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Set 2 10″ Flat Free Solid Tire Wheel for Dolly Hand truck Cart 27019

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In stock

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  • Durable, lightweight 100% flat-free, solid polyurethane tire, perform like air tire but never go flat
  • Overall tire diameter: 10″, section width: 3-1/4″
  • Steel hub diameter: 5″
  • Center bore ID: 5/8″ with ball bearings

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196 reviews for Set 2 10″ Flat Free Solid Tire Wheel for Dolly Hand truck Cart 27019

  1. ImRich

    hasn’t developed flat spots yet: your not supposed to leave loads on these for extended periods … but … where i work, heavy loads are left on hand trucks. they havent developed flat spots

  2. P Trees

    Product as described in good condition.: Product is sturdy and seems built to last. Smooth rollers.
    Only criticism was that one of the tires arrived with 2 bolts missing (pic). Not a deal breaker that I would send back.

  3. Scott Larson

    Great replacement for tubes wheels: Bought these to replace old cracked wheels on my generator. They installed easily & solid & sturdy.

  4. Richard H.

    Never have to worry about flat generator tires again: Fit and work perfectly. Have a TROY generator which has regular air type tires. A generator is not something you use every month or so. We live in Florida, a hurricane prone area. And our local power company isn’t the most reliable to start with. Unfortunately, every time I would go to pull out the generator to use it, the tires were FLAT. This generator isn’t light and I usually fuss and cuss trying to get out to a point I can fire it up. Flat tires make this an almost impossible task. These new tires won’t be a problem. They are always round and roll easily, despite how long the generator sits between uses. Life should be so much easier now when the power goes out. Great purchase. Thanks guys, RIC

  5. David Gregg

    Inexpensive way to make Dolly new again: I replaced both of my tires on my Dolly. Between that and spray painting my Dolly, its like having a new one. These tires are rugged and easy to install, just pull out the S pin, slide off the old tide, slide on the new one and reinsert the S pin.A $30 investment that is well worth it

  6. Primo

    Fixed My Harbor Freight Hand-truck: My Harbor Freight tubeless hand-truck tires were perpetually going flat. These tires fixed it. Have used it several times since and it works well. I had to cut the original axle down with a hacksaw to complete the installation, but that was fairly easy.

  7. Bob T.

    great tires: I put them on a dolly. they went on easy and now no flat tires to fix.

  8. RJolene

    They work: I originally bought a set of RamPro 10″ All Purpose Utility Air Tires, mainly b/c I didn’t see these (Flat Free Solid Tire Wheel for Dolly Handtruck Cart -27019). I didn’t use the Rampro’s for months after I received them – and after I put them on and pumped them up, one had a huge hole it it, so large it couldn’t be pumped up, at all.

    I got these (Flat Free Solid Tire Wheel for Dolly Handtruck Cart -27019) – put them on my much cart, and they work just fine. No issues. Theoretically not possible to get puncture. All good. Buy these and NOT the Rampro!!!

  9. Roberto

    Best value flat free for convertible hand truck/carts. I tested 3 brands.: I purchased 3 sets of 10″ 5/8 shaft flat free wheel to rebuild 3 hand carts. These (Libra) , COSCO, and Marathon. All of them will develop some flat spots if you park them with a load on them. The Marathon wheels have thinner tires and seem more prone to flat spots, especially in the summer heat. These Libra wheels are steel and I like the red color. Functionally these wheels roll the smoothest of what I tested and have a good balance between shock absorption and rollability. They are my favorites. The COSCO wheels are plastic and don’t quite roll as smoothly as the Libras but are still good. For the price and quality, these are an excellent value! I recommend them highly.

  10. Baylen

    Excellent: Bought these for dolly. Absolutely perfect diameter. They dont touch the ground when the dolly is upright. You tip the dolly like 5 degrees, then they hit the ground. I know, therefore, the measurement on this tire is almost a perfect match for what the dolly was designed for. Good tolerances. I move a lot of appliances. Tires hold up perfectly to everything I’ve carried. NP435 transmission weighs around 120 lbs. Tires work perfectly. Don’t collapse. Would buy again. These were some of the most affordable solid tires I could find too.

  11. Hairy Tales

    Great solid tire, watch for loose bolts though!: Nice, solid tire, great price and delivery from Libra Trailer. Had it in days, was expecting longer. It comes with a number of hardware pieces to adapt to your axle set, I was replacing pneumatic tires on a large handtruck and these fir perfect. After a week of light use in a warehouse, The wheel bgan to have a wobble…. upon inspection, one of the bolts holding the tire assemble to the hub had come loose and fell out completely, the other three were loose. Checked the other side, and found them snug, but not tight. Used a new bolt and tightened everything up and all is well- but knocking one star for poor assembly QC. Just make sure to check and snug up the four bolts on the wheel during installation.

  12. Lajos P.

    Good solid tires and a very good value.: Good solid product. A little bit too hard, but that won’t matter much.

    I got these to retrofit a dolly with pneumatic tires. Down to the last inner tube, so I figured it was time to switch over right before a big move. These were the second set I got for this purpose. Like the first set, these also did not fit where the hole for the cotter pin was on the axle, but these at least were of the type with two-part metal rims. Thus, I ended up taking the solid tires off the wheels and swapping them with the pneumatic tires on the dolly. Ultimately, a perfect replacement. I would buy them again.

  13. Black Lab’s Mom

    What a great delivery, in spite of all our snow.. Thank You LIBRA!: We have a wagon that I use to bring wood in from the carport for my trusty old Lopi Woodstove.
    2 tires were already solid but when one of the remaining 2 went soft, we ordered from LIBRA
    after measuring to be sure we ordered the right size. Arrived much sooner than anticipated and
    tomorrow they will be on my wagon. PERFECT!!!
    What a Great Christmas Purchase for Us!

  14. Smalls

    Does the job on the hand truck.: Heavy solid tires with decent bearings. Would have preferred to being able to grease the bearings. Bearing area a lot wider than the old tires. Some modifications to the hand truck was needed before they would fit.

  15. 4GFarms

    Works for what I use it for: Replaced the cheap metric hardware with real grade 5 bolts. Other than that, seem to be holding up. Some of the original bolts weren’t even tight.

  16. Pappy Bob

    Worked really well: I replaced a tire that was constantly going flat. These fit right on and have worked really well

  17. Jakpro

    Good replacement wheels for hand truck.: These are nice wheels to replace the pneumatic tires on the old hand truck. I would give them 5 stars except that one wheel has the axle sleeves sticking out on both sides which prevents the use of washers on both sides. I had to remove the washers to access the cotter pin hole in the axle on one wheel. The wheel still functions fine, but over time, the cotter pin may wear out needing replacement. The first wheel went on easily and I compared it to the other one and the sleeves were flush.

    Overall, they are good replacements.

  18. Robert E Alford

    works fine: they are just what i was looking for–can carry a heavy load.

  19. Eric

    Keep the dolly alive: Worked great on my dolly. Replacement was a cinch, just used some vice grips to gently pull off the retention rings. Done in less than 10 minutes.

  20. Michael

    Just what I needed.: Replaced pneumatic tires with these. They work great!

  21. jahlstrom

    Functions perfectly: It’s not often you receive a replacement part for your machine (wood splitter in this case) and it’s perfect the first time. This is a case for perfect. Took 5 minutes to install two of them. I see some 1-star reviews claim that there’s a flat spot. In order to avoid this happening over the winter I’ll try propping up the wood splitter so it sits just off the ground, with a log under the bar that supports the axel. Will update if the tire goes flat.

  22. James Tipton

    as advertised-good: all good. would like to have a grease zerk

  23. Capt.Dan

    I use and abuse: I put these on some cheap harbor freight hand trucks I use to move fuel tanks. Rolling tanks with 14 to 30 gallons of gas down my dock to fill my boat. Any pneumatic tires I used went flat. I roll them loaded every day, 8 months out of the year. I had my first set fail on me (after 3 years of use). The bearings fell apart. I’m ok with that, I bought a new set of tires, and will try to fix the old. Highly recommend

  24. wile e. coyote

    Great for the right application: For a Lightweight application these wheels are very nice. I can see why customers may experience problems using them with heavier loads however.

  25. Evie

    Great value!!!: Husband needed these for his hand truck and these worked really well!!!

  26. A. Whitten

    Great purchase: Great product. Used first on my utility cart. Bought more for the garden cart i bought at HD. I’d buy more; but I have nothing left with wheels!

  27. C. Keller

    Excellent replacement wheels for my generator: I have used these for my hand truck as well as my generator and they are excellent and will never go flat. However, they will get flat spots with the weight of a generator parked in the garage for years. If I move my generator around occasionally to distribute the weight to a different part of the wheel, they stay round. They will never go flat which is why I replaced the pneumatics with these.

  28. Cheryl Stevens

    Good tires!: Would not fit my Axel, it was too short. Had to modify and use my old hubs to make fit. I do like the wheels.

  29. Lars West

    They work great.: I got a set of these to use on a hand truck after one too many times of having deflated air-filled tires. I put them on and went right out and moved several massive log sections – probably weighing 60-80 pounds each – over rough terrain. These worked perfectly.

  30. Tradesman Rich

    love these tires: Put these on my 2 wheeler dollie and they are AWESOME for the money

  31. Donald M.

    Worked Great: Tires are a bit softer than expected. But they work just fine. Move some pretty heavy firewood rounds.
    With no problems

  32. Ted Baker

    Nice dolly replacement wheels: Replaced old pneumatic wheels on a dolly, and these are great. Fit perfectly, same size as those replaced, and don’t have to worry about flats all the time.

  33. Jim

    Heavy duty, but still soft.: These are great. Soft enough that they roll; so they don’t push gravel or skid on concrete, but solid enough to hold a lot of weight. They act just like the pneumatic tires they replaced except for the going flat part. I got tired (no pun intended) of replacing tubes on the little tires on my heated pressure washer, which weighs about 250 lbs. It has 4 tires, so I bought two just to try out, and now I’m back to order another two.

  34. Scott

    I would buy again.: I mounted the plastic wheels to a an item that is kept outdoors. Rain, snow, and sun haven’t seemed to bother the plastic/urethane at all. Very happy with purchase.

  35. Kiko

    Very pleased!: They fit perfect and after a month they are still firm and round.

  36. Cruiser

    Works for my Honda generator.: Replaced the pneumatic tires that were on my Honda generator.

  37. Bucmeister

    No more untimely flats.: With these tires/wheels I no long have to air the hand cart tires up before use. Should be standard on all such carts these days. Traditional aired tires with their leaks and dry rot make no sense at all.

  38. Kathleen Florida

    Cheaper than Tractor Supply: I got tired of not being able to use my garden wagon for yard work or to bring groceries into the house because there was always a flat tire. Well now I no longer have to wait for my husband to fix a flat. AND got four flat-free tires for what it would have cost for 2-1/2 tires at Tractor Supply.

  39. Jeffrey Ernwall

    Good Product: They are working well and holding up to the harsh environment I put them in.

  40. j. belflower

    Works: A little flimsy. After installation one wheel was warped significantly. Took a little hammer action to straighten it. So far has maintained it’s shape.

  41. mark dulz

    Solid, easy fit: I was worried after reading some of the reviews but had no problems with mine very solid I can stand on mine and the tire does not bow.
    Bought 4 to replace the wheels on a groundworks dump cart I bought at the tractor supply store
    Perfect fit

  42. Michael Bloom

    Vigoro garden wagon – exact fit!: I used these to replace pneumatic tires ( more like problematic) on my very old Vigoro dumping garden wagon. I’ll never put more than a 150 lbs in it, but I won’t have to drag out the air compressor to use it again!

  43. Dipoles USA LLC

    Ready to Roll: It took me 10 minutes to change the wheels on my hand truck. I moved a 29 cubic foot refrigerator easily. So glad I don’t have to look for my air tank and fill up my the tires every time I need to use my hand truck.

  44. Felix T Anderson

    They don’t go flat: I replaced the pneumatic tires on my generator with these . Worked great and the wider footprint it made for ease when moving.

  45. Donald B Persing Jr

    Ok: Delivery

  46. Macabee

    Nice Wheels for my Garden Scoot: Nice wheels. I used mine to replace 2 worn out and flat wheels on a old Garden Scoot. These are not supposed to go flat and I don’t have to blow them up with the air compressor. That in itself is nice. They work nice on the Scoot and they have on more ply than the ones I wore out. Price was right too.

  47. wdguezv

    awesome: bbest wheels evver


    Work like a Charm: Awesome. I put these tire on my Hand Truck/Dolly. They work great x 10.

  49. ed

    Solid tire: Worked great for my hand truck

  50. My Honest Opinion

    Great alternative to pneumatic tires: Good quality tire that does not require pumping up the tire. Lightweight tire about 3-4 lbs each. Solid rubber tires weigh 16 lbs each, adding unnecessary weight while picking it up.
    I would buy again, they were delivered on time and are sturdy !!

  51. KentFL

    They work great on other items too. Garden cart. Pressure washer.: Although marketed for a furniture dolly. I have used these to replace balloon tires on my garden cart and my pressure washer. No more flat tires.

  52. Leo Cruz

    the hand truck moved about 900 pounds with this awesome wheels. To be honest with everyone: 6 hours after delivery; the hand truck moved about 900 pounds with this awesome wheels. To be honest with everyone; this are very soft and rugged tires. Better than what I spected. I highly recommend this product because it does work perfectly for what they are designed to do. Thanks for the quick delivery.

  53. Martin Day

    No more flat tires on the hand trucks: Very happy that I tried these style of wheels, now I do have to worry that someone left the hand trucks in one of the freezers again, and have flat tires again, thank you.

  54. Sheree Morehead

    Thank you: I bought 2 sets of these. One set was defective and they immediately made it right. Great company to work with

  55. estevenhale

    airless tires: these work great and fit perfectly. My dolly sits a lot and almost every time I went to use it I had to air up a tire. Now the dolly is always ready to go and I dont have to worry about it. I put it on a wooden board to keep them off the ground when not in use

  56. DallasMike

    Solid Wheels are the best.: Bought one and was so impressed that I bought another one.

  57. M T wallet.

    Great solid tires: Affordable, and never have to air tires up again.

  58. Carlos Acosta

    Gomas: Gracias buen articulo

  59. big country

    Great Quality: These tires were a perfect fit right out of the Box and are high quality. no more airing up garden wagon tires for me.

  60. C A

    They way to go!: This is the only way to go! Don’t waste money on tires and tubes. These guys are awesome!

  61. Bob

    Great product: I bought these to replace the Pneumatic tires that were flat. Had to move my shop to a New location and the wheels held up under severe work load. Highly recommend them.

  62. James Hamilton

    Never Flat Wheels are GREAT: Used these wheels to replace the “always flat” pneumatic tires on my pressure washer. Wish that I had made this switch years ago. I have switched to “never flat” on all my carts with great results.

  63. T. Martin

    Swap ALL your yard cart tires TODAY!!: I will never buy another pneumatic yard car tire again. I no longer spend hours a year inflating my yard cart tires. Before these every time I went to use my cart, generator, you name it – I would have to inflate tires. A time saver worth the investment.

  64. High Tea

    Hard rubber: But rolls great with large wooden fence gate.

  65. Douglas E. Gilbert

    Good Product, Good Price !: Exactly what I needed ! Never will I have a low or flat tire again on my hand truck ! Good quality at a good price, would buy from again !

  66. Lawrence Brinton

    Great wheels!: Ease to mount on my dolly. I replaced the pump up tires with these. I was tired of having a flat tire whenever I went to use the dolly. Problem solved with these!

  67. WarmSunSA

    Awesome looking tires: Awesome looking tires. Added these to replace smaller thin tires on my smoker. These things look awesome and seem like they are pretty decent quality. Red really makes them look aggressive which was the look I was after. Great that they aren’t inflatable so they won’t always be going flat!

  68. rl

    as described: they are great. just as described, can stop messing with deflation. why don’t manufacturers have these as standard equipment? we all know the answer, but what the hell.

  69. Kenneth Peterson

    Perfect fit on my dolly: Seem to be fine will see how long they last.

  70. TheTinkerRoom

    Great replacement tiers for hand-truck: I put these on a old beat up hand truck I found in a warehouse. Apparently it was ran into by forklift and damaged the original tires and rims. These tired fit perfect and no flats anymore!

  71. Joseph rosbottom

    Great quality: Perfect for my application

  72. mark asadoorian

    Well worth the money: Swapped out inflatable 10” wheels that kept going flat.
    These are awesome, work well seem to be very well built.
    Should have switched them earlier.

  73. NMSUAggies

    Best flat free for the price!: Worked beautifully on my garden cart! I’ve gone through several sets of tires and tubes (and a ton of Slime) over the past three years. The price on these would have meant some savings in the past but will surely pay for itself in the long run. Well worth the price!

  74. JCG

    Wood cart wheels: Nice and strong

  75. Clay Reimers

    Good deal: Great company quick to resolve any issues.
    I Am very happy with my purchase.

  76. Desert Rat

    Fell off the roof: Not really… These tires are sturdy and perfect for the desert. Enough give for heavy items and good enough for door jams.

  77. Julie Morris

    No need to pay more for hose cart replacement: Lower price than other sets and perfect replacement for our old rolling garden hose cart. No worry to have to keep tires inflated in our AZ heat.

  78. Jeff S

    Works: Works but not the quality I thought they would be

  79. Beau Alexander

    Nice wheels.: The wheels are as advertised, but I really need 12″, so rather than pay to return them, I will use them on another application. If I need 10″ in the future, I would definitely buy these again.

  80. b_stewart

    Good Value: They are what I needed.

  81. Kim Brockhoff

    So much for flat tires on my hose reel !!: Got tired of flat tires on my hose reel so I found these. Installed just like the others and now no flats.

  82. Newbomb Turk

    Good quality, but they flat spot when left sitting: Good quality, but they flat spot when left sitting. They still roll. Mine were used to upgrade the wheels on a pellet smoker and it sits in one spot quite a bit.

  83. Al

    great buy: these are the wheels and tires iv needed for a long time yeah no more flats great buy.

  84. Russell B. Jones

    Flat free: No more flat tires easy to install

  85. Miss Kitty

    Exactly as advertised: Using for a wood cart with tubed tires. They always seem to be flat when I need to move wood. These will do the trick!

  86. Reinaldo More

    Good performance by supplier: Arrived as expected

  87. H. Duff

    Solid so far.: Solid tires so far. Seems to be well constructed.
    Tubeless are definitely the way to go.

  88. patdavis

    Solid: Solid

  89. Sergio Maffongelli

    Perfect rubber tire replacement!!!: The perfect sleek and sturdy replacement for my plenty useful and versatile Costco cart!!!

  90. Larry Watt

    As advertised: Arrived on time and fit perfectly.

  91. John D

    Flat free: Excellent hand truck tires

  92. Debra

    flat resistant: good fit as described

  93. Ananamus

    Great wheels: Great product will buy sgain

  94. Lorna J.

    Good tire: We have a furniture dolly train we pull behind the 4-wheeler. These tires eliminate flat tire problems

  95. timothy pennell

    No flats and a smooth ride: I never have to worry about my hand truck having a flat tire again. They fit perfectly, and it still has the cush air filled tire ride over rough terrain

  96. Rich M

    Replacement tires: Replacement tires for my handtruck at work. Well constructed and easy to assemble. Had my handtruck in action within minutes.

  97. tyerered

    No Air: No air is good

  98. khh

    not heavy duty: these wheels are well worth the money. not for moving really heavy weights. under 150 pounds

  99. SandRailPilot

    Perfect: Perfect fit for my old hand truck.

  100. David L. Cox

    Great product!: Great product!

  101. Andres Villalobos

    Durability: Perfect fit….very solid…I would definitely buy them again in the future..

  102. ken

    Very good: As advertised. Did not come with retainers for keeping tires on

  103. Kindle Customer

    worked great. Fit like a glove. Easy to install.: Completely satisfied with tires and hubs. Good price, arrived quick. Used these on my hand truck to move my wife’s oxygen tank.

  104. Eileen Fowler

    perfect: fit easily, perfect!!!

  105. Brenda rose

    Happy: Working great

  106. Marco Baeza

    dimension details: High quality— good prices.

  107. Tom T

    Dolly wheels: They fit and work well in place of pneumatic tires

  108. randy m.

    Will purchase again: Installed on an old had truck. Replaced old tube tires.

  109. Forrest Greene

    Love it: Love it

  110. JoAnne Emerson

    They fit like a glove and he loves them: My husband put them on his wood cart as the others kept going flat. They fit like a glove and he loves them.

  111. Robert

    The first set was great got it fast that’s why I ordered the second got it fast too: Simple exact no problems

  112. Matthew l.

    Great tires and rims: Great product would buy again I highly recommend this item super fast shipping

  113. Mickey

    Good product,good value.: These solid rubber tires/wheels are perfect for my all purpose hand truck.No more flats.Whew! Boy im glad when stuff works.

  114. stephen voss

    Always ready without air up downtime!: Was so tired of airing up the old dolly tires! These replacement wheels were easy to install, fit perfect & save me time!

  115. Kenneth

    Would buy again.: Worked great for what I needed them for.

  116. Tony W Florida

    hand truck wheels: used to replace wheels on hand truck

  117. andrew kostadine

    would buy again: They do the job, that more can you ask

  118. Mike Lewis

    As advertised: Slipped right on and work perfectly

  119. Thomas L. Wiscombe

    Great tires: No more airing up the Dolly’s tires.

  120. Captain Shelnutt,61 yo man Alabama USA

    Durability: Highly recommend

  121. Rocketman

    Four Stars: Price is right and they roll.

  122. Stover

    Very pleased: These fit great on my dolly. I purchase a set several years ago and have never had a problem. No worry about flats. Also shipped fast by the seller.

  123. Myers Hyman

    Love no flats: Fit my yard cart wagon very well and really looks sharp

  124. Ledi

    Well made: Perfect for my pressure washer

  125. Martin P Koenig

    Good replacement for air filled tires: Used as a replacement on my pressure washer.

  126. Jon Sylvia

    … up the tires on my hand truck they work great.: no more airing up the tires on my hand truck they work great.

  127. Bill

    Great price… fast delivery… fit perfect !: I got tired of my emergency generator tires being constantly flat. These tires fixed that issue ! Fit perfect… great price and fast delivery. I am very satisfied.

  128. Laura Allison

    So far so good.: So far so good. We will see how these hold up.

  129. Rex Tybie

    There perfect,: I wish I would have found these a long time ago, There perfect,

  130. Brad

    no more flats: working great and no more flats

  131. pete zhao

    cheaper and stronger: good items

  132. Mike Silva

    Five Stars: worked perfectly on existing dolly which always had flat tires when i needed to use it…but no more.

  133. Derrick Gough

    A little heavy: Super rugged. Will purchase again

  134. Shane Branch

    Good: Nice on the yard sprayer.

  135. T. Young

    No more flats: Holds its shap under heavy loads

  136. Dean Losee

    strong: fast delivery good item


    Works great: Trouble free !!

  138. whs

    Great value.: I used these to replace pneumatic tires. Sure beats repairing flats or changing inner tubes.

  139. daddychoppers

    Excellent Tires: Used for dolly

  140. Ray Foster

    Five Stars: Got tired of perpetually flat tires on my pressure washer. This did the trick.

  141. terry suess

    Fits great: Perfect

  142. Paul E Nielsen

    Quality wheels: Good quality wheels. Description and product matches.

  143. PAS

    Good tires: Very good tires. They seem to have solved the problem of constantly deflating dolly tires. Recommended.

  144. Charles E. Steiger Jr.

    Very useful Tires. The folks at Libra are best in …: Very useful Tires. The folks at Libra are best in the business.

  145. Denece V

    Five Stars: Great replacement for the everflat tires on my gardening wagon

  146. D.O.

    Ok: Ok

  147. chris

    quality: replaced bushings with 3/4 and work great nice tire

  148. W. L. Wats

    Work great.: Second set purchased. Work great.

  149. B. Passarella

    Good wheels!: Good price, sturdy product, installed straight in without any issues.

  150. timelake

    Well made: Worked better than expected

  151. Roxane

    Great!: Exactly what was needed for my husband’s moving dolly.

  152. Dr. John

    fits great: perfect! now no more flats!,

  153. BDL

    Five Stars: Very heavy duty, correct size. Should last a long time.

  154. Carolyn Weekly

    Great: Great

  155. E. Hicks

    Five Stars: Great tires for our hand truck. No more flats!

  156. vinder

    great: roll on

  157. Al Smith

    Fivve Stars: work very good

  158. WCM

    Five Stars: They are great I love them thank you

  159. Toymvr

    Five Stars: great. now I don’t have any Flat tires on my Dolly

  160. Victor Ferguson

    Five Stars: Works great and at a great price!

  161. JB

    Five Stars: They will serve their intended purpose well.

  162. B. Clark

    Five Stars: Excellent product!

  163. Charles

    Five Stars: excellent !

  164. victor lim

    Five Stars: Moved 250 concrete tiles (12″x12″x1″) with no problem

  165. Gary Fjeldsted

    Five Stars: Worked great

  166. Sam Bradley

    Five Stars: Good stuff

  167. Charles E. Mullin

    Five Stars: just what we needed

  168. Fixer

    For Hand carts only!: I feel I need to write this since LIBRA doesn’t let us comment on reviews any more. People are giving these tires bad reviews because (as usual) so many people are just plain ignorant and then trash a product because of their ignorance.
    It says right in the title these are for “Dollys” or “Hand trucks” – Doesn’t say they are for garden trailers or generators or anything else that supports weight while sitting for extended periods of time. I don’t think there is an inexpensive (or probably even an expensive) solid-tire wheel that will not get a flat spot with weight on it for extended periods. It’s the nature of the physical property of the material. Save us from you ignorant whining and buy a pneumatic tire if you are going to use them for something they are not intended for!

  169. RP

    Basic but goody (and attractive) dolly wheels!: Just what I needed, cheap but decent and attractive wheels for my used dolly. Now looks new and works great. I was tired of dealing with flats! I love this no-flat tech!

  170. GD3

    Just what I needed: Fit exactly as I expected

  171. Jon

    Sturdy, well worth the price: These wheels might be an eighth inch deeper than my old wheels (had a bit of trouble getting the cotter pins inserted) but I managed it. For the price I’m not complaining at all.

  172. Jeffrey P. Luchini

    Great so far!: So far so good. They are as advertised. I’ll try to update in six months.

  173. Aaron Copelan

    Perfect fit: Solid rubber

  174. Brian Pipes

    Great wheels for a great price.: Great wheel replacements for my 2 wheel hand truck. And about half the price as the ones from most sellers.

  175. RCH Buyer

    Great solution!: Quick swap for the old pneumatic tures. No longer having listing loads do to uneven tire pressure. Lot of our work is moving over earthen tracks. Great tires.

  176. Carol Cecil

    So smooth. Perfect and timely: Perfect exactly what I wanted.

  177. billy major

    Solid rubber: Fantastic

  178. Sok Touch

    Great product: Like it’s

  179. informer

    They fit and don’t go flat: I replaced my old cart tires with these never-go-flat wheel. I am very happy with them.


    Buy it: Worked dandy for me. Used on a hand cart. The issue seems to be when you leave weight on them for a long time…. but if they are used on a hand cart, they are just super

  181. Sandra Rodrigues

    Perfect for water delivery: Perfect replacements.

  182. Jason Borden

    Exactly what I was looking for.: I bought these to replace what I had on a very large jump pack and the worked perfectly.

  183. Monroe Ropp

    flat free tires: Item worked great on my 2 wheel cart

  184. Howard Stephenson

    Extra sturdy replacement wherks: Replaced air filled whelks on my dolly because of air leaks. Really like the sturdy ness of these wheels. My son in law borrowed it to move his 300 lb gun safe. Held up fantastic. Great buy for the Bang!

  185. lester

    Love it: But them and not worry about it again!!

  186. fieldhand1

    no more flat tires!!: just what my dolly needs!

  187. William Burgess

    null: Perfect for my application.

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