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Set 4 WANDA Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Turf Tires 13×5-6 Front & 18X8.5-8 Rear /4PR -13080-13028

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  • Multipurpose turf-friendly design for lawn & garden utility vehicles or golf carts.
  • Great for Zero-Turn lawn mowers.
  • Wide shoulders design for maximum traction and weight disbursement.
  • Heavy duty 4 ply tubeless tire, tires only, rims are not included.
  • 30 year trusted WANDA brand

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 13×5-6
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Tread Pattern: P508
  • Ply Rated: 4
  • Rim Width: 3.5
  • Max Load: 440lbs@40psi
  • Load Index: 52

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 18×8.5-8
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Tread Pattern: P332
  • Ply Rated: 4
  • Tread Depth: 0.28
  • Rim Width: 7
  • Max Load: 815lbs@22psi
  • Load Index: 73

Please note: the fitment guide is for reference only and does not guarantee the tire will fit your specific model. Please check your owner’s manual to ensure proper fitment.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs






front size


Front Rim Dia


rear size


Rear Rim Dia


179 reviews for Set 4 WANDA Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Turf Tires 13×5-6 Front & 18X8.5-8 Rear /4PR -13080-13028

  1. terpfan1980

    Nice replacements for the old worn-out originals: My recently acquired used Craftsman (originally made by Husqvarna) riding lawn mower had apparently never had the original tires replaced so I found that having parked the tractor in my garage to wait for the appropriate time to take it out to mow the lawn that the tires were all flat or quickly going flat with some serious cracking and/or evidence of dry-rot on all of them. Seriously, of the 4 tires, one was barely holding air, while the other 3 would hold air for about 24 – 30 hours before deflating and leaving the poor tractor sitting on the ground.

    This set was just what I needed for replacing those old tires as this was the exact size set and combination that was called for. The only real issue for me was the need to have someone with better mechanical skills than I typically have do the work to swap the tires over to the original rims as these tires are tires only and not pre-mounted on new wheels/rims. (You can shop around a bit here at the A to Z store and find tires and wheel combos if those would work better for you, or you can just order the tires individually if you prefer to go that route.)

    These arrived in a fairly timely fashion, were bundled into a single shrink-wrapped stack and were not problematic for the mechanic/technician that did the work for me to mount on the original rims. I did take them out of the shrink-wrap and let them sit on my front porch where they would catch a fair amount of warm sunshine so they would (and did) soften up a bit prior to the appointed time for the mechanic to do the mounting work. That made things go a bit more quickly and easily as he was able to swap out all four tires pretty quickly.

    I hope to get at least a few years of usage out of these tires and will probably be able to do that compliments of having a garage that I’m able to keep the lawn mower in. Keeping the machine inside and out of the sun and cleaning it up nicely after usage will hopefully help in that regard.

  2. Christopher Barrows

    Best bang for your buck!: Just used a pair of prybars to dismount the old and install these.

    Hold higher pressure than my old one and still ride nice and provide necessary traction on my lot. Highly recommend for the DIY mechanically inclined guys and gals out there!

  3. tom

    Fits a John Deere LT133: These worked perfect on a John Deere LT133 and the combo was way better value than buying individually

  4. Mickey Mouse

    Fits well: Replaced tires and added chains to my 48” John Deere riding mower

  5. JSEW

    Good tires for the money: These tires are a good for the price. After checking around, I found that buying these tires were just as good for less money. The only problem that I found that they are hard to work with when they are really cold. Had to take them inside to the basement and warm them up to get them to go on the rims. Other than that overall good tires.

  6. Clifton Mulanax

    Perfect fit: Fits my old John Deere 180 perfectly. A good, basic utilitarian yard tire (I only use my tractor to mow grass). Had to get a couple of them hot to get the bead to set, but that may have been an issue with these old rims. Overall good set of tires, and arrival was quick.


    They fit and hold air then went round and round so I guess their doing the job.: Seem like a pretty good tire. Replace those that came new on my lawn mower purchased in 1998. I probably won’t live long enough to see if they outlast those.

  8. jwsquibb3

    I’ll order again: Fit on the LA105 John Deere. They seem very high-quality tires. The rear tires measured about 9 inches wide. If that’s a concern for you. About an inch wider on the LA105. I’ve found that the 10-inch-wide will work just fine to replace the 8-inch-wide stock tires on the rear. The front tires seem to be the same on all the 100 series lawn mowers.

  9. Michael Snider

    Good replacement of OEM.: I’ve used them a couple of seasons now. They are fine. Not as soft as OEM but more durable. Any tire is a hassle to replace at home but these weren’t too bad.

  10. Martin Blake Collie

    Highly recommend: The first set of tires got lost during shipping. No fault of the Libra Trailer in any way. Contacted them about it and where extremely quick to get on the issuse and ship out another set. Highly recommend them. Thank you Libra Trailer.

  11. Alberto G.

    Excelente: Excelente producto

  12. Martin Cox

    Exact match.: Just the right ones.

  13. Scrad750

    Great Tires / Better than Factory: Put these on my Old Craftsman CT1000 and they look great. I however didn’t want the hassle of trying to install them. I opted to pay the $40.00 to let the tire guy do it down the road. I am so Glad I did because the two small ones even he struggled with them. Back to having tight sharp turns and traction. I never mow my yard being moist or damp. So grass clogging in the tire treads hasn’t never been an issue for me.

  14. Darrel Cannon

    Came on time, installed and ready to use. Looks like durabillity will be fine: Had a great experience the first time Came within the time limit and were in great shape. Will use these guys again.


  15. Mickey Price

    Where rubber meets the road: Spend the extra few bucks and buy the spoon set, you only need 2. Great value for the money and install wasn’t too hard.

  16. David W Ehlinger

    Great tires: Tires have nice tread get good traction and don’t tear up the lawn

  17. fle

    Tractor tires for John Deere: Great price and packaging, fast delivery, A+ seller, exactly as described.

  18. Saved by Grace

    Great tires at a good price: Tires work as good as the original Carlisle tires, they were easy to install (I took them to a local tire store and had them mounted at an additional $15 per tire plus they got rid of the old tires) If you have the muscle and a little help it can be done but at my age I learned my limitations, if I had to do it over I would do the same thing and buy again.

  19. Ghost

    My first new mower tires: I got them fast and exact size. I’ve never bought new tires for my mower before. Wish I did so sooner. I got them faster than originally expected. Perfect fit. I’m happy with this product

  20. Dan

    Great Deal: Bought all 4 tires for my Husqvarna riding lawnmower for about what one tire mounted locally was going to cost. Bought these along with tire spoon set from LIBRA and installed in a couple hours. Spent time cleaning the Slime sealant out which would have cost more to have done at local tire shop.

  21. VaShadow

    Overall good value: Overall this was a good purchase, but can’t provide 5 stars across because the way they were package deformed one tire bad enough that it took over an hour to get to seal on the rim and inflate. The other 3 weren’t deformed and mounted and installed easily.

  22. Clarence D

    Honestly reviewed: Overall the value and quality of the tires seem to be very good. I wish I could say the same about the quality control. One of the tire’s bead was bent inwards so bad it will not hold air pressure. It may have been caused by the plastic wrapping that was holding the four tires together for shipping who knows. Is it worth the price? Definitely.
    The tread depth is great. Flexibility is great. Installing thses tires without proper equipment will take some finagling. So I rate two stars because you can do it yourself with a couple pry bars and some good ole lubricant. It will just take a bit longer.

  23. BrandieBabs

    Good tire: These are good, quality tires

  24. David Allen

    Work very well!!: These little tires are a bear to get on and off the rims (especially the front). But with some struggling I managed to get it done. MAKE SURE to clean the rims of rust and/or repaint if necessary to get a good seal. Also, replace the valve stems. It’s cheap insurance and can only be done with the tires off. I couldn’t get the bead on the tires to set when I got them on the rims, so I wound up taking them to an independent tire shop and he did them in about 2 minutes and charged me $1.25 per tire. I wish I had taken them to him to change out from the beginning and used his tire equipment – I would have paid $3 a tire and saved a LOT of time!

  25. Connie Lynn

    Nice price: Nice tires

  26. Jedi-T

    Works great and looks good doing it.: So far so good. The old tires on our Husqvarna had gotten shorter! The original OEM 20″ tires measured at 16.5″ tall! This affected the cutting height on the mower considerably. The seller we purchased from sent the tires in a big box so the tires were not deformed by shipping and storage. Reading some of the complaints online about tire packaging made us worry about buying online. This seller clearly makes sure they get the product to you in great shape… not a flattened or twisted shape. Tires mounted with a bit of elbow grease. We do not own a tire changing machine or special tools. We changed the tires using some large flat blade screwdrivers for removal and remounting, a wide cargo strap to assist in seating the tire, and a compressor to air the tire back up once seated.

  27. N8yoga

    Nice deal: I let the tires set in the sun to warm and soften since they were a bit mishaped from compaction for shipping. With that bit of help they were easy to install with the tire mounting/ demounting kit that I had purchased.

  28. jon doe

    Descent tires for the money: Eazy install, equal to original if not better.

  29. Mark

    Excellent value, quality product: Half the price of the local parts stores for the same product! Received 1 day after I ordered them. Tires were not smashed or warped! Bought a tire changer for $40 and the back tires went off/on fairly easy. The front tires were a different story. After wrestling with them for a few hours (operator’s fault) I finally got them on. Beads set immediately and are holding air well it seems. Rides like a new mower again.

  30. patbisson

    Great replacement tires!: Great tires and the got here quickly. These tires are small when compared to car or truck tires; and because of that, much more difficult to install. Notwithstanding, I managed to get all 4 tires installed fairly quickly!

  31. Eric

    Good lawn tires: As expected. These are a good replacement lawn mower tire set. Difficult to install with the smaller size of them

  32. Mr.Carpenter

    Good looking tires.: Just put my new tires on my refurbished rims.Me and my wife wrestled all of them on in about 30 minutes time.I used Dawn dish soap and put it on the rims and tires.bigger tires are easier to do.Im going to install them today and will give up date following.ty

  33. Tom Rochon

    Great Value: So I did a lot of research and the reason I picked this vendor and these tires are their claim to ship and the tires arrive in great shape. The tires were not crushed and made for an easy install with pry bars. Work great on my 20 year old Craftsman!

  34. Lyle Fountain

    Excellent Tires: Using these on a 26 HP Craftsman 54″ mower. With the tread pattern, the tires grip in areas where the mower used to slip and flats shouldn’t be a problem given that they’re 4 ply instead of 2 ply. I went to Tractor Supply looking for these and found the 2 ply version at twice the cost, $115 for one rear tire and $45 for one front tire. That’s why I decided to buy online.

  35. trainutt

    Now We’re Turf Riding Not Sliding: After 11 years, we needed to replace our original tires, these WANDA Tires are a great replacement, the tread grips our grass without tearing up the turf, making cutting the hilly property easier. Exact replacements for our mower’s original tires, installation was straight forward and easy to accomplish. Good price and fast delivery made this a great experience.

  36. Kachemak

    Good quality: Tire were delivered fast and were exactly as described and pictured. I installed them on the rims of my Husqvarna riding mower. Pretty difficult job, but manageable with little more than large screwdrivers and a pry bar. Tires have good traction, even on a wet lawn.

  37. Judy Lemasters

    Lawn tractor tires: Seems fine to me, it goes around the lawn with the rider on board when I can get him motivated.

  38. Teresa Agamedi

    Great value lawnmower tires!: These are very good quality tires for a lawnmower, fast shipping… very happy with my purchase, highly recommend!!!

  39. M. Cox

    Great item: These tires were the easiest to put on and best tires I have put on my Gravely lawn tractor

  40. CCC Corvettes

    Great Tires: They were great, changed them my self, tractor fells like new. Nice tires

  41. chayeg

    Mower is back in business: They seem to be working out great.
    Thank you

  42. brian albertson

    Easy to find/order: Awesome fit and look on lawnmower

  43. The Robinsons

    Great deal: I was thankful to find these tires after receiving an extremely high priced quote locally. I didn’t necessarily need to replace the front two tires but at this price I figured I might as well. I wouldn’t call these a high traction tire but for my mildly sloped grass yard they do great even when it’s wet outside.

  44. melissa kandare

    Great value.: Better tires than what was on the mower. I think my original tires were only 2 ply.

  45. DaveF

    Exactly what I needed for my JD GT235: Would buy again. Replaced my original 22 year old tires perfectly. Fast shipping.

  46. Turry ADDAMS

    Use plenty of lube: Don’t think any mount easy but these were not bad

  47. Donald C.

    Easy installation. Great buy. Super fast delivery: A few reviews stated that they recieved their tires smashed down and distorted, making it hard to mount. I recieved my tires yesterday, a full day ahead of schedule. The tires were not smashed down or distorted. They easily mounted and took air no problem. I highly recommend these and they look and perform great.

  48. Glenn

    Great price for all four: Thank you

  49. Gerald F. Nelson

    Delivered what was ordered: Tires fit perfectly and I was so happy to find them.

  50. Jerome

    Need a tire shop to get them mounted.: I purchased to replace the tires on my John Deer LT133. They arrived a day earlier than expected. I did need a tire shop to have them mounted but I knew this when I purchased them. So far they seem very durable. See how well they do after sitting for a winter.

  51. Marvel Smith

    needed: need them real bad

  52. J

    Perfect fit: Was able to get them installed easily and was a perfect fit

  53. Taffiney Adams

    Good tires: Nice tires for a John Deere 160 mower. I like the tread

  54. Garvin Jackson

    Saving money and value: Quality

  55. Melvin Ritter

    Great price good product: Good price easy to install looks great

  56. ETHEM

    perfect item: great value looks perfect after installation seats and seals great . Replace your valve stems while you’re in there.

  57. CobraXP

    Love the tires: Installed these on a Craftsman GT5000. Great tires and are working out superb. I would recommend if you need tires. Much cheaper to buy the set instead of independently or as fronts and/or rears by themselves.

  58. David Brauning

    On the road again: You can’t buy tires for a John Deere at a better price without having an inside guy. These tires were exactly what we needed. I have two John Deere 345 tractors and replacement parts are expensive. This is a grade A product as described for a deal ! I will be buying another set.

  59. Keith Evans

    good set of tires: great set of tires for the money came in all 4 plastic wrap together they work fine regular grip on the ground

  60. cathy sawyers

    Great price: Great price

  61. Staci Kiker

    These are good: Careful order size! I adapted these to fit my mower with other spare parts arround my “junk yard.” They are great, but please do not think they will fit every lawn mower. Check your size.

  62. zenmasta18

    Perfect.: Old tires were weather rotted and leaky. Took them all off to the tire shop, 40 bucks for Install and disposal. Had for a couple months now, still no leaks. The rubber on these looked and felt very new/fresh especially compared to the ones I seen at my walmart

  63. Troy W.

    Worked great: Worked great

  64. WayneB63

    If you want pretty much what came on your tractor when you bought it: These are what you are looking for.
    High quality, almost through one season with no signs of any issues.

  65. Walter White

    Brought my lawnmower back to top mowing form.: Good product and work great

  66. theChet

    Good tires: Just put them on. They look good, and seem to work well. We’ll see how well they last long term, but other than that, I am happy with this purchase.

  67. Pablo

    Super Fast shipping: Tires seem to be good quality. Super fast shipping. Had to leave them in the sun a few hours. But they mounted easily using the tire machine at work

  68. farm girl

    Not a bad price: Not a bad tire wish they were heavy ply

  69. john slack

    Amazing tires: Great value work fine hold air amazing. 1995 craftsman now handles like an F1 car. Update!!! These tires have excellent traction after one entire season. No leaks jus hop on and roll!!!

  70. keith

    very good: look nice on my john deer lx 178

  71. Richard McKelvey

    What i was looking for .: these items were exactly what I was looking for to replace the tires on my GT6000 Craftsman Lawn Tractor. Thank you very much !


    Very nice tires at a very affordable price: Very nice tires at a very affordable price. They do not tear up the lawn, but still give you very good grip. Not that hard to install either, but patience you will need.

  73. gus

    Good tires, It was harder getting the old ones …: Good tires,It was harder getting the old ones off than getting these on, if you have trouble getting them to seal use the tie down squish method around the inner edge
    of the tire with a spray bottle of soapy water.

  74. BigJ

    So far so good: Fit perfect,and are holding air.
    So far so good.

  75. trish

    Great price and tires!!: Thank you for the fast shipping and great quality tires.

  76. Pastor Paul

    LOVE the service from this dealer. Put them on the A team!: Exceeded my expectations….rare but came 4 days before they were expected. Took to local Co-Op tire shop and the tires looked great.

  77. Kirby

    Great product: Great product at a great value. Couldn’t be happier


    Far superior traction.: Great tires, great price. Needed better traction on some hills. Superior traction than OEM tires on craftsman lawn tractor.

  79. torcher

    Riding Mower Turf Tires – Great Quality, nice fit: Tires fit perfect, excellent traction/tread design, work as expected. I put these on a John Deere riding mower. look nice, do not tear up the turf.

  80. Terrence O’Shea

    Good value: These are 4-ply tires and are much better than the 2-ply tires that came with the mower.

  81. E Popov

    Very good set for the price: Very good set for the price. Traction seems normal even uphill on a slightly wet grass but I don’t have much experience to compare these to other brands.

  82. James K.

    A-1: A-1

  83. Angelfire

    Great tires: They were just As I expected and great quality.

  84. Michael Lonetti

    good tire. great price: tires worked out great. good traction even on the wet hills. i would purchase again

  85. Daniel edward Opare-Addo

    Great price: Excellent price. Fairly easy to install yourself with a couple of pry bars and soapy water.

  86. Bryan S.

    Excellent value: Great value for the money, don’t buy retail.

  87. Sava Toufexis

    Great tires: Got them on the rims easy. Work great. My Deere is climbing hills again!

  88. Aaron Young

    Fast delivery – Chicks dig em: These arrived incredibly fast. Exactly as ordered. Just what I needed at a competitive price


    Was what it was said to be: Worked perfect

  90. OldHippie72

    Better tires for your mower: 4-ply over 2-ply? It’s a no brainer and the price is excellent.

  91. R. Allen

    Fit great: Arrived as expected—look great —-fit great —-GREAT VALUE FOR THE MONEY

  92. Tabitha L

    worked great: Husband put them on our John Deere garden tractor and they worked out great!

  93. crystal

    good quality: good tires

  94. MC in BP

    Great replacement lawn tractor tires: Good tires.
    A little difficult to install
    One was somewhat flattened on shipment and difficult to inflate

  95. Paul

    4ply Tires: Very good price,good quality,delivered on time,4ply tires, installation went well.

  96. Ron

    Good deal on new turf tires for my Kubota tractor.: I use my tractor for cutting the lawn and snow blowing.

  97. Scott B.

    Good tires at a decent price: These tires are a good quality tire at a decent price

  98. Heather Miller

    Great product: Great value and we got them in very quickly

  99. Karl H. Ruppersberger

    Right fit.: Just what the tractor needed. Right fit and good traction.

  100. tim allen

    Great value: Worked great on my mower heck of alot cheaper off LIBRA

  101. Mr. Bill

    Excellent tires for Excellent Price: These are great replacement tires for my John Deere LX176. And the price is fantastic for a 4ply tire.

  102. Carlton Yoder

    Good product: Good product,will buy again,fit good

  103. Robert Johnson

    They are tires……: They are tires. They hold air and roll. What else do you want them to do?

  104. Robert Brainard

    Good value: Tires seem good and price was unbeatable

  105. Kenc

    Bought 4 ply tires and they look great.: Great looking tires and fit our lawn tractor wheels perfectly. Can’t wait to see how they wear.

  106. Lisa

    So far so good: Seems really durable

  107. Larry

    Where to get mounted: I tried to mount myself and took to Walmart for $7.00 each.

  108. Jon Boggs

    Worth the money: Quickly recieved! Great fit!

  109. ANN M.

    Five Stars: fit our lawn mower great, cheaper than any where else… will order again

  110. Foster Lytle

    exact replacement for Deere 345 garden tractor: prompt shipping and good tread design

  111. BIG AL

    good value: best bang for your buck!

  112. Betty Jordan

    Five Stars: Excellent fit for my Husqvarna 46″ lawn mower. Good quality tires.

  113. BIG P

    Good Stuff: Perfect fit and did the trick for my old craftsman lawn tractor.

  114. Mark

    Worth the price: Great traction, woks good

  115. Virgil

    Tires: Great price, quality tires

  116. joseph rollo

    Thanks: Good buy

  117. Jenny

    Five Stars: Great product at a fair price and quick shipping! Would buy again!

  118. Dandylion

    Good deal: Nice package of tires and seem to be of high quality. Very pleased

  119. smvarela

    Perfect fit great price: Great buy work great!

  120. Keith Sparks

    good product: I will order again

  121. Troy Courter

    Goes on pretty good of you know what you are doing !: Fits good.

  122. JAMES

    Worked great: Great

  123. christmas lover

    Tires: fit great and have great tread on them

  124. Bill

    $200 compared to $600 at jd: Fit like factory

  125. RuthRice

    everything needed: are wonderful

  126. H Johnson

    Five Stars: They worked well for my riding lawnmower, I ordered 2 sets.

  127. Mark A. Sledge

    All Good: Great tires for my John Deere lawn tractor.

  128. Sadie

    Great tires: Nice tires

  129. Kenneth

    Five Stars: Great tire set for price … fast ship …

  130. Darron Bembry

    Time: Riding mower

  131. Lucille Metzger

    Tires: They’re and loaded and ready for snow.

  132. G-unit

    Quality product.: Good product and good service.

  133. Ethan W.

    Very good value.: Very satisfied.

  134. Wolf

    Five Stars: Good tires, one took alot of work to set bead on rim

  135. Terry Clark

    Good tires for the price: Nice tires

  136. Frank R. Pagel SR.

    Go-karts: They worked great and fair price!


    None: Excellent

  138. Jeffrey S. Moyer

    Wanda Lawn Tractor Tires: 👍👍

  139. prcc

    good deal great product: for my j deere lawn mower

  140. guitarguy56

    Five Stars: Great product at a fair price.

  141. Larrybob

    Five Stars: great tires for a great price!

  142. BNuss

    Five Stars: Great quality and value. Prompt delivery

  143. Eric Dunn

    New tires: Great deal, fast shipping

  144. Jeepdude2004

    Just as advertised: Mounted easily. Good quality


    very nice: very nice

  146. Troy Neyman

    Great: Exactly

  147. Tera Harnish

    Five Stars: Got my riding mower riding again – nice tires

  148. Barry Casstevens

    Five Stars: Just as expected!

  149. Robert R.

    Great price: Nice way to buy tires

  150. davendodie

    Five Stars: Excellent value

  151. eric

    Five Stars: A++++++

  152. deryll sitzes

    Five Stars: As advertised

  153. L Waddell

    Five Stars: Great quality.



  155. Scott Willis

    Functional as well I like the styling, round shoulder: I have worked on Outdoor Power Equipment, most of my life so have have the tools, and knowledge to install these. When I am looking for tires for my lawn mower, I much prefer rounded shoulder on the front steering tires, I am less concerned about the rear tires being round shoulder or square shoulder but I do prefer the treads match. When I change tires, I have a bead breaker, I have spoons, I always in stall a new valve stem and I always use rim grease. If you have the where with all to install these tires I do recommend them.

  156. Joe

    Great tire: Great quality tire. Perfect fit and seem to be holding up very well.

  157. barry h.

    Very nice: My riding lawn mower

  158. Michael S. Schicker

    Very happy: Awesome

  159. K. Keller

    full set of Lawn Tractor Tires: The Tires arrived in good shape, but the larger back ones looked small compared to the ones on my 20 year old Craftsman T1000, the size on the tires was the same as the old ones. I had them installed at my local tire place, once installed they where about 2 inches shorter in height when fully inflated than the original tires, I put them on my tractor and now have the height adjustment on 6, which is the last height adjustment when I used it on 4 forever so as other reviewers said they are smaller ? hopefully my last height adjustment works well enough, the tires are of good quality and well made but under size. I would not buy again, wish my luck.

  160. CM-FEN

    Good tires, good value: These tires revived my 15 year old Craftsman mower. Good fit, good performance so far.

  161. Lopez

    Just what I wanted: Just what I wanted

  162. kenneth coulter

    Craftman 42 inch cut lawnmower: looks good on my Craftman 42 inch cut lawnmower

  163. Ggossard

    Big improvement from older tires: Mine came bundled together by shrink wrap. I didn’t even bother to try wrestling these on my tractor rims. I called my local tire shop and they dismounted the old ones. And mounted the new ones onto the rims for me. Charged me $10 a tire with new valve stems and disposal of my old junk ones. A bit narrower then my previous tires but that was expected.

    Holding up well and now I don’t slip around the yard.

    I’d buy again!

  164. koorite

    Good tire, hard to install.: They fit on my John Deere D140. I am a mechanic and have put on more tires than I like to think about, but it took myself and 2 other mechanics in the shop to get these mounted. Eventually we got them but it was a struggle!

  165. GlennSmith

    Exact replacements: Fit perfectly and actually mower ride is smoother

  166. John

    Fast shipping: Good deal

  167. Thomas D.

    Heavier duty than the ones mower came with: 4 ply instead of 2 ply They are good looking tire, mounted well. Tread did not look as aggressive as ones that were on the lawn tractor but traction ended up being better.. Price for the 4 was less than any 2 of the same ones that were on there orng.

  168. Cherie Cary

    Perfect fit for my Cub Cadet LT1042: Tire are a perfect fit for my Cub Cadet LT 1042. We are back at it mowing our 10 acres again. Good price, good tires, and fast shipping!

  169. Kianasibes

    Good tires for a good price: The tires were lost in shipping by FedEx, and the seller quickly sent a replacement set when I inquired about it. The tires are good quality. The only problem I had was getting the rear tires to seat the bead. They were squeezed together in shipping, making them very narrow. I used the 5 gallon bucket method I found on YouTube to seat the bead. I would not hesitate to order these again if needed.

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