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10″x2-1/4″ Hydraulic Free Backing Marine Trailer Brake Assembly Pair Set 21016

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  • New OE 10″ x 2-1/4″ Hydraulic free backing marine trailer brake assemblies (1 left + 1 right) for one axle
  • Works with most 3,500 lbs trailer axles in the market
  • Advanced DACROMET coating for maximum corrosion resistance Dacromet coating (zinc aluminum coating) is new generation of anti-corrosive technology comparing to traditional galvanization.
  • Stainless steel springs hardware
  • Aluminum cylinder
  • Riveted brake shoes and pad
  • Free backing, no lock up when backing
  • Can be used on marine or non marine application

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11 reviews for 10″x2-1/4″ Hydraulic Free Backing Marine Trailer Brake Assembly Pair Set 21016

  1. Suad Covic

    Fest delivery: Easy Instalation

  2. Randy p.

    Good quality !: I liked that it was cheaper for me to purchase this assembly rather the just purchasing brake shoes .

  3. Bob B

    Trailer Backing plate loaded: Easy to install has all the coated parts

  4. Greasyfingers

    Great replacement for my 1993 trailmaster boat trailer: These seem to be better quality than the OEM brakes that were replaced as everything appears to be stainless steel. The OEM had several non-stainless components that were severely corroded. I was just going to replace the shoes, but I’m glad I got the whole assembly. Hint: If you’re like me and haven’t done any work on drum brakes in years, (like 25 years) take a few minutes to reacquaint yourself with the process. At first I though they didn’t fit because I had installed the brake line before putting the drum back on. I pushed in the brake cylinder, thinking it was fully compressed, like I would with a disk caliper but gravity was causing the brake fluid to fill cylinder just enough that by the time I picked up the drum it wouldn’t go back on. Ha! took me a WHILE to figure out what was going on. Install the drum first – then the brake line. Hopefully that saves someone else a few headaches.

  5. Brittany Shelton

    Great: Are a great PRODUCT

  6. michael d.

    They do what there designed to do: Work grease and installed perfect. Noticed when taking a turn I can hear the drum rubbing the backing plate. Rechecked the wheel bearings and no play. Drum did not hit the old backing plates, using same drums being I machined them for the new shoes .

  7. Cardinal

    Perfect Replacement: Installed easily. No issues bleeding the brakes and came in handy when someone pulled in front of me at a traffic light.

  8. Josh Alger

    Just as ordered.: Arrived very quickly. Small problem with one piece was quickly resolved.

  9. Cuffy

    True value: New to boating and having purchased a second-hand vessel with trailer, I discovered the trailer to be in critical condition! Overhaul at a dealership for trailers, or a marina, would cost $$$. I discovered all the parts I required online at Libra and undertook the work myself with outstanding results! This kit with complete backing plates and brake systems made the job a snap and for far, far less than a shop would have charged me. The pieces appear to be excellent quality and should last me several seasons before they too succumb to death by salt water. My trailer is safe to tow anyplace now.

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