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Set 2 WANDA ATV Tires 18X9.5-8 4PR Big Horn Style 10310

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In stock

In stock


  • Non-directional tread pattern, fitments for a variety of 2 and 4 wheel drive ATV applications;
  • Top notch handling & superior traction offer a significantly smoother ride in dirt, mud or rock, woods and desert;
  • Additional large shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall,added traction and improved appearance;
  • Non-directional tread pattern, Riding cleat for smoother trail riding;
  • Heavy 4 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions;

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 18×9.5-8
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Tread Pattern: P350
  • Ply Rated: 4
  • Tread Depth: 0.47″
  • Rim Width: 5.5″
  • Max Load: 225lbs@5psi
  • Load Index: 29

Please note: fitment guide is for reference only and does not guarantee the tire will fit your specific model. Please check your owner’s manual to ensure proper fitment.

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135 reviews for Set 2 WANDA ATV Tires 18X9.5-8 4PR Big Horn Style 10310

  1. Dee Verbeck

    Quicken on time: Polaris razor tires

  2. William H.

    Excellent value.: I shopped all over the Internet for a week and this is the best value. These are great tires at a reasonable price.

  3. Teresa L. Williamson

    So far So good.: They fit correctly

  4. J.Pressley

    The same as Maxxis Bighorn tires: These are the exact same as the Maxxis Bighorn tires and are for 1/4 of the cost. I put these on an EZGO Express L6 Golf card with 12″ wheels. They were no issues at all installing on the wheels, I did it myself with two big screwdrivers and they sealed on the wheel with no problem. They arrived way faster than stated and I am very pleased overall. I can say that they are tacky tires and have been great on my 150-acre property navigating our roots, mud, and hills. I would imagine they would wear out quickly if driven on asphalt for any length of time. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

  5. paul m.

    Excellent quality, price was right: These tires were put on our ATV. They are very high quality and the price was right

  6. Stephen Reed

    lovem: love them

  7. Wendy Michelle Huddleston-Ott

    Price Tread Durability Overall awesome ATV tires: Purchased a pair for my 99 Honda ATV was surprised by the heavy duty of the tire and the tread. For a great price overall environment ATV tire these are awesome in the Louisiana clay. I’m so pleased with them im going to order a set for the front of my ATV and a complete set of the same brand name for both our UTVs next


    Good tires: Tires arrived earlier than expected and look like great tires installed on 2018 kubota x1140. Only complaint they were not shipped in a box but in plastic wrap and left out by mailbox on road by fedex. They could have easily been stolen if I did not arrive home early the day they were delivered. Seem like durable tires and hope to get years of use out of them.

  9. CodyMoto

    They will river well on the farm: They’re a knockoff max is bighorn, I feel like they should be half the price

  10. Wendell W. Swenson

    Great tires love them 😊: Great tires & awesome value for the money 😊

  11. Ronald Warnick

    Great tires: Great tires and fast delivery. Will order from this company again.

  12. Machete 029

    Trail Tires: These tires are great for trail riding and light mud action. Not too good for deep mudding. That’s my opinion.


    Heavy duty: Seems like a good value for the money compared to other tires on the market. Compare weights of the different brands…

  14. Matt Pyle

    Perfect fit: Second set of these tires I bought for my buggy. They are the best bang for the buck out there!

  15. The Fred

    Cheap and hookup: The media could not be loaded. I know bighorns are great tires but these seem to hook up good. 3 of them wont hold air and they bounce like they are extremely out of balance but my rims are 5 years old and beat to death so not going to give bad review. Video shows what I put buggy thru and you can clearly see dirt flying

  16. Kevin McConkey

    Great tires,: Great tires I live in the mesquite, no flat yet

  17. Gloria Johnson

    Great pair of tires for the money!: Liked the tires for the money. liked the ply as they were thicker than the ones on the mule!

  18. JRJ

    Good: Ordered for my neighbor he’s very happy with them.

  19. BRK

    Good value: Installed these by hand on my Mule 3000. Work well. Tread is good. I only installed them on the rear wheels because I have RWD only. The rear is slightly higher than the front (even though the front has same sized stock tires), but they work better than expected in the mud due to deep/aggressive tread. I have the same tires on my Honda Foreman, and they work great.

  20. Wendell W. Swenson

    Trailer tires: Just what I needed, good quality,easy mounting. Appearance, tread depth, price all excellent. Would recommend.

  21. Ronald Warnick

    Happy with the purchase: Good cheap tires. No issues with them so far and they balanced easily

  22. Machete 029

    Good product: Not as wide as the existing same size tires, but excellent value over locally available tires, found a local shop to mount and balance

  23. Craig (Crash) Kirby

    Did O.K. For a while but…: Put these on a trailer that had worn tires on the inside. I’ll update after a year or so and let you know how these wear. I’ll be taking the boat to Florida (about a 5hr drive) so it should show if these are cheap or not. Stay tuned! Other than that, they took air well, and couldn’t be delivery.


    Good looking tires: Just received my tires and had them mounted and balanced. One of the tires needed a lot of weight to balance, but balanced out. Will see how they hold up and how the wear is. Good looking tires. I’ll do a follow up on them later next year.

  25. Terron Meek

    Honestly reviewed: Overall the value and quality of the tires seem to be very good. I wish I could say the same about the quality control. One of the tire’s bead was bent inwards so bad it will not hold air pressure. It may have been caused by the plastic wrapping that was holding the four tires together for shipping who knows. Is it worth the price? Definitely.
    The tread depth is great. Flexibility is great. Installing thses tires without proper equipment will take some finagling. So I rate two stars because you can do it yourself with a couple pry bars and some good ole lubricant. It will just take a bit longer.

  26. Coelacanth64

    Good lawn tires: As expected. These are a good replacement lawn mower tire set. Difficult to install with the smaller size of them

  27. Kim from Texas

    Good looking tires.: Just put my new tires on my refurbished rims.Me and my wife wrestled all of them on in about 30 minutes time.I used Dawn dish soap and put it on the rims and tires.bigger tires are easier to do.Im going to install them today and will give up date following.ty

  28. Steve

    Good tires: Nice tires for a John Deere 160 mower. I like the tread

  29. Ken Roper

    Brought my lawnmower back to top mowing form.: Good product and work great

  30. joe

    Not a bad price: Not a bad tire wish they were heavy ply


    very good: look nice on my john deer lx 178

  32. A. C.

    Was what it was said to be: Worked perfect

  33. NavyVet

    full set of Lawn Tractor Tires: The Tires arrived in good shape, but the larger back ones looked small compared to the ones on my 20 year old Craftsman T1000, the size on the tires was the same as the old ones. I had them installed at my local tire place, once installed they where about 2 inches shorter in height when fully inflated than the original tires, I put them on my tractor and now have the height adjustment on 6, which is the last height adjustment when I used it on 4 forever so as other reviewers said they are smaller ? hopefully my last height adjustment works well enough, the tires are of good quality and well made but under size. I would not buy again, wish my luck.

  34. Daren Miller

    Good tire, hard to install.: They fit on my John Deere D140. I am a mechanic and have put on more tires than I like to think about, but it took myself and 2 other mechanics in the shop to get these mounted. Eventually we got them but it was a struggle!

  35. Jamie

    Good tires for a good price: The tires were lost in shipping by FedEx, and the seller quickly sent a replacement set when I inquired about it. The tires are good quality. The only problem I had was getting the rear tires to seat the bead. They were squeezed together in shipping, making them very narrow. I used the 5 gallon bucket method I found on YouTube to seat the bead. I would not hesitate to order these again if needed.

  36. Mac

    Lights work great, chrome ring is cheap!: Received the lights ahead of schedule and was really happy about it. I removed them from the packages and immediately checked both lights with a spare motorcycle battery and they work great, all functions. The prime reason I gave these a 4 star rating instead of 5 is because, each of the plastic chrome rings around each light, had a broken catch (there’s 4 on each chrome ring) on it, before I even removed them from the box. I tried to use them but while those chrome rings fit the lights unmounted, they have a really hard time fitting the lights when they’re mounted. I don’t know if asking for a new set of chrome rings would be any better or not. I like chrome. But these are cheaply made. Too bad.

    On edit:
    Well, I managed to contact the selling company for these lights and I have to say, without a doubt, this company is a very responsive company and was/is willing to do whats right for the customer. They provided a great remedy that I was totally happy with. I would purchase from this company again in a heartbeat. Thank you very much.

  37. Tracy G Fails

    Nice: Returned product Too big for my application purchased a smaller size from LIBRA

  38. Brenda Funk

    Work well, just avoid exposure to seashore salty air: These lights work exactly as I had hoped combining two single function lights that were deteriorating into one single multipurpose fixture on my RV. They are installed to serve as marker and signal lights on the side of my RV. The only negative is that the plastic chrome ring, even after being well waxed has begun to “corrode” after being exposed to sea shore salt water air. This effect was not limited to these lights, some plastic chrome mirror housings showed the same corrosion. Other than that these light were a great upgrade.

  39. Average American Shopper

    Nice but sharp “as in ouch”: Just couple tack welds holding on could use couple more tacs or a beed . Other than that nice product. BE CAREFUL. nice design but all edges are decently sharp.

  40. Shelley

    Great mounts: Very durable mounts. Happy with them. Only one bad thing is you gotta figure how to mount them but I guess it’s good it doesn’t come with mount holes, so you can mount anywhere

  41. Cathy J Bonsell

    The units are well made. But I figured the …: The units are well made. But I figured the factory would have sealed the units from the weather. No sealer on the outside or inside. You have to seal it yourself.

  42. matt ober

    There spot welded together on the inside.: There spot welded together on the inside.if they were fully welded id have given 5stars

  43. Daniel Wallace

    Four Stars: Great value for the price. Fast shipping!!!

  44. Bagman

    needed: needed theses

  45. cathystut

    looks nice: be careful , these tires can rip grass

  46. Sandy meyers

    Tires: They look good, will see how they hold up.

  47. J R

    Great value , fit perfectly: These tires were an excellent fit for the rear axel on my Gator. The price was right.

  48. Patty Berry

    ddifficult to put it in: difficult

  49. Paul W.

    Worked great on my Hustler Sport: Although a different brand, these seem to be the exact same tires that came on my Hustler Sport from the factory. I had Discount Tire mount them so I can’t speak to the ease of installing them.

  50. StormyBrook

    nothing wrong: itwork

  51. Jean B

    Pretty good tires: Nice tread depth. Mounting them is almost impossible without a cheetah. They way they are packaged sucked the sidewalls in. Once the beads were seated, they were excellent.

  52. J a

    Great tire at a decent price.: These tires are very good quality. I had hoped the tread ‘lugs’ would be a little beefier to provide greater traction. However I do understand that, being a turf tire, it’s intended to keep the turf in tact which jeopardizes ‘los tractiones’. So, overall a great tire at a decent price.

  53. valerie

    Rugged: Work well once put on the rim. It was very difficult to get the bead to fit. Had to take it to a lawn mower place. Cost 10 bucks to fit on rim.

  54. daniel kemp

    Hard to install: I use these tires for my lawn tractor.They were hard to install

  55. Ruben

    Can’t beat the price: Just purchased to put on my Wright x mower came in a box no disformaty of any kind got them put on looks great see how they run tomorrow

  56. Steven L. Barton

    Were taller: Fast shipping overall nice tire but tire was taller than my old ones even though size was the same still had enough Clarence on my cub cadet which I didn’t think they would

  57. Dwm

    Tough to set bead: I purchased two replacement for my zero turn. One was easy to set the bead on. The second one I’m still trying to set. I’ve set 100’s of beads on tires, and haven’t had one as frustrating as this one.

  58. Madison

    good quality and price: Install was relatively easy (delivered wrapped / uncompressed, let them sit in sun for a while and used soap, un-mounting old tires was hardest part). Using on a zero turn mower, tread hopefully not too agresive.

  59. Suzy

    They are a mid to low quality tire: Lawn tractor

  60. ktgirl

    not as tall as they should be.: they say there the same size as the ones I’m replacing, but there 2″ shorter.

  61. Little Man

    Nice to have traction: Tires are great, tried to do it my self and wasn’t able to get them around the rim. My first time trying took it to a shop and now I don’t have to get the air compressor when I want to cut the grass

  62. Jim Smith

    If you have right equipment I’m sure it would be very easy to install.: Item arrived 2 days early was able to get my lawn mower up and running quicker.

  63. Andy

    Good lawnmower tire right $$$: Great price, probably won’t see these prices at local tire stores. Came in box, all round not squished.
    Not a very deep tread depth, but adicquate for most lawnmower s.
    Worth the $$

  64. JP

    good deal for your money: Works well on my lawn tractor

  65. limestone60

    They work.: As advertised, fit my old John Deere. The tire store mounted with no reported trouble and they work.

  66. craig b.

    Good tires for lawn tractor: Good tires for lawn tractor. Equal if not better than Carlisle. Have same Wanda tires on golf cart with less success. Professionally mounted on new aluminum wheels, the new tires are out of round so you can imagine the bumpy ride on smooth pavement.😕

  67. Countryfun

    out of shape tire: when the tires are shipped they are warped with plastic and one tire was pulled out shape and was hard to mount.

  68. super sue

    very pleased: These tires were delivered in a timely manner. They were easy to install and are working very well.

  69. Ralph Newberry

    I recommend: Good tires, nice tread

  70. Dan Chandler

    Delivery time: Ok

  71. Kerri Ann

    Would buy again.: I was unable to install them I had take them to a tire shop.

  72. Jeffery T Black

    Decent Price: Good 4 ply rated tires.

  73. Justin couture

    Good Tires: They look as good as the original turf tires and were cheaper. I’m very happy with the tires.

  74. Patrick Gialanella

    Four Stars: looks like good tire for the price. I wont use them much for a few months now.

  75. Adam Allred

    Great Price: Tires work great

  76. robert

    Shipping was fast: Got the tires work great

  77. Lishamarie

    Great price for a 4ply set of tires.: Somewhat narrower profile the the Carlisles they replaced, but are 4ply and 1/2 the cost, good tread design, would recommend as replacement.

  78. Chris Rhinehart

    Four Stars: Very well built would buy again

  79. Camp207

    Four Stars: nice tires

  80. Leslie Hancock

    I reccoment them: as good as OEM tires

  81. Jordan hamilton

    Good quality, price and fast delivery.: Does what it needs to do and you’ll weld your tab right over where it says China 😁👍

  82. RJ

    Forged rings press bent weld brackets: Rings are forged the weld on piece it press bent mild steel

  83. Deer Hunter

    Good tires for the money: These tires are a good for the price. After checking around, I found that buying these tires were just as good for less money. The only problem that I found that they are hard to work with when they are really cold. Had to take them inside to the basement and warm them up to get them to go on the rims. Other than that overall good tires.

  84. Scott Johnson

    Good replacement of OEM.: I’ve used them a couple of seasons now. They are fine. Not as soft as OEM but more durable. Any tire is a hassle to replace at home but these weren’t too bad.

  85. John s

    Great Tires / Better than Factory: Put these on my Old Craftsman CT1000 and they look great. I however didn’t want the hassle of trying to install them. I opted to pay the $40.00 to let the tire guy do it down the road. I am so Glad I did because the two small ones even he struggled with them. Back to having tight sharp turns and traction. I never mow my yard being moist or damp. So grass clogging in the tire treads hasn’t never been an issue for me.

  86. JMF Jr

    Overall good value: Overall this was a good purchase, but can’t provide 5 stars across because the way they were package deformed one tire bad enough that it took over an hour to get to seal on the rim and inflate. The other 3 weren’t deformed and mounted and installed easily.

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