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Set 2 WANDA Sport ATV Tires 18×9.5-8 4PR P311 10001

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In stock


  • Low profile design for controlled sliding and added comfort and stability;
  • Directional “V” angled tread design with wide gaps between tread blocks promotes;
  • Cleaning action for better traction over rough terrain;
  • Additional shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall;
  • Heavy 4 ply rated nylon construction resists punctures and abrasions;

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 18×9.5-8
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Pattern: P311
  • Ply Rated: 4
  • Tread Depth: 0.59″
  • Rim Width: 7″
  • Max Load: 255lbs@10psi
  • Load Speed Index: 33F

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11 reviews for Set 2 WANDA Sport ATV Tires 18×9.5-8 4PR P311 10001

  1. Davin C.

    Awesome tires great traction. Rim offset sucks.: 100% well worth the money. This is my second set in seven years. As I stated above the only hard part on installation is the offset of the rim is about 8 inches so keeping the tire compressed to mount . It’s kind of tough.

  2. Leo

    Nice: Nice looking tires good grip. They’re pretty easy to install and they’re thick I’m happy with them.

  3. Traxometer

    Much improved traction on damp grass if this feature is needed.: The aggressive tread helps my very lightweight Craftsman lawn tractor get around my sloped yard without slipping a tire and getting stuck on anything but dead flat ground. These tires do not seem to be chewing up the grass like I thought they might. Then again, I live in Upstate South Carolina and have more weeds than grass. If you a lawn like a golf course, these tires might harm your grass. For me they are a great alternative to using tie chains and wheel weights on today’s flyweight mowers. Installation of lawn tractor tires is never easy so no tires could get five stars for ease of installation. I did get a cheapie lawn mower tire mounting tool with bead breaker from a local discounted tool store and this tool helps a LOT. Wait until you try changing a set of six inch front mower tires, then you’ll know what the word “difficult” means. Btw for the fronts, I might go with the tires mounted on rims next time. This seems like a good way to go and doesn’t cost a lot more nowadays as long as you get wheels that fit your tractor. Most cheapie lawn tractors like mine seem to use the same wheels. Get the size off your old tires or from your parts manual if you have one. The first number is tire outside diameter, second number is approximate tread width, third number is wheel diameter. If your wheel diameter is anything other than eight, then these won’t fit so there’s no need to ask if they will. The 4PR means 4 ply rating, meaning they are as strong for weight bearing as a tire with four plies or layers of rubber. Tires are actually two ply. If you need thicker tires to withstand thorns or sharp rocks for some reason, be aware that these are standard thickness tires. TIP: look at your tractor before ordering tires. Do you have plastic or rubber caps over the hubs that cover the clips or cotter pins that hold the wheels on? If so, I recommend getting replacement caps while you’re at it. These caps harden with age and probably also due to exposure to sun and grease. If the old ones are stiff, you will probably wreck them during removal. New retaining clips are a good idea too in case one flies during removal or if they are pretty old. For the low cost of some of these extra parts, they pay for themselves in reduced aggravation.

  4. James B.

    with much power comes much responsibility: I LOVE the grip these tires provide at least as much as I hated installing them – don’t even try it if you don’t have the right tools (I used a pair of tire irons and a tire changing / bead breaking stand from the Hazard Fraught), and prepare to burn through a LOT of elbow grease / swear words / beers throughout the install. having said that.. I immediately saw a noticable improvement in traction compared to the crappy old tires I removed – and quickly learned that you have to turn g e n t l y with these guys, otherwise you’ll be removing sod almost instantly. I’d recommend getting a shop to install these, as that would have saved me hours of mind-bending frustration; but that still didn’t keep me from leaving a 5-star review. BUY THESE if you’re tired of slipping and sliding all over your yard, and you’ll be glad you did.

  5. D Crouch

    I Just Wish I Had Bought These Sooner for My Troy-Bilt Zero Turn Mower: I use my 50″ Zero Turn Mower to mow about an acre of grass. It’s not a “lawn” so I wasn’t worried so much about having the turf look like a golf course green. With the old OEM “Turf Saver” tires If the grass was even damp I had to be very careful on even the slightest incline or I would find myself sliding down it tearing up the turf and often getting stuck. With these tires and their tread I don’t slide and spin on the wet grass and as long as I don’t get really aggressive when I turn these tires don’t seem to tear up the turf. If you don’t have a small tire mounting rig I’d recommend taking them to your local ATV or Mower shop to get them mounted.

  6. Andy D.

    Decent tires: Tire says 20psi max to set bead but the tires were made slightly undersized and it took over 40psi to get bead to pop on. Other than that i like them. Put them on my zero turn mower for more traction. They get a lot better traction but don’t seem to mess up the yard. I would buy them again.

  7. Kirk M.

    Best price. Good quality: These tires are great. They even ride good and quiet on the road.

  8. Gearhead391

    These are not 18″ tires they are 16″ but they grip so much better: These are not 18×9.5×8 they are 16×9.5×8 definitely smaller tire,the grip is awesome for my mower and take off it quicker but had to adjust mower deck and lost topend speed should’ve went with 19″ buyer beware of size but the price is right to get me through my rough terrain.

  9. dgeorge

    Sport ATV tires.: Used these to replace worn tires on garden tractor. Original tires were turf tires and had little traction when using the tractor mounted snowblower. These new tires work much better. They appear a little “plastic-y” but fit the wheels and sealed with no issues. Recommended.

  10. drock

    Works great! No more sliding in the ditch!: Wish i had these years ago! Works great! No more sliding while mowing steep grade ditch! Much safer than turf savers and with no sliding, leaves less damage to lawn

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