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Set 4 FREE COUNTRY ATV tires 25X10R12 8PR Radial w/Side Scuff Guard 10343

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  • Patented unique non directional interlock tread pattern design;
  • Additional lugs warp around all tire sidewall to give full protection to tire sidewall and rim, scuffing prevented; Give extra traction and excellent bit while corning;
  • Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock; Superior traction in woods, either hard pack or loose loam terrains;
  • Advanced radial construction delivers the most comfortable, trail-compliant ride;
  • Heavy 8 ply rated tire carcass with special focus on the sidewall in unmatched puncture resistance;
  • Tire only, no rim included.

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 25x10R12
  • Brand: Free Country
  • Tread Pattern: LB1601
  • Ply Rated: 8
  • Tread Depth: 0.71
  • Rim Width: 8
  • Max Load: 675lbs@18psi
  • Load Index: 67
  • Speed Rating: J

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119 reviews for Set 4 FREE COUNTRY ATV tires 25X10R12 8PR Radial w/Side Scuff Guard 10343

  1. B. Beard

    Fantastic tires for your ATV: These tires have performed extremely well in the West Texas hillcountry. We have lots of cactus and mesquite trees that can make short work of tires, but these have rolled over the worst of it and kept going without a puncture. The tread has handled the rocks without tearing off as well. Can’t say enough how pleased I am with these tires, and they can’t be beat for the price either.

  2. Josie Balboa

    ATV tires: Found what I needed here
    Easy transaction delivery was way before delivery due date
    Very good product

  3. GrizzDean

    Awesome Six-Ply Tires! Good bargain too.: Got better tires for considerably less money than the name brand UTV place wanted. I’m happy.

  4. LG

    Low price: Do not like they are made in CHINA

  5. Roger Nelson

    Love these tire better than the factory ones: Really like the look and feel of these tires good value, worth every dollar

  6. Jean Skouby

    Tires: Arrived early, awesome service and tires. Exactly as described

  7. Shane Sprague

    High first impressions!: First impressions are very high. These tires looks great and roll 100% better than my old ITP’s. The jury is out for durability but I don’t have any concerns. I’m giving 4 stars all the way right now as I am super pleased.

  8. Richard Wylie

    Worth it: Just put them on the ATV so I can’t speak to durability. They look good. Really fast shipping.

  9. BTJ

    Solid tires: Haven’t had them for long but they are good quality and ride really smoothly. Time will tell how well they hold.up to mesquite and cactus but they seem to be a really solid tire.

  10. David Lamphear

    John Deere Gator they fit well don’t over fill them with air: They preformed great very good traction

  11. Jack

    Haven’t had them on long enough to see how they last. Tryi: Trying a new tire style on our Gators

  12. Don M.

    Do not hesitate to buy these tires!!: I just got back from a 500+ mile trip to the tip of the UP on these tires. They handles great, solid and thick sidewalls made me not get flats like the others. The stock Carlisle’s that came on the Polaris would have shredded on these rocks.

  13. BOBBY S.

    Price Roulette: These look like good tires, but hours after I ordered, the price dropped $20.

  14. Daryl Poe

    I’ve had these for two years. Holding up great!: Running these tires on my ’95 Honda 4Trax around the wooded property at my cabin. There’s lots of Osage Orange (Hedge Apple) trees around here, many with their thorny twigs and branches laying on the ground. Every few weeks, I have to pull these thorns out of my boot soles with needle-nose pliers. I keep a bottle of Slime on hand here, but I’ve yet to have a flat. They seem very durable and give great traction for every condition I drive in. Very satisfied with this purchase.

  15. CK

    Good grip: Love the way they grab! Going to buy another set for my Polaris as well !

  16. Gary W.

    Great tread: Replaced factory tires on my Kubota RTV X1100, the new tires are a perfect fit the ride is about the same but traction in mud is much improved.

  17. James O Juengel

    Good price and fast service.: Look good just installed went on rims quick , haven’t trued them out yet also like the 8 ply rating. Thanks

  18. Todd Nance

    So far so good: Installed today. Look good and ride better than original tires. We’ll see how they hold up

  19. CADAVIS1130

    Just Buy These Tires!: These things are awesome! They grip a lot more than my last tires and ride super smooth. I also like that they added a little extra height to my Yamaha grizzly.

  20. Rick Snyder

    seem to be great tires: These tires look great and were easy to install with my cheap harbor freight tire installer even though they are 8 ply rated. The protection on the sidewalls should protect well. I have not tested them on the trail yet but so far they seem a great buy for the money. I wish they weren’t made in china but they seem well made.

  21. Andrea

    Customer was pleased.: Purchased for a customer, they were pleased with the aggressive tread & reasonable price compared to other places they had looked.

  22. Dave

    Great tires so far: These are great so far. I’ll update if there are any issues.

  23. Charles Franze

    Great Tread!: Great tread! Steers really well on all road surfaces. Design is especially good on gravel and mud…

  24. Jeremy

    Heavy tread great tire: Great for the money. No issues with them.

  25. Anvil88

    So far so good.: Waited a few months to review. Been running these tires for a few months now and they have held up great. Work well in snow and great traction. In the clay and mud they do clog easily but that was review purposes and going where I typically have no business being. These are on a full size Cub Cadet UTV with a dump bed. The weight has been no issue.


    excellent tires: Bought these tires because of the reviews, great tires, easy to mount, took our 700 arctic cat atv to the mountains by Las Vegas Nevada and handled the wet sandy areas and the rocks up the mountain. Here around the farm, traction is amazing

  27. Rich W

    These tires fit like a glove.: Not sure about durability, but very happy with the look. Nice value for the tire

  28. Lefty from Alabama

    Excellent tires for the money!!!: Put these on my smaller 4 wheeler. Really made a difference. It raised it up for clearance and made it ride much smoother. Gave it the traction I had been missing from the original worn out tires. Be sure after mounting at 18 psi to lower the tire pressure to 6 psi. I let mine stay at the higher pressure, to ensure full seating of the bead, for about a week. Then upon recommendation lowered the pressure to 6 psi. All is well so far. With an 8 ply rating they should last a long time.

  29. Deb

    Great tire!: Absolutely love these tires!!! Well worth the money!!! Fast shipping too!

  30. Brad Stanke

    Great tire for the money!: So far I haven’t used the machine a ton off road or on trail yet (2017 sportsman 570) but love the tires thus far around the house pulling trailers etc. On road they are way quieter than the stock carlisle tires. And I will feel more confident when I do hit Rocky trails in northern WI because they are 8 ply vs 4 ply that the stock tires are. Tread is agressive enough to do well, hoping they clean out well in mud so we’ll see! The side tread is gonna be nice for ruts and more protective for folks with nice wheels (I kept stock steel) so far so good I would recommend these for the price!!! I am running 5psi in them, that seems to be the best for complete tread contact across the whole tire. I think max is like 15 psi (to high for me)

  31. The Miller’s

    Badass tires!!!: Upgraded my golf cart to take ATV tires and these look and perform outstanding (for what I’m using them for). Been on road,grass, mud and some sand, but never had a traction issue! Alot quieter/less vibrating on pavement and gravel then my old ATV tires. Highly recommend running these tires .. looks of tires speak for themselves, I will tell u there alot nicer once mounted to your machine.

  32. Carol Dicks

    Grateful thanks to all involved with tires order.: Fantastic turnaround on order placement, shipping, and delivery.
    Tires are very impressive on our Gator XUV which is our farmstead tool of choice.
    Has been extremely useful dealing with long term frozen precipitation.

  33. Diane Patrick

    Nice tire for Kubota RTV.: Quality tire with nice tread design and depth. Price was good and worth the money.

  34. Sharon Barnes

    Polaris!: They fit our Polaris Ranger Great!!! Good investment!!

  35. Rick L.

    great value: like

  36. Lawrence Cornett

    Solid upgrade for Kubota OEM tires.: Installed 4 25 10 12 on my Kubota RTV X1100C. Replaced OEM worksite tires. These have more plies, tread depth and work better in mud. Actually, the worksite tires instantly turned to racing slicks in mud. The OEM tires only lasted 2,500 miles. These tires roll easier, handle better and have a harder rubber. They do hum a bit on pavement, not annoyingly so. Vehicle handles better overall. My daily use is 1/3 in horse pastures and 2/3 on pavement and gravel. They work well towing 3/4 ton loads, plowing snow and with ground engaging equipment, making, and maintaining gravel well as disking food plots. Tread design protects sidewalls as well.

  37. Jim

    Worth it!: Good tires. Much easier to mount and seat the bead than I expected, about the same as the flimsy 2 ply tires that came on my new ATV. Just use the recessed area on the wheel like you’re supposed to. Nice to go over sharp sticks and rocks without having to worry about a flat. Not a huge increase in traction on dirt and gravel like I was hoping for, but not disappointed.

  38. SaddleSore

    … the tires yet but I’m sure they will work great. Waiting for my old ones to fall off …: I have not used the tires yet but I’m sure they will work great. Waiting for my old ones to fall off before installing these. With zero reviews and lack of info on the net I decided to throw caution to the wind and order, so far, I’m glad I did. The size of the tires was correct, as described in LIBRA, tred was more then I expected, heavy duty feel, and they look tuff, can’t wait to get them on.. My only concern at this point is which way to mount the tire. Typicly most tires have a obvious pattern that let’s you know which way is forwards and backwards when mounting but with these I’m not sure. (?) I will update when I put them on.

  39. Clayton

    Great: Great product for a heavy side by side and they do great in all conditions installed them on a kubota 1100c and they do great

  40. Steven T

    quality: the tires ride smooth on road or trail. The 8 ply is advantage on rocky surface. The price is not a cheaper bargain by much on the market, but LIBRA backs the product and return policy is good.

  41. Lee R.

    Look good: Seem to be as advertised
    Revived the quickly
    The true test will be this hunting season in October

  42. jim

    a.t.v. tires: great tires

  43. Linda

    8ply and look BA: They grab the dirt so hold on when driving. They roll better too. In the picture you can see the old tire which had only 800 miles. Now the new which looks so cool. If your thinking about buying, DO IT!!!

    Hope this helps.

  44. wes2859

    Worthy rubber: Haven’t had them mounted long, but thus far these are a great tire. I highly recommend them. I put AT25x10x12’s all the way around on my Kubota RTV 900. Quite pleased with them.

  45. MT Ski Bum

    Great So Far: They look and ride great. Can’t wait to log some serious fun time putting them to good use.

  46. myra

    Excellent deal and great quality: The tires are are excellent and using LIBRA saved me about 85 dollars on this brand of tire. Had them mounted by a friend at a car dealer. Said there was no problems mounting them. Look good and perform good. Performance and durability are what I judge tires by and so far they have exceeded my expectations. I recommend this if you are a serious UTV user.

  47. Nifty1s

    Amazing Tires you won’t regret!: Absolutely thrilled with our full set purchase! Love the tread on sidewalls.
    Best value for the money now it’s time to put them to work on the farm.

  48. 007redeye

    Great grip: Excellent tires, superior grip. Only had on for about month but seem to hold air well haven’t had to put air in them yet since install

  49. Randy

    Better Ride: So far these are doing great and have significantly improved the ride of our Polaris Ranger. Maybe the 8 ply’s help the old tires it came with were only 4 ply. I’m very pleased with these tires glad I didn’t put it off any longer, love having new tires.

  50. RP

    Heavy duty ATV tires: 8 ply rated tires for my four wheeler. They handle well and I expect less flats from riding through the timbers.

  51. Chris Marriner

    Will update Review: Ill wtite a review when i get to really test them out but the tires them self look very sharp on my Artic Cat.Well got to really test them out love them they handle great.As for mud they do dig I havent got stuck yet, but I would recommend this tire very happy.

  52. JC

    Great traction: My farm is steep. I just replaced the original tires on my ten year old kubota rtv with these.
    Wow what a difference.
    Should have done it years ago.

  53. Dennis Dannelley

    Very Durable hunt in South Texas: Used on hunting side by side in South Texas very rough terrain. Bought for durability but turned out to be a good look on side by side.

  54. Dana frobel

    Quality product Great price: Very satisfied with the tires. Installed on my 2017 Polaris sportsman 570 and they look very nice. I’ve put about 100 miles on them so far and they hold up very well. Excellent traction in mud-sand-dirt-loose rocks. Would recommend to anyone looking to replace their factory tires. With the factory tires the rim was exposed to damage, with the Zion’s tread pattern on the sidewall they are more protected. Price is cheap, quality of product is excellent!

  55. JnKy

    Great price for 8 ply tires. Highly recommended! 2012 Polaris Sportsman 500: After much research, I decided to go with this set for my 2012 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O.
    Very pleased so far. These are a major step up from the 4 ply factory set. Priced well for 8 ply tires Would definitely recommend.

  56. Sharen Lyon

    Hope they last a long time: Put them on our 4wheeler have not use them yet. Look good

  57. Robert

    Great for use on on working farm: For farmwork ???? U have to try real hard to beat them

  58. Bob Adams

    We shall see…..they look good !: Much to learn about these tires. Installed this winter, and not had a chance to use them yet.

  59. Michael Smith

    I love the on line fast and easy: The tires fit perfectly and love the tread design

  60. Willard

    Appear to be a decent tire….time will tell: These tires seem to be okay. Don’t have many miles on them yet, but for the money they should be alright. Mounted on 2017 pioneer 700-4. Only had them in the dirt, so far

  61. Frances B

    Good deal!: I got these for a friend’s atv. He loves them. The ride is smooth and these tires are great for getting out of sticky situations!

  62. Donnie Summers

    Great tires: Being 8 ply is very hard to find on 4 wheeler tires these tires also look great…

  63. Proud American

    Great tire: Use every day on our 2007 Polaris Ranger 500 4×4. We’ve put over 100 hours on them so far. The 8 ply has cut down on flats, one so far a nail.

    Great mud smooth on pavement.

  64. George E. Dale

    Fast shipping: Tires were as exspected

  65. Jeremy

    Great tires: Tires have plenty of traction in the field

  66. Dennis Gagnon

    great traction: nice tires. works well on my sportsman atv

  67. Motopilot

    Tough: Good heavy duty tires. Good ride with 20 psi. Less punctures in rocky terrain.

  68. George

    Seems like a good tire: Overall they seem like good tires. Replaced
    a softer sidewall tire with these. Definitely a firmer ride.
    Time will tell how durable they are.

  69. Samara

    Great tires for the price: Bought these for a Polaris 570 4 wheeler. They look great and a local tire company mounted them without issue. Seem to have a stiffer sidewall than the stock tires. Arrived in a few days as advertised

  70. Jeremi

    Good stuff right here!!!: Tried these out on my 4 wheeler. Excellent tire! So far no punctures. Also has actually set for a couple months now and still holding air!!! Great price, great traction and great tire!

  71. Dustin

    Very durable: Great tires. Very durable

  72. Rudy T.

    tuff tire: tire is just what advertised

  73. John

    Happy so far: Im liking the tires so far not ripping up my yard i haven’t used them yet in the mud i hope i will still be pleased

  74. Russell E Hadsall

    Good buy: Easy to install. Great traction. ATV looks good.

  75. Dustin

    Look good: Suzuki eiger 400 4×4 … i liked the tires

  76. joseph bylewski

    Great tires: Love the side walls, 8 ply is much better then a 4 ply , traction in snow is great

  77. Mike C.

    Best tire on kymco 700: I put at least 6000 miles a year on an utv running ranches Best tire yet for the different terrain I come across

  78. Susie Williams

    Quality: ATV, just installed them. Do not know on durability.

  79. kirby

    Good looking tires: Got these tires fast. Installed on Honda Foreman. They look great.

  80. Thomas C.

    NICE tires! The side by side steers great without tearing up the ground.: The side by side steers great without tearing up the ground.

  81. Mike K.

    Nice tires: Very good tires and excellent tread design

  82. james daigle

    Good farm tires: They have good grip and work really good around the farm

  83. Chris Thole

    Tires look and feel great, perfect fit, and really top quality looking tires: Tires look and feel great, perfect fit, and really top quality looking tires

  84. Mark

    Top notch tires: Excellent tires, top notch. The side tread is particularly useful in skidder tracks and ruts. Very happy i bout these!

  85. Robert Johnson

    Excellent tires for your side by side: Best price I found anywhere. Does great n the mud

  86. Bekah

    They look great on my ATV 🙂: Great traction and sidewall protection for rock climbing.

  87. Bob B..

    Great set of tires, ride great on a Yamaha 700: Great set of tires, now I know I can buy tires on LIBRA at a great price

  88. RAY BEAN

    Really heavy tire. Great for thorns and rocks: A really nice tire. Love the tread.

  89. Dale

    Good: Seem to be really good tires

  90. Steve

    Five Stars: Easy to install and have been great so far. Seem to be pretty good quality.

  91. John Fredericks

    Good tires: Actually really Good tires

  92. James D Whatley

    Fast and easy: Great tires for the money..

  93. Skeeter

    Five Stars: Great street tires. Grips the road like finger prints. Very smooth ride. Thanks

  94. Brent

    8 ply awesome: Great on all terrain.

  95. Colette R. Fisher

    High quality: Great looking tires.

  96. Big john

    Looked for hours then bought these.I’m happy with choice.: Beefy nice all terrain.

  97. amy craig

    Better tire than the original: So far so good

  98. Wendy K. Lupton

    fast shipping, great product: great price tuff tire

  99. Wendy

    Will review again in winter: They fit

  100. Greg

    Value: Great value, nice sturdy tire.

  101. Avid Reader

    Kawasaki Prairie 700 Tires: Our 2004 Prairie finally needed tires. I was looking for a different tread pattern from stock and found these. I took my four wheels and old tires plus the new set to my local tire store. They mounted the new ones and disposed of the old ones for a modest fee (thus easy to mount). The first thing I noticed on picking up the new tires was they were heavier than the old ones still mounted to the stock wheels. Vastly more rubber or ply’s or something with these new ones. They ride well and have lots more traction on our half-mile gravel driveway. I use the Kawasaki for grading the driveway, plowing snow, and general utility work. These tires will help!

  102. John Hendon

    Great Price: I live in the desert in Arizona. These tires are great. I would buy them again when the time comes.

  103. Pat Christensen

    Look good on 4 wheeler: Look nice and work well

  104. Linda Peterson

    What we ordered: Just what we wanted

  105. Outdoorsman

    Great: Great

  106. Nicole Day

    Decent tires for price: Tires arrived in timely manner, Very easy to install no hum while riding on blacktop. Tires gave a smooth ride they hook up nice and look great. Can’t comment on durability will update after I’ve had them awhile

  107. Barbara

    Tires: Fast delivery which is impressive. Great value. Highly recommend.

  108. David Moon

    Shipped fast and look great!: The Tires look and perform great. I only have one good hard long ride on them. But I was very impressed with the over all performance. Steering, Road Noise, Fast Dirt Road Driving, Slow Steep Hill Climbing, and Deep Ruts.
    No Snow or Mud Yet.. But that’s coming and I can’t help but feel they are going to do great!

    If they give me any grief I will update this review.

    2008 Yamaha Rhino Side by Side

  109. Natalie Hemmert

    Pretty meaty tire: Fantastic & love the look

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