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4 Heavy Duty FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires ST205/75R15 10PR LR E w/Scuff Guard 11133

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In stock

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  • Premium Heavy Duty 10 ply rated, load Range E, 2400LBS capacity!
  • FULL nylon cap ply overlay cross entire tread area, significant upgrade from most other products on the market have nylon strips on shoulder area only, add critical safety feature!
  • Featured “Scuff Guard” ring on tire wall for better tire side protection
  • This tire is designed for the trailer use only, rims are not included

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: ST205/75R15
  • Ply Rated: 10
  • Load Range: E
  • Rim Width: 5.5″
  • Tread Depth: 10/32″
  • Max Load: 2400lbs@80psi

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Free Country

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15" Tire

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68 reviews for 4 Heavy Duty FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires ST205/75R15 10PR LR E w/Scuff Guard 11133

  1. Tree

    Bought 3/10/23. Came with 04/22 date code. Chinese tire.: They must have put them though a some machine to compact them. Gotta stick a short 2×6 in them to spread the bead out on them for them to even seal on a rim. Still look like a decent tire.

  2. Jeff F.

    Good Replacement Trailer Tire!: The tires are Load Range E which are overrated for my 6×12 trailer. I went with these tires because the lower load range tires wasn’t that much cheaper. I have another set of these tires but they are Load Range D mounted on my 5×8 trailer. I haven’t had any issues with them and they have been on that small trailer for 3 years.

  3. Francisco Gutierrez

    Delivery on the good product: All good thanks 👍

  4. Michael J.

    Convenient: All is well

  5. julie

    Exactly what we needed: Great quality!

  6. John Harlin Hudspeth

    Arrived on time as ordered.: Put them on a 25’ travel trailer. Seem to be a good tire. 10 ply rated. I read mixed reviews, but so far so good. The next 10,000 miles will tell the tale. We shall see.

  7. Kim

    Tires: Exactly what I ordered. Replacements for my camper. Built very well.

  8. Shelby W.

    Great ride: Fit on my trailer. Wearing is great.

  9. Mike Comeaux

    Nice Tire Great Price: First time with this brand so we’ll see how it performs. The distributor shipped fast and price reasonable.

  10. william

    Good Affordable Tires: Great Tires. Doing tight turns with my dual axel is not a fight.. under load she rides smooth.

    I recommend these if your doing 20ft or less car hauler or utility trailer type stuff

    You could probably get these put on a bigger trailer but anything bigger than 25ft will have a heavier duty tire.

    Great affordable and durable

  11. Carroll L Greenfield

    Tires: So far the tires have been great.

  12. Khaki Landscaping

    Very happy with these 10 ply trailer tires.: I will be buying more of these for my other trailers. Good after first 1k miles. I am very picky about tires and these met my expectations 🙂 Update: it’s been a few more months of regular use and they are holding up well. I want to make one suggestion to folks who plan on long distance travel with these tire or for daily use. Have the new tires balanced on the rim before you mount them on the trailer. I did and always do on all my trailers. They will last longer, your equipment will thank you. Whoever says they don’t need balancing obviously don’t tow on a regular basis and they are inexperienced.

  13. Katherine

    fast shipping good quality: The tires perform as expected. The 10ply tows great

  14. Shortchikk

    Good value trailer tire: Quick delivery, product is advertised. Good value for the money.

  15. Osman bautista

    Best quality tires. Very quite and has a very good grip. Looks very sharp on my trailer: Tires look and feel amazing on the road. Great quality for the prize

  16. charlie young

    Early review: I haven’t had him on my trailer too long,
    But I have had a few tree job loads that were pretty heavy. Seem to hold up pretty good with no squat We will have to give a second review further on down-the-line

  17. logan ann goff

    Very good Tire for the money…: Had them on for a while seems to be a very good tire for the money…

  18. Dan H.

    No problems at all: I bought these tires for my car hauler trailer. Despite the critical reviews I’ve had zero issues. I used steel valve stems and keep them inflated to proper tire pressure.

  19. Kerri

    Safty: Excellent tires

  20. Jay Woodruff

    Trailer Tire: Arrived early and as described by seller. Would recommend

  21. Lamar Campbell Jr

    So far they have been doing great!!!!: Good value and product

  22. eddie

    Use 10 for travel trailers: It don’t matter if u have 1,2,3, axles use 10 ply tires.the walls on them r thicker,and they run on 80 psi.they also hold more weight per tire than load range c,and d.

  23. Kenneth Fish

    They fit: So far so good and only time will tell how good of tire they are. They look nice and go round and round so far. I can give a much better assessment in 6 months after a couple cross country trips.

  24. Tony

    Best option from LIBRA: Perfect for my trailer

  25. RAD

    Nice tires: Nice tires, runs well on my trailer. Smooth when pulling empty or loaded. Very happy with the tires. Purchased 4 of them.

  26. Randy Johnson

    They look like new tires: Tires have been installed too early tell any of the other comments or stars for the ratings.
    shopping online is phenomenal the installer would’ve preferred I would’ve bought tires from him that’s not my problem
    Randy J

  27. brokenwrench

    good value: tough tires would recommend I saved a bunch from the local tire stores price

  28. R. Leeson

    Value: Put on 24’ car trailer and made road trip of 400 miles loaded. Great value and good weight capacity.

  29. ms magoo

    10 ply is the way to go: Hell yes! 10 ply is the way to go! So worth the money. Tread holds up on our double axle trailer just fine. Had them for almost a year now. Buy em!

  30. hassanen alhassuni

    Great heavy duty tires for my trailer, great quality: Installed the tires on my over weight trailer and works perfectly, handles the weight like they should

  31. Henry H.

    great value: Good value, but was not told that they shipped two separate package and not given tracking numbers on both packages.

  32. C. Bovino

    Heavy duty: These tires balanced up easily with minimal weight. Quality appears decent. Only ones in this size i found with 10 ply rating. IMO worth the extra $$$ Trailer ran up 70mph no vibrations and minimal sway

  33. Jerry Walker

    High quality at a great price.: These tires are superior to my old trailer tires. I only wish I could have found them sooner.
    Hands down , top quality at a great price.Great tire at an affordable price. Very durable. We use our trailer a lot to haul heavy loads & these tires stand up to the abuse.

  34. Josh Alger

    The price and quality were excellant: Put these on my Travel trailer and now I feel confident pulling with new tires

  35. Match

    Great tire: Extremely durable and tough. Great value for quality

  36. Tim Borel

    Looks great: Nice tires for a good price

  37. K H.

    Appear to be good tires.: They have handled everything sofar.. 1600 miles this far

  38. Angela Cleary

    Look and ride nice: Nice ride nice I haven’t had them long enough to rate mileage

  39. jfirster

    Great price for Good Trailer tires: So far so good, have hauled a couple of 3 ton loads of rock on the trailer sporting these tires without issue. They handle the load well.

  40. skyhawk

    Great buy: Fantastic tires for the money. Almost immediate delivery

  41. Brian Nommay

    Thank uou: trailer

  42. paul massaro

    trailer tires: well they mounted easy , have not run them yet , but there still holding air since i mounted them .

  43. Big G

    Tires: Have about 300 mile on them seems to wear good I like the way they performed under load

  44. ESTL girl

    Quality TIRES: Fast delivery, good customer service, quality product.

  45. Suzette Brockenbush

    Great value for our trailer !: Great value for the money!

  46. Susan Ward

    Super speedy delivery!: Good value

  47. Marcie D.

    Durable trailer tire: Heavy duty load range E

  48. wildek

    Worked great for me: Worked great for me

  49. Sharona Mueller

    Worth the money: We needed new tires for our camper. These came way before the expected date which is nice. Fit like a glove. I recommend to anyone

  50. K-rock

    Exactly what ordered: Not sure what to review on. They fit just fine no leaks. Time will tell. Fast shipping

  51. Joel Ethridge

    Great buy for dependable tires: Great buy on 10 ply tires. 8 ply just do not last near as long. I bought 4 for my car hauler last year. When the 2 set of 8 ply wore out, I bought 2 more for it.

  52. Joe

    Holds my camper u0: Does a great job holding up my camper

  53. Lanty

    Heavy duty: If I could give a 10 star I would u get 2 tires for 1 price very heavy duty lot of tread highly recommend

  54. jeffrey s.

    They seem very nice so far much stiffer than what the trailer came with: The load range E are much better than the load range C tires I had that came with the trailer much stiffer the trailer is not moving all around on the highway anymore it stays right behind the truck now we have to see how long they last

  55. Brody

    Great for the price: Good set of tires for the price. Rode good, we’ll see how long the last.

  56. Anne

    Fast shipping: Product as desribed

  57. Brett

    Good: Nice tires with heavy load rating. Actually these tires are rated for more weight than the rims they are on. Have not used enough to know if the claimed load rating is accurate or how they hold up on the road

  58. Customer

    Seem good: I wrestled these on myself with no issue and balanced with 5oz of airsoft bb’s. Bread seated as expected. They hold air.

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