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2 Steel Trailer Light Boxes w/6″ LED Oval Tail Lights & 2″ LED Amber Round Side Lights w/wire connectors 24052

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In stock



  • High visibility SMD type LED, brighter & longer life than regular LED
  • DOT/SAE/STI approved
  • 12V
  • 2 pc sealed 6″ oval red high visibility 10 LED stop/turn/tail lights with grommets and plugs
  • 2 pc 2″ amber round LED side mark clearance lights w/grommet and plug
  • High visibility SMD type LED, brighter & longer life than regular LED
  • 2 Pc heavy duty 14 gauge steel light boxes,
  • Steel light boxes dimension: 8-3/4″L X 4″H X 3-3/4″D
  • DOT/SAE/STI approved
  • 6 pc close end crimp wire connectors included

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29 reviews for 2 Steel Trailer Light Boxes w/6″ LED Oval Tail Lights & 2″ LED Amber Round Side Lights w/wire connectors 24052

  1. Tony Trevino

    Great quality: Right out of the box I knew these were well made with thick gauge steel. All the welds looked good and uniform. Lights are easy to install and are very bright. I bought them to replace my old, crappy square lights. I plan on buying another set for my other trailer

  2. Edward Lotak

    Very tough, almost indestructible…hold my beer.: I used my trailer for many different things but mostly hauling firewood from back in the woods. I was tired of replacing those plastic lights every time a rock or log shattered them, and occasional if I backed into a tree or branch. These are tough and if one of the lights get damaged (which I doubt will happen) you pop it out of the grommet, connect 3 wires and pop in the new one. It does come in bare steel so you will have to scuff and paint them so be aware of that. The through hole for the wires dont come with a grommet so you’ll need grommets or, if you’re using conduit you’ll need a threaded/female union to avoid chafing the harness. Lights are much brighter that incandescent. One thing to mention is the oval lights are directional. Not a big deal but if your ocd it will drive you crazy if you install one opposite of the other. You’ll see what I mean when you power it up. It’s like a smiley face pattern for the ruining lights so, one will be smiley and the other will frown. Good quality. If I have and problems I’ll update.

  3. M. Lopez

    solid light protectors: The cons first because they are few. There are no instructions, so a little electrical knowledge or youtube search savvy helpful. I also didn’t realize the outer edge grommets were removable. I tried in vain for quite a while to fit them in the slot with the lens in the grommet, obviously to no success. I read in comments and questions that they are two pieces, and fixed my issue. Again, no background in this so didn’t assume anything. I also followed others recommendations to file down edges before spray painting and installing. I drilled holes since I don’t weld and attached to existing flanges for lights. They match the frame nicely and look very solid. The lights are bright once I got the ground securely attached. Don’t push lens’ in the grommets until you test the lights to make sure all is good. It’s not so fun to pry them out. Once all lights are functioning as desired, push them in place. Took the trailer out to my field in the dark and they are very visible. I also added markers and the led bar in the rear center of the trailer. It was a well spent purchase and upgrade to my dimming old lights.

  4. Ian

    Lights: It’s a good set of lights

  5. J.wal-

    Cheap and strong: Can’t go wrong adding these box lights… weld them on and go! Used these on a customers trailer. Not going to say they are indestructible, but they have a lip sticking out to protect the light.. the light is in a rubber seal that has some give… just a great upgrade!

  6. BMW

    BEWARE buyer- these are not “ plug and play” you will have several hrs of prep and install time.: I have a 20 ft car trailer that has the light boxes like these installed as the Lowest point on the rear of the trailer, so they would drag over uneven road surface and have done so for years. I finally bashed one side so bad I couldn’t reinstall the light or grommet any longer. I bought these as replacement units and plan to mount them on the outside of the frame instead of underneath. When the boxes arrived, I opened them and the lights and boxes shipped, but no mounting screws were included. The boxes are unpainted raw metal with sharp edges and they have cutting oil all over them. There are only 4-6 tack welds holding the boxes together, so I plan to weld more to increase longevity and make them more durable. They will need to be prepped well with degreaser and metal etching before painting. I may have them powered coated instead. I will weld them to the trailer rather than trying to bolt them. Based on the pics and descriptions on the website, I expected mounting hardware to be included and powder-coated boxes. If you don’t have a welder and time/ materials to properly prep and finish coat these light boxes, buy something else.

  7. Christopher W Horn

    Great replacement to damaged ones: I was trying to straighten out an original in my trailer and then it dawned on me that they are most likely off the shelf. I was able to order these as they matched the originals. Much quicker and nicer to cut off the old one, weld this one on and rewire vs. the old smashed one. I had to drill a couple of extra holes for a ground screw and to mount the license plate light on this. “easy to install’ is only 3 stars as you need a welder. Not hard to weld one but not everyone has a welder. LED’s that come with this are very bright compared to the old bulb type lights.

  8. Matt A

    Very nice: I love these. Little overlap to protect the lights. They’re made of pretty thin steel, so I was glad to tuck it into the original light bracket on my trailer. Otherwise I probably would have added a section of angle steel to reinforce it. Installation will be heavily dependant on trailer design and your skills. These are not watertight. I opted to leave them that way so they can drain, then I painted them inside and out with POR15 to rust proof and used dielectric grease on the connections. But I considered using some seam sealer to seal it all up.

  9. CP

    Quality product: Very well built and easy to install

  10. Larry Vandiver

    Welded on.: Welded on and working great years later>

  11. bigballer23

    Sweet: Great for a weld on application. Very happy with finally product.

  12. C. Huss

    Really nice light package: Heavy gauge steel. Strong enough to step on. Bright lights. Can’t beat the price. These enclosures with four lights only $10 more than one tail light from auto parts store. I always try to buy local first but this purchase was a no brainer.

  13. Kevin

    Amber lights don’t fit! Everything else was good.: Cons: Amber lights were too small for the circular opening side tail lights. Had to use black silicone to hold them in. Got excited and already welded the metal boxes onto the trailer before test fitting :). I tested the oval red and fit was good. Tested all lights were lighting up and started welding. Pros: all lights worked. Metal box felt strong and sturdy to roadway abuse. Wiring was easy to understand. Lights seemed to be made with good quality and materials.

  14. Mark Tillison

    I like them: The boxes arrived disassembled, the lights were protected in plastic bubble wrap, which I appreciate the extra care for shipping. I mounted mine on the neck of a gooseneck trailer that mainly hauls a tractor and hay equipment that usually blocks the factory tail lights. The boxes are made of stamped 14 gauge, which is stout enough to serve the purpose, without overkill. There are some sharp edges in the punched out light mounting holes, but nothing excessive, nothing 10 minutes of file work won’t cure. The ends are tack welded, IMO, well enough to work properly in a protected position. I opted to weld them up solid since they were going to be in an open area. I also added a 3/4” marker light to the back of the boxes, which is actually facing forward on the trailer. The boxes were coated in a cosmoline like anti rust film. It took me the better part of an hour to get them ready to paint, but they took rattle can primer and equipment enamel very well. The lights fit very well in the stamped holes. The rubber grommets were a little stiff, but a heat gun got them nice and limber. As far as some of the other reviews stating the lights were orange color or dim, mine ain’t. The ones I received are DOT approved and bright enough to leave you seeing spots. I feel like I got a hell of a deal. It would cost me close to double in the 903 if I had to start over from scratch building my own boxes and buying the lights. If you’re straddle of the fence on deciding wether or not to get yourself a pair, go ahead and get them. They’re well worth the money.

  15. Randy

    happy with the purchase: I like that they are encased in 14 gauge steel. They work good on my dump trailer

  16. D-wood

    Great light box for the money: The media could not be loaded. These are great priced and great quality trailer light boxes. The hole for the brake light could be a little bigger for the grommet to fit in. Had some issue with getting the brake light in without it pushing the whole grommet in. But played with it a little and fits good. The lights look good and was a straight forward install. I welded mine but they can easily have some holes drilled and simply bolted on.

  17. Love2Shop

    Beefy Strong Bright = YES!!!!: Product arrived on schedule, as advertised. Impressive! I don’t have the skills or tools to fabricate. I had my local professional shop weld them onto my utility trailer frame replacing the generic “bowl lights” originally outfitted. However, i did perform the intricacies of installing the lights and wiring – which really wasn’t bad, just not a wiring provided (length wise). Merged necessary connections with turn signal and brake light to get me out of the box into the main frame of trailer. B/c once boxes mounted to the frame, you have a small/tight internal space to figure out connections. Lights & silicone grommets weren’t as tough to insert as other users posted – maybe I lucked out on the cuts meeting dimensions. Achieved project results envisioned. 1000% improvement in all aspects.; Boxes are solid, rugged, and truly sturdy enough to stand on. More idiot proof, less potential/lower concern of me backing into something and smashing the bowl off. Honestly, surprised a hadn’t already done that, but considerably less concern now with the boxes. And lastly, the lights are 10 times brighter and more noticeable on the road promoting safety to drivers in my rear and backing into spaces. The added dimension of the side turn signal marker (circle) adds a nice aesthetic touch. Good Purchase!

  18. Teddy

    Exactly What I Needed: Well made taillight assembly. Side and taillights with their respective gaskets fit precisely into the pre-cut holes in the boxes. The side lights were easy to insert into the gaskets. The taillights were difficult to insert as either the long top or bottom of the gasket kept folding in patricularly on the first one I put together. The second one was easier to insert. The steel box had plenty of room for the wiring connections (I use heat shrink marine butt connectors throughout). I attached the boxes to a rectangular frame of perforated angle that I attached with U-bolts to the roof rack of a car being towed behind an RV on a tow dolly. The 2 light boxes are mounted on the back of that frame with hex bolts and the assembled lights and frame are positioned as far back on the car’s roof as possible so as not to be hit by the rear hatch door of the car. The wiring is led to the front of the frame where there is a flat 4 wire trailer connector. An extension cable leads to a connection with the tow dolly’s wiring which in turn connects via a round 7 blade connector to the RV. I spray painted the boxes and perforated angle frame.

  19. christoper

    Perfect: Welded on nice and they are alot stonger than i expected. After welding it in place i can use it as a step.

  20. Kingpelone

    Built strong and ready to mount: I was expecting Chinese tin for the money. I was beyond impressed when they arrived and I saw how well built they are. They have to be welded on, which I fully expected and am able to do. The LED lights included seem to be good quality and are bright. Wiring is standard and came with connectors. ( throw them away and solder the wires) Just beware, if you are not able to weld and do wiring, you will want to have them installed, but I assure you, once installed, they will probably out last your trailer.

  21. Dvs_one

    Rubbers in first.: The seals hold the lights tight. They come clean so welding is easy. I still cleaned them with some brake clean. Used some grommets to run the wires through and they look great.

  22. kaleb Hampton

    Works: Wirks

  23. Debra Daniel

    Good product: Easy to install work great

  24. Christian

    The best lights you will ever buy!: we used to have problems keeping trailer lights attached and working, they live a very rough life getting towed around ATV’s on the farm. we were always smashing them into stumps and rocks, but these lights solved that problem!. ever since I welded the first pair on I have had 0 problems even after hitting a few rocks. I highly recommend them, I welded mine on but you could drill a hole and use a bolt. I also recommend running a wire that has 3 separate strands such as this one The largest benefit of doing this is you eliminate your grounding problems since you will no longer be using the trailer as the ground. I’ve done this to all my trailers and have yet to have a problem.

  25. Tilly

    lights come unpainted: No where in the description does it say they arrive unpainted. Would have been helpful and good to know, other than that Great lights, Easy to install


    rusted 3 mo after installed setting in weather: need to paint rusted right away

  27. William D. Risen

    Indestructible: Quit asking so much about the boxes. If you want a review ley me decide what I want to say.

  28. Ryan & Kayla Michael

    Great Product!: Great product and would definitely recommend for someone looking for sturdy lights to weld a box to their trailer.

  29. Bridgett Shequen

    Trailer light covers: Already bumped one and broke it. Was fast and easy to install.

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