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2 Highway Boat Motorcycle Trailer Tires 5.30-12 6PR LR C 11033

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In stock

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  • Great for boat / motorcycle trailers
  • Speed rating M (81mp) for highway use
  • All of our tires are brand new, never mounted, and premium quality
  • This tire is designed for trailers, rims are not included

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 5.30-12
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Ply Rated: 6
  • Tread Depth: 0.21″
  • Rim Width: 4.25″
  • Max Load: 1045lbs@80psi
  • Speed Rating: M

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12" Tire

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51 reviews for 2 Highway Boat Motorcycle Trailer Tires 5.30-12 6PR LR C 11033

  1. Paul K Little

    Overall a good buy: I put these on utility trailer. I mounted these myself. They arrived shrink wrapped and I had to put blocks between the beads and set them in the sun for a couple of days to spread the beads far enough apart to get the beads to seat to the rim. Once seated and inflated they were fine. They have remained at 60 PSI for a few weeks now. I’d buy again. Despite the extra work they’re still a good value.

  2. R. D.

    An excellent product, an excellent deal.: I bought these tires for my new little trailer, which I bought for my move from Idaho to Kentucky: the trailer came with Load Range B tires which are restricted to 62 mph, maximum. Although I never went above 60 along the way, a safety margin would help save headaches and heartaches. Owing to the data that these Load Range C tires are rated up to 81 mph, I bought ’em.

    When they arrived, I had them mounted immediately, put the wheels back on, loaded the van & trailer, drove all the way over…2,000 trouble-free miles! I had enough to worry about on the way, neither the trailer nor the tires (or the van, for that matter!) factored into them. I keep the original, Load Range B tires as spares…and hopefully won’t need ’em.

  3. Marie B

    Nice tires: The tires arrived but there was no packaging around them simply packaging tape holding them together with the label stuck to them. Both tires arrived deformed, the inside bead edges were shifted with one in the center of the tire and the other to the outside of the tire, I believe this is how they were stored at the warehouse. I do not believe this will cause them to fail but definitely causes mounting headaches, for this I removed 1 star.
    Mounting was not an issue, I have mounted several trailer tires by hand, all about the same. Use some soapy water around the rim and tire beads. With the deformed the challenge was getting the beads to stick to the respective edges. I used a ratchet strap around the outside end of the tire and squeezed the tire to make the edges push out. With an air compressor I was able to get enough air in for the beads to expand and catch then removed the ratchet strap and filled to 50 lb’s. If you do it yourself you will need a compressor that can pump volume CFM (not pressure) to get the tires to expand. I would not try this with a 12V compressor or hand pump.
    I will let these set and check pressure to make sure they do not leak, I will update if needed. Aside from the packaging and the way they were stored they appear to be good tires.

  4. hunter l.

    High quality low price: These tires are durable, cost efficient and easy to install would definitely buy again.

  5. Smitty

    Nice Tires: Received my tires and Ordered in June of 2021 and Manufacturing date on tires were 06/21. I was very happy to see they were not old tires like some reviews have mentioned. Had the tires mounted same day they were delivered they went on easy, had to use a rachet strap to set beads put no problems.

    Tires look good. I would buy again. A+

  6. Mark G

    nice set of tires works great on my trailer: nice set of tires works great for my trailer

  7. Olemanmods

    Mounted on rims fine, hard to get beads to set.: Bought these to replace weather cracked tires. Mounted them myself. Typical of tires like this the beads were very close together, I put wooden blocks inside beads for about a month to open them up prior to installing. Still needed to use a ratcheting strap around the tire, and remove the valve core, laid them horizontally to get the bottom to seal while inflating with air, to get the beads to set onto the rim, in other words… it wasn’t easy. I try not to do the, “ignite flammable gas to get them to set” trick.

  8. Linda Billings

    Fast shipping: Trailer

  9. Nick G.

    Best way to mount: The tires fit well, but I gave up on getting them on the rim myself and sent them to a tire guy. He wanted me to post his process. Because the tires are naturally “in” around the bead, he took the rim and placed it inside the tire for a couple days and left them in a warm house. This forced the bead to be in more of the “out” position and seal to the rim easier.

  10. dave

    Very nice tire for the money they have the same specs as carlise.: Good specs. Nice tread , good price.

  11. Wayne anderson

    Trailer tires: Good quality tires at fair price

  12. Bob Lahmeyer

    trailer tires: Tires look good though not installed yet. Rating and price were excellent , shipping was fast . Good sale,

  13. Mike Murphy

    Good value: these tires are load rated C and for the price or better then others. The photo is for anybody having trouble getting the tire to seat on the rim after installation because this is a trick I’ve learned to get the bead set on a tire

  14. Craig

    Good tires: Seem to be good tires. Not worried about my tires blowing out every time I tow my boat anymore

  15. Love the Outdoors T

    Great tires for a low price.: Good quality tire for an economical price. Looking real good on my boat trailer.

  16. DavidMVermont

    Tires seem nice – 6 ply and good tread: Fast, free shipping delivery of exactly what was ordered.
    Tires seem nice – 6 ply and good tread.
    I recommend having tires heated to at least room temperature prior to installing on wheels – tough to reach bead when cold.

  17. M

    Good rubber: Decent tires. Mounted on my little 4×8 trailer and they run smooth. Balanced easily with a bubble balancer and seem to be pretty stout. Will buy again in a few years.

  18. Cattleman Dennis

    Good Price: Selected on the price and free shipping.

  19. kimberly glazer

    Great experience!: Great product, and price. Delivered ahead of schedule!!

  20. Aaron herrera

    New shoes: Received it early and the look good.. bout to take a rd trip.. I’ll update post after 2300 mile drive

  21. CB

    Great Tires.: This is a great tire. I drove from California to Kentucky and back to California. with no problems at all.

  22. Stephen Grasso

    Good buy: As noted in other reviews the tires are hard to mount but once mounted they work well.

  23. Robert Brown

    Good deal.: Good tires for price. Would buy again

  24. Richard Hall

    great products: like the tires, put them on a snowmobile trailer. liked the price.

  25. George Franklin

    They fit: Great tires BUT difficult to mount due to their small size.

  26. Lisa J L

    Worth the money: Tires are good quality for the price.

  27. Dan Winfrey

    good tires: Seem to be good only mounted 2 so far

  28. Let’s Ride

    good buy: These are good tires

  29. Claude B.

    Happy customer: Price and delivery time. Boat trailer

  30. Julio Espinoza Gomez

    Pretty good: Love them…

  31. nick

    Nice: Works great

  32. Alex Huizar

    Got what I paid for: Nothing

  33. robin hill

    Fast shipping: Great

  34. Carattini Heating &Cooling

    Simply awesome: Awesome tires

  35. Erm1894

    Perfect fit: Towed great

  36. Jim Bumbalough Sr

    Five Stars: Great tires Great price

  37. Jeff

    Five Stars: 1000 lbs. each.

  38. Lawrence M. Whitten

    Five Stars: Excellent !!!!!

  39. chuck

    Five Stars: Nice tires

  40. Donald Pittman

    Great Price: Good Price

  41. LeRoy a. Welter

    Great product boat trailer great tires: Boat trailer

  42. kathy

    Works great: Great tires so far great price

  43. Pablo

    great value, performed as expected: great value, performed as expected

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