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Set 4 WANDA ATV Tires 23×7-10 & 22×10-10 P350 10311-10312

(433 customer reviews)


In stock

In stock


  • Complete set (2 front + 2 rear) tires for replacement of variety of ATV UTV applications;
  • Top notch handling & superior traction offer a significantly smoother ride in dirt, mud or rock, woods and desert;
  • Additional large shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall,added traction and improved appearance;
  • Non-directional tread pattern, Riding cleat for smoother trail riding;
  • Heavy 4 ply rated nylon construction resists punctures and abrasions;

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 23×7-10
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Tread Pattern: P350
  • Ply Rated: 4
  • Tread Depth: 0.53″
  • Rim Width: 5.5″
  • Max Load: 235lbs@5psi
  • Load Index: 30
  • Speed Rating: F
  • Tire Size: 22×10-10
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Tread Pattern: P350
  • Ply Rated: 4
  • Tread Depth: 0.53″
  • Rim Width: 8″
  • Max Load: 300lbs@5psi
  • Load Index: 39
  • Speed Rating: F

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433 reviews for Set 4 WANDA ATV Tires 23×7-10 & 22×10-10 P350 10311-10312

  1. Kindle Customer

    Exactly what it said they were!: Exactly what we ordered. We ordered on day around 1:30 pm it said it would take about a week, which sounded reasonable. It arrived the next morning around 10:30 am, thats crazy. Super Happy

  2. Scott Stipetic

    Very dependable: I have lots of hills to climb well I’m working on the farm and they are steep and muddy I depend on traction and that’s what I get from these tires they are the best I ever had and I will re buy them again thank you for the dependable traction you give me my life depends on them thank you very much. customer scott

  3. BTC

    Well pleased: Good deal

  4. Sam

    Great tires: Put these 26×12 and 26/10 tires on my Polaris Ranger 570 full size and they are a HUGE upgrade to the stock tires(which did last 4000mi). I can go through nasty mud in 2wd drive unlocked diff with them no issues. They fit great and with over 50mi on them road and dirt mix, they wear well. They are a bit loud compared to the Carlisles but not enough to matter. Highly recommend

  5. Familyconsumer

    Great traction: Replaced the tires on my kawasaki mule 3010 and I can keep plowing my snow.

  6. Gina W.

    Seems to be good quality: Was needing new tires for utility ride. Haven’t had long enough to see how they hold up.

  7. greg

    Nice got grip ?: Ranch quad gets rough use

  8. Rhoda

    Tires with grips: No more getting bogged on the beach. Great gripping treads.

  9. Diona

    Great item for the price!: These tires were exactly what we expected. Fit perfectly!

  10. Dylan

    2022 sportsman 570: Fits on a 2022 sportsman 570 utility HD

  11. Johnny Watkins

    Fast shipping: Looks good

  12. Shopsalot


  13. Kindle Customer

    Exactly what it said they were!: Exactly what we ordered. We ordered on day around 1:30 pm it said it would take about a week, which sounded reasonable. It arrived the next morning around 10:30 am, thats crazy. Super Happy

  14. The SandSailor

    Good value: Very deep tread, came in Great shape. Local Honda dealer ribbed me pretty good for bringing in “Wanda” tires to a “Honda” shop, we all got a good laugh out of that.

  15. Henry L. Burgess

    it costs $25 per tire to get them mounted: can’t evaluate

  16. Aaron

    Soft composite – notice fast tread wear: First set I bought. great budget but too soft for my riding. I’m guessing I’ll replace after 500mi.

  17. Scott Stipetic

    Very dependable: I have lots of hills to climb well I’m working on the farm and they are steep and muddy I depend on traction and that’s what I get from these tires they are the best I ever had and I will re buy them again thank you for the dependable traction you give me my life depends on them thank you very much. customer scott

  18. Jonathon L Allen

    awesome tires: for the price you will not find a better big horn tire. i would recommend 100%

  19. J. Miller

    Works well for my needs: Put these on a 2008 Honda Rancher. I use it for pheasant releasing on the 100 acres we lease as a game Preserve. Very wet this year, these go through standing water and mud just fine. Also used on another parcel we lease for deer hunting, same reliability. Did not rate for durability, hard to tell after just one season. I’m happy with this purchase so far.

  20. Joe

    25-10-12R & 25-8-12R are well made radials.: They come in two different orders. I received the rear tires on Thursday but the fronts didn’t show up until the following Wednesday. This was a FedEx problem, not the seller or LIBRA. They are heavy and the sidewalls are thick. Other reviewers commented about thin sidewalls that sustain damage. It would be difficult to puncture these. Had the local tire store install them yesterday and took them for a test drive. Off pavement they grip well but it’s too dry to tell how they do in mud. They work well in sand. On pavement they ride smoother than the OEM Blackstones that came on my Honda 700-4. No shake or unusual noise at 40 mph. Steering is very light now. Time will tell how well they hold up. Regarding bias ply vs. radial, I ordered and received radials as indicated by the “12R” in the size numbers. So far I’m pleased with them.

  21. Brent Wickliffe

    great price and aggressive tread: was as easy as it could be to mount, but was exact size and so far is a great set of tires with great traction with the aggressive tread.

  22. Rocco

    Best tire brand!: This is the third time I have bought from Wanda the first was 5 years ago I bought a set of Wanda bighorn clones for a forman 450 they have had 700 miles put on of rough riding and only the rear are a little worn out probably another 500 miles before they need to be replaced then about 6 moths ago I bought a pair of balloon tires from Wanda for a riding lawn mower that I converted into a mud mower still look new beside the mud and now I’ve bought a set of Wanda bighorn clones for a 08 brute force 650 they have arrived several days early and I’m excited to put them on and go ride!

  23. Bruce Head

    Fast delivery. They are true 27″ .just what i order.: Very fast delivery . Good price.

    Just got them so do not know about durabilty .

    I ordered 27x10x12 . Was concerned because different reveiws on other tires said they were 2″ short . But these wandas are true to size .
    I was replacing bighorn 25x10x12 all 4 tires are the same size.
    I believe it set it up allittle with still enough room .no rubbing

  24. Amanda Moore

    Let’s ride…..: Great purchase….. great value! Quick shipping

  25. chad

    Appear to be a god tire for the money.: The tires arrived very quick and look like exactly what I was wanting. Have the two front on and so far I am impressed. I will be able to tell after I get some miles on them but look to be perfect.

  26. GRA

    Ride & traction are great!: They look and ride really good and have great traction. Good tires for the money.

  27. Steve Persing

    New Grips for the toy!: I installed a set of these on my 1999 Polaris Sportsman 4X4 last week.They were delivered in two boxes from Libra, which was nice. With soap & patience the old came off & the new went on without too much of a problem. (My first exchange of 4 tires:…2 hours)! The tread & bite of these tires are amazing. The tread pattern is nearly identical to the Maxxis Bighorn tires, which many say is the best for utility ATV’s in sand, dirt, mud & rock. The Goodyear tires I was running (stock) did everything well except rock, and this tread pattern solved that problem. After seating the beads (took about 20 lbs) I set the tire pressure at 7 psi (per manufactures recommendation). I got a nice wide footprint with hardly a bulge. I placed a level on top of the tires and measured to the flat concrete floor, and found the height of the rear tires at 24-1/2″ and the front measured 24″ even. I am happy with these tires….just need to see how long they will last! I think these are a good tire at a good price.

  28. Craig’s Garage

    Smooth ride on blacktop, soft sidewall so know your trails…: Easy enough to mount and seat. Sidewalls are soft and flexible, had hoped for something firmer since ‘rated’ for 6 ply.
    The ride is smooth on blacktop, big difference going 40mph now, feels like a golf cart, kept a good straight path that did not pull me while steering.
    They are smaller than the Dunlops I pulled off her of the same size.
    Rear tire was narrower than the previous 10s that were on her,and they are about 1/2 inch shorter than fronts, perhaps that is why fronts weigh more than rears?
    Bought so had traction on hillside in winter as former tires were getting pretty worn and caused me to slide off trail to house, these should have a great bite in winter.
    Even though cheaper than most tires on market, still sticker shock over cost of an ATV tire, automotive tires are a bargain after buying tires for other vehicles…

  29. Mike

    Very deep treads: Had the tires mounted and installed. Threads are very deep. There was no wobbling or out of round issues when driven on a hard surface. Steering is easier than my old worn out tires. Tires tend to flat spot when cold but when driven and the tires warm up the flat spot evens out and goes away.

  30. Adam

    EXCELLENT Performance, looks, and pricing!: I ordered these and they showed up within the 2 days as I requested, so the shipping was right on schedule as I needed them in time for a trip I was about to take my ATV on. They were in good condition when they arrived and were ready to be installed. I chose to install them myself and they were very easy to install. Once they were on they looked great. When it came time for using my ATV on the trip, these tires had outstanding performance and traction for the various types of terrain I was on. These are an excellent tire for the price and I will be more than happy to purchase another set when I need some more my other ATV. I would highly recommend these tires for any aggressive off roader who uses their ATV on rugged/muddy/sandy terrain.

  31. ken tyson

    Good affordable tire !: A lot of grip for a little money!!

  32. Nimrod

    Seems like one of the best values out there: I had local shop mount them but they are working great. Can’t speak to longevity but my Father-in-law has same tires on an ATV and has had them for some time with no wear.

  33. Jim McClendon

    Good so far!!: shipping was fast but split up into two separate deliveries a day apart but with same tracking number. got a little nervous that two tires were missing but it worked out. Love the quietness of the ride and will check back on durability later. Great tire for the price.

  34. JAB

    Perfect 10” tire: I was surprised to see a tire like this for a 10” wheel. This is the perfect tire for your Chinese ATV. The tires are very impressive and better than the stock tires on most of the Japanese ATV’s out there. Highly recommend them especially if your UTV/ATV is 4WD.

  35. CSB

    … Wandas have more knob/tread on the edges and so better for the terrain I ride on: Hard decision between the Wandas and SunFs – decided that the Wandas have more knob/tread on the edges and so better for the terrain I ride on. This means less open space between the tread as well. Also figured the cool looking edge dimples on the Sunfs will wear off quickly and the little indents in the ‘A’s in the tread will just fill with mud and disappear fast as they are really shallow. Also note – the Wandas are supposed to be non-directional, but if you look close you will see they have directional tread – the bars have partial knobs on one side and are all flat on the other, so the direction you install them may matter after all.

  36. Eric Nickell

    Great tire. Great price.: I just put these on my 97 big bear and they work great for my terrain. I went riding on a day it was 26 degrees and there was some lingering snow from a few days prior. these tires took me everywhere I tried to go including some steep icy hill climbs. I was able to easily mount the fronts (25×8-12) with a manual tire changer but the rears (25×10-12) were a little difficult and required me to take them to a tire shop. Overall I’ve been very happy with these tires and I will update this review when I have input on the longevity of the tire.

  37. Shannon Chance

    Best Tires and great price: Great price tires. I was very skeptical on buying non name brand tires. I was afraid you get what you pay for. That is not the case and these tires. They are very solid strong tires. I could not believe the great quality. I showed them to a buddy of mine who worked at a tire store and he said these were better then the name brands that they sell. He was amazed by the price. I mounted them myself with no problems only took me about and hour to do all four with no special tools. My ATV rides like a brand new machine again. I recommend to all ATV owners to get rid of their cheap OEM tires and get these. I can’t wait for my hunting trip in a couple weeks and the snow this winter. I know there will be no problems.

  38. D. Bradley

    100% satisfied: I bought these for tires for my 1986TRX 350. Was not sure about wandered tires, but was pleasantly surprised. Mounted than myself. The tires were NOT all smashed together which typically makes mounting far more difficult. Would definitely buy want to tires again.

  39. John Puleo

    Great quality tire eight ply should last for a long time: Because they were eight ply heavy duty had to pay someone to mount for me

  40. Justin Ellis

    Same quality as the brand name tires you can buy else ware but without the high price tag.: Excellent Quality! I highly recommend these tires because these ARE the same quality as the brand name tires you can buy else ware but without the high price tag. Especially since these are 6 ply tires compared to my stock 2 ply tires. Make sure to note that this set of 4 tires come in different widths. The 25×8-12 tires go on the FRONT of your UTV/ATV and the 25×10-12 tires go on the REAR of your UTV/ATV. I don’t normally write reviews but these were worth the time to let others know about due their high quality. It’s hard now-a days to find good quality tires that coincide with a fair price and I put these in that category.

  41. Jamie

    Glad we purchased: Have only used one season, but so far seem very durable. They look great. Improved traction over old set but they throw mud ALL OVER, including occupants and equipment. Not a dealbreaker but who wants to be covered in mud every day.

  42. Jack Lewis

    Good tires for price: Good product fast delivery

  43. Lucky

    They provide excellent traction and very little wear: Tires fit perfectly, have used them for several months. They provide excellent traction and very little wear.

    * I now have over 1,000 miles on these tires. We just returned from a 400 plus mile of off road travel in our Polaris Ranger in Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan. We traveled some very rocky trails, some hills and a lot of sand and water up to the bottom of the doors on our Ranger. These tires performed fantastically. I took two spare tires along just in case but, they never even got a look the entire trip. Can not see any wear yet, very hard compound.

  44. chaps

    Great tires: My ranger so happy to have new rubber… And so am I. 😁

  45. April Knox

    Good tires for the money!: Good tire for the money. Had them on my polaris ranger 800 for 5 years . The tread is still good on them but they dry rotted on the side wall all around the tire, all 4 of them did the same thing. The side walls are thin and I had some plugs in them. But for the money I just bought another set of them. Hope these last another 5 years.

  46. Denton Orr

    Just buy them. You wont regret it: Absolutely love them! Now you will get 2 tires one day then the other 2 the next day idk why but that’s how it happened. Other then that no issues the pics they have of the set do no justice to have deep the tread really is so I added some photos of them on my wheeler and before I had them mounted so you can get an idea

  47. MykeF

    Great tires for the price: These tires where exactly as advertised. Although they have an aggressive tread they ride pretty smooth.

  48. Vote for Pedro

    Order with confidence: Great speedy service.
    Tires exactly as described and look like good quality.
    The price was fair and better than local dealers.
    I like to shop locally but don’t appreciate being gouged.

  49. Gary Hixson Jr

    Tires shipped and Delivered on time: Great traction, and tires installed on KYMCO 700i UTV

  50. Chris R

    Exactly as described and shipped quickly: Exactly as described and shipped quickly. These are ATV tires, so what can I say. If you like the tread pattern, then these are the ones to get. I needed something for field and trail riding and these do the trick. I can’t mud bog with them, but I didn’t get them for that. The shipper boxed these and that makes delivery easier. I’ve seen some tires get shipped where they are banded together and the tire is deformed. A day in the sun will straighten that out, but I prefer the box. The quality of the tire seems good. I just hope that they will survive (not puncture) from cheap manufacturing.

  51. Rachel F.

    Tire performance: The tread pattern is great for grip and it self cleans really well. The side walls are a little stiffer then normal but a great ride for the money.

  52. Heather Schlichte

    Good on snow: I was concerned prior to buying these tires because there were one or two reviews that said they were not good on snow. I had the chance to use these tires to plow snow for the first time today. The traction was much better than my previous tires. I have a long and steep paved driveway and the tires performed well. That said, any tire will be challenged if the conditions are exceptionally poor. Overall, I am very pleased.

  53. Brian Neidhardt

    Heavy duty and good grip: So far they seem to be a great tire. I had them installed on the rims at a tire service.

  54. Rodo

    Nice & heavy duty: Put them on my side X side. Got the 8 ply, hopefully they will be more , puncture resistant in this Arizona desert. So far I like them really well, we’ll see how they wear.

  55. Jessica

    Amazing quality for the price.: These tires were a tiny bit thinner than the stock tires but seem to be performing perfectly. Got them out on at the local tire store and had no issues. They look great.

  56. Christina T.

    Very happy so far: I have had these tires for around 300 miles. I didn’t want to go with a road tire because I do about 75% on and 25% off road. Very happy so far. Barely any ware. They will maybe last me 2 years VS Current tires that got me by exactly 1 year. I don’t expect UTV Tires to wear well on pavement although these seem to be doing well. Smoother ride and yet good traction. Great Price shipped as promised didn’t have to deal with customer service and that is always good. I will post again in the spring. Honda Pioneer 700-4

  57. randy schirado

    Excellent product.: Excellent product.

  58. Brad C.

    Ok…. good on trails but not for pushing snow.: Awesome replacement tires on my 09 Polaris sportsman 500!!! They ride very smooth! Highly recommend them for the price!! Update: starting to loose chunks out of outside tread… they are terrible for pushing snow, even in 4 wheel drive they do not hook up to turn like my old stock tires did…. they did awesome on the trails last summer but I do not recommend them if you push snow with your machine.

  59. Cobra si

    Got grip: Got to replace stock tires . Used all winter to plow snow . Good grip and even when it got deep still dug right in . Seems to do good in light mud .( I hate cleaning so no mud bog stuff for me )

  60. Holly

    Amazing I give five stars!: These tires are amazing we just put them on my daughter has been going every where lol they were fast coming in and very dourable I have nothing I don’t like about them!

  61. Roman O.

    Great buy!:

  62. chuck

    time will tell!!: i would have given a 5 star,but they are still new and i haven’t used them much.the little i have used them,they are great!!!!! if they hold up,i will never buy another brand just to pay double for the same tire!!! i don’t go playing in mud,i use mine for plowing snow and work around my property.

  63. John Marshall

    Worth the Price: Only had installed for a month, but so far so good. In muddy conditions can slick over quicker than the originals that I had (which would have cost twice as much to replace) Overall pleased with purchase especially for what I paid.

  64. Jerry L.

    Good tires good price great delivery time!: Replacement tires for my Gator

  65. Dan

    Great tires!: Only have a few trips on them but awesome tires for the money.

  66. Mark Hammons

    Great looking tires: Received my set of four tires today and just finished mounting them, very pleased with the quality of these tires. Took them for a short ride and I’m am very happy with the product.
    Not sure about durability time will tell.


    Happy Quad Tires: Tires are great. Six ply, over 1″ deep tread. Way better than original equip tires. They do not have the “V” pattern, and the benefit is the front tires turn easier making it much easier to steer. They arrived in less than a week. My original front tires were 8″ wide and these are 9″, but they installed easily and are easier to steer. The total cost was half of what they charge at the shop. I’m very happy, and thinking I may order tires for my 4 runner on line.

  68. J.K.Yates

    Does just as good as my bighorn 2: Installed these on a Polairs Ace and they seem to work very well. Does just as good as my bighorn 2.0 at a lot less price. They look nice and ride well. I will buy again as long as I get plenty of miles out of them. If not I will update the link :

    We just got back from Brimestone and they did well in all aspects.

  69. A

    A pretty good deal. No issue so far: They have performed well. Bought a full set for Honda FourTrax Foreman 450s. They work well in the rice fields and mud. It gets driven to the blind in the water and mud with no issues. They are heavier than the stock tires. I’ll see how they do later in the mountains (deer season) and coastal (pigs) areas ( varied terrain).

  70. A. Sante

    Good tires: Great price for these tires. Just what I needed.

  71. gordon ballensky

    Everything fits perfect for this UTV: I put them on a 2020 players Razor fox edition had originally 26s went with 27th and two numbers wider both front and back

  72. brnt34

    Ride and quality are good. No reason to buy maxxis big horns: Shipped and arrived in 2 days. Ride and quality are good. No reason to buy maxxis big horns. Not the best traction in the snow on side hills and mud traction is yet to be determined because I bought and installed in the winter.

  73. offroadbikerdude

    Seen some reviews they were not good in snow: Bought these tires for my sons grizzly 400. He rides on county roads often so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on tires. I was surprised with the quality of these tires. They are well balance riding down the road and plenty of traction in dirt and mudd. Seen some reviews they were not good in snow, but we will see soon. So far they are wearing well. Please with this purchase

  74. David

    Value and durablety: Liked

  75. Ol bait And switch

    Prime didn’t deliver as promised.: Ordered Prime to receive product before vacation…of course only half the ordered showed up and now the others are pending..can’t do nothing with 2tires.

  76. farmer s

    Good value: Decent tires, very deep lugs.

  77. digitrade

    2,000 Miles With No Issues: Installed two years ago. Photo shows tread at 2,000 miles, which is great. The original new tires lasted 4,000 miles. The tires are a great value. 2015 Honda Ranchero used for work 7 days a week. About 1,000 miles per year.

  78. None

    Great looking Tires and Customer service!: I just mounted new tires, so I can’t answer the Durability yet. However, they look great and grab well. Plus The Customer service is quick and excellent. I mistakenly ordered two incorrect tires and returned them. They sent the right rim size the next day. Thank you.

  79. Tiffany Cline

    Great buy: Great tires! Bought them for my sons atv. Very grippy and arrived quickly.

  80. jerry o. waddell

    These tires hook: No issue so far, they are like a rough all terrain, wear good , go great. Especially in rocky / mountainous terrain.

  81. C. Nail

    What can I say? They’re what I needed: They a great tires for the money.

  82. Jan James

    FANTASTIC bargain!!!: GREAT looking tires for a FRACTION of the cost of the others that you pay for the “Brand” with the same quality. They arrived VERY quickly! I just got these yesterday and have not yet installed them on my side-by-side but they look and feel JUST as great as the one’s that sell for double the money!! Can’t wait to get them installed!!

  83. cootersdad

    so far so good, been running mostly on gravel roads: so far so good, been running mostly on gravel roads, KEEP yourself in the cab. these tires throw rocks bad.
    traction is excellent off road, careful in your lawn, ya won’t gps to see where you’ve been. got about 30 hours on em,

  84. Rik4zmn

    Exactly What I Ordered: Just what we needed for my daughter’s 4-wheeler. Great grip everywhere! Needed help with the install of the tires on the rims but that is likely just due to the smaller size so luckily I have a friend with a tire machine.

  85. NE

    Great on our old Mule: Nice replacement for our old Mule

  86. vincent j christoforo

    … tires on my kawasaki prairie 650 and they look awesome..: Put these tires on my kawasaki prairie 650 and they look awesome…..very heavy duty with a great tread ……have not put them to the test yet so i will add to my review once i do

  87. Lea

    great purchase: great tires!

  88. Jordan cress

    A little short: Tires seem to have a decent sidewall but they are shorter tires when mounted. Overall for the price it’s a hard tire to beat when it has the identical tread to a tire three times the cost

  89. Josh Ras

    Great value.: Tires are great, especially for the price. Four stars because – as stated in other reviews – rear tires are 1 inch shorter than the size rating states.This will lower your rear end 1/2 inch, which where I ride, that makes a difference.

  90. bryan hill

    Better than I expected: Better than I expected! Bought these for my Honda foreman and I am very pleased. Would be five stars but think sidewall needs to be heavier if running on heavy side by sides. Perfect for atv

  91. Ollie

    Good tires for the price: Used on Honda 700 Pioneer worked great in mud and snow during hunting in Minnesota.

  92. Josh

    Ride great: Great tires

  93. Arch

    Good tires: Great tires for my side by side.

  94. D. Ramey

    Bought a set of these in 2015. They’ve performed …: Bought a set of these in 2015. They’ve performed well in all types of terrain, from dry rocky to deep gooey mud. Price vs performance they’re hard to beat. Now that I’ve wore the front down to the cords (rear are about 25ish% left) I’ve bought another set.

    I have zero issues with these tires.

  95. Merzy

    Massive traction!: Arrived earlier than expected, by almost a week, I measured the tread and it’s more than they stated. I had them mounted and went for a quick 3 mile ride in the springtime Idaho mud and was thoroughly pleased, very grippy.

  96. Greg Knepper

    Great tires: lots of tread

  97. Wild man Steve

    Seem good, only put 10 miles on them: Seem good, only put 10 miles on them. It’s winter. You’ve heard the saying if it looks like a bighorn and acts like a bighorn it’s probably a bighorn. Half the price as a bighorn though.

  98. Tim Ferrill

    4 Years of Solid Use: Got 4 solid years of use street and trail. Very durable.

  99. Kimberly Schoelkopf

    Tires hold up great: I mounted these on my Can-am outlander and they work great. I run track sweep for a harescramble series in Indiana, have used them for an entire season and the tread has held up great with no flats.

  100. Yank

    Great tire,great price: As of 200 miles of use, they are great. Only time will tell.

  101. lauren evans

    Great tires: We purchased these for 2015 900s rzr. They grip very well, will buy again

  102. Matt L

    5/5!! Must read!: 2007 Polaris Sportman 500 4×4 HO MUST HAVE 1” OR MORE WHEEL SPACERS FOR 26x9x12 on front to work and not rub. My setup is 1.5” wheel spacers all the way around 26x9x12 front 26x11x12 rear. Great grip/handling. 5/5!

  103. Wayne Sellers

    A: Great tire a good price point

  104. Rob McKown

    Great tires: Tough tires. They clean themselves very well without being mud/paddle tires. Handle well on regular trails and most mud

  105. DPMS Jack

    They really look good and can’t wait to try them out: Just mounted up 26x11x12 in the rear and 26x9x12 in the front. Way wider than my stock tires. They really look good and can’t wait to try them out. Lugs are 3/4 of and inch and should hookup pretty good. Will update after I take a ride.

  106. Jeff Mihelich

    Smoother Ride..: When I put these on my 06 Honda rancher 4×4 I was shock how much better they felt…Wish I would have put them on sooner…
    Very nice tires….

  107. Cowbotplot

    Hd10 Defender: Only time will tell how they hold up but they were priced right and the tread pattern looks good.

  108. Red

    Worth the money: The side walls a really thin. Other then that I’m happy

  109. Patrick Dupuie

    Great buy for the price: Bought these to replace 12 year stock tires on my 2005 Bombardier Outlander. I use it primarily to plow snow. Very aggressive hopefully I won’t have to chain’s on. Very stiff side walls, helps supports the front suspension with the plow on. Great buy for the price!

  110. MSB

    Great tires: 2000 Honda 300

  111. syd :)

    Great quality: Bought these for my Polaris Razor and love them. They are a great all terrain tire. Can’t go wrong with these. Great tire for the money.

  112. Recruit87

    Exactly as shown. The shipping alone is worth 5 …: Exactly as shown. The shipping alone is worth 5 stars, the tires only solidify the rating. Ordered on Superbowl Sunday and had them Weds. morning. When my other machines need tires this is where I will buy.

  113. Esblair

    Great product: Great product at a great price

  114. kevin legler

    Four Stars: Very nice tires. Good tracktion on a 4×4. Non directional so they can be rotated with no problem.

  115. Jeff Bone

    Good product: Happy person

  116. Glenn M Saunders

    Very durable: Great value

  117. jeff billions

    Great tires for the money: Super nice tires for the money.I have them on another ATV for over a year and so far these are awesome!

  118. Gutter Guy

    Awesome tires: These tires are an exact knock off of the Maxxis Bighorn’s at nearly half the price. I had the Bighorn’s on my 650 Rincon previously and loved them. I now have the Wanda’s and they are just as great. I have done some serious 4 wheeling with them and they handled great. I highly recommend them.

  119. DIY Guy

    6 ply tires.. haven’t used my plug kit …: 6 ply tires..haven’t used my plug kit in quite a while. I bow to the 6 ply God..

  120. Brad

    Like the tires: Like the tires. I used to buy Maxxis Bighorn 2.0, but I think I will stick with these tires. Very comparable tire to the Bighorn 2.0 with a much better price.

  121. Rich

    Big improvement!: Great price for 4 tires. I had these installed on my 2008 Artic Cat 700. Great grip and they look nice!

  122. Stella stiltner

    good traction: very good tire

  123. Tim

    Happy: Ok tires

  124. Lisa Terrillion

    So far so good!: These appear to be a quality tire and are doing the job nicely. Just hope they will hold up over time.

  125. tennille hendley

    Husband happy: Perfect for the husband he loves

  126. Rich Miller

    .: will be out hunting and put these to the test in the next week.. looking forward to it

  127. Kindle Customer

    Great traction: So far so good

  128. Phil

    AWESOME: these tires are amazing especially for the Price. My neighbors saw them and bought some as well also loves them!!

  129. Daryl

    Fits Yamaha Big Bear 400: I needed a new set of tires for doing volunteer cleanup after hurricane michael. So far these have held up driving over limbs.

  130. Huggybear99

    Worth what you pay: Great product for the price.

  131. Charles Zambori

    Arrived on-time and as described: Time will tell how well these tires hold up to west Texas mesquite, cacti, and red mud. Shipping was speedy, arrived as described, and priced right.

  132. Lacey Winn

    More than expected: Very good deal. tires have lots of tread more than expected

  133. Ryan

    Awesome tire: More than a great tire for the price and the lugs on them are bigger than I expected they do pretty good in the mud and on the road! I would buy them again for my utv!

  134. Mark A.

    Nice: Great tires even on road.

  135. Big Al

    Five Stars: Good so far
    I have had these for about 18 months now and all I can say is they are good tires hardly any wear and still look new

  136. Wist

    Best I’ve ever owned!: I have never owned tires that grip as well as these. Forward, backward, and side to side, they grip. Today’s ride was the perfect combination of large boulders, dirt, gravel, and brush. These tires handled it all.

  137. Bob Hammer

    As described: Price was good. Tread is good. Installed and looking forward to using

  138. Frank P. Pagnano

    Great tires for a great price!: Tires are great!

  139. Bill Sorenson

    Good value.: Seem like excellent tires. Great tread depth with decent sidewall construction. Haven’t used them on trails yet.

  140. angie hunkeapillar patterson

    Great traction: They have great traction! No complaints from the hubs & kids!

  141. Beth A. Gantt

    Loved these tires did not know how bad my four …: Loved these tires did not know how bad my four wheeler was riding until I changed the tires. These have great grip and move easily while turning. We spent hours researching tires and this is the best value we could find. Great deal.

  142. Bridgett Howell

    Good tires: I was very pleased with the tires. Seem to be a good product for the price

  143. tltruslow

    husband ordered: thank you

  144. joan roberts

    Great price for a rugged tire!: Worked out great for our 4×4 quad. Great price and durable, rugged tire!

  145. BeeJay

    Buy Em: Nice tires. Provide good traction. My ease of steering has improved with these tires as well. 2007 Kawasaki Brute Force 750

  146. Brian

    Great value: Tires ride well, good traction, I’m very pleased. I paid less for all 4 than most of my buds paid for just rear tires on theirs. Great value tire!

  147. Mike

    mud: Grips

  148. Cody Perron

    Four Stars: Seem good so far but are about an inch shorter than advertised

  149. MIKE M

    … a spin What a difference from stock tires much better grab and handling on the trail: Just got my tires on today &took em for a spin
    What a difference from stock tires much better grab and handling on the trail.

  150. Gregory Norwood

    Solid tire: Tire rides nice and grips dirt, or mud and off you go

  151. Van

    Excellent tires!: Very fast shipment! Excellent tires/wheels better than I expected! Great price! A grand slam far as I am concerned!!

  152. James Hickey

    Worth every dollar: Great tires thick side walls. Awesome tires

  153. Joe Kessler

    Great traction: Tires went on a 04 Yamaha Kodiak Incredible difference recommend 100%. Doesn’t even slip towing 1000# in dirt.

  154. Joseph Jocsak

    great traction: Plowed snow with them and had great traction. Not good for the grass. sharp turns will rip it up.

  155. trever mccabe

    Great company: Awsome company and product. Thank you. I will definitely be back

  156. Brendan Simaytis

    Four Stars: Not great on snow.

  157. Bulldogs

    Nice tires: Nice tires. Delivered fast. Look great on utv and can’t wait to hit the trails.

  158. Robin

    So far so good! Tires seem to be well made for the …: So far so good! Tires seem to be well made for the price.

  159. Josh

    Nice tires: So far so good on my 4 wheeler.

  160. harley

    good!!!: purchased as part of son’s Christmas. good looking tire, well made and well worth the money!

  161. Michael K.

    Great Tire Replacement!: What a bargain! The extra deep tread lugs do a great job biting into sand and rock of Eastern Kentucky.

  162. Trent

    will buy them again: fast shipping they work great from hunting to plowing snow to playing in the mud

  163. Charles Whittier

    Great Value: Economically priced and and seem durable. I have been into the mountains already this year on some pretty rough terrain and did not notice any damage to the tires. I would trust these tires at this time to travel the remote regions of Idaho without worry.

  164. Brannon Duncan

    GREAT VALUE: I love these tires! Great traction.

  165. I V.

    Great value: Just as good as the Bighorns.

  166. Judith Yoder

    ATV tires: Good price for good tires for the ATV. Delivered very quickly!

  167. kelly loveless

    Prompt service from seller.: The tires were easy to install and handled the trails nicely. I would buy these again.

  168. Jeffrey H.

    Five Stars: They have lots of tread and seem to go well made.
    Have not had any problems so far.

  169. Lee Smith

    Make sure to order short stems: Very good aggressive TIRES heavy ply makes them easy to mount

  170. Stic71

    Make your machine BETTER: Made my atv a different machine!!! GREAT tire & design for the money

  171. chuck

    Great tires just came back from a 10 day Deer …: Great tires just came back from a 10 day Deer / Elk hunt in rough Country. And could not ask for a better tire they handle everything we through at them.My ATV acts like a new Machine with them on.

  172. Chris c

    great price: These fit my Rhino 660 perfectly and they are great. No issues so far.

  173. BIG G

    Rock throwers: Good traction in all conditions

  174. Angela

    Good quality tires: Great tires fit the price

  175. KinG

    Great value: Great tires for the money. No complaints

  176. Mark Findley

    Four Stars: happy with the tires, but they are not true to size- only 24 inch tall

  177. Gail J.

    … bead locks for my Wildcat Trail XT traction is great ride smooth tires and wheels for under $700 you …: I mounted them on dwt 12×8 bead locks for my Wildcat Trail XT traction is great ride smooth tires and wheels for under $700 you cant beat that.

  178. Pat

    Very nice tires at a very affordable price: Arrived sooner than expected. Exactly what we ordered. Very nice tires at a very affordable price, and with no shipping charge.

  179. Norman Haney

    Good tires: These seem to be good for the money

  180. lcooley


  181. Mark

    Very good set of tires: Very good set of tires. The ride is slightly more stiff however I was looking for a more durable tire and these are what I hoped they would be.

  182. Gilbert V.

    Great tires: Great buy nice tires

  183. Chuck

    tires are great don’t even have to use the 4wd most of …: tires are great don’t even have to use the 4wd most of the time like I did with the old ones

  184. CabinLife

    Love em!!: Look great and ride great! They really dig into the dirt!

  185. Tim F Cleveland

    Big Value for the $$$$!: Purchased for the replacement of the oem tires on our 2004 Yamaha Bruin! Excellent traction on sand, dirt,and mud! Tread depth is awesome! Figure we will wear out the machine before we will need another set of tires!

  186. Elroy Geislinger

    Tires so far grait: Like them so far gone nice

  187. Glenn Abbott

    Really aggressive: Great traction tire

  188. Michael Johnson

    Be careful dismounting old tires, it’s easy to bend: The cost & the grip

  189. Joel Kjera

    Five Stars: Great looking tire with super knobs that ride smooth on flat surfaces. Looking forward to see how they wear.

  190. Erick Delgado

    Atv Tires: Good quality

  191. KA

    Great tires and the price is unbeatable. Fast shipping.: Great tires and the price is unbeatable. Fast shipping.

  192. Brian Canfield

    Great Value: Its an ATV tire 😄 Great Value

  193. K D Gunn

    As advertised: Everything is as advertised

  194. Marty and Tracey Jewell

    Great Tire: Great Bighorn knockoffs

  195. Rev Sue

    Fast delivery: Great price and delivery fast

  196. Jay English

    Very happy: Work and look awesome

  197. Larry Allen

    Great tires: Great tires arrived very fast made a huge difference on my Polaris 500 4 wheeler

  198. Mike O

    Great value: Best deal I could find

  199. brandon

    Grate tires: Amazing tires for the price had them a year and they still look new!

  200. Dr. B

    Great tire, great price.: Fantastic tread, great bite, and a great price. Cannot go wrong with these, I would recommend them to anyone.

  201. Riley.

    Mean tread: Great rugged tire

  202. David Alberto Castro

    El precio: Son muy aguantables

  203. Gyle Swentik

    Great quality for price: Loving the performance of these tires. The quality is beyond expectations for the price when compared to other tires I looked at. Highly recommend them. And shipped very rapid with no issues.

  204. MantegnaBK

    Nice and affordable: Awesome

  205. Roy Pickrell

    Tires: Good tires for the money

  206. Jackie Walters

    Satisfied: Great tire for the woods. Very satisfied with the traction.

  207. Valerie A Miller

    Nice fit: Very well made. Highly recomened.

  208. Dan Nohorses

    Five Stars: Excellent all around use tire….and they look real good on 4-W

  209. Darren Spindler

    They perform excellent in dirt and mud: These tire are outstanding for the price. They perform excellent in dirt and mud. Definitely worth the money

  210. bgwp

    Great traction!: Use on my quad around the ranch. Great traction in loose soil even on slopes. I never need the 4×4 with these tires.

  211. L. Taylor

    Exactly what I wanted: These fit our John Deere gator perfectly.

  212. Craig S


  213. William Underwood

    Great buy: Just like factory tires. Very happy with this.

  214. Eddie walker

    … tires in two business days and I am not disappointed they look great: I received my tires in two business days and I am not disappointed they look great. I can’t wait to put them on my kawasaki 650. Thanks LIBRA

  215. Regular user

    Four Stars: Look good and I am looking forward to trying then out when the doctor says I can.

  216. Jacob

    Good stuff: Great tires for the money!

  217. pat

    Four Stars: Great tires.

  218. tom mccombs

    As described: Great price. Used on 2006 rhino

  219. Jero

    Five Stars: Awesome quality, fast shipping, great communication with seller. Would buy again.

  220. Melvin McPherson

    Five Stars: these are great tires at a great price, smooth ride and great traction in mud and graval

  221. Steven&Lis

    Nice: Very happy with these tires

  222. Gary Webster

    Five Stars: Better tread than what originally came with the ATV.

  223. Jeremiah047

    Wanda: Pretty good set

  224. Greg

    Good bargain: Great price for a good set of tires

  225. Kindle Customer

    Ok to buy: Nice tires, fits teryx

  226. Rick Bailey

    Five Stars: Very nice tires!! Just put them on and plowed some snow and they worked great!!

  227. Jon Pray

    These are amazing and easy to mount: Wow! These are amazing and easy to mount.

  228. Eddie Thomas

    T: Great Tires for the price.

  229. Bkirby

    Great buy: Awesome tires, came in super fast.

  230. Gary L.

    Great Deal and Tires: Nice tires. Shipped quickly. I would definitely buy again when necessary. Thanks!
    No problems and delivered as promised. Great experience!

  231. Leroy Turner

    Very satisfied with them.: Used for a 4 wheeler

  232. john d. woelfel

    Five Stars: fit and look great. really grippy. all around great tire!

  233. Jesus P.

    Five Stars: We love them so much we ordered a second set for our other fourwheeler

  234. nicholas

    Five Stars: The tires do great in the mud

  235. Tracy G Fails

    Thanks: Great product

  236. Tucker Reust

    Five Stars: Very good tire looks awesome and performs very well on all surfaces. Great all around tire.

  237. jeff iid

    Five Stars: hook ups are very strong cant wait till try in sand

  238. AB

    Great tires: Great price

  239. raakm248

    They roll…happy so far!: Excellent so far!

  240. Elizabeth L.

    Fast service: Perfect

  241. Jeffery T Black

    As advertised, fast delivery , good price. I would recommend to some else.: As advertised, fast delivery , good price. I would recommend to some else.

  242. cathystut

    Five Stars: Great tires and fit perfectly for an OEM tire replacement on our Polaris Ranger

  243. SANDY S.

    Tires: Fit awesome

  244. Nathan Lester

    ATV Tires: Great tires for the price. I am really impressed with the ride and handling.

  245. Tony sims

    Worth the money and then some!: Great set of tires!

  246. Tina

    Excellent product and price: My husband loves them. Excellent product and price,

  247. Russell Johnson

    Five Stars: These tires are excellent. They look great, they work great, and the price was right

  248. Rob Ricks

    Five Stars: Great tires, way cheaper than anywhere I could find by a long ways.

  249. fast

    great tire: Tire were great, ride good on pavement

  250. Joyce Hollowell

    Five Stars: Great tires for the money. Super quick delivery. I have no regrets purchasing.

  251. Jim B.

    Best deal by far !: Good beefy tread.

  252. Zachary Marshall

    … them in the mud yet I’m sure they’ll be great though: Beast of a tire in the snow haven’t had them in the mud yet I’m sure they’ll be great though

  253. Matt shook

    Five Stars: Just what i wanted

  254. Adam

    Five Stars: it fits and good traction

  255. JenBob

    This is a buy!: These gave our Viking another 2-3 inches of lift. Good tires..nice and grippy.

  256. Kenneth E. Baker

    Five Stars: these tires are amazing well worth the money

  257. ben

    Five Stars: Best bang for your $$$!

  258. ram

    Nice tread.: Seem to be good quality,look great on my Honda.

  259. Barbara Clark

    As ordered and received on time.: As ordered. Fit perfectly.

  260. Sharon Seguin

    Five Stars: Great tires.

  261. Mike Byrne

    Best Value: Great Grip, Look Awesome, Perfect All Around Tire for a Great Price!

  262. Brian D.

    Five Stars: best tires I ever bought

  263. Dave

    Five Stars: Great Product

  264. Firecapt71

    Awesome: I absolutely LOVE these tires. Best choice I made.

  265. Paul

    Five Stars: Great tires, great on mountain creeks, rocks and mud.

  266. Greg G.

    Five Stars: Very good deal!!! TireS look good and grab well.

  267. Don

    Five Stars: Nice tire, just what I needed for my ATV use which is mostly in town.

  268. gary hepola

    Five Stars: Not on yet, but exactly what I thought

  269. Mickey Woltz

    Nice Tires: Nice tires. Aggressive tread. Good value.

  270. Augusta Pilot Services LLC

    Five Stars: Awesome tires, great price! Thanks

  271. jeff miller

    Five Stars: good product

  272. Rex

    Five Stars: Exactly what I wanted.

  273. Robert G Layton

    Excellent quality. All my friends who have a Polaris …: Excellent quality. All my friends who have a Polaris want a set.

  274. Regina Martinez

    Five Stars: Great buy, and a great price!

  275. Danial

    Five Stars: nice

  276. Dale Tillson

    best of all on every internet sites: Top notch of all on every internet sites,can’t miss on the dill you get on LIBRA………ride responsibility……..


    Five Stars: great product and good price

  278. Jackie Keller

    Great Tires: Good tires, not radials but they are 6 ply. Would order them again for sure.

  279. Jose Luna

    Five Stars: Good price. Fit right

  280. William e miles

    Five Stars: I love these tires. Just like big horns half the price

  281. troy jett

    Buy these tires.: These are an excellent choice for off road and rough terrain.

  282. wells orton

    Five Stars: Much better than I expected

  283. Shawn M. Branch

    Five Stars: Nice tires quick shipping fair price

  284. Jeneen

    Five Stars: Great tires

  285. BigtimeBuyer

    Great Tires!!!: Item came FAST and they are AWESOME!!! Better then I thought they might be!!!!

  286. Shawn Gehring

    Great price and no flats: Starting to wear evenly. Great price and no flats

  287. uthe

    No issues at all.: These tires are a beast!

  288. chad Schumaker

    Five Stars: The tires were what I expected and I got them in a couple days

  289. kevin pierson

    Five Stars: If u like bighorn tire these are just as good in my book

  290. donnie

    Five Stars: Great tires

  291. Todd

    Five Stars: Love the tires

  292. BA

    Five Stars: Nice tires, would buy again.

  293. Cody Egnor

    Five Stars: Great tires

  294. Nathan M Petersen

    Five Stars: Tires came 8n a timely fashion and we’re exactly as pictured and described



  296. John

    Good tires Good value Had them mounted at walmart for: Good tires
    Good value
    Had them mounted at walmart for $25

  297. Dleon

    GREAT TIRES: Have worked out great–super traction and look good

  298. Down Town

    Five Stars: Best tiers I have ever had!

  299. Keith A

    Five Stars: Works good

  300. susan grant

    Five Stars: Had to return tires are not tall enough.

  301. Jason

    Five Stars: Work great

  302. Jeffrey Rose

    Five Stars: Tires are awesome and fast delivery!

  303. Stang

    Tires R Great Very: Tires R Great Very Quite

  304. Stevie Coltrain

    Five Stars: i really like these tires, not to crazy but look good!!

  305. Katie S.

    Five Stars: Amazing for the money

  306. Stanley burns

    Five Stars: Very nice tires

  307. Lynette Hawkes

    Five Stars: Good as we expected

  308. Arvel Osborne

    Five Stars: Best value I could find

  309. Kindle Customer

    Very impressed: Fast shipping. Good tires.

  310. thomas maurice hobby

    Five Stars: good

  311. Bill Midgley

    Five Stars: Great tires

  312. Todd

    Five Stars: Better than expected.

  313. Wendy Miller

    Five Stars: These tires exceeded my expectations.

  314. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars: Good buy, great tires. Would highly recommend​.

  315. Steve K.

    Five Stars: great tires

  316. Michele Cook

    Five Stars: bought them for my boyfriend and he loved them

  317. Ellis Campbell

    Five Stars: Great ride

  318. Russell D. Burgess

    Five Stars: Love the tread design. Great tire.

  319. Jerry

    Nice set.: Nice set. Very pleased.

  320. randy smith

    Five Stars: They where great

  321. Hugh Geiger

    Five Stars: Great for what I needed.

  322. tracy vance

    Five Stars: good like the way they grab

  323. clarence haas

    Five Stars: great tires fast shipping

  324. daniel bates

    Five Stars: very good product and fast delivery

  325. Matt

    Five Stars: Good tires at a great price

  326. Bud M.

    Five Stars: Super tires!

  327. Steve D.

    Five Stars: Great tires, even better customer service

  328. Jeff Thigpen

    Five Stars: Great transaction, no complaints here

  329. Andrea goss

    Five Stars: so far love them! got them fast

  330. todd rhea

    Five Stars: Fast delivery and great tires

  331. greg

    Five Stars: Love the tread

  332. DWRJWegs

    Five Stars: Very satisfied.

  333. Stacie Grass

    Five Stars: nice worked great

  334. michael thompson

    Five Stars: good tire

  335. Ginny kokemor

    Five Stars: They are good

  336. herman a roman

    Five Stars: Good

  337. Ajv118

    Perfect !!!: These tires are tuff. I put 10lbs pressure instead of the 8 recommended. They are on a rancher 350. They are on asphalt. Gravel roads and a lot of mud. They are a great AT TIRE. the thread wear is almost none after 17 months of regular use. Well worth the money. !!.

  338. KP

    I love these tires for my Yamaha Grizzly 660 the only …: I love these tires for my Yamaha Grizzly 660 the only issue I see with them is that they are very heavy I have a 450 Grizzly and a 350 I was wanting new tires for kind of afraid to buy these for the engine won’t pull. but very awesome tires if you have the engine to pull them

  339. Bramblerose

    Wear like IRON….6 year review.: I bought the Wanda brand “bighorn” knockoff 6 years ago for a 2001 Prairie 400. The original tires were still ok as the machine had very low miles. But it was very spongy feeling on hills & rocks. I wanted 6 ply tires & liked the big horn look. These tires changed the entire performance of the Prairie. While it’s no longer our primary ATV, it IS the machine I trust for ANYONE to ride. I have taught everyone from an 11 year old girl to a 75 year old man. All novice riders. The 2 points I want to drive home here is 1) these tires are super stable with little side wall flex in even the harshest terrain. I typically run 5 PSI on them. 2) they still look great with little sign of wear . Again, not the primary quad anymore, but 6 years & they are in excellent condition. I have bought other big horn knockoff tires,…but these are the best for overall wear longevity. If you like to wear your tires out fast so you can change them like fashion sneakers…do NOT buy these tires.LOL

  340. Ajeffers999

    Awesome tires: Tires look awesome and dig in the dirt. I’ve had no problems climbing the mountains here in WV with these. Even on days with a lot of rain and mud. I’d recommend them to anyone

  341. Leland L.

    Five Stars: Great traction glad I bought them!

  342. Chris D

    Will buy again: The best utv tires I’ve bought for the price. This was not my first set of Wanda’s and have no complaints. Now some of the other one that look the same but are far softer and not as much tread depth I can’t say the same. Will continue to purchase these as needed and recommend to anyone looking.

  343. A. Campa

    Aggressive: Amazing tread n durability

  344. Traci

    awesome tires for our atv: Great price and great tires for our Honda ATV

  345. Ruby basina (Kenny basina)

    shipping was only three days: Got exactly what I paid for and it’s a pretty good deal👍

  346. B Walker

    Good looking tires: Appreciate the fast service. Tires on John Deere Gator.

  347. sholit

    Awesome quality!!: Perfect fit for rims, easy to install

  348. JE

    Very happy with the purchase: These tires are directional so be sure to match them up. They where easy to mount on the wheels. And made my 2000 Polaris ride great. Definitely worth the money.

  349. Dave B

    look good and are working great: Needed a new set of tires for my 1985 Polaris four wheeler. These are a matched set with nice deep lugs and are fairly quite when I run on blacktop Quality looks to be very good price was very good as well.

  350. Niall Tinney

    Good product: Very good product will buy again

  351. shannda

    Great value: Great value

  352. Docia

    Gift: Gift

  353. BA

    Excellent item: Very good value, would definitely buy again in the future

  354. J.S.

    Good value: For the price the tires are a great value, dig in and seem to work well. Have had them on the trails and in the woods and so far no issues. Aggressive traction pattern seem to provide good traction and pull through the worst mud and creek beds. Can’t see any issues so far.

  355. Amber Nelson

    Good tires for the money: Arrived on time, great value for the money, looked just like the description no complaints

  356. Happy Arizonian

    Great product: Great product, sturdy construction, fair priced arrived quickly. Highly recommend.

  357. brenda stimmel

    good product: sofar i like everything about them

  358. Mary Lou York

    ?: Tires were thin and punctured one first trip out

  359. Ross L. Baumann

    null: These tires were just what we were looking for. Ride nice on all surfaces, dirt, Gravel, grass, mud. Ride smoothly and make our side by side much easier to steer. Would recommend for any farming operations.

  360. aj

    Good tires for the price: Good tires at a good price

  361. Adolfo Ayvar

    Great: Great with good durability

  362. Adam

    Solid, grippy, aggressive but WARNING. ..: Good tire but one warning… Scroll through photos.

    Shipping was a quick 3 day turnaround. However they did arrive from different shippers. Fronts from fed ex and rears from UPS, weird.

    Tires fit perfect on King Quad 750 with stock wheels. One thing that should absolutely be noted and I KNEW this going in but it still got me. Tires are super grippy, I went up on width 1″ all around and this is 95% my fault but it happened quick.

    The tires want to grab on everything, I was riding over a small embankment/crevasse And the tires yanked it hard right and flipped it right in it’s side. So just me mindful a wider and grippy tire can get you tossed and a atv laying on top of you quick and fast.

  363. actionreddevil

    great product: great product

  364. Anita Stockwell

    Fast shipping!: Great tires, fair price. Extremely fast shipping. A+++!

  365. andrian A.

    Will buy again: I like these tires have them on my side by side and 4 wheeler and have no issues with them at all

  366. Angie Cancade

    Nice tires:

  367. Angie Cancade


  368. Angie Cancade

    The took a beating and still look great!: I gave these tires hell in Colorado. We rode our rhino over 250+ miles of rocky trails and jagged mountain-sides. Definitely put them to the test. They held up great! Front tires still look brand new and the rear tires only show slight wear. The sidewalls took a beating with no signs of wear and tear Let’s just be real, these are “cheaper” tires and may not last quite as long as more expensive ones but I say “WELL WORTH THE MONEY!”

  369. Angie Cancade

    As advertised: Quick and convenient service. Tires fit and look excellent. Have only had them on for a couple of days so I cannot comment on durability, but I have no reason not to expect that they will be fine.

  370. Andy

    Great tire for the money.: These tires are very good. I bought a pair for one of my quads 3 years ago and have been so pleased that when it came time to buy tires for my other quad I purchased these again.

  371. Angela Glazar

    perfect fit: Perfect fit. These tires are sturdy and met the requirements for my Club Car.

  372. Average American Shopper

    Work GREAT! No issues so far- ride and handle are …: Work GREAT! No issues so far- ride and handle are fantastic. I thought they would be an issue comparing price points but I am more than happy. Saved money and these tires perform great- would definitely buy these again.

  373. adrian martinez

    Very good tire an very aggressive tread pattern: I am very pleased with the tires an they look very aggressive as well i will definitely be getting another set

  374. Adam Allred

    Work great!: What can I say? Good price, fast shipping and they fit perfectly! Nice to have some decent tires on our four-wheeler again!

  375. A. C.

    Easy to install: Easy to install. Good product.

  376. Andy

    My son-in-law bought the Wanda’s for his quad last year and they performed great. Performance has been impeccably solid in all t: Needed to replace tires on my quad. My son-in-law bought the Wanda’s for his quad last year and they performed great. Performance has been impeccably solid in all terrains. Great purchase.

  377. adrian martinez

    Good price: Look great on my daughters atv

  378. Adam Allred

    Theses are the best tires in the world they spin alittle in loose …: Theses are the best tires in the world they spin alittle in loose rock but other than that they are a great tire for the value

  379. A. C.

    Great deal: Look great… good tread… great price

  380. A. C.

    These tires are great, they ride great on pavement and even better …: These tires are great, they ride great on pavement and even better in the dirt, excellent in the mud. Fit my UTV without spacers or lift.
    Very pleased.

  381. adrian martinez

    Good experience & quality item.: Great customer service.

  382. adrian martinez


  383. Angela Glazar

    Five Stars: Very happy tires where delivered on time , very nice high tread and mounting was easy.

  384. Andy

    Great tires: Great traction

  385. adrian martinez

    Great tires great price been elk hunting on them and …: Great tires great price been elk hunting on them and deer wish the Elk hunting was as great as the tires

  386. Adam Allred

    Great deal: For great, look great, great reaction

  387. Andrea

    Five Stars: Love them Very nice for the price.

  388. adrian martinez

    Five Stars: Very good tires for the price. Will buy them again when these wear out.

  389. Andrea

    These are great!!: These are great!

  390. Anvil88

    Good Deal: Great deal & good tires for my son’s four wheeler.

  391. Anvil88

    Five Stars: These tires exceeded my expectations

  392. amy craig

    Great tires! Handle great good price: Great tires ! Handle great good price.

  393. Anvil88

    Five Stars: They work great out in the Black Hills of SD! Thanks for such a good product!

  394. Anvil88

    Five Stars: show up on time and they work great don’t even need to use 4×4 any more

  395. Avid Reader

    Ez: Just what I wanted. Great price. Fast shipping.

  396. amy craig

    they shipped as promised and are working great.: They exceeded my expectation, they shipped as promised and are working great.

  397. Anvil88

    On the trail: These are replacement tires for my Artic Cat 400. They performed great while deer hunting. I’m satisfied.

  398. Avid Reader

    Five Stars: great tire for the price

  399. Aaron H.

    Five Stars: Now my husband wants a set for his quad.

  400. amy craig

    Five Stars: Nice tires they will get the real test next spring.

  401. Anvil88

    Get thesed: Impressed. Very nice and do the job well.

  402. Avid Reader

    Five Stars: great tires good price.

  403. Aaron H.

    Five Stars: great set of tires, will buy again!

  404. Aaron H.

    Atv tires: Great quality tires!

  405. amy craig

    Five Stars: NICE

  406. Anvil88

    Five Stars: Perfect

  407. amy craig

    Five Stars: Great tread design

  408. Amberly

    Five Stars: Absolutely great buy!! Highly recommended!

  409. Aaron H.

    Five Stars: They worked perfect!

  410. Amanda Fleming

    Five Stars: best buy for the money

  411. Amberly

    Five Stars: Love these tires!

  412. Andrea Petersen

    Five Stars: Outstanding

  413. Andrea Petersen

    Five Stars: great tires

  414. Amanda Fleming

    So far so good. Put on my 99 Polaris sportsman: So far so good. Put on my 99 Polaris sportsman. Replace my 17 yr old 27 inch ITP 589’s. I wanted something closer to stock size. Looked at bighorns but out of my budget. These look to be good quality time will tell.

  415. Allison B.

    Works great: Had them on for a summer and so far so good.

  416. Aaron H.

    Best tires out there: Best tires out there 😉😏

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