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LIBRA 3500lbs Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack for trailer & Camper (BLACK) 26041 Scratch & Dent

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In stock

In stock


Scratch & Dent item are brand new but has packing box damaged, and has scratches and dents on surface, will be shipped in non-original box.


  • Featured slim design to save space
  • Stroke 20% faster but powerful and quiet!
  • Bright LED light for night operation
  • 55″ long power cord
  • 5 steps adjustable & removable 8″ drop leg
  • 5.5″ extra large foot plate provide more stable support
  • Rain water drain holes on foot plate
  • One-piece motor cover and rain proof buttons
  • Powder coated rust resistant outer tube in a black finish
  • Zinc plated rust resistant inner tube
  • Stainless steel screws/bolts outside motor cover never rust!
  • Emergency detachable hand crank included
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Rain proof head cover included, a $10 value!
  • 14″ stroke travel lifting
  • 3500lbs lifting capacity
  • Fits 2-1/4″ standard A frame trailer coupler mounting holes
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 12V operation
  • Bracket height: 9-1/2″ retracted, 31-1/2″ extracted (w/drop leg fully extracted)

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10 reviews for LIBRA 3500lbs Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack for trailer & Camper (BLACK) 26041 Scratch & Dent

  1. ryannewmanfan

    Perfect For A Pop Up Camper: Great Price. Easy install. Works great. Never heard of this brand before but so far it seems like a better unit than a Lippert jack. Works great for a smaller camper.

  2. Robert’s reviews

    Will make my life so much easier: We have a 13 year old 29 foot trailer we tow with a Toyota Tundra. Because of its weight, we use a weight distributing hitch. So to hook up the trailer, you usually have to jack it up a bit, back the truck under it, drop it down onto the ball, jack it up to put on the weight distributing hitch bars, then lower it back down to tow. When you arrive, you repeat the process, up, down, up, down. Our hitch jack handle was on the front, facing the truck and just big enough for the tailgate to now be able to open. So after 13 years, and lot of new dents in the tailgate of my truck, I purchased this. It is 3 bolts, you take out the ones that hold your jack, lift out the old, put in the new, and use the new bolts (although the old would probably also work). Since you don’t have the jack to hold up the front of the trailer, you do need to jack it up a bit, and put blocks under to hold it up while you remove the jack. I did have a bit of problem getting out the old bolts after 13 years, but a bit of WD-40, and a big breaker bar, they came off. They do include 3 nuts for the bolts that hold it in place, the one I took off did not have nuts, and there was no way to get one onto the forward most bolt. It did tighten up nice, and with the other two should be fine. Jack has one wire, black, which goes to the positive terminal on your battery. A red or white would have been clearer, but instructions did say power goes through the wire, and trailer frame works as your ground. And then I just added zip ties to make it all look nice. Has a light switch and up/ down switch. The light does not need to be on for the jack to go up and down, if it has power it will work. If I had younger kids I might want to double check it is up before driving off as it would be easy for a child to push. Total install time was about 45 minutes. I have replaced one before, on a different trailer, about 20 years ago, so not an expert but not my first time. Works great. Tailgate opens and closes, and one finger trailer goes up or down. I am going camping this weekend, so will be the first time trying it out “for real”, but have lowered and raised the trailer several times, don’t know why it will not continue. It does come with a little handle to manually lower or raise, if you don’t have battery power for some reason or it malfunctions. Also comes with a cover to keep the rain and snow off. I don’t think that is needed for a bit of rain (like while towing), but will be nice to keep it covered when parked. 13 years, can not imagine why I didn’t get one of these 12 years ago.

  3. brad g.

    Nice unit, needs more wire: The jack works well and is a bit smaller than the original one (Lippert). The smaller head on it should allow me to drop my tailgate and have more clearance than the Lippert. I have seen this installed with the light to one side rather than the front to make even more clearance for the tailgate being down. I did not do that, though. I like the way the up/down switch is easy to use and clear as to up or down. I was very frustrated by the wire being too short. C’mon!, how hard is it to add 2 or 3 feet of extra wire? I had to splice on a piece of wire and it should have been unnecessary.

  4. mike malsom

    very quiet,: I read a lot of reviews before I decided on this jack. It is very quiet. Installation took about 5 minutes besides having to run power to the unit. It is very well built and should give me years of service.

  5. Jon A. Spaller

    Easy Install and Works Grea!: I installed this jack on my 7×10 cargo trailer today and it works as represented. When I ordered it I was concerned about the power usage. My trailer has an electric brake system with a small gel cell battery (12V) to operated the brakes in an emergency break-away situation. I was unsure if using this little battery to power the jack would work and was expecting that I may need to install another battery. After installation I extended and retracted the jack several times using only the little gel-cell battery. (The battery will be recharged when connected to the tow vehicle.) My other concern was wiring because I am electrically challenged. My cargo trailer has two boxes mounted on the tongue. One contains the little battery and the other one contains a bus with several connectors that run to the brake system and lights. All I had to do was take the top off of the bus box, identify the connector that comes from the battery and connect the black wire to it. The jack grounds to the trailer by the bolts. I did grind the paint off the bottom of the jack mount plate and the top of the trailer A-frame to be sure there was a good ground.


    Works well: Product fit my trailer perfect, not sure of exact tongue weight but my job trailer is heavy. Lifts it fine. Battery in trailer died and manually cranked up the jack with provided handle, worked well but after that the motor would no longer go up or down. Contacted Libra, they asked for short video showing issue, and sent me a brand new one. Hassle free, so far no issues with newer jack. Customer service these days is hard to come by. Would recommend based on that interaction alone

  7. not max hasting

    Electrical takes some thought, unit does what its supposed to do: The physical installation was 15 minutes: put the trailer tongue on a stand, unbolt the original trailer jack, put this in its place, no issues with bolt hole lineup or length, install all but done. The unit has one positive lead, negative is ground by bolting the jack to the trailer. I read that it pulls up to 30 amps, didn’t want to risk blowing fuses providing a plug to the tow vehicle, so I ended up getting a dedicated battery for it and running a ground from the battery to the trailer. Got a little solar charger to keep the batter topped off. Note the unit comes with a night light you can turn on, pretty handy that, but remember to check its shut off during daylight to prevent battery rundown. The unit seems like its fairly sturdy, at least as much as the hand crank jack it replaced. It says its rated for 3500 lbs. Have not tested that, I think half the weight of my trailer and what goes in it could put a 1500 lb load on the unit. Had it about a month, used multiple times, does what I need it to do. Comes with a rain cover, I assume this is necessary, that rain water can get into the motor and ruin it. When towing in motion I put a bungee on the cover to make sure it does not come off. When not hooked up to the tow vehicle, I am not keeping weight on it, setting the trailer tongue on a jack stand, maybe that will give it longer life.

  8. Frank Rojas

    Works well, fits right into standard -frame opening.: The light and up/down switches look a little “light duty” compared to the rest of the unit. A little slow to go from top to bottom but does the job without straining my back.


    Love it: Easy to install, works good. I use it very weekend and hasn’t broken on me (knock on wood) I have used it for about a month now every weekend and no problems. Looks cheaply made but if it last me for 2 years the way i use it then its cool

  10. Monique

    All my husband needed was a Tongue Jack Apparently: I don’t know much about this thing but you want to see an upset spouse? Well, going camping and our thing that makes the brrrrr sound that goes up and down that holds the camper on the back of the truck…that thing broke. Kaputt! Luckily we had a car jack. Common sense solution. But this rickety camping thing is getting old. Then this thing came in the mail. My husband admired it up and down and grinned and was purely delighted. I was delighted he was delighted but I’m even more delighted that it’s called a “tongue jack.” Makes me laugh my head off. I’m not in middle school. I’m an adult. But that’s a goofy name!

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