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2 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires ST205/75R14 8PR LR D w/Scuff Guard 11130

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In stock

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  • Nylon cap ply overlay cross entire tread area, significant upgrade from most other products on the market have nylon strips on shoulder area only, add critical safety feature!
  • Featured “Scuff Guard” ring on tire wall for better tire side and rim protection
  • Steel belted 8 ply rated, load range D, Speed rating M — up to 81 mph,
  • This tire is designed for the trailer use only, rims are not included
  • 5 tires (4 tires + 1 spare tire)

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: ST205/75R14
  • Ply Rated: 8
  • Load Range: D
  • Rim Width: 5.5″
  • Speed Rating: M
  • Tread Depth: 10/32″
  • Max Load: 2040lbs@65psi

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Free Country

Tire Size


Rim Dia

14" Tire

Ply Rated


Tread Depth


Rim Width




Load Range


Speed Rating


Section Width




345 reviews for 2 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires ST205/75R14 8PR LR D w/Scuff Guard 11130

  1. Reed Skelton

    Price and quality: Price and quality

  2. Rick Dubreuil

    Pay a few dollars more and these higher load range: These are awesome, I can feel the difference in thickness and sturdiness compared to the 2 year old tires I replaced them with

  3. Rick Neil

    Great set of tires. Feel safer!: Replaced the tires on my tent trailer. Turns out they were separating and were coming apart. These tires make the ride much smoother and I feel safer!

  4. Larry Dooly

    Great trailer tires.: The tires are great quality and delivery is quick. Great product for your trailer. Especially if you are going over 55, pulling a boat. Highly recommend these and the seller.

  5. Harley

    Bargain!!: I’ve paid more for much less.

  6. Eric K.

    As advertised: As advertised

  7. paul

    Great tires for the money: They came quickly and was well wrapped. I installed them myself. Very nice tires for the money. They look great on my boat trailer.

  8. Terry M. Jones Jr.

    Very pleased overall: Product was as described, product of very good quality, fast shipping

  9. Rick L.

    Nice tire: Delivered fast. Mounted easy. They are round and they hold air. Couldn’t ask for more out of a trailer tire.

  10. Stormleadr

    Great boat trailer tire at even better price I thank the seller you have a return customer when I need new ones: These tires are great and replaced 6 ply tires which were C rated. Its not very clear to see inflation on tire, I did the research, manufacture of these tires recommends MAX of 65 PSI. Most trailer manufactures state keep tires inflated at upper end of MAX PSI for better life and to prevent damage to tires. I coated mine on both sidewalls of tire with Black Magic THICK silicone to protect the rubber for repeated boat ramp in salt water. And prevent UV damage also bought tire covers for when parked to protect the tires. I have had these up to 90 mph with no issues. Boat weighs 1500 lbs. I really like the price and quality hope to find these as needed as my tires need replacing. NOTE With proper care tires for trailers these can last 3-5 yrs replace earlier if low tread or signs of damage. Even if tread is alright should replace at 5 yrs regardless

  11. David

    Spares: I put new radial tires and wheels on trailer got these for spares as they have a 81 mph rating and 10 ply. At 65 mph don’t too about stress on tire speed.

  12. John

    Good value trailer tire: Good value for my 5×8 utility trailer. Holding up good so far.

  13. clarkrgc

    A good looking durable tire: Price and durability and I use these tires on my boat trailer.

  14. mike brant

    Seem fine: Only one trip on them but no complaints.

  15. Jennifer L. Kime

    Great trailer tires and quick shipping: Theses are great trailer tires. They are a little more heavy duty than normal ones (thicker sidewall, 60psi). And the quickness in shipping, outstanding!

  16. Bill

    Great looking tire: Haven’t put any miles on them yet, but 8 ply, 65 psi tires for 14″ rims. Love the sidewall guard, they were easy to mount and balanced really well great value

  17. Uncle Mo

    True trailer tires, required very few lead mounts to balance both tires.: Tires seem to be made well, good tread design, true trailer tires that have very thick sidewalls and have a considerable road speed rating.

  18. bt

    Good tires at a good price: I got these tires for a used popup trailer that I recently purchased. I’ve owned boats and RVs for many years and one thing you don’t do is go cheap on the tires-it’s just asking for trouble. RV and boat trailer tires last for years because they normally don’t get that much wear and will look good on the outside even through they may be rotten and ready to blow out on the highway. These tires met the Load Range requirement of my camper and came at a good price and are better tires than the originals that I replaced. I’ve only put about 1,000 miles on them but so far so good. Yes, I would recommend these tires.

  19. Traves

    Great tires: Great tires, would definitely buy another set.

  20. Bryan W Ellis

    Good value for the money: Good value for the price

  21. Jewlz

    … tires total) and am so far I am very pleased. Easy to have mounted at Walmart with lifetime …: Bought 5 sets of these tires (10 tires total) and am so far I am very pleased. Easy to have mounted at Walmart with lifetime balance and rotation, but no road warranty for trailer tires, only personal/commercial vehicles. Installed these on two separate 2-horse bumper pull trailers and one spare for each. A very good tire with two dots marked on the exterior of each for balancing which I have only ever seen on higher end tires. A very good, beefy-yet-quiet tread (yes, that’s a self proclaimed technical term I just used there) that effectively pushes water out of the tires and provides an excellent grip. These are a grade higher than what I needed as these are D rated where I only needed C, but for the price and quality I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again and again. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  22. Joe

    Recieved this tire on time and they fit perfectly good: Love the tires and the price.

  23. David Martin

    Great: Like

  24. Jack A. Smith

    Great quality and good price.: Even my tire guy said they were good tires. I’m pleased. Will def buy again.

  25. Bucknuts

    these tires are from china: i used these tires on a light utility trailer. though they are over rated , this is good /. u can run less air providing a smoother ride. so far so good

  26. Reynaldo Tijerina

    Perfect buy: Great buy

  27. Big Howard

    Great: Cargo trailer

  28. Andrew Bain

    N/a: N/a

  29. Hank Stosick

    Heavy duty tires: Support rated weight with out bulging the side wall. Used on a home made dump trailer which I regularly over load and they are holding up well.

  30. SCACK

    HIGH QUALITY TIRE: These were high quality tires shipped expediently! The tread is formed for traction and water flow through. My only negative was having old tires removed and the new tires installed with new valve stems and balanced cost $21.00 per tire … However the total cost of the tires ” because of free shipping stilled saved me an estimated $60.00. I will reorder this quality product again when needed .. providing free shipping is still offered.

  31. George C

    Hard to find old trailer tires: replaced old tires on lawnmower trailer, old tires were 33 years old I should not have to worry about these even if they only last half as long!

  32. steven n zeiser

    Fast shipping: Made in china.

  33. Justin M

    High quality and beefy: This are really nice trailer tires, not the cheapos. Can’t go wrong with these. Even with the thick side wall, mounted very easily.

  34. Sieber101

    Great for small utility trailer pushed to the max: Perfect tires. Radial, look nice. Have a 1.5 ton utility trailer. Mounted these on some old rims. Made 3 trips with a yard of dirt (approx 1 ton) and handled like a dream every trip. Much better then the previous dry rotted bias ply tires i used. Scared they were going to blow. One thing to note… Tires are 60 psi and the psi gauge i use for all my other vehicles only go to 50 psi so you may need to pick up a new guage for these tires. Will buy these again!

  35. Paul

    Good value good product: The trailer tires I purchased seem to be a Good product and heavy duty. They are much better in quality than the tires they replaced.

  36. Warren

    Great for trailer hauling.: Put these tires on a 14 ft dual axial trailer. Great fit and travels good too. Balanced and did not have to add weight. Recommend this tire.

  37. David keever

    Good deal: Good tire

  38. Guy Donham

    Thick Bead and Scuff Guard Thick: These tires are heavy and have a thick bead. I have not gotten them installed yet. Going to paint the rims and 2 hurricanes are coming this way this week. I thought no they will be excellent.

  39. Mike Dolton

    It’s round: It’s a trailer tire.

  40. Chris

    Great value Good tire.: Good value tire for trailers. I use my trailer daily. I mounted these on a braking axle and there is no problems with uneven or excessive friction wear. I’d buy these again.

  41. Juan Montoya

    Good for money: Good for the money

  42. Professor

    Very happy with these tires: I am very happy that we purchased these tires. Seem like high quality and fit perfectly. Haven’t put miles in them yet but am extremely satisfied with them.

  43. Amy

    Best customer service ever!: Original order was lost in transit, by no fault of seller. Seller worked with me right away & sent new tires. We received them today & they’re perfect. Thanks to Libra for working so hard for us!


    Tires: Great tires, definitely a step up from previous tires that came with the rims.

  45. Kent

    Good for the money: I just got these tires and mounted them on a enclosed trailer I use and so far so good tires look good and have seem to ride good so far

  46. K.Cormier

    Exactly what I was looking for.: Great tires for my trailer. Would recommend!!

  47. Larry

    You definitely get what you ordered I wanted D rated and that’s what I got: The tires were just what I was looking for the price was good great tires for the price

  48. Doug

    Tires: Tires work great. They roll as expected.

  49. etom

    PENDING…: Paid a bit more for PREMIUM rating D & Windas appear a tad above but the proof is in the puddin’ & time will tell on the wear/toughness of this brand. NO miles on them yet (trailer mounted).

  50. Corey

    Value for the money: Great value for the money I installed on my 20’ boat trailer

  51. Robert E.

    Good Value: Good looking tires at a reasonable price. Too early to comment on durability as I have less than 150 miles on them at this writing.

  52. Duel Mikeal

    Quick delivery: Good quality looks good on trailer

  53. James R Davis

    Great: As of now these tire have been on my boat trailer and I have done some traveling with them!
    Great tire and wearing good!
    Thank you

  54. Krystal Adams

    Just get them: 1. theres no where else around to buy 8 ply 2. they are 8 ply they are solid where easy to install even by hand tools and 3. holding 65 psi solid I highly recommend high pressure valve stems just for a bit more insurance will update in a few months. Also 4 delivered fast, 5. Are cheaper then anywhere else around town

  55. robert l brown

    arrived late: good quality tires

  56. Ed

    Quality and durable tires: These tires have held up great so far. They look and feel very durable and well made.

  57. Rodolfo Arroyo

    Good: Item as described, fast and quick delivery. Will recommend.

  58. Tony Blackwell

    Got here ahead of time expected .: Tires for my boat trailer looks great and came early than the arrival day!

  59. Tony D

    Good deal: Exactly what I needed at a good price! So far so good!

  60. Michael C. Albashian

    Great value and delivery.: I am very satisfied with this seller and product and would purchase from them again.

  61. Dick Clary

    No problems: Worked great on my pontoon boat trailer. No problems, no regrets.

  62. Wendy Hill

    decent lookin tire: should get the job done well

  63. Robert W.

    Nice rubbers: You can’t beat these tires for the price. Literally. They pulled fine on my utility trailer.

  64. richard bowen

    on the rool: have not had on trailer long enough to know about durability

  65. Allen

    Great value: Nice tires, I would definitely recommend them and buy them again

  66. James Wimberly

    Longevity: The price

  67. kimberlyh

    look to be great tires: seem to be good product time will tell happy so for

  68. Pastor Jerry Rohn

    Nice tires!: Nice tires…. buy these for your camper!

  69. Richard L

    Good price: Just put them on we’ll see how they work out

  70. Phil Kerr

    BUY THEM!: Just ordered another set of these for my boat trailer. I travel 130-150 miles one way and fish about 30-35 times per year. The first set is nearly three years old and still going strong.

    These tires take an absolute beating on the terrible roads in my state (LA). No problems with these tires whatsoever. Best trailer tires I have ever owned by a long shot.

  71. Glenn Brummett

    Great Tire: This is a great tire for the price.

  72. Kindle Customer

    Smooth: Fit my trailer correctly an ride smoothly

  73. Sherwood Jackson

    Tires: Great tires


    Good product: They seem to beed heavy duty


    Price: Good price put on my utility trailer works great

  76. G Man

    Will buy again: Nice tires 👍👍👍👍👍

  77. bmoney

    Great product: Great product

  78. Paul

    Pl: Perfect.. as described and 1/2 price of the store

  79. Clyde Parks

    Good tires.: These tires have preformed very well for a few months so far. They seem to be good tires.

  80. Judy

    Wonderful replacement tire for my ATV trailer: I have two ATV on my trailer and wanted to increase my load rating on my replacement tires. I was getting bad wear on my other lower rated tires. These are perfect. Impressed.

  81. glenn thomas

    Good so Far: We’ve towed our boat about 1000 miles total and so far so good.

  82. Ryan T. Lindquist

    Excellent and affordable trailer tire: Good value for the money

  83. Gary

    Very happy with these tires: very pleased with quality of these tires. MUCH better than Carlisle (Chinese rubber ‘balloon tires’) 6 ply rating, heavier load range and higher pressure tires. Look good, work very well. Radial for fuel saving and increased sway stability.

  84. David

    Great service: Just as described

  85. Elizabeth Jachowicz

    Well worth the money so far.: These mounted well and seem to be a great tire. Previous more expensive tires had plenty of tread left but we’re dry cracking. Treated these with 303 and hope they will last. So far so good. Maybe about 500 miles on them so far under my direct drive ski boat trailer.

  86. enrique

    Me gusta: Rápida entrega y fácil montar

  87. Hannah Wolfe

    Set of 2 tires only: Worked great for our low boy trailer

  88. alberto parra

    Great: Great value

  89. leahmegkathy

    Not USA made !: I replaced my 6 ply tires with Grand Ride 8 ply tires on my camper !

  90. Traveler

    Good value.: Good tread.

  91. Savy

    Very happy with my purchase.: Very fast shipping and very good price after extensive searching. Tires as described and are manufactured recently. They come two to a box, which is sturdy and are not compressed(bundled) in any way. I ordered four and all mounted and balanced easily. Update: After 200 mile trip I’m very happy with how they performed and that included some long stretches of highway driving.

  92. Alyssa

    Item arrived as described, would buy again: The tires are arrived as described in the description. Would buy again!

  93. Carl R. Martin

    Price is cheaper than tire stores.: Better priced than tire stores. With free shipping is the way to go.

  94. Annoymous

    Works Great: I pull trailers every day. I use these tires because they seem to last the longest out of any tires that I have used.

  95. Michael l brown

    Not E rated: I got these tires on my 2500 Cummings no wights to balance them great but they r NOT E rated

  96. Mike 777

    GOOD DEAL ON TIRES: I haven’t really put many miles on the tires as they are trailer tires but they look good and the price was phenomenal. I was skeptical about ordering them and having someone put them on but it worked out well.

  97. Mark R.

    Great value for two 8 ply trailer tires: Great value for two 8 ply trailer tires. Wish I bought 4. Needed 4 but I only ordered 2 so I could make sure they were decent, now I want 2 more and the exact same size is no longer available.

  98. Leo M.

    Fast Shipping!!!: Tires as described, a little tough to get the beads to seal but they are 8 ply tires. They work well with heavy loads and should last a long time.

  99. Joe Hearon

    Very good tires.: They fit perfectly and can handle one ton of hay on my flat bed trailer with no problems. Highly recommend.

  100. Bob Weinbrecher

    Good: Good

  101. Robert Gibbs

    Happy: Everything is as expected last pair last 4 years about 20,000 miles very good trailer tires. Seller is great also.

  102. KB1

    Smoother Ride: seem to be good so far , only have 25 miles on them so far . I did notice a smoother ride for my boat while pulling it.

  103. tommy

    balanced fine: so far so good

  104. jack

    Super fast shipping!: Super fast shipping, great looking tire, mounted and balanced easy.

  105. grandpa

    Good deal: It has been hard to find D rating boat tires in the past. These are easy to find and a good price.

  106. PlasticMan

    Great tire: Look good, work good, still going strong a year and a half later.

  107. MC Tires n Service

    Good for cost: Worked well so far, I will edit if they turn out to be a POS.

  108. Jacob

    Great tire: Got them faster than what expected and they were up to date tires

  109. Debi

    Great fit: Nice tires

  110. No one

    Made one of several 1200 mile trips and the tires work great.: Put 4 of these tires on my trailer. After loading it quite heavy ,the tires didn’t look much different than when it was empty. Made one of several 1200 mile trips and the tires work great.

  111. slo

    Work well.: Used for a single axle cargo trailer. Have only pulled a couple of times, so far, so good.

  112. BB

    Got here for a trailer and it worked perfect, months later still perfect: Tires on LIBRA?? Yes!!! Got here for a trailer and it worked perfect, months later still perfect. We tell everyone too, much cheaper here on LIBRA than tire stores.

  113. Wade R.

    Trailer tires: Was what I wanted & came super quick

  114. Waddell Williams

    Good buy: fit my rims perfectly.

  115. Michael L. Hewitt

    Feedback: Excellent. Highly recommend seller. No complaints. Shipped fast and great.

  116. Amos

    Fast shipping: Came in just 2 days with free shipping awesome!

  117. Coz

    Great for Chinese Tires: Great tires even though they are made in China. Like the increased load range.

  118. Felix C.

    Great deal.: The tires were delivered on time and looked as advertised. No problems and I’m extremely happy.

  119. vanessa

    Four Stars: Got for our camper seem to be good quality but we will once we start using our camper.

  120. Ronald D. Sully

    Camper Tires: just installed them last week, will report after i put on a few miles.

  121. Sally Posner

    The price was great and delivery time was about 48 hours: The price was great and delivery time was about 48 hours. You can’t beat that. These two tire replaced two of the same that had gone bad due to a bad axle. The tires work fine.

  122. BP76

    So far so good. Have about 1000 miles on them: So far so good. Have about 1000 miles on them. Improved ride with trailer and fit in the fenders good. Purchased for a Shorelandr trailer with 13″ wheels.

  123. Uncle Steve

    Should help nt get as many punctures.: I used to use LT tires on my Ranger but had been unable to find anything but P tires. Ordered these and put them on . Now I have a tire that should be more puncture resistant out in my pastures.

  124. Jeff

    Great tire: I put on these tires two years ago and still good as new.

  125. welder steve

    good tires: Have ran the tires an are doing well. will order more

  126. Rick kaiser

    Great tires perform well: Great tires perform well . Here in California you can run a trailer without brakes up to 3000 lbs I just converted an old boat trailer that had a tilt built in to my dump trailer. Would buy again

  127. typhooontom

    Great value.: Best I could find. Heavier ply and look good. Almost all trailer tires now are Chinese, but these look as good as any I’ve seen.

  128. steve myers

    Get the right sizes: Perfect for my needs

  129. Dennis Ray

    Great trailer tires: Good trailer tires no bounce or vibration!

  130. Brian Erisman

    Four Stars: Great prices ya gotta see

  131. Terry Osborn

    Fast service: Good quality at a fair price. Delivered three days faster than estimated.

  132. larry

    good: there tires

  133. Spody

    Right size: Works like new

  134. bill t.

    They look so far..will see down the road..: So far is good..I have them for short time

  135. Jerry

    The shipping time is very good.: The tires were the best deal around, they arrived in a timely manner and were just what i expected.

  136. gladatlast

    Great purchase: Bought two sets of these tires for one of our trailers. Very happy with the purchase. Very high quality tires and you cannot beat the price anywhere.

  137. S E

    As described.: Used it to replace old tires on Boat trailer.

  138. George K. Henry

    lower cost and high quality: soft ride with 2600 pounds of wt.

  139. Allan mencsik jr

    … 6 months later I put about 8k on it easy 2: Holding up grat on my car dolly 6 months later I put about 8k on it easy 2 weeks

  140. R M

    Good replacent trailer tire.: Good tire for a good price. These were a good replacement for my old tires. The speed rating is better than some of the cheaper tire sold on LIBRA

  141. Kenneth Cruthis

    ?: Haven’t used them yet, time will tell.
    Good looking tires. Only problem I see they are Chinese.

  142. Sandra

    The 2 ties were so good we ended up returning and buying 2 more: Purchased these 2 tires for my fathers heavy trailer. The 2 ties were so good we ended up returning and buying 2 more.

  143. Clint Burton

    Great trailer tires.: Great tires! Great price! Delivered too my front door which was awesome. I bought two sets for my dual axle trailer.

  144. Len F.

    Trailer tires: These tires are made in China but seem to do a good job I have not but any miles on them yet. The price was right compared to what I found local.

  145. jamesdantas

    Good: Good

  146. robert fricks

    Perfect: Nice tires

  147. Mark

    which to me is a good sign of a well made tire: Ok, I used them and they performed flawlessly. Also, it took very little weight to balance them on the wheels when I had them mounted, which to me is a good sign of a well made tire!

  148. Vernon

    Foreign-made: Good for the price

  149. Nathalie

    Works great: Works well on our boat trailer

  150. Mae Windsor

    Exactly the tires I wanted.: I could not find 8 ply trailer tires anywhere locally. When towing my boat or my RV, I want the best tires on my trailers. Thanks.

  151. Wayne Mercer

    The trailer tows better and smoorher than the old bias ply tires: They were axacty as described. The trailer tows better and smoorher than the old bias ply tires.

  152. mikered

    Five Stars: I would definitely buy these again. I am tired of blowing 6 ply tires on my bass boat.

  153. Alex abadia

    Great deal: Great deal

  154. Sandra R. Notnagle

    Nice tires: Very good quality for the price!! Would buy again,

  155. david warmbier

    Four Stars: tires delivered quickly. smooth ride

  156. Trisha Baxter

    Camper: Great threads

  157. K. Guy

    Four Stars: good quality

  158. Anom

    Four Stars: The wheels on the trailer go round and round

  159. Mary t.

    size: pop up trailer tires

  160. Sandy Narrington

    The tires seem to be really good, we have had them on for a couple …: The tires seem to be really good, we have had them on for a couple of weeks and they are working great

  161. Bob Bourgoin

    Value: So far so good.

  162. Dwain Wilson

    Four Stars: Great Deal

  163. Joshua Carnahan

    Super Fast shipping: Great tires good pricep

  164. Jeff Brown

    seem like good quality durable: used for a trailer

  165. D. Imhoff

    Works Perfect: Used on generator trailer.

  166. Kas McManus

    Five Stars: Best trailer tires I’ve been able to find and a great price

  167. Tina Cayton

    Well made tires: Excellent boat tires.

  168. Joe Bisignani

    Nice tread on them: Worked great for the boat trailer

  169. Richard A. Eissler

    so far so good real test is coming soon haul road to Deadhorse …: so far so good real test is coming soon haul road to Deadhorse ak moose hunting

  170. Wesley R.

    Fast shipping: Great product

  171. watchchief

    Awesome tires: Look great and ride smooth.

  172. Buckaroo

    Five Stars: They are fine. Good trailer tires. Haven’t had them long enough to determine their wear ability.

  173. Stephen J Solderitch Jr.

    Five Stars: Good Price, I hauled 20 sections of scaffold with these new tires for several hours with no issues

  174. Wally

    Would buy again. Great price and great tires.: Great deal for the money

  175. StickyProjectile

    Tires…: Tires… They roll like tires do

  176. Brian Shevitz

    Quick delivery: Quick delivery nice tires

  177. GARY P.

    Four Stars: Only had the tires for a few weeks. Unknown how well they will hold up?

  178. Les Edwards

    Five Stars: very nice tires. They work great!

  179. Joni

    Great load tire: Very good tire, trailer handles better on the road, would buy again!

  180. lsnider37

    Five Stars: Good looking tire, have not had the boat out much, But so far so good!

  181. Michael W.

    still good.: After two months, still good.

  182. Wayne

    Four Stars: Ok

  183. Capt. Panky

    Five Stars: Got them on the trailer. They must hold now for a few thousand miles.

  184. George Rank

    Five Stars: Good buy time will tell quality

  185. Rene S.

    Five Stars: Very pleased with these tires


    great item: very good

  187. Caroline Norman

    Great tires for the price.: Great Price, good tread, overall a great quality tire for this price range.

  188. BILLY


  189. Abby

    Five Stars: Great tires, great price. I would buy them again.

  190. Pen Name

    Five Stars: Great item

  191. Logyb

    … to 1000 miles on them and they are wearing perfect: So far have close to 1000 miles on them and they are wearing perfect

  192. K.F.

    Great tires for the money.: Great tires.

  193. robert davis

    Five Stars: looks good just have not put any miles on them yet

  194. Jessie

    Five Stars: Great tires

  195. PPC

    Five Stars: Very heavy duty and good quality construction, good tread thickness . Quiet running on my large pop up trailer.

  196. Wyatt Puckett

    Five Stars: Good tires

  197. robert endler

    Five Stars: Work great on my camper great buy

  198. Troy Dilts

    … no swawing or sidewall roll crusing at 65mph would recommend this: purchased for my pop-up camper no swawing or sidewall roll crusing at 65mph would recommend this tire

  199. Tommy

    Five Stars: Great tires and great price, came quicker than expected

  200. glenn d symonds

    Five Stars: Nice tires and a great value

  201. Gary

    Would recommend: Nice tire. Very little weight to balance them.

  202. Lazy Loon Len

    Five Stars: Should be a good lasting tire.

  203. Stroker 2

    Five Stars: Round black hold air make sure you valve stems at this time!

  204. daryl

    Five Stars: worked great!

  205. Andy Villa

    Five Stars: Good looking tires they did the trick and $$ was right.

  206. DaNa

    Five Stars: great tires and price.

  207. Gary Marshall

    couldn’t be more happier.: This is the second pair of trailer tires I’ve bought on LIBRA, couldn’t be more happier.

  208. Pep

    Five Stars: Tires look great, haven’t hit the road with them yet,there on my toyhauler.

  209. jason

    Five Stars: GREAT TIRES

  210. Tom J.

    Five Stars: Tires look great and shipped fast. Hope to make many trips with them!

  211. Mike

    Just what i needed.: There black, there round, they hold air! Worked great.

  212. Maria

    Five Stars: Tires runs smooth and looks good

  213. simon willis

    Five Stars: The best company i have ever bought a product from. Perfect from beginning to end.

  214. Big Z

    perfect for my atv trailer to: Bouth a set, perfect for my atv trailer to!

  215. tom scaggs

    Five Stars: nice tires, were shipped fast

  216. Mike Gilbert

    Satisfied: Nice tires. Came in record time.

  217. Cindy Williams

    Five Stars: Just as described worked great on the trailer. Speedy shipping.

  218. Scott Humphrey

    Five Stars: Perfect for the price

  219. Darrel G

    Four Stars: Nice price!

  220. IT’S ALL GOOD

    Nice tires: Excellent tires and price

  221. jimmy rice

    Four Stars: good tire

  222. Dave

    Good deal, great purchase: First trip, no blowouts like the other ones. Looking good so far………

  223. mymerica

    look like very good tires: arrived earlier than expected…look like very good tires…

  224. Roger Rodriguez

    Five Stars: Nice for the price

  225. Eddie

    Would recommend !: Thanks LIBRA and libra tires! Great product and service.

  226. Sergio

    Five Stars: second order -Great Value

  227. Edward L. Stanger

    Five Stars: very good tires am very satisified

  228. Vince Adams

    Five Stars: They are a good price and we’re shipped on time.

  229. Tim Doncoes

    These trailer tires are awesome.: These trailer tires are awesome.

  230. Danny Messmore

    Tires: Excellent

  231. peacefeels

    Five Stars: great i like it

  232. Carol and Anthony

    Five Stars: fits

  233. Gerald l Jones

    Five Stars: Arrived quickly and product as described

  234. Vince m.

    Five Stars: A++

  235. Joseph N.

    Tow Dolly Tires: Good price for trailer tires, cheaper than local shop

  236. jeff seube

    Five Stars: Great price and arrived ahead of schedule

  237. Watzupman007

    Five Stars: Exactly what i needed

  238. Terry W. Mayo

    Five Stars: Nice tires

  239. John

    Five Stars: perfect

  240. CHN

    Five Stars: Work well.

  241. Jose Amador Miami, Florida

    Five Stars: A+

  242. Jeff Gugler

    Five Stars: great deal good company to deal with

  243. JOSE L.

    Five Stars: GOOD

  244. Chad

    Five Stars: Very good tires.

  245. Scott

    Five Stars: just what I expected

  246. Dave Rowley

    Five Stars: great

  247. Jack Taylor

    Great for trailer tires: Good tires

  248. herringmtroy

    Five Stars: does the job

  249. Shaun Olinger

    NOT an 8 ply tire!!!!: Four stars because of a neat little trick on the weight rating… “8PR”. That means an eight ply RATING… But only a SIX ply tire. The tires themselves appear to be exactly what I wanted… A softer, stickier rubber providing excellent all-weather traction, and good adhesion to dirt and gravel roads. Size as advertised, but only a C-class tire because it’s a 6-ply build. I won’t be buying them again.

  250. bob willis

    Trailer tires: Got fast to ca from fl and are new . But just trailered first time today OMG almost lost it . Don’t like going anything over 68 . Just got on hwy was 70 when I hit it trailer boat 20’ almost went tire came off ground. Stayed off brake all good May look 👀 for stiffer side wall thank you 🙏🏻

  251. junkman

    Good Strong Tires: These tires are Load Range D and haul loads very well. Also like the scuff guard on the sidewall to help protect it when you need to pull into somewhere with debris. They are also very cost effective, a good buy. Are working out very well and I am pleased.

  252. Anthony Ramsey

    Make sure of the size: Delivery was quick and the tires were just what I needed for my boat trailer, great tires for a great price

  253. Garylouderman

    Need some trailer tires These are nice ones: I I borrowed a guy’s trailer and I had to put some tires on it and these were good tires I’m very happy with them

  254. Mike Smith

    Excellent tires for the money and durable.: Excellent tires for the money and durable. Easy to install on rim.

  255. Tim MacQueen

    Great trailer tires for my boat: Great tire for my boat trailer.

  256. Lawrence Haynes

    Good looking tire: Have not installed yet but tire looks very good great value.

  257. Ken Booth

    Good quality for the money: Tire replacement
    On a used trailer

  258. Mahmood Rabbani

    Just received them and had them installed. Hoping that they would last for a good while.: I had them installed on my trailer boat. They looked like they’re good tires. Hoping they last for a good while.

  259. Donald Bellow

    Reasonable tires: Used these on my boat trailer and they carry the load great.

  260. Susie Helfinstine

    Received in timely manner, in good order: Love them

  261. ben

    Great upgrade: I just put on my tires and they seem very durable, only time will tell for that. But was a great upgrade from the factory ones and pulls great didn’t have to balance them no vibrations definitely recommended these for the price

  262. James Nielsen

    As described, replaced oem perfectly!: Looks to be like a good quality tire. I haven’t put many miles on them yet, so I can’t speak about durability or tread wear.

  263. Virginia D.

    i love them: i love them

  264. Mark D Pete

    Trailer tires: Bought tires for project that I am still working on but they were a great value. Shipping time was super fast and I would but from seller again.

  265. Joe Griffin

    No issues fast delivery: No issues fast delivery

  266. Rita T

    Good price: Shipped very quickly. Good quality. 3rd time ordering from this company.

  267. Michael Rohaley

    Great Value: These tires have a higher load rating and speed rating than the tires I paid MUCH more for at a local Tractor Supply store. I’ve only put about 50 miles on them but have great confidence in their construction.

  268. Glenn Benefield

    They rode great: A camper

  269. Charles Puckett

    Great trailer tires.: Great quality trailer tires. We’ll wort the money. Lasting great so far.

  270. pete

    good looking tires: they are good tires for the money

  271. Theo Williams

    I like the price and ride: I tried these tires because of the great reviews on them . This was the first time I had to change a tire on my trailer . I put both of the new tires on the ground and placed the one old use tire on a spare rim . I like the ride so far .

  272. P. Randall

    Great boat tires!: Installed these on the rims of the trailer for my Bass Tracker TWX. I’m very happy with these tires.

  273. Bobby

    Great price for these tires: Great tires for my trailer. Highly recommend them

  274. Bizzy Mom

    Good enough.: They are a couple of years old, but tires last for only 2 years here in Florida so I will be replacing them before they are 6 years old. I have only used them for 1 trip, but they seem fine.

  275. Zachary Wenzel

    Good tires, got here fast.: Tires are great so far, delivered quickly so I could go back to work

  276. Linda D.

    Tires for my covered utility trailer: UPDATE, I will be ordering a second pair for another cargo trailer I recently purchased. I will be purchasing a third pair in the near future for another tilt bed trailer.

    Correct size. 8 ply load range D. I have a vintage enclosed motocross trailer I use to haul stuff to flea markets. I had load range C tires previously and they were 8 years old. One blew out. I got these heavier duty load range D as replacements. I like that they are constructed with a scuff sidewall built in. Trailer tires get some abuse so this is a nice feature. Just got them today. I had a tire shop install them. They look good. Manufacturer’s date is 4821 (48th week of 2021) so fairly recent. Made in China (hard to find affordable trailer tires made in USA.). I feel they are a good value for the price…time will tell. For my travel trailer, I would probably look for a domestic brand, but for a lighter weight utility trailer, these should be more than adequate. FedEx delivery was two days later than expected delivery date. (Always travel with a spare for your trailer).

  277. travis brickman

    Good tires: Bought a set of four of these to go on my 20 foot enclosed car hauler, did the job on the 1200+ mile round trip I took it on. Would buy again

  278. Billy

    This is a D rated tire at 2040lbs: Product is as described. It is a d Rated Tire that will hold 2040 lb and a max air pressure of 65 PSI. I am pleased with the product

  279. Parker D.

    Good quality tires: Tires showed up with a really recent date code. Brand new! Look way better quality than what I had. Using on a pop up camper. Pulled camper over 1,000 miles with them so far and they have been great and are holding up fine

  280. john rennie 34rosered

    Date code is as new as possible Thanks: Date code up to Date

  281. Rebel

    Great price: Great tire for a Trailor, and at a great pricd

  282. John

    Their great tires for the money: Great tires for the money

  283. Tali

    Durable: We bought these for our trailer we use almost on a daily basis and wow are they good I will be purchasing one more set it’s a great price and great material

  284. Jack Stivers

    Just got them, 8 ply they’re heavier than 6 ply: They are heavier than the ones I were using, don’t know how they will do as far as mileage

  285. Eric E. Cleckler

    Great Vlaue: Great value for new tires.
    DOT code shows they were made 4 months ago.

  286. lowell k lefers jr.

    New tires: A much needed replacement for weather checked tires

  287. Beefmeister

    Great value: Great deal. Tires look good ride good. Great value

  288. Richard McClintock

    Tires where exactly what I needed.: Tires where the only ones that I could find in that size and in load range D. The date code on them was within a month of purchase date. Exellent bargain.

  289. William H.

    Good value: Good value as I had priced these elsewhere for $125 a piece. Don’t know about the mileage or durability as they have only been on my trailer for a short time.

  290. Tom L

    Aliner trailer tires: Tires arrived on time and appear to be of good quality. I opted for the radials vs a bias ply this time around since I mostly drive highways; no off road. Date code is acceptable – wk28, yr22. Heading out for a short trip up the central coast of CA. Anticipating that these tires will roll nicely.

  291. Daveblakeley

    works well: good value only used 1 season so far

  292. wayne moore

    Fast service,got them a day early. Will order from them again.: Fast service, good looking tires for boat trailer

  293. marty demore

    Don’t know about mileage. But look good: Good looking tires

  294. Marion Mills

    Always get the right thing.: I have found things to be what they say. Put them on a trailer.

  295. m. uttech

    I will continue to buy from them because prices and products are good.: They are very good to deal with.

  296. Michael D. Marineau

    Trailer tires: Fast delivery and the tires are so much better than the ones that came with my trailer.

  297. Jason Cook

    Good tires.: Good tires put them on my car hauler. Have hauled a f250 super duty and lots of other cars. Got here fast and have been great.

  298. Jp123

    Wanda Branded: These seem to be well made. The sizes are accurate. The rubber is very soft. Only time will tell.

  299. Phyllis


  300. ROBERT S.

    COUNTRY Trailer Tires ST 205/75R14 8PR Load Range D w/Scuff Guard: The price is good, The tires are decent, The production date is fresh. For as much as I am going to use the trailer, I’m HAPPY! PS Always replace tire valves when putting new tires on. Tire valves dry rot just like the tires do.

  301. james mckeown

    Quick delivery: Perfect for my boat trailer and look good too.

  302. Debby

    Fast delivery: Perfect for his boat trailer.

  303. Leroy

    Quality product: Good quality tires n super fast shipping

  304. Iris T Miranda

    Perfect quality: I like the weight of the tires, strong thread.

  305. TAM BAM

    Use for boat trailer: NO problems since we purchased them

  306. J. Cook

    Good Appearance & Quality: Look nice and seem to have a decent quality and tread compared to major brands

  307. cesar030

    Good tires: I’ve had the tires for about 2 weeks now and have had trailer loaded multiple times since. I went from a 6 ply to these 8 ply. I noticed they are a little less wobbly when loaded. They are smooth and quiet. I feel next time I get another set I’ll be going to the 10 ply. The price is great and tires have good grip

  308. Heath sunnarborg

    Good: Good

  309. frank g beckman sr

    Priced right: Haven’t used these tires yet, but the price was good

  310. Carl Hanson

    Good deal.: So far so good. When younger, I used to mount car tires in my home garage. But at 70, not so easy now. Looks like good quality for my lightly used utility trailer.

  311. Paul Constantine

    Great replacement tires: Great radial tires upgrade for my dry rotted bias ply tires with an increased load capacity.

  312. R.A.G.

    Super fast delivery. Meaty looking tread.: These were delivered in two days! Heard good things about these and from the appearance when they arrived I believe it. Very thick rubber in the sidewalls and tread. These are MUCH better built than my old ones so they should last a good long time.

  313. Fran Golding

    on or before due date: built a homemade trailer. Parts were delivered to our doorstep. exactly what I ordered.

  314. Scott Drenske

    Great trailer tires: Very nice product

  315. G. Johnson

    Look like decent tires: Installed on a 8 x10 single axle utility trailer. Replaced original tires on this unit that only gets occasional use out of concern about age. Excellent price for 8 ply tires. Had no issues with mounting or inflation. Switched out and aired up both in half hour.

  316. Rushell

    Great tire for my small camper: First I would like to say that I did not receive old tires, I ordered four and they all had manufactured date in 2021. I’ve used these tires on my small 19’ camper, with two 3000lb axles in the past and they do well. Ordered a d load range for extra security, as I had a blowout years ago with a c range tire (not freestar) that did quite a bit of damage and I don’t want to risk it again. These seem to be a decent tire for my use which is camping, some dirt road usage but mostly highway. I have ordered both tires and brakes/backing plates from the seller previously and they were the only place I could find a decent price on 185/80/r13 d rated tires.

  317. William F.

    Well balanced Tires: Great tires for the money so far. Bought these 205/75/15 load range D tires in March. Put just over 2,000 miles on them and they are holding up fine. They ride smooth and are a load range heavier than needed for the trailer for peace of mind. The date codes were only 6 months old on these when I received them. Biggest note is do not let the tires sit in the dirt or grass. I used a 24”x24” paver to park mine on. I will be getting tire covers soon to help with the Florida sun. Great tires!

  318. Scott C.

    Good trailer tire: Bought for my boat trailer and worked perfect. The date code was current.

  319. Chris Lucy

    Great trailer tires for the money!: Bought these to replace old blown out trailer tires. Great quality tire for the money! Would recommend.

  320. Mike C

    Got the tires fast. Manufactured date for 6 months old.: I got the tires fast. They’re manufactured date indicated they are 6 months old. I haven’t put them on the trailer yet but I will soon. I’m taking a trip I’ll update my review on ware and performance then.

  321. Tyler Schreiber

    Good value. Happy 4 months in: Wear well so far

  322. Joe

    Trailer tires: Trailer tires only last about 3to 4 years. They may look brand new, but they are liable to leave you seating. Mileage and durability remain to be seen. The tires have a recent date code which is good.

  323. Chuck

    Good value.: Tires are doing great on my small 12’ trailer.

  324. CJR

    Good Value. Timely delivery.: Super quick delivery. Very satisfied.

  325. Joseph

    Ok so far: Only put about 15 miles on them so far

  326. Bart Mcglinsey

    It fits. What I needed at a great price: They are good to look at. Time will tell on durability. Bad news was , first trip out I picked up a sheet metal screw. No fault of the tire at less than 1 mile. Oh well. Plugged and patched.

  327. Dan777

    Good little set of tires: A few trips in to the marina already and they still look great, great value if your rims are still in good condition, as far as the durability that will be determined next season.

  328. Grams

    Great price, quick delivery: These travel trailer tires were exactly as described, so much less than ordering from dealership & came in a very timely manner.

  329. Patti

    I ordered on tuesday and they arrived the very next day.: They arrived the very next day and look like much better tires than any of the tire shops around here sell for twice the price. 8 ply when the shops around here wanted to sell me 6 ply for double the price. Highly recommend

  330. QuickH2

    Quality trailer tire at a great price !: Fresh tires ! I received two 205/75R15 8ply on 5/19/22 and very pleased when I confirmed the date codes where recent Feb, 2022.

    They mounted up very nicely and you can see they are high quality. Time will tell how they hold up over time but very confident I bought a great tire at a nice price. I recommend !

  331. Susan Lockwood

    good price: seam to be good so far.

  332. jeffrey wyatt

    Price and quality: Boat trailer.

  333. M Fo

    Very impressive: I was very pleased with these tires.

  334. Terry Kenobbie

    Great tire for the money!: Great trailer tires, and a great price.

  335. Brian C

    sxs trailer tires: purchased these for my SxS trailer that i also use to haul pallets of Kiln dried wood. so far we have hauled about 5 pallets with 2 times being 2 pallets each. each pallet is about 1,200 lbs.

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