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Set 2 Trailer Idler Hub Kits 5 on 4.5 for 3500 lbs Axle 22017

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In stock

In stock


  • Set of 2 New trailer idler hub kits 5 on 4.5 for 3,500 lbs trailer axle
  • Bolt pattern: 5 on 4.5″, bearing races and 1/2″-20 studs installed
  • Kits also include:
  • 2x L68149 inner cone bearings and 2x L44649 outer cone bearings
  • 2x Grease seals 1.719″ x 2.565″
  • 2x E Z lube grease caps with rubber plug
  • 10 cone wheel nuts 1/2″-20 thread

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Trailer Hub & Drum

5 on 4.5", Idler Hub



236 reviews for Set 2 Trailer Idler Hub Kits 5 on 4.5 for 3500 lbs Axle 22017

  1. Michelle Samartino

    Great quality and excellent price point: I’ve only had them on my boat trailer for about a month, but so far they are great. Installation was easy as well

  2. Jesus Rodriguez

    Returned item: Was a great item for the price but was returned because was wrong size

  3. Luke

    Great value!: Great value with 2 of these for only $60 with everything needed to install besides the grease. Only thing is I wish they would have included the new nut and washer for the spindle with it for a couple extra dollars

  4. Nicole

    Over 3000 and still perfect: Nevermind the negative reviews!
    I’m just getting off a 1 of 4 600mile road trips towing a 4000lb load on a trailer at 65-70mph and never once had a concern about these hubs and bearings holding up. I would question the installation process in any negative review given…
    Clean all your parts before installing them and DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the nut on the spindle! Just snug by hand only! Anything tighter and bearings will cook/blow up in no time. This hub bearing kit is an excellent value providing you install them correctly and grease them the right way. If you’ve never packed a bearing or installed trailer gun/bearing kits there’s 1000’s of YouTube videos to show you what you should do. Grease and install them correctly and they should provide you a long service life!

  5. Wiliam Jones-Carvalho

    Small bearing: Everything seems great except for the small bearing that looks too small if that would be installed on thousands pounds trailer.

  6. Matthew Ladnier III

    fast shipping.: easy to install looks great .

  7. Dennis M.

    Perfect!: Price was right. I tem was right. Perfect match for my Sure Trac trailer

  8. John cannon

    Perfect!: Everything was perfect and easy install of course

  9. John brooks

    Trailer hubs: Easy install and have performed great, trailer is better that ever

  10. Ha Ha Ha

    Seem good: Would give 5 stars if they included castle nut.

  11. Alex Laughlin

    Good Value: Needed to replace hubs on a trailer that sits on the side of the garage 90% of the time, and stays in town the other 10%, didn’t want to spend a ton of money. These fit the bill nicely and installed without issue. Small issue with the order missing a couple inner wheel bearings, but the seller squared it away without any fuss. Much appreciated.

  12. Stan Evans

    Nice kit for the price-some bearings are too small for axle: Nice kit for the price-some bearings are too small for axle

  13. Alfred

    Not as good as the ones on trailer: Bought didn’t like the casting hubs took bearings and studs and put in the one I had made out of steel was cheaper buy it like that than ordering it all separately

  14. G man

    These hubs work great: Easy to install and carefree performance. Good price and good product.


    Very easy conversion. Now all my trailers use the same rims/tires.: Just what I needed.

  16. The Reviewer

    make sure to give those bearing a nice grease bath before you put them in: The Drunken Reviewer here and I just got to say, this thing practically installs itself… As long as you make sure the numbers on your bearingss match the ones on this set, you’re Golden.

    Two pieces of advise though. One, make sure to give those bearings a nice grease bath before you put them in, especially the back one. Cause once you install the rear bushing, a thorough greasing is a Pain in the Rear to do.. (don’t make a sex joke, please don’t make a sex joke..) Two, get yourselves some latex/nylon gloves first… Dear Lord does grease go everywhere, and it sticks to everything too. I mean that’s kinda it’s job but wow. I got one good sized drop on my pants and before I knew it, everything around me had grease on it! Seriously, how does that happen and so fast?!?! After that one drop from my legs covered half my tools and bikes and such, I’m pretty sure you could use just a tiny bit more to lube an entire car let alone a single axle..

    But just to be safe, make sure you bath those bearing well. Oh and snag some buddy bearings from LIBRA while your at it. If yo don’t now, you know you’ll just forget later…

  17. Jennifer Brenner

    Not a bad price: Item was used but never installed everything was out of their boxes which is what used is considered I guess, no rust on any parts, no scratches on any bearings which is what I was worried about but everything was almost there except for the codder pins which isn’t a big deal I had the right ones. A bearing and race installer tool is recommended to help install the seals. Bearing race was already installed.

  18. nathan145

    Great price.: Can’t beat the price. The hub quality is pretty good. The bearings are on the cheap side, but will work just fine. Everything went together good on it.

  19. Adela chavez

    Easy to install 15 mins perfect fit: Great product easy to install

  20. simion sdaniel

    Great Value: I wasn’t sure these would fit my trailer of unknown age or origin, but it was exactly what I needed. The price of this set of everything needed was just slightly higher than a single undressed hub from other sources.
    I highly recommend this product and would buy it again if ever needed.

  21. Gary

    Super easy to install: Feels like a quality product. Keep them greased, should last for years. Took minutes to install.

  22. Kindle Customer

    price was right and quality looked great: price and quality looked great

  23. Gary Lane

    Great value a boat: Boat trailer

  24. Lorrib

    Great price for trailer hubs: Complete kit with bearings, seals lug nuts and hubs at a great price.

  25. Mark Slaten

    Came with races installed!!: Arrived as advertised with one exception. The bearing races were installed already. Bonus!!!

  26. Chanse E.

    I think I made the right choice happy with the product and the delivery time: They fit my car dolly perfectly

  27. David Kiphart

    Perfect choice: Perfect fit. And complete

  28. Tyler T

    Perfectly packaged: This is a great deal thank you

  29. Old School

    Great price: Product was as described, perfect fit, easy install. Packaging left alot to be desired. Great price!

  30. JakeS

    Perfect match for my 18 foot lund trailer!: All the parts came in a single box without any protection. The bearings were loose along with the hubs themselves which would be easy for them to be damaged. None were damaged thankfully.

    They fit wonderfully considering my last hub cracked when the bearings exploded to the point that there was nothing left of them while driving down the road. I wish the bearing were already packed and the seal was installed. While attempting to install the seal it deformed and left me down a seal for the other side, had to order another one.

  31. mark

    Good Stuff: Good Stuff.

  32. William Mole

    Exact fit.: Exactly what I needed to get my trailer back in working condition. Easy installation.

  33. david m.

    they fit: fit as promised with no issues all the parts and pieces were there .i was done in no time at all;Just a thought ….put a new carter key in each wheel kit cause if they break ,which they often do

  34. samtully

    ok: good

  35. Lawrence

    good: good

  36. steve m

    Worked great.: Worked perfect, very easy to install and a really good price. Came with everything needed just add wheel bearing grease.

  37. Emily

    Fit great on my 3500 lbs trailer axle.: Fit great! China bearings, but the ones that I have on trailer are china and never had any problems with them.

  38. Smokey Bear

    Cost less than just buying bearings at parts store!: Mine fit a tapered Sylvan spindle just like the originals. Came pre-packed with grease, races and grease seal installed. You will probably want to clean out the grease and replace with a quality marine grease if your application is for a boat trailer. Also included crown nuts and lock washers. The EZ lube hub covers were too large, seller sending replacements.

  39. fatboysservices

    Good product and prompt service.: Good product and fitment. Very reasonable price and delivery was fast.

  40. JonClift

    Fit great: It all fit great.

  41. Davon Dees

    Easy! must buy!: It was easy to install and required only grease additional once installed.

  42. Moises Serrano

    Nice quality!!!: Easy to install

  43. Boat Dock Builder

    Same price as paying someone to do new bearings… NO brainer: Easy to install

  44. vincent thompson

    Good product: Good product

  45. Amanda & Bobby

    Very happy great price: Dust cap did not fit but for the price not going to Complain about it very thing else fix great

  46. Michael Noel

    Great product: Perfect fit

  47. Josh

    Nice hub set: Work great

  48. Fishsqueezer102

    Good product for the price: For the price these seem to be good hub kits. Replaced old bearing and hubs on my boat trailer. I’ve put about 500 miles so far and seem to be working great.

  49. David Cooper

    The hubs mounted up perfectly. Had trouble with hammering …: The hubs mounted up perfectly. Had trouble with hammering on the grease caps, seemed too tight of a fit and the caps dented so I just used my old caps.

  50. Nathan

    Work great: Work great

  51. Gerry Cochran

    Good product: Good product for a good price.

  52. Stormy

    Perfect replacement hub set for my 6×12 utility trailer: Perfect replacement hub set for my 6×12 utility trailer. Easy install. Only other items you really need are hub grease, and the castle nut and cotter pin on your axle, which I was able to reuse.

  53. Adam

    Very good quality!: Better quality than the ones they sell at northern tools , I will definitely purchase again!

  54. Jason

    Five Stars: Worked as promised. Installed for 2+ years on my boat trailer. Absolutely perfect! Not sure why people are saying they are breaking my boat weights 4000 to 5000 lbs single axle and these are great.

  55. Jason Lillis

    Product is as described and works great.: Product was as described, went onto my existing spindles with no problem. Everything appears good and works great on my trailer. No worries at all.

  56. Jerry

    Greased and ready to install: Excellent product. Just installed, haven’t used them on the road yet. They came assembled with berings packed full of marine grease. Simple install.

  57. Mr

    Perfect Fit: These looked like high quality and were easy to install.

  58. M. Rogers

    Overall a great purchase.: Spindle arms are solid steel. Big upgrade from original ones.

  59. Robert L Robinson

    Easily upgraded hubs for utility trailer.: Great price and appears to be good quality. Arrived sooner than estimated.

  60. robert

    Happy: Good price

  61. Grady11

    Perfect fit for haulmark trailer.: Bought this to use after removing entire electric brake setup. They never worked right. Perfect fit and the price was right. I very highly recommend.

  62. S. C.

    Would buy again.: Perfect fit on the new dexter axle. No damage or trouble like some others had.

  63. Harry Zambrana

    Perfect: Fit perfect!! No issues at all. As advertised.

  64. Darren

    Very easy solution: Great value. No more cleaning hubs, installing races, packing bearings etc etc

  65. Jonnie

    Easy work: Great price, quality product. Would buy again.

  66. Ebbie

    No more grinding sound from my trailer wheels!: Excellent

  67. Melinda Hill

    Hubs: Look great.

  68. robydawg911

    fast and correct: fast and correct

  69. GoneFor Good

    3500 lbs axle: Fitment was good arrived on time.

  70. G. E. Busby

    outstanding: great comes ready to go on ,well made product

  71. Rafael

    Fit my traler rims: They work grat on my trail

  72. Lisa Todd

    Hub: Just what I needed to fix boat

  73. D.Adams

    Great fit: Excellent product and fast shipping

  74. kevin adolph

    trailer hubs: they worked fine.

  75. Mr. St-Pierre

    Good material and finish: Very easy to install and packaging was great.

  76. bob

    what you orded: great product

  77. gford

    Trailer hubs: Great product

  78. Chris F.

    Excellent choice and the price is right: My lawn trailer

  79. D.Wil

    Well worth the money: Nice quality installation was a breeze.

  80. David escobedo

    Good: Perfect for my trailer

  81. E

    Great price for complete hub, bearings, races and seals.: Complete


    Five Stars: easy install & working perfect

  83. Tim Silke

    Make sure about your axle size.: Perfect kit

  84. Michael D.

    Five Stars: AWESOME, Thank YOU!!!

  85. craig

    Five Stars: worked great

  86. Chris C

    Five Stars: Perfect fit!

  87. Kimberly Lorene Reynolds

    Five Stars: Seems to be built well and fit new axle well.

  88. Kristen

    Boat hubs: Worked perfectly for our boat!


    Five Stars: Great fit. Arrived in time as promised

  90. Warren Ribbink

    Five Stars: good hub and bearing kit

  91. Wayne

    Five Stars: Good price, did the job.

  92. brian swiat

    Five Stars: As described

  93. J

    Perfect: These hubs have been great! They were delivered on time and in great shape. I replaced both hubs on my trailer, and have travelled a few hundred miles on them so far with no issues. As described, you will need to grease the bearings prior to assembly. One note, be sure to clean the parts thoroughly prior to greasing. I did notice a lot of metallic dust on the parts, so I made sure to bathe them in some seafoam, then allow them to dry, prior to greasing and assembling. Other than that, they’ve been perfect! Very affordable, and allows me to keep one of my old hubs as a spare. If for any reason I had to make a roadside repair, I’d much rather swap a hub than try to swap bearings, and this allowed me an inexpensive way to have that assurance.

  94. Patrick Yankun

    Great: Easy to install

  95. Clinton Power

    Great parts: Great parts

  96. R.Miles

    Good quality: Better know what you’re doing before tearing into replacement of the hubs. Quality seems good and the fit was good.

  97. James Babiec


  98. Collazo’s

    Great value: E-Z to do

  99. Brian VanVlerah

    Thanks: thanks

  100. Sunshine Girl

    Great item! Worked Perfect!: Ordered these for my husband for his 19ft Cape Horn. They worked perfect. Great deal! Fast shipping!

  101. JoeGamer

    Fits like it should: Easy assembly, quick and painless.

  102. Munzie

    Grease it up: These came in and looked really good. Casting on hubs were solid. Bearings looked good and the right size for my axle. Like anything, make sure you grease these bearings all the way through and not just the tops. Easy to install good price.

  103. Greg Greene

    Pretty decent: It’s a good product. Only thing I don’t get is why not add a new cotter pin with the package….they almost always break when removing the old hubs. It would cost them maybe 2 cent to add it to the package

  104. Patti Smith

    Great price. I got 2 hub assemblies for less than the price of one at parts store.: Changed my trailer from 5 on 4.75 to 5 on 4.5

  105. Charles Whittier

    Fit great and Work Great: Installed these on the idler axle on my 20ft trailer. I decided to use these as opposed to beating out the bearing races from the old hubs and then installing new races. These already had the races installed. After a thorough hand-packing of the bearings and seal install and I was ready to install. One thing to note is they, or at least the kit I received, did not come with a new washers, castle nuts, or a new cotter pins. The old washer and nut I had were in fine shape so they were reuseable, but I did have to buy cotter pins. It wasn’t a huge issue, but wanted to make it known. Bearings were typical Chinese bearings so who knows the quality and how long they’ll last. The OEM set these replaced were also Chinese bearings and they made it about 7,500 miles before they needed replaced. I didn’t perform much annual maintenance on them, just used the E-Z lube hub grease zerk to pump fresh grease in once a year. Have not used the trailer loaded and made a long road trip, but at the same time I also installed new brakes and hubs on the rear axle and did a 15-20 mile drive to begin the burnishing process and when I finished and parked the trailer, the idler hubs were cool to the touch. For reference, the old bearings/hubs were above warm, but not completely hot, to the touch after the 5 mile trip from my trailer storage location to my house. Initial impression is 5/5. Hopefully after the first real use, I will keep that rating.

  106. Charles Whittier

    Recieved as advertised: Received as advertised. Price was fair.

  107. Cobra si

    Good: Worked out excellent, it was Exactly what I needed thank you

  108. clarence haas

    Great product vs price: Got everything pictured, after installation i put about 1,000 miles on my trailer and no problem yet, being new i had to re-tighten once

  109. Christina T.

    Good buy: Product was a replacement for existing hub. Description help me make the right choice. It was a good fit.

  110. Cowbotplot

    Work Great: I’ve used the trailer multiple times since purchase and these have been working great. No complaints so far.

  111. cootersdad

    Worked perfectly: Hubs were assembled and greased, ready to install. Very pleased

  112. Cody Perron

    Great value: As discribed

  113. Cobra si

    Great item works great and a even better price…: GREAT!!!

  114. Christina T.

    They’re hubs and bearings – They spin great…: They’re hubs and bearings – They spin great…

  115. Carole owen

    Five Stars: Hubs were exactly what I was looking for

  116. C. Nail

    Five Stars: perfect fit

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