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Set 2 Steel Trailer 6″ Oval Tail Light / 2″ Round Side Light Mount Box 24013

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In stock

In stock


  • set of 2 steel trailer 6″ oval tail light / 2″ round side light mount box
  • Fits standard 6″ oval grommet mount lights, and 2″ round grommet mount side clearance lights
  • Made by 14 gauge heavy duty steel
  • Light box dimensions:8-3/4″L X 4″H X 3-3/4″D, 6-3/4″x2.5″ front oval light hole, 2.3″ round side light hole, 3/4″ round wire hole.
  • 0.65″ lid around to protect lights from damage

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123 reviews for Set 2 Steel Trailer 6″ Oval Tail Light / 2″ Round Side Light Mount Box 24013

  1. David C.

    The units are well made. But I figured the …: The units are well made. But I figured the factory would have sealed the units from the weather. No sealer on the outside or inside. You have to seal it yourself.

  2. Non ya Buznaz

    Great product: Really great product. Saved me building my own. Just weld or bolt em on.

  3. lois frost

    Good price for two: This product met what I needed them for. They are sturdy and a good price. I installed LED lights in them.

  4. robert pacheco vazquez

    Very Good Quality: They fit on My Trailer pretty light and sturdy

  5. Edward Sands

    Nice: Look great

  6. Brian

    Great product: Perfect light boxes to weld onto my car trailer. Worth every penny

  7. kevin mckeever

    nice clean welds good work wish they would come at …: nice clean welds good work wish they would come at least primed but for the price they worked great and should hold up for years to come

  8. Albert frias

    Great fit: Hello, delivered ahead of schedule.. installed the units today Sunday and they work very well. Thanks

  9. jim

    Great value: Excellent value

  10. B Saxton

    Perfect fit well-made happy with all of it: Use them on an equipment trailer and they were perfect for what I needed

  11. Matthew G.

    Great mounts: Very durable mounts. Happy with them. Only one bad thing is you gotta figure how to mount them but I guess it’s good it doesn’t come with mount holes, so you can mount anywhere

  12. Dalton

    Get y’all some of these rigs I’m a tellin ya: Bought these for my 30ft triple axle, built great for the money and they work perfect for me to mount a 6” light bar on top of each one for reverse and working lights.

  13. Alma

    Tail light box: This was a perfect fit for my trailer. Thank you!

  14. Val Ferreira SEMPER

    Very good: Very good

  15. Mike Whitaker

    Brackets great, packaging terrible.: Brackets themselves are great, well made, and exactly what I wanted. Packaging was horrific. Amazed they arrived and had no damage, but two large pieces of steel in a padded envelope is a bit laughable. Consider alternate form of packaging.

  16. badevogirl

    Well made: Great product. Very well made. Would buy again if I needed more of them. But I’m not building any more trailers!

  17. jacob rivera

    Simple Fab part already made: Completely made of mild steel easy to weld or bolt. Could have gone a little thicker on the steel to work as well as a more sturdier step but it holds ok.

  18. Brian

    Good Deal: Lights fit perfectly. Well constructed. Great value

  19. B Saxton

    Good quality: Good quality

  20. B Saxton

    Good quality: Good quality

  21. Mark Henry

    Very good set for the price: Very good set for the price. Traction seems normal even uphill on a slightly wet grass but I don’t have much experience to compare these to other brands.

  22. Mark Henry

    A-1: A-1

  23. Mark Wearn

    Great tires: They were just As I expected and great quality.

  24. Michael Bright

    good tire. great price: tires worked out great. good traction even on the wet hills. i would purchase again

  25. Mike Whitaker

    Great price: Excellent price. Fairly easy to install yourself with a couple of pry bars and soapy water.

  26. Mr. Bee

    Excellent value: Great value for the money, don’t buy retail.

  27. Ms Sheila

    Great tires: Got them on the rims easy. Work great. My Deere is climbing hills again!

  28. Michael Bright

    Fast delivery – Chicks dig em: These arrived incredibly fast. Exactly as ordered. Just what I needed at a competitive price

  29. Melinda

    Better tires for your mower: 4-ply over 2-ply? It’s a no brainer and the price is excellent.

  30. Mark Henry

    Good tires for the price: Good tires at a good price

  31. Alex

    Fit great: Arrived as expected—look great —-fit great —-GREAT VALUE FOR THE MONEY

  32. kenneth hancharik

    worked great: Husband put them on our John Deere garden tractor and they worked out great!

  33. Darrell S. Cramer Jr.

    good quality: good tires

  34. Elizabeth K. Maloney

    Great replacement lawn tractor tires: Good tires.
    A little difficult to install
    One was somewhat flattened on shipment and difficult to inflate

  35. Cody Dycus

    Great: Great with good durability

  36. Michael Kenny

    4ply Tires: Very good price,good quality,delivered on time,4ply tires, installation went well.

  37. nicole blake

    Good deal on new turf tires for my Kubota tractor.: I use my tractor for cutting the lawn and snow blowing.

  38. Melinda

    Good tires at a decent price: These tires are a good quality tire at a decent price

  39. Mark Henry

    Great product: Great value and we got them in very quickly

  40. Alex

    Solid, grippy, aggressive but WARNING. ..: Good tire but one warning… Scroll through photos.

    Shipping was a quick 3 day turnaround. However they did arrive from different shippers. Fronts from fed ex and rears from UPS, weird.

    Tires fit perfect on King Quad 750 with stock wheels. One thing that should absolutely be noted and I KNEW this going in but it still got me. Tires are super grippy, I went up on width 1″ all around and this is 95% my fault but it happened quick.

    The tires want to grab on everything, I was riding over a small embankment/crevasse And the tires yanked it hard right and flipped it right in it’s side. So just me mindful a wider and grippy tire can get you tossed and a atv laying on top of you quick and fast.

  41. kenneth hancharik

    Right fit.: Just what the tractor needed. Right fit and good traction.

  42. Darrell S. Cramer Jr.

    Great value: Worked great on my mower heck of alot cheaper off LIBRA

  43. Elizabeth K. Maloney

    Excellent tires for Excellent Price: These are great replacement tires for my John Deere LX176. And the price is fantastic for a 4ply tire.

  44. Cody Dycus

    Good product: Good product,will buy again,fit good

  45. Michael Kenny

    They are tires……: They are tires. They hold air and roll. What else do you want them to do?

  46. nicole blake

    great product: great product

  47. AshleyD

    Good value: Tires seem good and price was unbeatable

  48. B Saxton

    Bought 4 ply tires and they look great.: Great looking tires and fit our lawn tractor wheels perfectly. Can’t wait to see how they wear.

  49. Matthew G.

    Fast shipping!: Great tires, fair price. Extremely fast shipping. A+++!

  50. Dalton

    So far so good: Seems really durable

  51. Alma

    Where to get mounted: I tried to mount myself and took to Walmart for $7.00 each.

  52. Val Ferreira SEMPER

    Worth the money: Quickly recieved! Great fit!

  53. Mike Whitaker

    Five Stars: fit our lawn mower great, cheaper than any where else… will order again

  54. badevogirl

    exact replacement for Deere 345 garden tractor: prompt shipping and good tread design

  55. Lynn

    good value: best bang for your buck!

  56. jacob rivera

    Five Stars: Excellent fit for my Husqvarna 46″ lawn mower. Good quality tires.

  57. David C.

    Will buy again: I like these tires have them on my side by side and 4 wheeler and have no issues with them at all

  58. Non ya Buznaz

    Good Stuff: Perfect fit and did the trick for my old craftsman lawn tractor.

  59. lois frost

    Worth the price: Great traction, woks good

  60. robert pacheco vazquez

    Nice tires:

  61. Brian

    Tires: Great price, quality tires

  62. Edward Sands

    Thanks: Good buy

  63. kevin mckeever

    Five Stars: Great product at a fair price and quick shipping! Would buy again!

  64. Albert frias

    Good deal: Nice package of tires and seem to be of high quality. Very pleased

  65. jim

    Perfect fit great price: Great buy work great!

  66. Scott C.

    good product: I will order again

  67. 4x4naps


  68. Greg Reed

    Goes on pretty good of you know what you are doing !: Fits good.

  69. twiztidconspiracy89

    Worked great: Great

  70. RJack

    Tires: fit great and have great tread on them

  71. kenny

    $200 compared to $600 at jd: Fit like factory

  72. Daniel

    everything needed: are wonderful

  73. Camp Boss

    Five Stars: They worked well for my riding lawnmower, I ordered 2 sets.

  74. Robert C.

    All Good: Great tires for my John Deere lawn tractor.

  75. Jorge

    Great tires: Nice tires

  76. Timo

    Five Stars: Great tire set for price … fast ship …

  77. Jason and April Babcock

    Time: Riding mower

  78. speedy58

    Tires: They’re and loaded and ready for snow.

  79. Alaskan Outpost

    Quality product.: Good product and good service.

  80. terry wood

    Very good value.: Very satisfied.

  81. Chappy Chapman

    Five Stars: Good tires, one took alot of work to set bead on rim

  82. frankie deshawn taylor

    Good tires for the price: Nice tires

  83. Stephen

    Go-karts: They worked great and fair price!

  84. Jess Hoth

    None: Excellent

  85. Bogdan

    Wanda Lawn Tractor Tires: 👍👍

  86. Jeff Boulton

    good deal great product: for my j deere lawn mower

  87. Michael Bright

    Five Stars: Great product at a fair price.

  88. RFWII

    Five Stars: great tires for a great price!

  89. Mr. Bee

    Five Stars: Great quality and value. Prompt delivery

  90. Bmf

    New tires: Great deal, fast shipping

  91. top gun

    Just as advertised: Mounted easily. Good quality

  92. jsims4

    very nice: very nice

  93. davekessler

    The took a beating and still look great!: I gave these tires hell in Colorado. We rode our rhino over 250+ miles of rocky trails and jagged mountain-sides. Definitely put them to the test. They held up great! Front tires still look brand new and the rear tires only show slight wear. The sidewalls took a beating with no signs of wear and tear Let’s just be real, these are “cheaper” tires and may not last quite as long as more expensive ones but I say “WELL WORTH THE MONEY!”

  94. lou

    Great: Exactly

  95. chris luginbyhl

    Five Stars: Got my riding mower riding again – nice tires

  96. Cubbie

    Five Stars: Just as expected!

  97. Duane Kniess

    Great price: Nice way to buy tires

  98. Bill Adams

    Five Stars: Excellent value

  99. Barbara Shawhan

    Five Stars: A++++++

  100. Tony Tobin

    Five Stars: As advertised

  101. D. Cash

    As advertised: Quick and convenient service. Tires fit and look excellent. Have only had them on for a couple of days so I cannot comment on durability, but I have no reason not to expect that they will be fine.

  102. Jeffrey R. Rajca

    Five Stars: Great quality.

  103. Deanna Telford


  104. Tiny

    Functional as well I like the styling, round shoulder: I have worked on Outdoor Power Equipment, most of my life so have have the tools, and knowledge to install these. When I am looking for tires for my lawn mower, I much prefer rounded shoulder on the front steering tires, I am less concerned about the rear tires being round shoulder or square shoulder but I do prefer the treads match. When I change tires, I have a bead breaker, I have spoons, I always in stall a new valve stem and I always use rim grease. If you have the where with all to install these tires I do recommend them.

  105. j

    Great tire: Great quality tire. Perfect fit and seem to be holding up very well.

  106. michael ault

    Very nice: My riding lawn mower

  107. jc blankenship

    Very happy: Awesome

  108. C/J

    Good tires, good value: These tires revived my 15 year old Craftsman mower. Good fit, good performance so far.

  109. Ed Bassett

    Just what I wanted: Just what I wanted

  110. Ron Thiry

    Craftman 42 inch cut lawnmower: looks good on my Craftman 42 inch cut lawnmower

  111. Carlton Q

    Big improvement from older tires: Mine came bundled together by shrink wrap. I didn’t even bother to try wrestling these on my tractor rims. I called my local tire shop and they dismounted the old ones. And mounted the new ones onto the rims for me. Charged me $10 a tire with new valve stems and disposal of my old junk ones. A bit narrower then my previous tires but that was expected.

    Holding up well and now I don’t slip around the yard.

    I’d buy again!

  112. Wade Jordan

    Exact replacements: Fit perfectly and actually mower ride is smoother

  113. Angelo

    Fast shipping: Good deal

  114. romez

    Heavier duty than the ones mower came with: 4 ply instead of 2 ply They are good looking tire, mounted well. Tread did not look as aggressive as ones that were on the lawn tractor but traction ended up being better.. Price for the 4 was less than any 2 of the same ones that were on there orng.

  115. chris bray

    Perfect fit for my Cub Cadet LT1042: Tire are a perfect fit for my Cub Cadet LT 1042. We are back at it mowing our 10 acres again. Good price, good tires, and fast shipping!

  116. Adam CRAWFORD

    Nontraditional tire rim installation.: It’s a great tire, but you have to have a special tire company that has a special rim set for tires. One of my friends works for the city and had a machine at his work but it wouldn’t work so he had to go and pay another company that had a stronger will trim center or whatever it’s called to put the wheel on the rim

  117. Charles

    Great tire for the money.: These tires are very good. I bought a pair for one of my quads 3 years ago and have been so pleased that when it came time to buy tires for my other quad I purchased these again.

  118. Mary Miranda

    Dependability: Great price. Just purchased so not sure about durability

  119. Mary Kennedy

    Good tire: The media could not be loaded.

     Had it for some mouths now holing up good definitely would buy again

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