth: Bought them easy install ready to use comes with two sockest awesome deal. Thank you!

  217. Taylor

    They work perfect!: These worked as expected. Perfect. Especially for the awesome price!

  218. Richard Reikowsky

    Leveling jacks: Perfect for leveling my RV

  219. Debra Shaw

    Very satisfied: They were sturdy and well built and work very well


    Quick and easy to install: Work great,,, love the impact driver they give with it

  221. Kyle H

    Easy install, strong stabilizers: Very sturdy, great for the trailer

  222. john ledesma

    my customer loved them: my customer loved it

  223. Brian Metcalf

    Good product: Easy to use on my camper

  224. PNW Prime

    Just like they advertised: As advertised

  225. Melissa

    Additional support: used as additional support and working well…

  226. FLOD!

    Five Stars: Perfect for my 31 ft Winnebago. Does what it’s made for which is to stabilize the vehicle.

  227. Happy camper

    Easy to use.: I love how it keeps my trailer sturdy.

  228. Michael A Bogdanski

    Nice jacks: Use for my car hauler

  229. Ramiro

    Good: Like them

  230. Donald Dayton

    Work great: Perfect for stabilizing my RV, great price

  231. Margaret

    Great Jacks: My son built a trailer & these have been essential during construction. Thanks!

  232. Renegade

    Perfect replacements!: Very easy swap out!

  233. Ruben Roa

    Solid: Gets the job done !

  234. James Slater

    … my factory landing gear on my 30′ RV Way better than factory: These replaces my factory landing gear on my 30′ RV
    Way better than factory.

  235. Pamela LeTexier

    Simple camper leveling: Great makes camping so much easier!!

  236. David Mcgrinn

    Better than the ones that came with my camper: They are very sturdy. Metal is heavy gauge.

  237. Larrry Jackson

    Perfect: These are perfect. Heavy duty and go from 4″ to 24″.

  238. Scott

    Comes with everything you need and more: Easy to install

  239. Greg S.

    Trailer Stabilizers: Nice tall stabilizer stands. Seem as sturdy as any and the price was good.

  240. Jpod

    Buy these.: They work so incredibly well with my camper. Very stable. The hand crank is a little big and awkward, but that’s so minor. I would absolutely recommend these. It was a good purchase.

  241. Connie allen

    Strong: Stabilize rv

  242. Kindle Customer

    Great Product!!: Great product for the price!!!

  243. Lori

    Jacks: Works great on our camper

  244. Lynett

    Good price: Like. Good price

  245. gloria w.

    Easy to use: Easy to use

  246. Josh

    Look Nice: Good looking quality

  247. Michael Parker

    Great Buy!: Works Great!

  248. SmittenKitten

    Great product: Worked like they should

  249. Marcus Rickard

    Perfect: Perfect fit

  250. Kevin Hedgecock

    Gr8: Gr8

  251. JESSE


  252. Chris

    Good jacks: Good jacks. Plenty of mounting holes

  253. Robert Keller

    Four Stars: Great product for the price! Wanted to rate 5 stsrs, but one jack will not hold position when extended.

  254. gary ronfeldt

    Real happy with the Jacks they work really nice on the …: Real happy with the Jacks they work really nice on the camper — I had two that were not functioning very well . Good deal for the money.

  255. brittany salazar

    Thank you: Thank you

  256. Chris Lilla

    Stabilizer: Great value compared to all others. They work great!

  257. Chris R

    Highly recommend: Easy to install, works great

  258. robert cochran

    Nice: Nice Heavy jacks. Good price.

  259. Fenleystrong

    Trailer: Great product

  260. Patricia D.

    Perfect: Nice and heavy duty

  261. C. Hawk

    AAA: As described.

  262. Charles Fite

    Fast delivery: Great product

  263. kw man

    Half of the price of any retail store.: Very durable and stable rv jacks.

  264. kevin hatch

    Five Stars: Just what I ordered and works great !!

  265. RiahNic

    Good: Great

  266. Daniel J Dolan

    Perfect: They made our camper So much sturdier

  267. Tamitha Lambert

    Fast Delivery: Used them for my camper

  268. Garland Cole

    Five Stars: They are stabilizers, not JACKS, just saying.

  269. kenneth schartiger

    Easy to install: Camper

  270. Michael S.

    Good product: Easy install works well

  271. Hank

    Good buy: They or built very heavy duty. They work well on our 5th wheel.

  272. john l dyson

    taking care of customers.: good order.

  273. Richard BARRON

    Work great.: Exactly as described. Work great.

  274. pen

    nice product: Stabilized our MH

  275. RED DOG

    Highly recommend: Awesome product highly recommend

  276. Delindar

    Great product: Great product

  277. AJ

    Five Stars: Worked perfectly on my class A for stabilizing and leveling

  278. Ptfield

    Five Stars: Work very well.

  279. richard roberts

    so easy to use: love them

  280. Robert A Haag

    Five Stars: Works great. Good quality.

  281. Smith wesson

    Works wonderfully, easy install: Perfect

  282. Aric Owens

    Great purchase: It was perfect

  283. John Humbert

    Five Stars: they work great

  284. David

    Five Stars: awesome

  285. Peake Development Inc

    Four Stars: It was as they described

  286. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars: EXCELLENT BUY

  287. doug

    Five Stars: So far so good

  288. Saynt Ford

    Very strong: 👍

  289. Holly B.

    Do not use to level only to stabilize: Fit perfectly

  290. Susan DeBonis

    Five Stars: Jacks came ahead of projected date and made all the difference in our trailer.

  291. Joseph E. Sams

    Five Stars: great price and installed easy. there was many pre-drilled holes to accommodate all installations.

  292. Kevin W. Youngs

    Work well: A little stiff, but will loosen up with use

  293. Steve Fugate

    very good: delivered on time. very good product

  294. Kristal D. Miller

    Five Stars: Nice

  295. mary kelly

    Five Stars: Great!

  296. Chef Paul

    wow these are awesome and aren’t supposed to be here till tomorrow: awesome fit and finish jacks. arrived 1 day earlier than they were supposed to and much heavier duty than the existing jacks that are supposed to be 5000 lb jacks. If I buy another RV I will definitely reorder, but I think these may last forever.

  297. Pam Moulton

    wonderful product: rv trailer that sits on our property. very easy to use and very sturdy

  298. Michael L.

    This is a great company to work with!: I ordered 4 jacks and one of them came in screwed in too tight that I could not use it. Contacted customer service and they were very kind and gracious and sent me a new jack right off. The jacks themselves work great and are more than enough for most trailers. I would buy these again in a heartbeat!

  299. Maurice Brunet

    RV stabilizers: I changed my stabilizers with these and I was super happy with them. The original ones were junk. These bolted right up in the same holes and are heavy-duty, 5000# each jack. Very happy with them.

  300. Dean S.

    I bought them a year ago: I bought these about a year ago and replaced the old scissor jacks on my RV. I bought self tapping steel screws at the local hardware store and mounted these bad boys up in no time. These are really beefy jacks and do a great job. Two thumbs up and a peace sign.

  301. BB

    Great Jack’s!: Great Jack’s, everything included to mount however I had to drill 6 holes through 1/8 in steel and took two days to install. If you get these make sure you have a corded drill or 3 batteries for uncordrd.

  302. Lama Marroquin

    No more rocking trailer: Installed on a 28 foot food trailer. Love the stability they provide. The bit included in the kit was good to drill 4 holes before it dulled. I recommend starting with a small drill bit and gradually drilling to size to keep from dulling your drill bits.

  303. Charlie B. Stunning

    Great replacement: I bought as a stability replacement for my RV! It works great, The drillbit it came with was cheap and weak but the stabilizers themselves work fantastic

  304. LT

    Happy customer: As advertised, all good, would buy again

  305. Larry

    Great fix: Priced right for the fix that was needed.

  306. Migdalia Viera

    Great for trailers: I like these 4 stabilizers. Bought them last year and still look like new.

  307. Customer jim

    Great: Drill bit did not last but 2 holes,had 10 to go see

  308. Orlando Mesa

    Ok: Ok

  309. Chris Wilburn

    Great product: Fast shipping and great product

  310. chris cox

    Super Value Purchase! Tons of Extras.: These are twice the size I thought they would be and come with extra tools for a impact driver! They go up in seconds and it couldn’t be any easier with the impact bit they give. The handle is a nice one too a d longer than most jacks come with so they went above and beyond on every level. And I paid less for these larger ones than the ones I got from Harbor Freight that didn’t come with any of the extras. Awesome purchase. My RV goes up in just a few minutes now with ease.

  311. belinda hayes

    They r heavy duty: My husband was very happy with these. Fit the camper and works real well.

  312. Dave

    Well built: Comes with everything needed to install

  313. KaitlynDawson

    Excellent jacks: excellent jacks, feel extremely sturdy and tough. Be sure to purchase some pads to place under foot when parked!

  314. Lori H

    Very sturdy: Had one that was hard to get started but got it. They are great

  315. les vale

    Contact and ask questions on mounting area.: The jacks were nice but the dementions of mounting area weren’t provided, had to make reinforcing plate to support the Jack platform.

  316. BusyMomHTX

    Great jacks: These are more heavy duty than the stock ones one my camper trailer (24ft). The ones that came on the trailer seemed inadequate at best, they rusted and bent just with normal use and only 2 years old. These have thicker steal and a thicker threaded bolt. I did run into a delivery issue. I only had one jack arrive and it looked like the box was retapped. Once I contacted the seller, they sent me a whole new pkg ASAP. This was wonderful cause I had a camping trip that was scheduled and I needed these jacks. I was able to make the trip and had no issue with these jacks, they work very well!!

  317. Jack

    Very sturdy and strong, don’t lift the trailer.: Bought a set of four to stabilize my 22 foot cargo trailer. Put one in and what a difference, all four is going to be great. I weld, so once they are installed I won’t have to think about checking bolts.

  318. curtis dalton

    Awesome, fit perfect,: Better then the ones that came on the camper. Well built, good quality

  319. Jean V.

    Good quality material.: My husband said these are good quality material, made well.

  320. Turbosoup

    I highly recommend these Jack’s high quality: These jacks are very well made with nice thick metal. They came with all the bolts to mount them and even sockets to fit the bolt sizes. And also included the templates to pre drill holes if you want. The quality and the amount of stuff this package comes with is amazing

  321. Don J. Michaud

    Great: Work great

  322. Matthew W.

    You won’t regret it!!!: Guys and girls this right here is the real deal!!! You CANNOT beat the price, durability, or quality. These scissor jacks are perfect. They were easy to install, they came with all the bolts needed, a nice drill bit that actually held up to drill 16 holes through an 1/8 steel plate, and an attachment for your drill to lower and raise them. Yes I had to weld 4 plates due to my frame not being wide enough but it was no big deal. These bad boys hold quite a bit of weight. It lifts my 4500 lb camper right off the ground with no issues. I’ll definitely be buying more of these in the future.

  323. John

    Great working: I like the Jack’s they work great I used them on my trailer that I’m building into a tiny home

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