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Set 4 GREMAX All Steel ST225/75R15 Trailer Tire 14PR LR G 11150

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  • Heavy duty ALL STEEL construction, 14 ply rated, load range G, 3,525 lbs capacity
  • Great for big heavy RV or trailers, to replace regular ST225/75R15 tires
  • This tire is designed for the trailer use only, rims are not included
  • This tire has been sold by large volume to trailer manufacturers and tire dealers nationwide

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: ST225/75R15 All Steel
  • Brand: GREMAX
  • Ply Rated: 14
  • Load Range: G
  • Rim Width: 6″
  • Tread Depth: 0.31
  • Max Load: 3,525lbs@95psi


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15 reviews for Set 4 GREMAX All Steel ST225/75R15 Trailer Tire 14PR LR G 11150

  1. eclectic listener

    first impression: very stout: I have three big trailers – all with 15″, 6 lug wheels. a flatbed I haul an excavator on (9k lbs loaded) , a dump trailer (up to 10k lbs loaded) , and a recreational trailer (11k lbs loaded)

    we’ll see how I feel after a few years worth of miles, but already I’m pretty sure I’m never going back to the D rated tires that were the only things I could previously find. I’m SO glad I found these. the tread and sidewalls both are much more substantial, the sidewalls stiffer. I mount my own tires using a cheap harbor freight tire changer; with proper tire lube and good spoons the 10 ply truck tires on my diesel truck are no problem – but I had to use hydraulic equipment to hold these in place against the bead to get them on. the beads are so thick I couldn’t get them to stop just spinning around the rim.

    nevermind how comforting it is to have 25-30% more load capacity than I actually need instead of running near or right at rated capacity. I’ve blown out way too many of those cheap things, even the expensive ones. got REAL tired of paying $200 for a new mounted tire at a shop just to have it blow out or go bald with barely 1000 miles on it. I’ll definitely be coming back to update after I put a few years on these.

  2. Destert

    Heavy Duty: What a wonderful Tire,14 ply, and looks Great. Stiff side wall helps in the wind reduces sway. I don’t have to worry about punctures in the Desert. Peace Of Mind…..

  3. VB Kev

    Super heavy duty tires: Had multiple blowouts at lower rating (e). Taking a trip soon and will update. Arrived on time, correct size. Heavy duty.

  4. Russell Dear

    NA: NA

  5. Philip Foster

    Heavy Duty: Great tires, very heavy duty, worked great on my 10k car hauler, no more BS side wall flex when loaded heavy, I will buy again for sure

  6. Cody Echternacht

    Exactly what I needed: Just had them installed. Time will tell if they hold up.

  7. Teacher

    Very thick side walls.: These are very heavy tires. I haven’t mounted them yet. We use a similar tire in the transportation industry.

  8. Cyrus H.

    Tough tires: I understand these are made in China but they are very affordable for a heavy duty trailer tire. I installed them on my 20 foot box trailer and have driven about 3000 miles now. They are very firm and have a very thick sidewall making them a very stiff tire and I highly doubt I will ever get a blowout. Holding out very well for now and show no signs of wear. I run them at full pressure 80 psi.

  9. Tater

    Good tires good price.: Sidewalls are thick. Deep tread solid built tire. The bead is about the same thickness of a tractor trailer tire. For the money you can’t beat them.

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