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Set 4 WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 23×8-11 & 24×9-11 /4PR P350 10254-10256

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In stock

In stock


  • Heavy 4 ply rated nylon construction resists punctures and abrasions;
  • Fitments for a variety of 2 or 4 wheel drive ATV applications;
  • Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock! Superior traction in woods! Great in the desert!
  • Additional shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall;
  • 36% deeper tread than major competitor with similar tread patterns, result as heavier, longer lifetime, and more aggressive;
  • Tread depth:0.79″ vs other similar pattern tires:0.5″;

Tire Specifications

  • Tire Size: 23×8-11
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Pattern: P350
  • Ply Rated: 4
  • Tread Depth: 0.79″
  • Rim Width: 6.5″
  • Max Load: 255lbs@5psi
  • Load Speed Index: 33F
  • Tire Size: 24×9-11
  • Brand: WANDA
  • Pattern: P350
  • Ply Rated: 4
  • Tread Depth: 0.79″
  • Rim Width: 7″
  • Max Load: 340lbs@5psi
  • Load Speed Index: 40J

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58 reviews for Set 4 WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 23×8-11 & 24×9-11 /4PR P350 10254-10256

  1. J. Miller

    Works well for my needs: Put these on a 2008 Honda Rancher. I use it for pheasant releasing on the 100 acres we lease as a game Preserve. Very wet this year, these go through standing water and mud just fine. Also used on another parcel we lease for deer hunting, same reliability. Did not rate for durability, hard to tell after just one season. I’m happy with this purchase so far.

  2. Amanda Moore

    Let’s ride…..: Great purchase….. great value! Quick shipping

  3. Joe

    25-10-12R & 25-8-12R are well made radials.: They come in two different orders. I received the rear tires on Thursday but the fronts didn’t show up until the following Wednesday. This was a FedEx problem, not the seller or Amazon. They are heavy and the sidewalls are thick. Other reviewers commented about thin sidewalls that sustain damage. It would be difficult to puncture these. Had the local tire store install them yesterday and took them for a test drive. Off pavement they grip well but it’s too dry to tell how they do in mud. They work well in sand. On pavement they ride smoother than the OEM Blackstones that came on my Honda 700-4. No shake or unusual noise at 40 mph. Steering is very light now. Time will tell how well they hold up. Regarding bias ply vs. radial, I ordered and received radials as indicated by the “12R” in the size numbers. So far I’m pleased with them.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Solid, grippy, aggressive but WARNING. ..: Good tire but one warning… Scroll through photos. Shipping was a quick 3 day turnaround. However they did arrive from different shippers. Fronts from fed ex and rears from UPS, weird. Tires fit perfect on King Quad 750 with stock wheels. One thing that should absolutely be noted and I KNEW this going in but it still got me. Tires are super grippy, I went up on width 1″ all around and this is 95% my fault but it happened quick. The tires want to grab on everything, I was riding over a small embankment/crevasse And the tires yanked it hard right and flipped it right in it’s side. So just me mindful a wider and grippy tire can get you tossed and a atv laying on top of you quick and fast.

  5. Bruce Head

    Fast delivery. They are true 27″ .just what i order.: Very fast delivery . Good price. Just got them so do not know about durabilty . I ordered 27x10x12 . Was concerned because different reveiws on other tires said they were 2″ short . But these wandas are true to size . I was replacing bighorn 25x10x12 all 4 tires are the same size. I believe it set it up allittle with still enough room .no rubbing

  6. Rocco

    Best tire brand!: This is the third time I have bought from Wanda the first was 5 years ago I bought a set of Wanda bighorn clones for a forman 450 they have had 700 miles put on of rough riding and only the rear are a little worn out probably another 500 miles before they need to be replaced then about 6 moths ago I bought a pair of balloon tires from Wanda for a riding lawn mower that I converted into a mud mower still look new beside the mud and now I’ve bought a set of Wanda bighorn clones for a 08 brute force 650 they have arrived several days early and I’m excited to put them on and go ride!

  7. GRA

    Ride & traction are great!: They look and ride really good and have great traction. Good tires for the money.

  8. chad

    Appear to be a god tire for the money.: The tires arrived very quick and look like exactly what I was wanting. Have the two front on and so far I am impressed. I will be able to tell after I get some miles on them but look to be perfect.

  9. ken tyson

    Good affordable tire !: A lot of grip for a little money!!

  10. Greg

    One issue !!: I’ve had these tires for almost 2 months and for one reason or another have not been able to ride. After having them put on the rims I noticed a significant bulge the entire diameter of one of the rear tires. I verified the tire pressure and checked for any other obvious things but there was nothing. I contacted the seller and it has been a back and forth on what to do. I sent pictures and measurements and told them I did not feel comfortable with this tire and would like to return it. I was told since the tire was already installed they could not accept it back. I was also told twice they have never seen anything like this and the “manager” was going to measure and look into the situation. I said I’m in a rock and hard place here because how was I to know the tire was potentially defective if I didn’t install it. Anyhow, not overall happy with customer service but am will to wait for a resolution.

  11. Johnny Watkins

    Fast shipping: Looks good

  12. Kindle Customer

    Exactly what it said they were!: Exactly what we ordered. We ordered on day around 1:30 pm it said it would take about a week, which sounded reasonable. It arrived the next morning around 10:30 am, thats crazy. Super Happy

  13. The SandSailor

    Good value: Very deep tread, came in Great shape. Local Honda dealer ribbed me pretty good for bringing in “Wanda” tires to a “Honda” shop, we all got a good laugh out of that.

  14. Shopsalot


  15. Henry L. Burgess

    it costs $25 per tire to get them mounted: can’t evaluate

  16. Amazon Customer

    Well pleased: Good deal

  17. Aaron

    Soft composite – notice fast tread wear: First set I bought. great budget but too soft for my riding. I’m guessing I’ll replace after 500mi.

  18. Scott Stipetic

    Very dependable: I have lots of hills to climb well I’m working on the farm and they are steep and muddy I depend on traction and that’s what I get from these tires they are the best I ever had and I will re buy them again thank you for the dependable traction you give me my life depends on them thank you very much. customer scott

  19. Jonathon L Allen

    awesome tires: for the price you will not find a better big horn tire. i would recommend 100%

  20. Brent Wickliffe

    great price and aggressive tread: was as easy as it could be to mount, but was exact size and so far is a great set of tires with great traction with the aggressive tread.

  21. Sam

    Great tires: Put these 26×12 and 26/10 tires on my Polaris Ranger 570 full size and they are a HUGE upgrade to the stock tires(which did last 4000mi). I can go through nasty mud in 2wd drive unlocked diff with them no issues. They fit great and with over 50mi on them road and dirt mix, they wear well. They are a bit loud compared to the Carlisles but not enough to matter. Highly recommend

  22. Familyconsumer

    Great traction: Replaced the tires on my kawasaki mule 3010 and I can keep plowing my snow.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Good tires for the price: Good tires at a good price

  24. Amazon Customer

    they hold air: id imagine they are much better than what i had before, but id assume its a cheaper product than name brand. gets the job done for me though. i got what i expected.

  25. Rhoda

    Tires with grips: No more getting bogged on the beach. Great gripping treads.

  26. Gina W.

    Seems to be good quality: Was needing new tires for utility ride. Haven’t had long enough to see how they hold up.

  27. greg

    Nice got grip ?: Ranch quad gets rough use

  28. Diona

    Great item for the price!: These tires were exactly what we expected. Fit perfectly!

  29. Dylan

    2022 sportsman 570: Fits on a 2022 sportsman 570 utility HD

  30. Amazon Customer

    Great: Great with good durability

  31. Gary Hixson Jr

    Tires shipped and Delivered on time: Great traction, and tires installed on KYMCO 700i UTV

  32. MykeF

    Great tires for the price: These tires where exactly as advertised. Although they have an aggressive tread they ride pretty smooth.

  33. Lucky

    They provide excellent traction and very little wear: Tires fit perfectly, have used them for several months. They provide excellent traction and very little wear. * I now have over 1,000 miles on these tires. We just returned from a 400 plus mile of off road travel in our Polaris Ranger in Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan. We traveled some very rocky trails, some hills and a lot of sand and water up to the bottom of the doors on our Ranger. These tires performed fantastically. I took two spare tires along just in case but, they never even got a look the entire trip. Can not see any wear yet, very hard compound.

  34. April Knox

    Good tires for the money!: Good tire for the money. Had them on my polaris ranger 800 for 5 years . The tread is still good on them but they dry rotted on the side wall all around the tire, all 4 of them did the same thing. The side walls are thin and I had some plugs in them. But for the money I just bought another set of them. Hope these last another 5 years.

  35. Denton Orr

    Just buy them. You wont regret it: Absolutely love them! Now you will get 2 tires one day then the other 2 the next day idk why but that’s how it happened. Other then that no issues the pics they have of the set do no justice to have deep the tread really is so I added some photos of them on my wheeler and before I had them mounted so you can get an idea

  36. Vote for Pedro

    Order with confidence: Great speedy service. Tires exactly as described and look like good quality. The price was fair and better than local dealers. I like to shop locally but don’t appreciate being gouged.

  37. Chris R

    Exactly as described and shipped quickly: Exactly as described and shipped quickly. These are ATV tires, so what can I say. If you like the tread pattern, then these are the ones to get. I needed something for field and trail riding and these do the trick. I can’t mud bog with them, but I didn’t get them for that. The shipper boxed these and that makes delivery easier. I’ve seen some tires get shipped where they are banded together and the tire is deformed. A day in the sun will straighten that out, but I prefer the box. The quality of the tire seems good. I just hope that they will survive (not puncture) from cheap manufacturing.

  38. Rachel F.

    Tire performance: The tread pattern is great for grip and it self cleans really well. The side walls are a little stiffer then normal but a great ride for the money.

  39. randy schirado

    Excellent product.: Excellent product.

  40. Heather Schlichte

    Good on snow: I was concerned prior to buying these tires because there were one or two reviews that said they were not good on snow. I had the chance to use these tires to plow snow for the first time today. The traction was much better than my previous tires. I have a long and steep paved driveway and the tires performed well. That said, any tire will be challenged if the conditions are exceptionally poor. Overall, I am very pleased.

  41. Shannon Chance

    Best Tires and great price: Great price tires. I was very skeptical on buying non name brand tires. I was afraid you get what you pay for. That is not the case and these tires. They are very solid strong tires. I could not believe the great quality. I showed them to a buddy of mine who worked at a tire store and he said these were better then the name brands that they sell. He was amazed by the price. I mounted them myself with no problems only took me about and hour to do all four with no special tools. My ATV rides like a brand new machine again. I recommend to all ATV owners to get rid of their cheap OEM tires and get these. I can’t wait for my hunting trip in a couple weeks and the snow this winter. I know there will be no problems.

  42. Amazonjunkie

    Fast shipping!: Great tires, fair price. Extremely fast shipping. A+++!

  43. John Puleo

    Great quality tire eight ply should last for a long time: Because they were eight ply heavy duty had to pay someone to mount for me

  44. D. Bradley

    100% satisfied: I bought these for tires for my 1986TRX 350. Was not sure about wandered tires, but was pleasantly surprised. Mounted than myself. The tires were NOT all smashed together which typically makes mounting far more difficult. Would definitely buy want to tires again.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Beast mode. 2nd pair: This is my second set of this tire. I also have them on my Honda Forman 450. I bought them for the Polaris 850 and it gave me a much needed boost in snow traction as well as over all height. In the snow they work like paddles . I do have a plow on the Polaris and putting these tires on have allowed me to push much heavier loads of snow without slipping. I’ll continue to purchase these and the only reason I won’t give 5 stars is that the shipping took two weeks.

  46. Jack Lewis

    Good tires for price: Good product fast delivery

  47. Justin Ellis

    Same quality as the brand name tires you can buy else ware but without the high price tag.: Excellent Quality! I highly recommend these tires because these ARE the same quality as the brand name tires you can buy else ware but without the high price tag. Especially since these are 6 ply tires compared to my stock 2 ply tires. Make sure to note that this set of 4 tires come in different widths. The 25×8-12 tires go on the FRONT of your UTV/ATV and the 25×10-12 tires go on the REAR of your UTV/ATV. I don’t normally write reviews but these were worth the time to let others know about due their high quality. It’s hard now-a days to find good quality tires that coincide with a fair price and I put these in that category.

  48. Jamie

    Glad we purchased: Have only used one season, but so far seem very durable. They look great. Improved traction over old set but they throw mud ALL OVER, including occupants and equipment. Not a dealbreaker but who wants to be covered in mud every day.

  49. chaps

    Great tires: My ranger so happy to have new rubber… And so am I. 😁

  50. Brian Neidhardt

    Heavy duty and good grip: So far they seem to be a great tire. I had them installed on the rims at a tire service.

  51. Amazon Customer

    Will buy again: I like these tires have them on my side by side and 4 wheeler and have no issues with them at all

  52. Rodo

    Nice & heavy duty: Put them on my side X side. Got the 8 ply, hopefully they will be more , puncture resistant in this Arizona desert. So far I like them really well, we’ll see how they wear.

  53. Amazon Customer

    Nice tires:

  54. Roman O.

    Great buy!:

  55. Jessica

    Amazing quality for the price.: These tires were a tiny bit thinner than the stock tires but seem to be performing perfectly. Got them out on at the local tire store and had no issues. They look great.

  56. Christina T.

    Very happy so far: I have had these tires for around 300 miles. I didn’t want to go with a road tire because I do about 75% on and 25% off road. Very happy so far. Barely any ware. They will maybe last me 2 years VS Current tires that got me by exactly 1 year. I don’t expect UTV Tires to wear well on pavement although these seem to be doing well. Smoother ride and yet good traction. Great Price shipped as promised didn’t have to deal with customer service and that is always good. I will post again in the spring. Honda Pioneer 700-4

  57. Cobra si

    Got grip: Got to replace stock tires . Used all winter to plow snow . Good grip and even when it got deep still dug right in . Seems to do good in light mud .( I hate cleaning so no mud bog stuff for me )

  58. Jerry L.

    Good tires good price great delivery time!: Replacement tires for my Gator

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