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Set 4 LIBRA 5000lbs 20″ RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks w/Power Drill Socket & Install hardware 26053

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In stock



  • Stabilizing and leveling your RV/Trailer
  • Remains steady on soft surfaces because of wide bow-tie base
  • Includes 4 heavy gauge steel jacks, 1 crank handle,
  • Also include a 3/4″ hex magnetic socket to raise/lower jack faster by power drill!
  • Also include 16 pcs 3/8″ mounting screws & matching 9/16″ socket,
  • Also include a 11/36″ mounting hole drill bit, one set of drilling guide sticker, everything you need for install!
  • Extended height: 20″, Retracted height: 4″, retracted length: 22″
  • Designed for space tight application
  • Capacity: 5,000 lbs per jack, built by same material as other brand’s 7500lbs jacks

Warning: These stabilizer jacks are for RV stabilizing and leveling purpose only. NEVER use for lifting, changing tires or supporting weight of any vehicles. Improper use can result in property damage, serious injury or death and will void the warranty!

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Set 4

64 reviews for Set 4 LIBRA 5000lbs 20″ RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks w/Power Drill Socket & Install hardware 26053

  1. EB

    Comes with half the bolts needed to mount them.: It’s okay and seems sturdy, but it only arrived with some of the bolts needed to mount them. I only used three per side six per jack. If I only use three per side time four jacks it is short by 8 bolts. Have to make a trip to the hardware store to complete the installation. 😐

  2. Curtis Stevenson

    Nice product fair price and the tools to install them: Pretty easy

  3. Picture Nel

    Great Jacks: Very sturdy, well built and a snap to install. Perfect.

  4. Cyndi P.

    HD: These are much more heavy duty than the original jacks on my 2017 camper. Previous owner bent two of the OEM jacks so I replace all four. Took about an hour and a half to install. Included hardware and drill bits were extremely helpful.
    Tip: drill a smaller pilot hole and then enlarge with the included drill bit. This will ensure that the included bit will last long enough the drill all 16 holes to mount your new stabilizing jacks.

  5. Miserïcordiä

    Sturdy AF!!: We have a lightweight pop-up camper. The pivot stability stands were not in great shape and the feet were damaged. Because I’m lower mobility, swapping out those for something I (disabled lady) could deploy with a drill was a mandatory upgrade for me. They arrived when expected, but we did not get any of the templates for drilling. My partner figured it out and they seem to be evenly crossed placed, but the drilling template would have been nice. Will add pictures later.

  6. Nancy Boyer

    Good: Sturdy but doesn’t come with self tapping screws to .make for easier install.

  7. Marie S

    Bad packing and screws, good jacks: Manufacturer gets a fail for non-existent packaging and useless self tapping screws. My package was delivered with one end open and contents strewn about. Now, had the package been strapped on both sides instead of one, and there been some sort of packing material this would be a non-issue.
    The jacks work well along with the crank. Buy your own self tapping screws and you will be good to go.

  8. Crazy Mother

    Was good: Can be used for a variety of things. Can be used to jack up matchbox cars about 16, tissues, soup cans, shrimp, rocks, various fruits and vegetables, toys, and many other things. Can NOT be used as a flotation device.

  9. Adam B.

    Great product: Great product installed with u bolts instead of screws. They hold my pop up very well can pick it up off the ground no issue. They add great stability compared to the the factory installed stabilizers.

  10. outdoors

    Heavier than expected: Only complaint is i wish they had bolts instead of self tapping screws. Screws are plenty big just want the added security, but knew what was in the package when i ordered them

  11. Michael Dolan

    Great value: Much better than the original. Easy to install and has made the camper very stable

  12. cnmoffett

    Easy All Included: Easy to install and came with everything we needed for an easy install.

  13. Jose

    Works fine: Works as described.

  14. eric

    Good and strong: Muy buenos

  15. Michael

    Better than factory: The have sturdy components compared to my original factory stands.

  16. RJ

    Beat my expectations: So much more sturdy than the original

  17. Joe Knbobloch

    Easy to install: Easy to use and install

  18. jessica monsivaiz

    Great buy for price and product.: Had a different bolt pattern and different type of bolts. But a great product.

  19. John Lampien

    Good jacks: Work very well

  20. AAA NKY Powersports

    👍: Great

  21. D Dawley

    Sturdy and smooth, well made, good quality: I am just now installing them but so far they seem very nice. Very study, easily lift and lowers. A lot of people mention the packaging and/or missing pieces. Luckily my set made it, but as soon as I brought the box in the house it came apart. I think if they would strap it on all 4 sides the box would last better. All the screws, drill templates, handle, drill bits, etc were included. I gave up on the included drill bit, even with a pilot hole it was not doing much and used a better quality bit to drill into the trailer. Time will tell if the self tapping screws are sufficient for holding the jacks on a long trip. I would prefer to use bolts like some have mentioned but no way to put a nut on it so went with the included self tapping screw bolts.

  22. Glynard

    Perfect for what I needed: Very stable and easy to use. Works perfect with a cordless drill. Quick camp setup


    Would recommend! Very sturdy!: Factory scissor jacks rusted out only a couple years after buying the camper brand new. Popped these babies on about a month ago. Super easy and they might even be more stable than factory jacks. Would recommend!

  24. Christina T.

    Ease of installation..better than originals: Nothing to dislike..fair price,well made,easy to install

  25. chuck

    Excellent: 👍

  26. Christina T.

    as described: They work well, no issues, as described so I am happy with them.

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