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Set 2 Premium WANDA ATV UTV tires 24×8-12 8PR Mud Sling 10290

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In stock

In stock


  • Unique tread pattern designs catch people’s eyes!;
  • Special cone knob design help expel the mud terrain;
  • Great for mud/sand, groove, hard pack and loose loam terrains;
  • 8 Ply rated tire carcass with special focus on the sidewall in unmatched puncture resistance, the durability has been increased;

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 24×8-12
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Pattern: WU06
  • Ply Rated: 8
  • Tread Depth: 0.71″
  • Rim Width: 6″
  • Max Load: 480lbs@16psi
  • Speed Rating: J

Please note: fitment guide is for reference only and does not guarantee the tire will fit your specific model. Please check your owner’s manual to ensure proper fitment.

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28 reviews for Set 2 Premium WANDA ATV UTV tires 24×8-12 8PR Mud Sling 10290

  1. awesome 303

    Nice tires for the money.: Fast delivery and rugged tires with aggressive tread.

  2. 1Old Kid

    Better than the OEM tires.: I ordered these to replace the OEM tires on my 2001 Arctic Cat 4×4. The originals still have plenty of tread left but have begun to dry rot, so much so that I have been having problems with keeping them aired up. The OEM tires were only 2 ply tires and I wanted more protection from sharp objects so I ordered the 8 ply replacements . I use this 4×4 as a workhorse on the farm. I use it to plow snow in the winter and pack a 20 gallon weed sprayer during the summer. I also use it to pull a single axle trailer to haul hay to the farm animals. These tires ride a bit stiffer than the OEM tires but they have not disappointed in their performance. I did find that the higher ply rating made them a bit harder to mount so I think that I would recommend purchasing the tire mounting tools or plan on taking them to a local tire shop for mounting.

  3. Steven M.

    Great tire for the cost: I felt like I stole them: I was a bit concerned about buying these. The price is too good to be true. I figured anyway I’d give them a shot. My old tires from Polaris. were almost worn out. The tires actually arrived earlier than promised. I had them mounted a local tire store. The store made comments about how well constructed the seemed to be and they had mounted this particular brand several times with no complaints.

    Once I got them on the ATV and the nuts all torqued. I took it for a spin around the yard. and was not impressed at all. They were very rough and you could feel the tread. Doing what I should have done from the get go, I checked the pressure. both were over 15 psi. Double what they should have been. So I took my 450 Sportsman down some familiar trails and it was awesome The aggressive tread had no problems ripping thru the desert. Better than the factory tires I thought.

    When I got home I looked at the old tires I busted out laughing. Yes they had POLARIS on the sidewalls but right underneath was something I had not noticed. Clearly stamped or etched into the tire was made by Wanda for Polaris. BTW the roughness was because the tire store over inflated them. Once set to its correct pressure they felt good. I have a 570 and the 450; With these tires on the 450 a couple of my friends have said they are a noticeable improvement. I would have to agree a month later. They have smoothed out with the correct air pressure in them. But the tread just seems to dig in and hold the trails better. A single tire from Polaris was almost $200.00 I got 2 of darn near Identical tires for 150.00. I’m interested on how long they will last. I only got 3000 miles out of the originals. Unless something weird happens to these, ill be buying more.

  4. 😋

    Wanda—-great product: I really like the good quality this tires where made, I would definitely buy them again ,
    And definitely highly recommend ,!

  5. Joe A. Lambert

    Good: Good product

  6. don

    Needed a tire that tread lasted longer: Looked good wear good

  7. michael d gokey

    Fast shipping and great mud tire.: Vary happy with the tires.

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