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Set 4 WANDA ATV UTV Tires 27×9-12 6PR Big Horn Style 10170

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In stock

In stock


  • Full set (2 front+2 rear) for complete replacement, fit for a variety of 2 or 4 wheel drive ATV applications ;
  • Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock, Superior traction in woods, Great in the desert;
  • Additional shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall;
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions;
  • 36% deeper tread than major competitor with similar tread patterns, result as heavier, longer lifetime, and more aggressive;

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 27×9-12
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Pattern: P350
  • Ply Rated: 6
  • Tread Depth: 0.79″
  • Rim Width: 7″
  • Max Load: 440lbs@7psi
  • Load Speed Index: 52J

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30 reviews for Set 4 WANDA ATV UTV Tires 27×9-12 6PR Big Horn Style 10170

  1. Johnny Watkins

    Fast shipping: Looks good

  2. Kindle Customer

    Exactly what it said they were!: Exactly what we ordered. We ordered on day around 1:30 pm it said it would take about a week, which sounded reasonable. It arrived the next morning around 10:30 am, thats crazy. Super Happy

  3. The SandSailor

    Good value: Very deep tread, came in Great shape. Local Honda dealer ribbed me pretty good for bringing in “Wanda” tires to a “Honda” shop, we all got a good laugh out of that.

  4. Shopsalot


  5. Henry L. Burgess

    it costs $25 per tire to get them mounted: can’t evaluate

  6. becker

    Well pleased: Good deal

  7. Aaron

    Soft composite – notice fast tread wear: First set I bought. great budget but too soft for my riding. I’m guessing I’ll replace after 500mi.

  8. Scott Stipetic

    Very dependable: I have lots of hills to climb well I’m working on the farm and they are steep and muddy I depend on traction and that’s what I get from these tires they are the best I ever had and I will re buy them again thank you for the dependable traction you give me my life depends on them thank you very much. customer scott

  9. Jonathon L Allen

    awesome tires: for the price you will not find a better big horn tire. i would recommend 100%

  10. Brent Wickliffe

    great price and aggressive tread: was as easy as it could be to mount, but was exact size and so far is a great set of tires with great traction with the aggressive tread.

  11. Sam

    Great tires: Put these 26×12 and 26/10 tires on my Polaris Ranger 570 full size and they are a HUGE upgrade to the stock tires(which did last 4000mi). I can go through nasty mud in 2wd drive unlocked diff with them no issues. They fit great and with over 50mi on them road and dirt mix, they wear well. They are a bit loud compared to the Carlisles but not enough to matter. Highly recommend

  12. Familyconsumer

    Great traction: Replaced the tires on my kawasaki mule 3010 and I can keep plowing my snow.

  13. Rich

    Good tires for the price: Good tires at a good price

  14. Stella stiltner

    they hold air: id imagine they are much better than what i had before, but id assume its a cheaper product than name brand. gets the job done for me though. i got what i expected.

  15. Rhoda

    Tires with grips: No more getting bogged on the beach. Great gripping treads.

  16. Gina W.

    Seems to be good quality: Was needing new tires for utility ride. Haven’t had long enough to see how they hold up.

  17. greg

    Nice got grip ?: Ranch quad gets rough use

  18. Diona

    Great item for the price!: These tires were exactly what we expected. Fit perfectly!

  19. Dylan

    2022 sportsman 570: Fits on a 2022 sportsman 570 utility HD

  20. Tim

    Great: Great with good durability

  21. Steve Persing

    New Grips for the toy!: I installed a set of these on my 1999 Polaris Sportsman 4X4 last week.They were delivered in two boxes from Libra, which was nice. With soap & patience the old came off & the new went on without too much of a problem. (My first exchange of 4 tires:…2 hours)! The tread & bite of these tires are amazing. The tread pattern is nearly identical to the Maxxis Bighorn tires, which many say is the best for utility ATV’s in sand, dirt, mud & rock. The Goodyear tires I was running (stock) did everything well except rock, and this tread pattern solved that problem. After seating the beads (took about 20 lbs) I set the tire pressure at 7 psi (per manufactures recommendation). I got a nice wide footprint with hardly a bulge. I placed a level on top of the tires and measured to the flat concrete floor, and found the height of the rear tires at 24-1/2″ and the front measured 24″ even. I am happy with these tires….just need to see how long they will last! I think these are a good tire at a good price.

  22. Mike

    Very deep treads: Had the tires mounted and installed. Threads are very deep. There was no wobbling or out of round issues when driven on a hard surface. Steering is easier than my old worn out tires. Tires tend to flat spot when cold but when driven and the tires warm up the flat spot evens out and goes away.

  23. Craig’s Garage

    Smooth ride on blacktop, soft sidewall so know your trails…: Easy enough to mount and seat. Sidewalls are soft and flexible, had hoped for something firmer since ‘rated’ for 6 ply. The ride is smooth on blacktop, big difference going 40mph now, feels like a golf cart, kept a good straight path that did not pull me while steering. They are smaller than the Dunlops I pulled off her of the same size. Rear tire was narrower than the previous 10s that were on her,and they are about 1/2 inch shorter than fronts, perhaps that is why fronts weigh more than rears? Bought so had traction on hillside in winter as former tires were getting pretty worn and caused me to slide off trail to house, these should have a great bite in winter. Even though cheaper than most tires on market, still sticker shock over cost of an ATV tire, automotive tires are a bargain after buying tires for other vehicles…

  24. Nimrod

    Seems like one of the best values out there: I had local shop mount them but they are working great. Can’t speak to longevity but my Father-in-law has same tires on an ATV and has had them for some time with no wear.

  25. Adam

    EXCELLENT Performance, looks, and pricing!: I ordered these and they showed up within the 2 days as I requested, so the shipping was right on schedule as I needed them in time for a trip I was about to take my ATV on. They were in good condition when they arrived and were ready to be installed. I chose to install them myself and they were very easy to install. Once they were on they looked great. When it came time for using my ATV on the trip, these tires had outstanding performance and traction for the various types of terrain I was on. These are an excellent tire for the price and I will be more than happy to purchase another set when I need some more my other ATV. I would highly recommend these tires for any aggressive off roader who uses their ATV on rugged/muddy/sandy terrain.

  26. Jim McClendon

    Good so far!!: shipping was fast but split up into two separate deliveries a day apart but with same tracking number. got a little nervous that two tires were missing but it worked out. Love the quietness of the ride and will check back on durability later. Great tire for the price.

  27. JAB

    Perfect 10” tire: I was surprised to see a tire like this for a 10” wheel. This is the perfect tire for your Chinese ATV. The tires are very impressive and better than the stock tires on most of the Japanese ATV’s out there. Highly recommend them especially if your UTV/ATV is 4WD.

  28. Q

    great product: great product

  29. Eric Nickell

    Great tire. Great price.: I just put these on my 97 big bear and they work great for my terrain. I went riding on a day it was 26 degrees and there was some lingering snow from a few days prior. these tires took me everywhere I tried to go including some steep icy hill climbs. I was able to easily mount the fronts (25×8-12) with a manual tire changer but the rears (25×10-12) were a little difficult and required me to take them to a tire shop. Overall I’ve been very happy with these tires and I will update this review when I have input on the longevity of the tire.

  30. CSB

    … Wandas have more knob/tread on the edges and so better for the terrain I ride on: Hard decision between the Wandas and SunFs – decided that the Wandas have more knob/tread on the edges and so better for the terrain I ride on. This means less open space between the tread as well. Also figured the cool looking edge dimples on the Sunfs will wear off quickly and the little indents in the ‘A’s in the tread will just fill with mud and disappear fast as they are really shallow. Also note – the Wandas are supposed to be non-directional, but if you look close you will see they have directional tread – the bars have partial knobs on one side and are all flat on the other, so the direction you install them may matter after all.

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