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Libra King Pin Adjustable Tripod 5th Wheel Stabilizer Jack for RV Camper Trailer 26039

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In stock


  • Designed as stabilizers for 5th wheel trailers, RVs, campers with a king pin height of 38-1/2″ to 50″
  • Reduce side-to-side and front-to-back movement of your coach
  • Their maximum vertical load rating is 5000 pounds.
  • Power coated finish, all steel construction
  • Adjustable threaded hitch cup for quick and effortless stabilizing adjustment
  • These stabilizers work in conjunction with your coach’s supporting jacks and are not intended to support the full weight of your coach.

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29 reviews for Libra King Pin Adjustable Tripod 5th Wheel Stabilizer Jack for RV Camper Trailer 26039

  1. michael r. cegiel

    Great 5th wheel stableizer.: No tools needed to asymble Eas.y to adjust to fit your 5th wheel. Great price.

  2. Scott P.

    An Excellent Well Made Product That’s Quite Simple to Assemble and Use: I ordered this through Libra Trailer Parts and it was quickly shipped, but due to UPS losing it and after checking the tracking thru UPS I contacted Libra to let them know UPS had basically lost the item in Memphis Tn. Libra replied within 2 days and quickly shipped out another one which was delivered soon and in good condition. So Kudo’s to Libra for taking care of UPS’s loss of the item, Also this is an EXCELLENT WELL MADE PRODUCT that I’m already using. AAA+++ All The Way!!!!!

  3. Roy Fine

    Works as expected, works as advertised: Very sturdy given the weight. our unit has approximately 1,400 lbs pin weight. With that, I do not feel it would hold the fifth wheel if that was all that was supporting the front (e.g. I suspect it would struggle to hold the 1,400 pounds of pin weight on the 13,000 lb 5th wheel by itself with landing jacks retracted).

    I use the product as a stabilizer and support to take some of the weight from the landing jacks when the unit is parked at campground and in storage.

    With the non-committed stabilizer chain, the pin jack is infinitely adjustable. Set up is easy: put jack in place under the 5th wheel pin, adjust legs to take up the slack, then wrap the chain through the openings in each of the legs and secure to self.

    I would prefer fixed leg braces instead of the wrapped chain concept, but with that, the adjustability would be severely limited. I accept it as is, and am very pleased with functionality, cost, and stability.

  4. copter827

    Fantastic stabilizer.: This tripod really helps stabilize the front of my 5th wheel trailer. Before it could be made to rock side to side because of the play in the front jacks, but with the tripod in place it’s rock solid. Only drawback is it’s kind of awkward getting the legs in position and the chain and everything all set up and watch those fingers. Lots of opportunity for pinching. It’s a little heavy too but I guess it has to be to be strong enough to do the job, and that it does.

  5. tony j pietras

    As promised: Works well

  6. Nestor Rentas

    Very nice product: My fifth wheel’s master is in the nose like most and my wife told me that she really like how little movement there is. Don’t be fooled to think that all the movement will be gone once you get it set up but it does take out about 95%. I had read a few reviews that sad it was difficult to set up well…. it’s not you just have to have a little bit of common sense.

  7. stan

    Just what needed: Work good

  8. Richard Randall

    It works great and cheaper the the RV stores: I bought this for my 5th Wheel rv

  9. Louis Frankulin

    Good quality: Well made and sturdy tripod 5th wheel stabilizer. Easy to set up.

  10. Marlene

    Great: Works great

  11. Jimmy W.

    Great stabilizer.: Great stabilization. Well built.

  12. Fred Starner

    works: as advertised

  13. Mikal Moga

    Functional: Worked as it should to support a 5th wheel trailer.

  14. Brian Pinkerton

    Outstanding: Fantastic product! Stopped the shake and roll with easy installation and super heavy duty.


    Sturdy: To hold my Kingtail Gater

  16. Carlos A. Duran

    I like it !!!: 👍

  17. TK Rocks

    Camper use: worked great for our 5th wheel. added a lot of stability and arrived quickly

  18. Agnes Mcmillan

    Awsome: Heavy duty perfect for stabilizing any fifth wheel so happy we got it

  19. Molly ga

    Good product: Good product

  20. Krissy D

    Very good product: Very easy to set up and really helped the stability of our 5th wheel camper

  21. cbfordz

    It’s OK. Does The Job: Nothing special. Middle of the road price and quality. It is sturdy but I’d like to see a way to lock it included. And it’s a rudimentary design, very basic but once in place, very sturdy and the chain has a very high rating.. Setup is clumsy at first…I’m guessing the more expensive units more sophisticated securing systems.

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